Thursday, March 22, 2018

Police Raid Saginaw Bishop’s Residence

SAGINAW COUNTY, MI -- Police are raiding two Catholic Diocese of Saginaw properties and the home of Bishop Joseph Cistone as part of an ongoing investigation into sexual abuse in the church.
Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gaertner said he can't say what officers are searching for and taking from the properties, but confirmed the search warrants executed Thursday, March 22, are related to the diocese's lack of cooperation.
"Contrary to the statements of the diocese and the bishop that they would fully cooperate with law enforcement, they did not," Gaertner said. "Therefore it was necessary for law enforcement to use other investigative tools, including search warrants."

Gaertner said search warrants were executed at the bishop's home on Corral Drive in Saginaw Township, the rectory at Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption, 615 Hoyt in Saginaw, and the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw offices in Saginaw Township.


Benedictines of the Strict Observance Consecrated in Albenga-Imperia

Bishop Olivieri celebrating the Immemorial Mass of All Ages with his successor, Bishop Borghetti to the left.

(Genoa) Bishop Mario Oliveri conferred the Subdiaconate on one and a lower order on two traditional Benedictines of the Immaculate.

The fledgling order was founded in 2008 by two monks of the traditional Benedictine Abbey of Le Barroux as a Benedictine order of the strict observance. They had settled at the request of Bishop Oliveri in the diocese of Albenga-Imperia. Bishop Oliveri was the chief shepherd of this diocese from 1990-2016.

Exactly one year ago, on March 21, 2017, the Order of the Benedictines of the Immaculata was canonically recognized as an Order of Diocesan Right. Its charisms include ecclesiastical tradition, the traditional form of the RomanRite  and Benedictine spirituality.

March 21 is the Dies natalis, the day of the death of St. Benedict of Nursia. Yesterday, numerous clergy gathered at the Monastery of St. Catherine of Siena in Villatella, Liguria, to celebrate, together with the Benedictines of the Immaculate Conception, the day dedicated to the Order's founder and father of monasticism in the West. It was also a joyous feast for the young community because Bishop Oliveri conferee the Subdiaconate on two monks and another to a lower rank.

Also present was Msgr. Guglielmo Borghetti, the successor to Msgr. Oliveri as Diocesan Bishop.

The vocation ministry and the spiritual direction of the monastery under Prior P. Jehan de Belleville fall on fertile ground. He was the first companion who joined Dom Gerard Calvet, the founder of Le Barroux in 1970 when he retired to the mountains in 1969, loving as a hermit because of the New Rite, which had been introduced into the Benedictine order.

"The monastic and the liturgical faithfulness", says P. Jehan, are the "irrevocable" basis of the Benedictines of the Immaculate.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mega-Charity Executive Caught Sexually Abusing Children

Edit: theses kinds of people have a lot in common morally, profeasionally and socially with Prelates like Bernardin, Weakland, Daneels. It’s high time people start noticing. Of course OXFAM is chock full of Marxists and fellow travelers.
NEW YORK, February 23 (C-Fam) Longtime UN consultant for children’s rights Peter Newell was convicted of sexually assaulting and sodomizing a child over the course of three years beginning in 1965. He was jailed last week and is serving a six-year sentence after pleading guilty.
Just as UNICEF is trying to contain the damage, its deputy executive director, Justin Forsyth, resigned yesterday when his history of sexual harassment came to light. The allegations were lodged during his previous role as chairman of the charity Save the Children UK. Forsyth previously worked at Oxfam for 15 years, the scandal-plagued charity which was caught opening brothels for aid workers in Haiti after the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake.
UNICEF told the Daily Mail they were “deeply shocked” when Newell was first charged in 2016. The 77-year-old man was known as an authority on children’s rights around the world. He led international efforts to emancipate children from parental authority and outlaw corporal punishment.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Islamists Invade and Desecrate Basilica of Saint-Denis

Le Pen criticizes the fact that the extreme left is willing - along with immigrants - to trample on Christian civilization and "desecrate a place of historical worship".

Around 80 people stormed the Basilica of Saint-Denis 

(France) on Sunday in support of illegal immigrants and against the new bill that the government wants to promote.
The President of National Association (former National Front), Marine Le Pen, criticized that the extreme left, which is willing, in its immigration madness, "to trample our civilization and desecrate a place of historical worship." "Worthless," she added.

On the other hand, Nicolas Dupont, leader of the right-wing party Debout la France, called the occupation "scandalous" and in the same line denounced those responsible "with the shameful complicity of militants and elected representatives of the extreme left".

Macron wants to impose five years in prison for working without papers. Foreigners who cross a border at an unauthorized place, for example, could be sentenced to one year in jail and a fine of 3,750 euros. Despite this, he added that "zero immigration is not possible", firstly because a part of the foreigners that are hosted in the country are people who marry residents of France, students or asylum seekers.

