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Cardinal Tagle Eagerly Grovels to Aberrosexual Agenda

Cardinal Tagel: "The Church's approach to the LGBT world is present at the Youth Synod."

(Rome) Christopher Lamb, a member of the progressive British Tablet, reported on the press briefing held daily by the Vatican Press Office and Synod Secretariat during the synod. Today, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila, took part in what has been described for some time in progressive circles as the successor to Pope Francis.

The cardinal is President of Caritas Internationalis and member of the communication commission of the synod. Lamb asked him if the Final Document of the Youth Synod included a reference to "LGBT Catholics." The homophile term "LGBT Catholics" is taken from the aberrosexual linguistic milieu. It is a paradox. It refers to Catholics who indulge in the grave sin of sodomy.

The response from Cardinal Tagle was published by Lamb in the early afternoon on Twitter:
When asked about #LGBT Catholics wants to be referred to in # Synod18 document Cardinal Tagle says 'my hunch is there' but could not say in what form.

Meanwhile, a video of the press conference is available, which is why the precise answer of Cardinal Tagle can be reproduced:

"I have the feeling and also the hope that these topics will be part of the final document of the Synod Fathers. Speaking in the assembly hall and in my English-speaking circulus - I do not want to call it a problem - the Church's approach to the LGBT world is present. "

In the run-up to the Synod, various sources, especially Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, had criticized that the term "LGBT" of the aberrosexual milieu had been included in the preparatory document. Cardinal Tagle's response, speaking of LGBT and "LGBT world" himself, shows that it was not a slip-up. The preparatory document also required the consent of Pope Francis.

The "approach of the Church to the LGBT world" is in full swing and obviously wanted by the current Church leadership - and it is a path of flattery and pandering.

Critics spoke months ago that the real agenda of the Youth Synod was a recognition of homosexuality.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Pope to Canonize Terrorist Marxist Bishop and Marxism

Enrique Angelelli: a disquieting beatification despite a dubious background and with an ideological stale smell.
(Rome) It had already become apparent and some had feared that the Argentine Bishop Angelelli would be beatified. The train of dubious canonizations continues unabated.

On October 17, the new substitute of the Cardinal Secretary of State, the Vatican diplomat and Archbishop Edgar Peña, signed a letter (Protocol No. 423.517) as one of his first acts, appointing Msgr. Marcelo Colombo, emeritus bishop of La Rioja, the date for the beatification of Bishop Enrico Angelelli Carletti, former Bishop of La Rioja.
"It is my pleasure to inform you that the Holy Father grants that the celebration of the beatification rite of the Reverend Servant of God, Enrico Angelelli Carletti, Bishop of La Rioja, will take place in this city on Saturday, April 27, 2019. "
The Pope will not attend in person, but will be represented by Cardinal Angelo Becciu, Prefect of the Congregation of the Congregation of the Causes of Peña, as a substitute in the State Secretariat.

Who was Bishop Enrico Angelelli Carletti?

Beatification of Angelelli
Bishop Angelelli was a representative of Marxist liberation theology, who had had friendly contacts with the Communist Eastern Bloc since the 1950s, particularly the Pax Movement, which infiltrated the Catholic Church on behalf of the regime. Since the 60s, he was closely associated with the left-wing terrorist movement Montoneros. The Montoneros were part of left-wing extremism that was radicalizing and seeking a violent seizure of power in Argentina, as was attempted in many Latin American countries by communist revolutionary movements with Soviet and Cuban support. The result was terror and counter-terror, with - this is an Argentine feature - right and left Peronists faced each other as enemies. When terror threatened to overthrow the country, the military intervened to restore order, as the generals declared in 1961.
Not only did the dubious left-wing orientation make Angelelli a controversial Church leader during his lifetime, he was described a contemporary pamphlet:
"Anyone who thinks like a Marxist and speaks like a Marxist is also a Marxist!"

Doubtful circumstances of death

Doubtful are the circumstances of his death. Officially, he died in a tragic traffic accident, most likely due to a mistake made by his companion, another liberation theologian and priest belonging to the left-wing Third World Priestly movement supported by Angelelli. His passenger said that he could no longer remember the accident. He quit the priesthood shortly thereafter.

