Sunday, July 29, 2018

North African Immigrant Sentenced to Walk the Camino for 85 Days

A young offender travelled with companions to Santiago de Compostela for 85 days and had to do without addictive substances and mobile phones.

Rome (
In return for a pilgrimage to Santiago, a juvenile court in Italy has waived the lawsuit against a young offender. The now 22-year-old North African descent should be responsible for various offenses related to his drug use. Instead, the judge agreed in the 1,500-kilometer hike to the Spanish pilgrimage as a remedy. As Italian media reported, it was a first in Italian justice.

According to reports, the young man was on the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela for 85 days. He was accompanied by a 68-year-old supervisor of a youth welfare association from Mestre in northern Italy, who is based on similar projects in Belgium and France. The agreement included the renunciation of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, as well as cell phone fasting throughout the journey. The pilgrim was responsible for accommodation and food  for just under 40 euros per day.

The young man had not found it quite that easy to get used to the new daily routine and the rules, according to the broadcaster "Tgcom 24" said his companion Fabrizio, who was like a grandfather during the trip. Nevertheless, his protégé also discovered new qualities of life in the "beauty of the landscape" and the geography. "My life has changed," the 22-year-old said after returning to Italy. 

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Anonymous said...

That judge is one smart cookie.

Lita Canaman said...

Need more Judge like him

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