Source article and link where the videos of the desecration by Islamic invaders can be seen:


Evil Cardinal Invites Speaker Promoting Sexual Disorder to Speak

Edit: what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. In another show of disdain for the Church’s teaching, the evil Cardinal  of Chicago rolls out the red carpet for an evil Jesuit who promotes degeneracy. Meanwhile, a popular traditional priest has been shut down merely based on an unexamined accusation. 

[NCR] When a door closes, God opens a window. Or in this case, a cardinal does. 
So it goes for Jesuit Fr. James Martin, who, after a series of speaking appearances were canceled in recent weeks, received a fresh offer Friday from Cardinal Blase Cupich to address his Chicago archdiocese over two nights during the coming Lenten season.
This week, we celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of our podcast, NCR in Conversation. Catch the latest episode here.
The Windy City invite caps a turbulent week where Martin defended himself — as did two bishops and multiple Catholic commentators — against far-right Catholic groups that launched online campaigns seeking the best-selling author’s removal from talks due to disapproval with his recent book on LGBT Catholics. Those efforts most notably resulted in a withdrawn invitation from Theological College at the Catholic University of America for Martin to address its upcoming alumni gathering.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Evil Cardinal Puts Traditionalist Chicago Parish in Sights

[Mahound’s Paradise] This weekend, in a letter read out during 5:00 Mass on Saturday and repeated during the 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 and 12:30 Masses on Sunday, the Archdiocese of Chicago announced that Fr. Frank Phillips had been removed as Pastor of St. John Cantius and as Superior of the Order that he founded, the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.

The letter stated that Fr. Phillips had been credibly accused of improper relationships with an adult male or males.

Fr. Phillips is currently staying at an undisclosed location, pending an investigation of the complaints by the Congregation of the Resurrection, of which Fr. Phillips is a member.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Jesus Confronts the Jews

The Bugninine Liturgy puts the Gospel story of Lazarus in place of the following in the real Mass, where Jesus confronts the Jews:

Which of you shall convince me of sin? If I say the truth to you, why do you not believe me:
He that is of God heareth the words of God. Therefore you hear them not, because you are not of God.
The Jews therefore answered and said to him: Do not we say well that thou art a Samaritan and hast a devil?
Jesus answered: I have not a devil: but I honour my Father. And you have dishonoured me.
But I seek not my own glory: there is one that seeketh and judgeth.
Amen, amen, I say to you: If any man keep my word, he shall not see death for ever.
The Jews therefore said: Now we know that thou hast a devil. Abraham is dead, and the prophets: and thou sayest: If any man keep my word, he shall not taste death for ever.
Art thou greater than our father Abraham who is dead? And the prophets are dead. Whom dost thou make thyself?
Jesus answered: If I glorify myself, my glory is nothing. It is my Father that glorifieth me, of whom you say that he is your God.
And you have not known him: but I know him. And if I shall say that I know him not, I shall be like to you, a liar. But I do know him and do keep his word.
Abraham your father rejoiced that he might see my day: he saw it and was glad.
The Jews therefore said to him: Thou art not yet fifty years old. And hast thou seen Abraham?
Jesus said to them: Amen, amen, I say to you, before Abraham was made, I AM.
They took up stones therefore to cast at him. But Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Who is the Evil Theologian Peter Huenermann?

Edit: cafeteria theological commentator,  Massimo Faggioli asks in his twitter if anyone commenting now knows who the heretical German theologian was who helped author Bergoglio’s whopper is. Does it matter?
Theologians say Vatican doctrine office needs overhaul
By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor

PARIS (Reuters) - Pope Benedict is coming under mounting criticism from his former German theologian colleagues, one likening the Catholic Church's doctrinal office, that the pontiff once headed, to a 19th century censorship bureau.

Its censure in March of Father Jon Sobrino, a leading liberation theology proponent, prompted an appeal for a thorough overhaul of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), the modern-day successor of the Inquisition.

"The structure of the CDF must be reformed," Peter Huenermann told Reuters by telephone from Tuebingen, Germany.

"It still operates just like the censorship bureaus most European countries had until the end of the 19th century," Huenermann, the appeal's author and a retired theology professor from Tuebingen University, said.

About 130 theologians in Germany and Austria have backed the appeal and messages of support are starting to come in from other countries as it gets translated.

The protest amounts to a vote of no confidence in the way Benedict, who headed the CDF for 24 years before becoming pope in 2005, deals with critical thinkers in the Church.

The European Society for Catholic Theology, based in Leuven, Belgium, has also protested against the CDF censure, saying it was badly argued and had ignored "the theological developments of the last 50 years."

Huenermann, whose Tuebingen colleague Hans Kueng the CDF banned from teaching Catholic theology in 1979, said there was a need for change.