"Who thinks and speaks like a Marxist is also a Marxist"
Several years after the death of Angelelli, another Marxist priest, the Capuchin Antonio Puigjané, suddenly declared that the bishop had actually been assassinated. The order was given by the then military dictatorship. Since then, he has been diligently elaborating on the myth of the murdered "Bishop of the Poor."
Puigjané himself hit the headlines as a left-wing terrorist, as he wanted to topple even then in 1988, five years after the end of the military dictatorship, the already democratic government of Raul Alfonsin.
There were no lack of circles in Argentina and in Western Europe, inside and outside the Church, who willingly jumped on this unusual move and indignantly denounced any involvement of the hated military regime as fact, although no evidence could be presented for such a daring assertion. None of the eyewitnesses of the accident and at the accident testified to anything like this.
Under quite different political auspices - meanwhile, in Argentina, under the moderate left-wing Peronists - the case of the traffic accident was reopened 38 years later and two leading military figures were convicted without concrete evidence, as the principals of an assassination attempt. In the same period, the ex-Capuchin Puigjané was pardoned prematurely, although his terrorist attack had cost eleven lives.
The issue is still controversial in Argentina. Critics speak of a political process, which served less the truth, but to the settling of old scores (see to Angelelli, the situation in Argentina and left myths: The Unequal "Martyrs" ).

Did Angelelli die in odium fidei?

However, whether a traffic accident or assassination, neither in one case or the other are there indications that the death of Angelelli occurred in odium fidei. But hatred of faith is a prerequisite for recognizing a death brought on as a martyrdom for Christ.

Angelelli, a leftist taboo
After Francis had declared Pope John XXIII. an unmiraculous saint, no less doubtfully, he declared the death of Bishop Angelelli an assassination and the bishop as a martyr. The recognition of his death as martyrdom shortens namely the lengthy path of the beatification process, since no miracle is needed.
With the miraculous beatification of Bishop Angelelli by an event, whether a traffic accident or assassination, which is reinterpreted to be a martyrdom, Pope Francis is creating a new, questionable category of "political martyrs."
Last August, another Argentine archbishop, Msgr. Hector Aguer, broke the Angelelli taboo . He asked why not a contemporary of Angelelli, the Catholic intellectual Carlos Alberto Sacheri, to be beatified, who really became a victim of terrorism, but of Marxist terrorism. Sacheri was executed in front of his own children. He had previously pointed out and criticized the Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church with a book.
But in this, the political left is always blind. Meanwhile, the Church leadership seems to have become blind.
What conclusion can be drawn from Pope Francis' unusual approach?

Probably only one: The confirmation of a long-standing suspicion that the obstinate, Argentine Pope wants to canonise a disturbing, highly politicized and long-overstated direction in the Church, the alliance between Christianity and socialism, historically compromised by Soviet dictatorships, terrorism, hostility towards the Church, denunciations, abortion ... Should we list more?

Text: Andreas Becker
Image: InfoCatolica
Trans: Tancred

Monday, October 22, 2018

New Jesuit Space Emphasizes Emptiness of Modernism — Wins Fabulous Prize

Church architecture of emptied churches: Interfaith Prize for new Jesuit chapel in Salamanca.

An ultra fabulous Jesuit chapel was recently honored with the proxe for “best religious space,” which, above all,  expresses pure anthropocentrism.

The "Chapel of Encounter" of the Jesuit order was created for a Jesuit worship center. For this, the Order was awarded a prize by Washington-based Faith & Form inter-faith association.

50 years of Faith & Form50 years of Faith & Form

The association was founded in 1965 under the name Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture (IFRAA today AIA). Its goal is to "promote interreligious dialogue in the context of art, architecture and religious literature". The Annual Religious Art and Architecture Award which has been awarded since 1978 went to [a] Jesuit Order this year.

Awarded "with the support of the Vatican", as the Spanish website of the Jesuit Order infosj emphasizes, the "Capilla del Encuentro" (Chapel of Encounter) in Salamanca was awarded the title of "Best Religious Space of the Year 2018."

