Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Is the Media Starting to Turn on Pope and His Cabal?

Edit: Bergoglio’s favorite Modernist news source in Spain, Religion Digital is gloating and claiming that Wuerl, one of his creatures, has actually been given a promotion, and fingers Old Liberal and aberrosexual enabler, Cardinal Dolan, as the source of the leaks that led to Wuerl’s “resignation”. Now Dolan is supposedly all alone as Bergoglio’s remaining minions close in.

Meanwhile, an Opinion maker at NYTs finds that Bergoglio doesn’t understand and even ignores  the pain of sexual abuse or the responsibility effeminates like Wuerl have in this.

[New York Times Opinion] In his letter on Friday accepting the resignationof Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Catholic archbishop of Washington, Pope Francis praised the departing prelate for his “nobility” in not trying to defend “mistakes” in his handling of sexual-abuse allegations.

The pope misses the point. 

The archbishop may not be as culpable as other bishops who more systematically covered up sexual predation, and in at least one case he took action that was initially thwarted by the Vatican.

But a devastatingly detailed grand jury report on widespread child sex abuse in Pennsylvania churches showed that Cardinal Wuerl, as bishop of Pittsburgh, was immersed in a clerical culture that hid pedophilic crimes behind euphemisms, conducted unprofessional investigations and evaluations of accused priests, kept acknowledged cases of sex abuse secret from parish communities and avoided reporting the abuse to police.

Ht: Canon212 for Religion Digital article.


Religion Digital


Edward Griffin said...

The report from Pennsylvania only mentioned accusations against priests going back as far as 70 years. None of the priests in the report was found guilty of any sexual abuse crime.

Edward Griffin

Lurl Jannings said...

Anyone here knows the meaning of AMDG? Too bad, might like to apply the sum and substance of the meaning to all people, not just those who live with hate unrequited.

Tancred said...

That’s funny, because there are fresh reports coming out all the time about politicians and secular educators.

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