"It has a small staff of functionaries ... who work from denunciations they get," he said. "But we live in a time when theologians everywhere are constantly researching new topics. There are many new issues, like bioethics and technology."


The CDF, now headed by Cardinal William Levada from the United States, said Sobrino's "Jesus the Liberator" and other writings contained "erroneous or dangerous" passages that stressed Christ's humanity more than his divine nature.

In his article, Huenermann disputed the criticisms the CDF made and said some were wrong, unsubstantiated or "based on a hasty reading" of Sobrino's books.

He said the CDF should work like an academic review board, using modern methods such as peer review for publications to allow theologians to test out new ideas. He said he and some colleagues were considering drawing up a proposal for reforms.

Huenermann launched the protest wave in April by publishing an article in the German Catholic monthly Herder Korrespondenz calling for "modern quality control" for Church theology.

Colleagues created a virtual petition by sending in emails declaring their support for his appeal. The article has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Czech.

Benedict, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, taught theology in several German universities including Tuebingen before taking over the CDF, where he disciplined many liberation theologians and kept close tabs on Catholic theology professors.

Asked why German theologians were leading the protest against the office once led by the German Pope, Huenermann laughed and said: "Maybe because we still trust him enough to show some understanding for this."

(c) Reuters 2007. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content, including by caching, framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters and the Reuters sphere logo are registered trademarks and trademarks of the Reuters group of companies around the world.

Peter Hünermann's Assessment of ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’
International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology
Catholic Theology Faculty at the University of Tübingen (You can find a picture of Peter Hünermann here.)


More on Benedict’s Letter

Edit: looks pretty bad for Viganò and the Bergoglian spin machine. It looks like anti-Roman theologians hostile to Benedict and John Paul II were prominent in the multi-volume Bergoglian theological paperweight.

[Sandro Magister] The end has not quite been written on the story of the “personal” and “confidential” letter written February 7 by Benedict XVI to the prefect of the secretariat for communications, Dario Edoardo Viganò, and partially made public by him on March 12.

Not only was there a key passage in it that was purposefully omitted in the press release sent out by Viganò himself:

> The Double "Foolish Prejudice." The Complete Text of the Letter by Benedict XVI

Not only had the beginning of this paragraph been manipulated to make it illegible in the photo of the letter released by Viganò’s secretariat:

> Vatican doctors photo of Benedict’s praise for Francis

There’s more. The letter by Benedict XVI that Settimo Cielo published on March 13 in its complete form was in reality not complete.…/?refresh_ce


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vatican Admits to Distorting Benedict’s Letter

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican admitted Thursday that it altered a photo sent to the media of a letter from retired Pope Benedict XVI about Pope Francis. The manipulation changed the meaning of the image in a way that violated photojournalist industry standards.

The Vatican's communications office released the photo of the letter on Monday on the eve of Francis' five-year anniversary. 

The letter was cited by Monsignor Dario Vigano, chief of communications, to rebut critics of Francis who question his theological and philosophical heft and say he represents a rupture from Benedict's doctrine-minded papacy.

In the part of the letter that is legible in the photo, Benedict praised a new volume of books on the theology of Francis as evidence of the "foolish prejudice" of his critics. The book project, Benedict wrote, "helps to see the interior continuity between the two pontificates, with all the differences in style and temperament."


Monday, March 12, 2018

Vatican Enlists Lavender Law Firm to Attack Catholic Webpage

Edit: our friends at InfoVaticana are in trouble with Bergoglio and his henchpersons.  Engaging in frivolous lawsuits might close down InfoVaticana in the short term, but this action certainly reveals the Vatican’s sexual preference. The lawsuit also reveals the pettiness inherent in the disordered inclination itself. These people are unmistakably evil.
[Lepanto Institute] In August of 2017, InfoVaticana, a small Catholic news portal based in Madrid, Spain, was surprised to receive a letter from Baker & McKenzie, the second largest law firm in the world, demanding that InfoVaticana transfer its domain ( to the Vatican Secretariat of State.  The reason for the demand was that the Vatican alleges that it possesses exclusive property rights over the name of the physical center of the Catholic world.  The letter stated that InfoVaticana had seven days to comply with this order and that failing to do so would result in an exceedingly expensive lawsuit.
InfoVaticana, which was launched in May of 2013, says that it is “a free and independent media that has the vocation to serve the Catholic Church and society.”  It’s stated mission is to “deepen the denunciation of Christianophobia and the corruption that the Church uses, the rejection of the totalitarian impositions of the powerful LGBT lobby and the support of our brothers, the persecuted Christians.”
InfoVaticana has written articles critical of the homosexual influence in the Vatican, Pope Francis’s Amoris Laetitia, the Vatican’s scandalous handling of the Order of Malta, the provision of a medal to a radical pro-abortion politician, and many other concerns held by Catholics around the world.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Jewish Hate Group Says “Radical Traditionalists” Are “Hate Group”