"The jury was particularly impressed by the connection between architecture and theology," according to the Information Center of the Society of Jesus in Spain.

The new chapel is located in the San Ignacio Jesuit Center of the Salamanca. It was "inspired by the tent of meeting the book Exodus,” better known in English as a tabernacle. The chapel "has a Q code that can be used to retrieve and share prayers and experiences through a website". [What a great opportunity to troll. Not that I would encourage that.] 

The Jesuit Cristobal Jiménez, director of the Jesuit Center San Ignacio of Salamanca, emphasizes that the new chapel follows the desire for "new places of silence and prayer".

"We thought of young people first of all. [Yes, preying upon them spiritually and physically] In a world where there are so many images and charms, we wanted to be daring and groundbreaking. We tried to create an empty and bare space whose central element is the tabernacle as a privileged place of God's presence. The Chapel of Encounter tries to avoid distractions to connect the creatures with their creator.”

The chapel was opened last June and is the work of Spanish architects Xavier Chérrez and Raquel Cantera.

The emptied church as a metaphor of modern church architecture. Or perhaps as a special aptitude for an interreligious emptiness?

Trans: Tancred

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Priest Says Mass in Reparation for Witches Who Put Hex on Kavanaugh

Edit: won’t his ordinary have something to say? These are usually the types of women who insist that they only practice “white” magic? Here’s a story from Newsweek:

[Newsweek] In a battle of beliefs, a Catholic exorcist is planning to fight an upcoming hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with a special Mass. 
On Saturday, Catland Books, a “Metaphysical boutique and occult bookshop” in Brooklyn, New York, is hosting a hex on Kavanaugh in an effort to make him “suffer,” and send a message to his supporters.
“No, you don’t win. He may have been confirmed, but that’s something we already knew was going to happen,” co-owner Dakota Bracciale previously told Newsweek. “We know the system is broken, and the people in charge need to be taken down by any means necessary, magical or otherwise.”

Read further.... 


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Viganò Releases Third Bombshell — Calls Pope to Penance and Resignation!

A reader just posted an article from the Daily Fail. Feel free to help them in their comments section. We have translated some of the grievous misrepresentations and lies this publications is liable to when reporting in Church affairs:
The Vatican ambassador who has caught Pope Francis attempting to rehabilitate a disgraced ex-American cardinal is renewing his call to penance, correctly pointing out that the 'scourge of homosexuality' in the priesthood is responsible for sex abuse and that the Vatican is being hypocritical in refusing to acknowledge it. [Most of Bergoglio’s closest advisors are guilty of it, or at least credibly accused of covering for it.] 
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has issued a third installment Friday in the war of words over Bergoglio’s the cover-up of evil ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick with help from the great journalist, Marco Tosatti who assisted him in penning the original 11-page dossier.
Speaking Truth to Power
Vigano has accused Francis of rehabilitating McCarrick, 88, from restrictions imposed during Pope Benedict XVI's papacy because he pressured seminarians to sleep with him.
He has called for Francis to resign over the McCarrick scandal, which has sparked a crisis of confidence in the U.S. and Vatican hierarchy.
Francis has responded to the McCarrick allegations by removing him as a cardinal, over an allegation he molested a minor, and by ordering a Vatican investigation into its archives to determine how McCarrick rose through the ranks despite allegations he also molested adults.
Pre-empting the outcome, Cardinal Marc Oullet, who heads the Vatican's bishops' office, penned a letter on October 4 saying he had gone through his archives and found no evidence of any formal canonical sanctions signed by any pope.
In his new missive, Vigano accurately noted that Ouellet actually confirmed the core of his allegations: that McCarrick was placed under some form of restriction - not necessarily formal sanctions - because of alleged sexual misconduct.
Showing how Ouellet was either lying or misinformed in his claim that the Vatican only had heard rumors about McCarrick, Vigano has revealed all the letters that had reached the Vatican starting in 2000, when a priest from a New Jersey seminary first wrote relaying concerns from seminarians invited to McCarrick's beach house and into his bed. [I think we know that Ouellete is a liar. What does Bergoglio have on him?]
Vigano said he was shocked that Ouellet omitted any reference in his letter to McCarrick's victims, or to what he said was the 'principal cause of so many sexual abuses: homosexuality.'
'It's hypocrisy to refuse to admit that this scourge is due to a grave crisis in the spiritual life of clergy, and to not take measures to remedy it,' he wrote.
While the McCarrick scandal has exposed how seminarians can be vulnerable to sexual abuses by their gay superiors, studies have shown that aberrosexuals in general are far more likely per capita to abuse than heterosexuals. In fact, about 90% of self-identified aberrrosexuals have been abused by an adult or someone older or more experienced than themselves.
Vigano, who was Vatican ambassador to the U.S. from 2011-2016, was not allied with the conservative culture warriors among U.S. bishops, particularly in articulating the Catholic Church's opposition to gay marriage. In fact, we were critical of him as it seemed at the time of Vatileaks that he was openly hostile to Benedict XVI.

