Friday, September 14, 2018

No Episcopal Appointments from Rome in a Month

For a month, no episcopal appointments have taken place. What is happening in the Congregation of Bishops?  In the picture their Prefect Marc Cardinal Ouellet.

(Rome) Bishops have not been appointed by the Holy See for nearly a month. Since last August 18, the Vatican press office has not announced a new episcopal appointment.

"Something is happening in the Congregation for the Bishops," said the Spanish news site InfoVaticana, which is being targeted by the Vatican for its critical coverage of Pope Francis' administration.

Every day at noon a daily bulletin is published by the Vatican Press Office. It has its own section "Resignations and Appointments". Since mid-August, retirements have been announced but no appointments of new bishops.

Due to the total number of dioceses around the world, there are usually several new appointments every week. For example, in the last week of May, Pope Francis appointed three archbishops, four bishops and two auxiliary bishops.

Prefect of the Roman Episcopal Congregation is the "Ratzingerian" Marc Cardinal Ouellet. Since his election, Pope Francis largely marginalized the Prefect. In episcopal appointments, especially those involving diocese that are "strategically important," appointments have often been made to the Congregation for the past five years. Cardinal Wuerl from the McCarrick circle, now charged by a grand jury, was influenced by Francis to make appointments the United States. His resignation is in the air.

The "break" in episcopal appointments coincides with the publication of the Pennsylvania Report, which severely incriminates Catholic clerics over the sexual abuse of minors.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred

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