Edit: Morris Dees or his associates have no business holding anyone accountable for anything. The man is an opportunistic lowlife. Now you know who your masters are!
[SPLC] “Radical traditionalist” Catholics, who may make up the largest single group of serious anti-Semites in America, subscribe to an ideology that is rejected by the Vatican and some 70 million mainstream American Catholics. Many of their leaders have been condemned and even excommunicated by the official church.
Adherents of radical traditional Catholicism, or “integrism,” routinely pillory Jews as “the perpetual enemy of Christ” and worse, reject the ecumenical efforts of the Vatican, and sometimes even assert that recent popes have all been illegitimate. They are incensed by the liberalizing reforms of the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council, which condemned hatred for the Jews and rejected the accusation that Jews are collectively responsible for deicide in the form of the crucifixion of Christ.
Radical traditionalists are not the same as Catholics who call themselves “traditionalists” — people who prefer the old Latin Mass to the mass now typically said in vernacular languages — although the radicals, as well, like their liturgy in Latin. They also embrace extremely conservative social ideals with respect to women.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Pope Goes to Switzerland to Celebrate World Council of Churches 70th Anniversary

Edit: do nothing waste of time albatrosses like World Council of Churches are only capable of ushering in the anti-Christ.

By Philippa Hitchen
Pope Francis will travel to Geneva on June 21st to mark the 70th anniversary of the World Council of Churches. The announcement was made on Friday at a press conference in the Vatican by the WCC General Secretary, Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit and by Cardinal Kurt Koch, head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.
The WCC was founded in 1948 with a membership of 147 Christian Churches, largely in Europe and North America. Today it brings together 348 members in countries across the globe, including most of the world's Orthodox, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed churches, as well as many United and Independent churches.
Since 1965 the Catholic Church has worked closely together with the WCC through a Joint Working Group, as well as through participation in specific commissions or practical initiatives.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Please Support

Edit: Katholisches is down until they get about €1000. I’d like to continue stealing their car Brent, which includes a story about Weltbild and the German bishop’s Engagement in the pornography business. Help the only independent online magazine continue its work in exposing the manifold evil and corruption in the Church if Bergoglio.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Dossier Over Clerical Orgies, Extortion, Drug Parties and Callboys

Warning: The following article is about priests and homosexuality. Care was taken to limit the information to the necessary minimum, which is why no names are mentioned. Nevertheless, sensitive readers are warned against reading. Those who do not want to protect their souls or are afraid of being damaged in body and soul should forego the article.

(Rome) Last week a dossier was sent to the Curia of the Archdiocese of Naples. 1,200 pages uncover "cases of homosexuality involving priests, religious and seminarians of some priests and religious,” according to the archdiocese’s statement.

On February 24, the Archiepiscopal Curia announced that it had received a CD-Rom "in the past few 
days". It contains a dossier of 1,200 pages as well as pictures, video and audio recordings.

"This material will be adequately reviewed to be sent to the dioceses concerned for any necessary action."

Before the archdiocese of Naples turned to the public with its statement, the Gaynews gay website had already reported on the dossier. The LGBT Information page revealed the existence of the dossier and also reported that it was handed over to the archdiocese. It reveals an aberrosexual network in the dioceses between Rome and Sicily, says the aberrosexual propaganda site.

The dossier relies on information from a "high class callboy" who lives in Naples. The network includes the names of 60 world and religious priests, mainly from Campania, but not exclusively.

"Don Euro" and the new scandal

According to Gaynews, each of the priests has a digital file card with attached documentation and screenshots of chat communication and smartphone contacts. The credibility of the source is given, says the LGBT side, because the male prostitute has "already revealed the secret luxurious life of 'Don Euro'.

Homosexuality: Don Euro

"Don Euro" is a priest of the Diocese of Massa-Carrara in Tuscany, who is suspected of extortion and stealing, as last September not only in the Italian media, but also reported by the Der Spiegel. The priest had first borrowed money from his bishop, then blackmailed with the threat of otherwise "incriminating material" about other priests to the press. With the money he has lived a luxurious double life in five-star hotels with cocaine and callboys. On 8 March, "Don Euro" must appear before the examining magistrate, who will decide whether or not there will be a main trial for blackmail, infidelity and fraud, among other things.

The mirror did not neglect to offer:
"The Church comes away badly in  scandal".
It is no different from any other. 