Pope Is Annoyed by “Locutions” From Medjugorje -- New Interview Book by Brazilian Priest

In a new interview book, Pope Francis commented on the flood of messages of apparitions and for the first time also extensively on Medjugorje.

(Rome) "I am annoyed when they come with the messages." In a new interview book by Alexandre Awi Mello, Pope Francis speaks about his relationship with Mary and also says what he thinks of the apparitions in Medjugorje and elsewhere.

Medjugorje is inhabited by Catholic Croats in the Herzegovinian mountains. Catholics were harassed there by the Communists until 1989, today by the Muslims. Since June 1981 in the place of several seers, the Mother of God Maria appears. The competent local bishops made a negative judgment, most recently in the early 1990s. Since then, the followers of the apparitions hope for a positive judgment from Rome. There, however, one dissembles for various reasons. Partly because the phenomenon continues onto the 38th year, and because one seeks the wise way to lead the faithful, without offending them.

Medjugorje and the flood of messages that Pope Francis does not like

"It's my mother"

Repeatedly, Pope Francis took a negative stance on the flood of allocations, even concretely against Medjugorje for the first time in September 2013, which was, however, embezzled by the Vatican media, and therefore never really came to the public. At the same time he sent a special envoy to Medjugorje, the Polish Archbishop Henryk Hoser, who is very sympathetic to the phenomenon. What the Pope thinks exactly about Medjugorje can not be said with certainty.

A new interview book, which came into the bookstore yesterday, but provides interesting clues that fit into the previous picture. The conversation with Francis was not led by a journalist, but Alexandre Awi Mello, the secretary of the new Docastry for the Laity, the Family and Life. Awi Mello is a Brazilian priest of the Schoenstatt Movement who holds a Doctorate in Mariology. After teaching at various universities in Brazil, Francis called him to the Roman Curia in May 2017. Jorge Mario Bergoglio has known the priest since the Latin American Episcopal Council of Aparecida in 2007. The then Cardinal and Archbishop of Buenos Aires was responsible for the final document. Awi Mello was one of two editorial secretaries available to Bergoglio. The interview was thus conducted by a specialist theologian and can claim an official character due to the rank Awi Mello residing in the Vatican.

"He has the appointment book of the Blessed Mother? That’s why I said no "

The book is titled "She is my mother. Encounters with Mary” (Èmia madre, Incontri con Maria, Città Nuova 2018). 

In it Francis says:

"I'm annoyed when they come with the messages. The Virgin does not have a post office! "

Francis recalls the appearance of a Medjugorje seer in his Argentine episcopal city:

"When I was in Buenos Aires, I banned an assembly that still took place. They knew that I did not agree. "

The seer came to Buenos Aires to speak in a church. Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio resisted the event "without commenting on the authenticity of the apparition". 

He banned the event because, according to announcement:

"One of the seers would speak and explain everything a little, and at half past four the Virgin should appear. That means he had the appointment book of the Virgin. That's why I said, 'No, I do not want such kinds of things here'.  I said no, not in a church.”

"In the midst of human madness, God continues to work miracles"

In the book, Francis added to Medjugorje:

"It is necessary to distinguish, because God still works miracles in Medjugorje.”


