Friday, March 15, 2019

“What Planet Are Our Ecclesiastical Leaders From?”

Cardinal Zen, archbishop emeritus of Hong Kong, sharply criticizes Vatican's China policy: "The call to trust the [Chinese] government is incredible!"

Vatican-Beijing ( "The call to trust the [Chinese] government is incredible! Is there any lack of information about the recent suppression of our Vatican supervisors?" asks Cardinal Joseph Zen, Archbishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, who criticized the Vatican's current China policy so sharply. This was reported by the "Catholic Herald".  Zen responded with a blog post to Cardinal Fernando Filonis (Vatican Secretariat of State) praising the controversial deal between the Communist People's Republic of China and the Vatican. The Vatican has been trying for some time to defuse the conflict over underground Catholics who are not recognized by China's government. Catholics in China are divided into two groups, a not-until-recently recognized Vatican Catholic State Church (which does not recognize all parts of Catholic doctrine) and a Catholic Church of underground Catholics, some of whom have suffered massive persecution and continue to suffer.

Cardinal Zen explained: "The Holy See intends to present the dialogue with China as a homogeneous process from John Paul II through Benedict to Pope Francis." It remains unmentioned, "that John Paul II and Benedict who lived under totalitarian regimes have never believed in the theory of Ostpolitik.” With the election of Pietro Parolin as Secretary of State of the Vatican "Pope Francis gave the group of powerful men of the Curia the opportunity to resume their project of Ostpolitik. By following Pope Francis in his optimism, he dangerously surrenders easily, hiding the terrible face of Chinese Communism, of which he [Parolin] is well aware."

The negotiations between China and the Vatican were partly also in the hands of the disgraced, after massive allegations of abuse, US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who provides further explosive force in the controversial deal.

Trans: Tancred

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