Clerical Homo-Bunga-Bunga

Gaynews publishes excerpts from the dossier. The story involves  an "influential prelate with driver", who pays the hustlers "with Postepay". And of a "senior diocesan representative who uses Whatsapp for his hot meetings.” By a Monsignor, who is under house arrest for "sexual abuse of minors," but through a relevant Internet platform is free to "organize men's dates.” By a pastor who organized "in a Homo-Bunga-Bunga” in his rectory. From priests in gay discos and religious organizing homosexual orgies in monasteries where priests, religious and seminarians would meet "in their double life for group sex".

Similar disclosures are known not only since the case of Krysztof Charamsa and the secretary of a cardinal. The swamp is indeed increasingly revealed by official and unofficial sources, but it is obviously not drained. At the same time as the revelations, there is increasing pressure because Church representatives of different levels more or less openly demand the recognition of homosexuality (see also I am a priest and gay, the activities of the Jesuit James Martin, Cardinal Marx on homosexual blessings, Ruhr Bishop on homosexuality in the Church).

The question of how these and earlier homosexual revelations in the Church will end is therefore open. That's probably the most oppressive aspect of the whole thing right now.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lenten Retreat Master Wants to "Free" the Church From Its Dogma

Jose Tolentino de Mendonça, Retreat Master of the Lenten Exercises in 2018 for Pope Francis and the Roman Curia, with the feminist theologian Sr. Teresa Forcades, who calls for a queer revolution in the Church.

(Rome) Yesterday, the Roman Curia's Lenten retreat, in which Pope Francis also took part, came to an end in Ariccia, near Rome. This year's retreat master raises some questions. For the retreat this year, Pope Francis summoned the Portuguese priestly poet José Tolentino de Mendonça.  He is known as "a fan of Sr. Teresa Forcades," says Corrispondenza Romana. The Catalan theologian, born in 1966, is considered by her followers to be a representative of "feminist theology," "critical theology," and Liberation Theology.

Teresa Forcades i Vila Teresa Forcades i Vila

Forcades: For a queer theology

In 1990, she began a medical degree in Barcelona, ​​which she completed with a specialization in internal medicine in New York. In Harvard in 1997 she earned a degree in Protestant theology and entered the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat in Barcelona in the same year. In Catalonia, she graduated in Catholic Theology and graduated in 2009 with a PhD in Fundamental Theology. In 2013 she received a lectureship in theology and gender studies at the Berlin Humboldt University. Since 2013, she has also appeared as an activist for the independence of Catalonia.

In 2015, she was exclaustrated with the approval of the Vatican and left her monastery to run in the Catalan parliamentary elections. She continues to be considered a nun, is subject to her obligations and can at any time return to her monastery, as Spanish media reported.

Among other things, Forcades campaigns internationally for the recognition of aberrosexuality by the Church in the course of her feminist theology. Whether coincidence or not, while Tolentino was giving the pope and the curial retreat, Forcades is promoting the Italian edition of her book, "We are all different! For a queer theology" in Italy.

Tolentino, her "fan", is Deputy Rector of the Catholic University of Lisbon and Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Culture. For Pope Francis and the management of the Vatican dicastery he chose as theme: "Praise of thirst".

New climate for aberrosexuality since Francis

While giving the retreat, or shortly before, Forcades toured Italy to promote the recognition of homosexuality by the Church, although the official theme of her lectures was mostly Women's Theology.

On the website Gionata, a circle of "Christian LGBT" it says:
"In the context of the book launch, Forcades emphasized that the Church's relationship to homosexuality had finally changed with the election of Pope Francis. He tries to do the utmost, including through the Family Synod, to change the Church's attitude toward homosexuality."
Nota bene: Forcades does not speak of the Church's attitude toward homosexuals, but of homosexuality.
Forcades reveals even more: 

"At the Family Synod, he has not been able to move forward, but the atmosphere is not the same as before Pope Francis came."

For example, Sr. Jeannine Gramick [self-confessed lesbian], who for many years in the US is fighting for not only accepting that someone is aberrosexual, but also the aberrosexual acts that are recognized as physical love. She has said that since Francis Pope, she is no longer exposed to any pressure she has experienced before. "

"Renewal" of the church is "queer"

Feminist theology in history

According to Forcades, the Church is making "big steps forward," especially in Oceana and South America in dialogue with homosexuals: "much faster than in Europe."
The "renewal" of the Church is gay for Forcades, or to put it in their words: "queer." She speaks  literally of a "queer revolution".

In 2015, in an interview with Corriere della Sera on "gay marriage", she said that she is in favor of "sexual identities being no drawers, but God wanting them to complement one another, one and the other." And anyway: "What's wrong with that? They seem happy. Why should not they be blessed?  Why not in the church? Do not we have to rejoice over love, no matter what form and expression it has?"

A few months later, in February 2016, she told La Repubblica : "Love is always a sacrament of God." She was also in favor of adoption for aberrosexuals:
"What children need is an adult, mature and responsible love from parents who sacrifice their needs for the children. Whether they are growing up with two women or two men is not a problem."