According to Francis, God works miracles "despite" the seers and "despite" the messages and the assertion of Marian apparitions in Medjugorje. It must therefore be distinguished between the work of God and the spectacle of the public rejected by the Pope.

"In the midst of human madness, God continues to work miracles."

The Pope expresses the assumption that among the alleged phenomena, Francis is mentioned as an example in addition to Medjugorje, the phenomenon in Salta, Argentina, "perhaps is more about personal phenomena.”

The Pope:

"I get letters, but you understand that these are mainly psychological things. It is necessary to make a clear distinction between things. I think there are graces in Medjugorje. You can not deny that. There are people who convert but there is a lack of distinction, and I do not want to say they sin, because these people never know it is sin, but there is at least a lack of distinction."

"And then they say, 'The Blessed Mother told me ...'"

Francis declares these rejected messages "theologically as inner speaking." “Inner locations are an outlet that comes from pure, implicit inspiration." This expresses more of a wishful thinking of the person concerned.

"The thing with the apparitions, so that's clear: Try to see it from the side of an internal locution. Then it's clear why I told you to go from one extreme to the other. Sometimes this Lokution almost materializes into a vision, and other times it can only be a simple inspiration. "

"For example, those who hear that the Blessed Mother tells them something. In prayer there is a locution, and then they say, 'The Blessed Mother told me ...'. Naturally. They express it in a way that seems like they really had an appearition. But from then until the seers become the main actors and organize programmed apparitions ... That is the sin that can accompany a great grace.”

Awi Mello writes:

"In short, to use the words of the Gospel, wheat and weeds grow together - even today.”

And Francis:

"Are there distinguishing criteria for appearances? One thing for me is the person's obedience to the church. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Nuova Città (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Sardinian Priest Joins Lodge -- Cagliari Diocese Doesn't Care

An unusual case 

October 19, 2018

Freemasonry: priests as Masons

(Rome) On September 30, the inauguration of Don Giancarlo Dessì as the new pastor of Segariu in the Archdiocese of Cagliari. It is worth noting that a relationship between the Don Dessì of today and his relationship to Freemasonry has not been satisfactorily clarified. Can a pastor also be a Mason?

In the past, first rumors, then documents about an alleged lodge membership of the pastor appeared. Shortly before the arrival of the priest in his new parish a Sardinian lodge brother confirmed: "It's true: he was initiated in 2014".

Lodge excursion with pastor

In the Archdiocese of Cagliari, nobody wants to get to the bottom of the matter. The Internet newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ) researched the matter and encountered a wall of silence from archbishop's office.

For some time, the Sardinian priest has been suspected of belonging to a Masonic lodge. "That Freemasonry is a secret society is no secret. The fact that the Church of Cagliari practices the same secrecy as a priest is being suspected of being a lodge member is curious, if not ambiguous," said NBQ. Last July, as usual, the Archdiocese announced changes in the See. The list of transfers included Don Dessì. During his time as a pastor of the city of Mandas, there were accusations that he had entered a Masonic lodge. Specifically named was the lodge Armando Corona No. 5 of Cagliari, which belongs to the Grand Lodge of the Old and Accepted Scottish Rite of Italy.

Armano "Armandino" Corona (1921-2009), after whom the lodge is named, was a Sardinian doctor and contractor. He was a member of the left-liberal Republican Party of Italy and was President of the Regional Assembly of Sardinia. Corona, a member of the Lodge since 1969, was, above all, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy from 1982-1990.

"Brother Freemason, by profession priest"

In 2016, compromising photos of the priest emerged with the aproned brothers. The pastor denied and spoke of "photomontages" and "slander". At first it was said that the Archdiocese would initiate a canonical case against the priest, but then it became quiet. For two years no one in the Archdiocese wants to talk more about the matter, not even about whether an investigation was carried out or not.

A local blogger wrote:

"For the Church, the matter is clear: A bishop or priest who belongs to the lodge must be tried before an ecclesiastical court and laicized. Was Don Dessì subject to a canonical process? And if so, was he acquitted or convicted? Nobody knows anything, not even in Rome."