Tolentino's "model" for the future of Christianity

 Tolentino at the Lenten retreat in Ariccia

The appointment of Jose Tolentino as retreat master to Ariccia, a man who prides himself on making contact with a dubious theologian such as Forcades, would be of dubious quality to any Catholic group.  His call to retreat for the Roman Curia "seems to be an expression of a political plan," says Corrispondenza Romana. "The friendship" between Tolentino and Forcades "is based on an obvious equality of thought." Forcade's book,"The Feminist Theology of History," features a foreword by Tolentino.  In it he dreams of a "different history." 
"The history of the West (and of the Church) might have been different if a symbolic, open and sensitive way had been chosen as an approach to the real, rather than creating the clear, triumphalist grammar we know. I repeat: maybe the story would be different.  This is where the extraordinary work of Teresa Forcades i Vila, the feminist theology of history which the reader holds in her hand, comes to our aid."
Tolentino presents Forcade's teachings as a model to "liberate" Christianity from dogmatic constraints. Forcade's approach, says the priest poet: 
"is in any case courageous: to show the contradictions and seek alternative interpretations that support a break of meaning and civilization. One conviction left by the book is that the future of Christianity depends especially on the purification process that succeeds us in its past and present. "
It is Forcade's merit, according to Tolentino, to have emphasized the importance of a relationship ethic that is free from strict and codified norms: 
"Teresa Forcades i Vila reminds us of the essentials: that Jesus of Nazareth neither codified nor regulated. That is, he has created an ethic of relationship; he transformed the poetry of his message into the visibility of his flesh; he showed his body as a premise."
Corrispondenza Romana then wondered:

"What spiritual fruits can the participants of the fasting exercises of Ariccia get from it?"

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Youtube/ (Screenshots) Image: Youtube / (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Phony Cardinal Mahony Fears Being Heckled

Edit: Mother Angelica was right about him. Remember when Pro-Catholic Bill Donahue defended him?
SCRANTON, Pennsylvania, February 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis appointed disgraced Cardinal Roger Mahony to be his special envoy to the Catholic Diocese of Scranton’s 150th anniversary Mass. But after uproar, the diocese removed the announcement of Mahony’s visit from their website and told LifeSiteNews the cardinal informed them “late last week” that he’ll be unable to attend.
On January 13, the Diocese of Scranton issued a press release saying, “Pope Francis has appointed Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony, Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles, as his special envoy at the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the erection of the Diocese of Scranton, to be observed with a Pontifical Mass on March 4 in the Cathedral of Saint Peter, Scranton.”
“We are most grateful to our Holy Father for appointing Cardinal Mahony to be his personal envoy for this special celebration, and we are honored that the Cardinal has so graciously accepted this invitation,” Scranton Bishop Joseph C. Bambera said in this press release. “This expression of the Pope’s pastoral support is another blessing as we mark the founding of our Diocese, and we look forward to welcoming His Eminence Cardinal Mahony to celebrate this historic milestone with us.”

Vatican Judge Offered Light Sentence for Sexual Molestation

Edit: considering the damage, such a sentence is ridiculous.

ROME - A judge of the Roman Rota, the Vatican’s highest appellate court, has accepted a plea bargain in an Italian criminal court for a conditionally suspended sentence of one year and two months in prison on charges of sexual molestation and possession of child pornography.
Based on reports in the Italian media, 55-year-old Monsignor Pietro Amenta was detained by police after an incident in March 2017, in which Amenta allegedly fondled the genitals of a young but over-age Romanian man in a Roman market. The man reportedly then followed Amenta and summoned police, who took Amenta into custody.
An investigation later discovered roughly 80 pornographic images on Amenta’s personal computer, some involving minors, leading to a second charge in the case.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Communion For Islamists is Around the Corner

Edit: Anyone in contact with a regular parish setting knows that most priests don’t care if they’re giving Communion to whomever, or whatever. It makes one wonder, that if anything goes on in most NO parishes at all, why safeguard it from sacrilege? It’s just an empty symbol, right? After all, most NO parishes don’t have much respect for the Blessed Sacrament, hence only a minority of Catholics really believe in the real presence.

It’s “common practice” in Germany that Protestants in "mixed marriages" receive Communion, Stefan Orth writes on the German bishops' (February 19). He mentions that the bishops meet this week in order to push for Holy Communion for Protestants.

According to Orth, it is “inconsistent” for the bishops that Protestants are allowed to receive Holy Communion during the wedding ceremony with a Catholic spouse but not afterwards.

This argument is flawed. First, Protestants who do not believe in the Eucharist (otherwise they were not Protestants) and never go to confession which is a precondition for receiving the sacrament, are never allowed to receive Communion. Second, Orth hushes up that for decades it has been a common practice in his country to invite all Protestants to receive Holy Communion. So what the bishops push for, has already been introduced.

This shows the pattern according to which Germany and later the Vatican subvert the Catholic faith: They first tolerate outrageous abuses and then proceed to "legalising" them.

Germany has a big Moslem population. It is a question of time until those Moslems will be invited to receive Communion, if they are not already.


Monday, February 12, 2018

Vatican Hacked But They Don’t Seem to Care

Security gap, but no one in the Vatican is interested.

Edit: but this is just the kind of thing He WOULD say.

(Rome) Vatican News, the Vatican's new news site, has been online for less than two months, but has already been the target of an unusual hacker attack. An "ethical hacker" drew attention to a dangerous vulnerability and put unusual words into Pope Francis' mouth.

A hacker entered the site and published an obviously false, absurd message. The thing, however, had a history.

The hacker himself had informed the site about his intrusion and had alerted the Holy See to a dangerous gap in the security system. But when no one responded, he made the vulnerability known in an unusual way.

As a proof of his intrusion on Vatican News, the hacker published a report with the dubious but always spectacular title:

"The Lord is an onion".

Since nobody in the Vatican responded, the hacker drew his attention to it in his own way.

According to this, Pope Francis came to the conclusion after extensive research that God was "an onion".

Apparently, the people in charge in the Vatican initially suspected an internal harrassing fire, which is why the suspicion was direxted against their own employees. Only when this option had to be excluded, a hacker was accepted as the author of the grotesque message.

Specifically, this is a Belgian Internet security specialist named Inti De Cheukelaire. De Cheukelaire has already made a name for himself in the past with similar actions. Among other things, he managed to redirect links in tweets by Donald Trump.

The IT security expert found a gap in Vatikcan News. According to him, any malware could be injected through this gap and the page redirected.

De Ceukelaire describes himself as an "ethical hacker". He does not act to do harm, but to show gaps and to warn against them. He had therefore communicated his discovery confidentially to the Vatican. When there was still no action taken, he returned to the gap again in the site of Vatican News and published the grotesque message to make the hole obvious with some "humor.”

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter / Vatican News (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

“I Served Lucifer - Without Knowing It”

Freemasonry: I served Lucifer - without knowing it. Essence, goals and power of Freemasonry

(Paris) A new book on Freemasonry is causing some sensation in France. "Je servais Lucifer sans le savoir" (IServed  Lucifer, Unknowingly) was presented by Serge Abad-Gallardo, who himself was a member and master of a Masonic lodge for 24 years.

The search for exclusive knowledge 

Search for secret knowledge - away from the truth

Freemasonry is very solicitous of the new "brothers". You will be welcomed with open arms. The lodge brothers are looking for answers about the meaning of life, about what holds the universe together. They do not seek these answers from Christ and the Church, while they seek autonomously because they seek a secret knowledge accessible only to the "initiate." This "secret knowledge" is supposed to lead them "to the light". This already makes clear its central feature, the rejection of Jesus Christ, who says of Himself: "I am the way and the truth and the life.” So as he seeks the truth elsewhere, he can not find the truth. Rather, he finds something quite different, all the more so because he consciously rejects the real truth, Christ.

In contrast to the Church, whose answers are simple and understandable to everyone because they should be accessible to all, Freemasonry offers coded answers that have many meanings because they defend a "multi-faceted truth."

Abad-Gallardo confirms that one can speak of "manipulation" in the lodges.

"Yes, I think that one can speak of manipulation. Unfortunately, many Freemasons are unaware of this. Freemasonry uses an esoteric language. The answers that they give are all the more accepted when given under the seal of secrecy. And if you do not understand something, it means: you will understand it better in the next degree.”

Lucifer? "If you are looking for a bit, you will find ..."

But what justifies the book title with the clear allusion to Satan?

"There are rituals that I have participated in, but that is not essential. It is essential what one does not see or does not read, but which is omnipresent between the lines. Masonic symbols implicitly refer to Lucifer. If you just search a bit, you will find these connections. "

He found it quickly, but accepted it for a long time in an effort to gain exclusive knowledge.

"I became aware of it very quickly, already at the apprentice level, so soon after the initiation, in the context of a ceremony that glorified Lucifer expressly. But I was told that this was not Lucifer, but in fact the bearer of light. Which is not quite wrong! "

But wrong is the context.

"It was not until much later, when I began to find the path of faith, that I began to ask many questions. At the ceremony, when I attained master's degree, the words 'Tubal Caïn' were whispered in my ear. A clear allusion to the satanic influence that occurs in most Masonic rites. "

Relativism is the key to Freemasonry

With  initiation disavows  baptism without knowing it

While the satanic allusions are hidden in some degrees, the very essence of Freemasonry is clearly visible in others. For example, according to Abad-Gallardo, in the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite, the Freemason who attains the degree must use a dagger to stab a papal tiara. If he hesitates, he is told that this is not directed against the Church, but against Pope Clement V, who had exposed the Templar Order to the persecution by the French King, which allegedly has nothing to do with hostility to the Church.