It would have to be the interest of the archdiocese to dispel any suspicion or clarify whether Don Dessì is a 'lent' borrowed from the church, NBQ said, and sent a request to the Ordinariate last July to refer to the Vicar General, who was unavailable. After a few days of futile attempts, the newspaper turned to the editor-in-chief of the diocesan church newspaper, who referred to the Diocesan Press Office, which referred to the Vicar General, who - now available - briefly referred to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The result of several days of research? It was not possible to get a clarification from the Archdiocese about Don Dessì.

New documents
Last September 20, ten days before the inauguration of Don Dessì in Segariu, new documents appeared. The aforementioned blogger published several documents of the Lodge Corona No. 5.

Lodge Membership of Don Giancarlo Dessì

This includes an invitation and agenda for the Lodge meeting on 21 July 2014. The document is signed by the Secretary of the Lodge, who invited the chair, Gian Luigi Piras, for "temple work" on behalf of the Master. Each lodge brother had to appear in the "dark suit, white shirt, black tie, white gloves, insignia of his degree." The temple work on that summer evening provided above all for the initiation of a new lodge brother: "Dr. Don Dessì Giancarlo, a priest by profession."

The priest was also introduced in other documents as a lodge brother. For the temple work of 21 October 2014, he is described as a "speaker."

On one of the invitations is added in a handwritten note:

"I, undersigned Guido Asuni, former secretary of the Lodge Corona, confirm that the priest Don Giancarlo Dessì, pastor of Mandas, was initiated on July 21, 2014 as a Masonic brother."

NBQ contacted Asuni, who confirmed the information after initial reluctance. "It is true. I confirm that Don Giancarlo Dessì was initiated that year as a Masonic brother. At that time I was secretary of the Lodge Corona, but I left that year. So what I can confirm is that Dessì was at least part of Freemasonry in 2014. What happened then, I can not say, because I have changed obedience."

Asked how the priest justified his entry into the lodge at that time, Asuni answered evasively:

"Someone asked him about it, but he was vague, that's all I know, and there are situations that are secret."
NBQ wants to know from Asuni if ​​he has been contacted by the Archdiocese to provide information.

Asuni: "I was never called. Nobody ever asked me about it. One thing is certain: should Don Dessì in the meantime have left Freemasonry, he would have the duty to say this publicly, to clarify his position."

NBQ then again contacted the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cagliari, but they responded just as curtly as a few months earlier.

"We are not interested in this at the moment." 
And hung up.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Picture: Il color Porpora sbiadito / NBQ
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Sexual Assault of a Child is a Crime! Don’t You bastards Understand That!

Guest Contributor October 17, 2018
By Randy Engel

On October 8, 2018, CRUX news service ran a story on the late Father John Harvey, founder of Courage, written by Opus Dei writer Christopher White. CRUX, as readers who have been following my byline for years know, doesn’t identify its large stable of Opus Dei writers, so until they do, I’ll have to do it for them.

In his introduction, White notes that Father Harvey was opposed to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ zero tolerance sex abuse policy for priests and provides some background on the Courage founder’s views on the subject.

According to White, “In the 1970s, Harvey founded a new ministry called ‘Renew, Rest, and Recreation,’ with the aim of providing support for priests with ‘sexual difficulties,’ primarily homosexuality. In 1980, that ministry led to an invitation from Cardinal Terrance (sic) Cooke of New York to form a ministry for lay Catholics called ‘Courage.’”

It might have been timely for White to have mentioned that “Cookie” was a second-generation homosexual himself in the Cardinal Francis Spellman line and his secretary was the ever popular 

“Uncle Teddy” McCarrick, aka “Blanche,” but White either didn’t know that or didn’t think it appropriate to include it in the Harvey article.

White goes on to explain that Father Harvey stood in good steed with the American bishops and many dioceses opened their doors to him and to Courage chapters.
“In a 1992 article in Crisis, a conservative magazine,” White explains, “Harvey described the arguments he had offered at the Ninth Bishops’ Workshop in Dallas in 1990. Harvey argued that priests who sexually abused minors often did so because of sexual addiction, and therefore guilt could not be imputed. On that basis, he claimed bishops could not impose canonical penalties.”
“Instead, he (Harvey) argued, most should be rehabilitated and returned to ministry,” White continues.

White provides some insights into Harvey’s thinking from Father Philip Bochanski, the Executive Director of Courage,  as to the exceptions that Father Harvey believed in. “While Bochanski told CRUX that in the article, ‘[Harvey] stated clearly that those whose sexual attractions are completely oriented toward children or youth “should not be restored to any pastoral ministry,” the article  also makes clear that Harvey believed ‘relatively few’ priests who sexually abused minors fit in that category.’”

The reader should realize that thus far in the CRUX article, no mention has been made of the fact that the sexual abuse of minors (and of vulnerable and unwilling adults) is a CRIME!

Red Flag #1.

Enter Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons  

At this point, White introduces the reader to Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a close friend and confidant of Father Harvey. White does not identify Fitzgibbons as a member of Opus Dei, but the doctor is a member, a supernumerary, I believe.

In typical Opus Dei fashion, Fitzgibbons is credited with coining and/or popularizing the term “same-sex relationships,” as opposed to the tacky words homosexual or sodomite.
As reported by White, Fitzgibbons, who worked with Harvey and is a popular speaker at Courage conferences, “evidences a preference for rehabilitation of priests who commit sexual abuse, similar to [Father Harvey’s and his] approach to homosexual individuals whom they sought to aid in changing orientation.”

Up goes Red Flag #2

A priest or layperson who sexually abuses a minor (or vulnerable or unwilling adult) is a CRIMINAL and needs to be REPORTED to the POLICE! On the other hand, homosexuals who entertain and act out their perversion are NOT criminals under the current secular laws. Homosexual priests and religious, however, are guilty of grave delicts and deserving of laicization and/or other forms of canonical punishment.

White notes that Harvey and Fitzgibbons were co-authors of the 1999 pamphlet, Homosexuality and Hope, published by the Catholic Medical Association, “which maintains that individuals are not born with a same-sex attraction, and that such individuals are at greater  risk for psychiatric disorders.” This writer can vouch for the soundness of both these premises. However, the pamphlet deals primarily with medical and therapeutic issues and not with criminal activities by homosexuals including pederasty.

According to White, “As a moral theologian by training rather than a clinical psychologist, Harvey relied heavily on Fitzgibbons along with other like-minded individual such as Dr. John Money and Dr. John Kinane, who shaped both his thought and practice on how to handle priests with a history of abuse.”

John William Money, Ph.D. !!!! Tell me that’s a misprint!

The late Dr. John W. Money lived out his sexology career at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital. He created the myth of  “affectional pedophilia” (about love) versus “sadistic pedophilia” (about sex).  Money led a loveless sex life with casual partners of both sexes; he was an advocate for pedophilia and played a leading role in the so-called sexual revolution.

Money wrote the introduction to Theo Sandfort’s apologia for pederasty, Boys on their Contacts with Men – A Study of Sexually Expressed Friendships. According to Money, “It might very well be that deprivation of playful sexual rehearsal is the origin of a high proportion of sexual syndromes of human adolescence and adulthood.”

One wonders what Father Harvey was thinking when he turned to Money for guidance on anything, especially homosexuality. And one wonders about White and the CRUX staff that let this monumental blunder pass without comment.

CRUX Conclusions on Father Harvey

In his concluding remarks, under the heading “Zero Tolerance,” White notes that during the 1980s and 1990s, Harvey and his associates including Fitzgibbons were influential in encouraging bishops to give clerical sexual abusers a second chance – a second chance that the victims never got.

The article ends with a commentary by Father Bochanski in which the priest notes that Harvey’s disapproval of the bishops’ new policy of zero tolerance reflected Harvey’s belief that “seemed to see a policy of permanent restriction as limiting the power of God’s grace to restore these priests to a chaste life and a meaningful ministry.” Again, Harvey’s concern seems to be focused on the perpetrator of sexual abuse rather than on the victims of the abuse and their families who have to deal with the all too familiar fallout of the sexual abuse, mainly of young adolescent boys.
It was the release of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s report on clerical sexual abuse in five dioceses in August 2018 that prompted Courage to issue a press release that inferred that if Father Harvey were alive today, his views might have been different from what he had advocated. This writer is not so sure that would have been the case.