Abad-Gallardo leaves no doubt:

"Freemasonry is essentially luciferous in the sense of a Luciferian pride. No black masses are celebrated, at least as far as I know, but their goal is to inculcate the Freemason in the separation from God, which is directly involved with the fact that he is to feel himself as God by working himself up to the Divinity. In contrast to the Church, which defends the law of God, and natural law, Freemasonry confesses that there is no such law, but only a fluid, changing morality. It favors a new social order in which individual freedom prevails and the law is an expression of society without any reference to a fixed moral law or law. Relativism is the key to Masonic teaching. "

Christian lodges "are a hoax"

Abad-Gallardo, who belonged to the Le Droit Humain, a branch of the Great Orient of France, also comments on the oft-asserted existence of "Christian lodges.” English Freemasonry, to which most lodges in German-speaking countries are obliged, is called Christian in contrast to Roman Freemasonry.

The former master waves this off, however:

"They are a hoax. Some lodges even say they are Christian to avoid having to explain they are Christian because the 'venerable master' breaks the bread and distributes it. It does not matter what name they wear, it is important to look at the rituals they practice, and they are all esoteric, and therefore occult.

Everything that is occult, magical, clairvoyant is condemned from the Old Testament to St. Paul. Freemasonry has been condemned several times by the Catholic Church, but also by the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, and by the American and English Methodists. The Church is right in saying that the two paths of the Church and the lodge are antinomic, contradictory, and therefore incompatible. You can not serve two masters.

These lodges call themselves Christian to attract Christians, but in reality they aim at the apostasy, the apostasy of believers from every religion, and especially the apostasy of those who are Catholic.

When a Christian becomes a Mason, at the initiation rite, disavows, unknowingly, his baptism. The goal of Freemasonry of all obediences is the destruction of Christendom, especially the Catholic Church, to replace it with the Masonic religion and its dogmas."

The influence of the lodges

Abad-Gallardo also leaves no doubt about the influence of the Masons. The lodges are trying to downplay this influence and their role so as not to attract unwanted attention. The main thing is to control the image of the lodge in public.

"From the 19th century, Freemasonry is at the root of all sociopolitical laws, whether divorce, abortion, euthanasia or marriage for all. They were prepared, written and brought into parliaments by Freemasonry because their purpose is to establish an order that contradicts the divine order. The fact that it is increasingly reveal themselves openly proves their power. Today our societies are swimming in masonic ideology: relativism.”

Serge Abad-Gallardo's book: Je servais Lucifer sans le savoir and J'ai frappé à la porte du Temple. Both have appeared at Éditions Pierre Téqui in Paris.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Éditions Pierre Téqui
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Catholic School Fires Deviant to Protect Children — Gender Ideologues Prepare for Legal Battle

Edit: too bad Greydanus won’t be fired. Notice the weaponized, PC Latina strike force picketing the decision. It’s also interesting in light of the great power wielded by the Lavender Mafia in Florida. Cave in 3...2...

MIAMI, FL (WCMH) — Some parents are speaking out after a popular first grade teacher was fired after she posted pictures of her same-sex wedding on social media.
Jocelyn Morffi taught first grade at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School in Miami for seven years. Last weekend, she married her girlfriend and posted pictures of the ceremony to Facebook. On Thursday, Morffi was fired.
In a letter to parents, Principal Carlota Morales called it a “difficult and necessary” decision. Nearly a dozen parents who had children in Morffi’s class came to the school to protest her firing. The parents called her a “great teacher” and said they were aware that she is openly gay and that it made no difference.
“I’m upset,” parent Christina Lopez told WPLG. “The way they handled this was just unbelievable.”
“What she does at home, that’s none of our concern,” said Ricardo Oviedo, another parent of a child in Morffi’s class. “The fact is, she maintained a high moral standard at school and was inscribing in our kids a sense of community and love.”
Several parents said after meeting with the school administration, they still don’t have a satisfactory explanation for why Morffi was fired.
“You know, to be a Catholic, you’re taught to be forgiving. But if you’re gay, forget about it,” said parent Cynthia Cini. “But love is love.”
A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Miami told WPLG Morffi “broke the contract she signed when she began teaching at a Catholic school.” Her contract contained a moral turpitude clause.
Morffi’s attorney told WPLG they are considering the next legal steps they can take.
Morffi posted a brief statement to Facebook on Friday addressing the issue:

“This weekend, I married the love of my life and, unfortunately, I was terminated from my job as a result. In their eyes, I’m not the right kind of Catholic for my choice of partner. “

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