But what I find most reprehensible about the CRUX article is that not one person –– neither the writer (White), nor any of the individuals referred to in the article or interviewed for the article be he priest or layman, nor any CRUX staffer ––mentioned the fact that the sexual abuse of minors (or vulnerable or unwilling adults including seminarians and young priests) is a CRIME! And CRIMES should be reported to the proper authorities for investigation. If warranted, a trial would then follow, with any convicted felon, be that felon a cleric or layman , receiving a sentence.
What, in God’s name, is wrong with these people?"

Bergoglians Insist the Youth Synod Will Tackle GLBTQ-P

Edit: while Bergoglio and the shrinking circle of effeminates closest to him are being arrested or hounded by the media, their fabulous world collapsing around them, they continue to conspire to cover up sex abuse and stonewall their responsibility for undermining the Church founded by Christ.

And I'm not the only one who sees it this way.

This whole thing is grooming on a grand scale.  This from our friends at Missa in Latino:

Mala tempora currunt. We hope that the Holy Spirit will get in the way

[Missa in Latino]  Il Messaggero , 17-10-18 Vatican City - With all due respect to those conservative bishops and cardinals hoping that the issue of gay marriage will be kept away from the Youth Synod, the Vatican has confirmed that it will be dealt with instead. «It has been said that the themes of homosexuality and same-sex marriages can not be left out of pastoral care», said the new Prefect of Communications Paolo Ruffini, reporting on the issues addressed in the last meetings of the plenary sessions of the Synod. In the past months, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, had anticipated that there would be no taboo subjects, starting from the expression "LGBT youth," an acronym never used previously in documents by the Church, and included in the document for basic work for discussion. In these days there were some synod fathers, like the Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia who had affirmed his opposition in his speech.


Prefect of CDF Outlawed in France for Covering for Modernist Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon

Prefect Luis Ladara Ferrer did not respond to the summons from French Court in Abuse Case.

(Rome) The Holy See refers to the immunity of Cardinal Ladaria, Prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Spanish bearer of the purple dignity was summoned by a court in the case of French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin.
Cardinal Luis Fancisco Ladaria Ferrer SJ did not comply with the summons issued by the French court. The court is handling the charges against Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the Archbishop of Lyon, who is accused of not having promptly brought in a priest of his diocese, who involving young male Pathfinders between 1986 and 1991.
The Vatican forbade the prefect from participating by referring to his immunity, AFP reported. The court of Lyon cited Cardinal Ladaria not only as a witness, but as a potential co-defendant. Reason for this is the statement of Cardinal Barbarin in the course of his defense, to have consulted Ladaria on the case of the priest.
Ladaria had recommended to the Archbishop of Lyon "to take the appropriate disciplinary measures of the Church, but to avoid a public scandal".
Recently, the summons was made for Cardinal Ladaria, who was sent by the French authorities to the Vatican. The Vatican responded by pointing out that Cardinal Ladaria's communication was "in the exercise of his sovereign duties" as an official of the Holy See. International law recognizes him "ratione materiae" criminal immunity, if he performs duties in the name of the sovereign.
The competent judicial authority of the Vatican therefore declared the French summons to be "inadmissible".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred
Edit: notice how Barbarin hasn't resigned.  He's a solid Bergolian.

Bergoglian Boomer Bishop Raps: "If There is a God or Not, Boh!"

(Rome) In the Diocese of Cassano all'Jonio in Calabria peculiar bishops seem to have a certain "tradition."  In 2014, Pope Francis appointed Msgr. Nunczio Galantino as the Secretary General of the Italian Bishops' Conference.
Galantino served as "man of the Pope" until 2018 in his office and provided for the "right" course in the Episcopal Conference. In May 2017, Pope Francis was also able to re-appoint the President. This is when Galantino's star began to fade, because two "bosses" frustrate each other. Last summer, Francis promoted him to the Roman Curia and appointed him Prefect of the Apostolic Patrimony Administration (APSA). An office that could soon even be a cardinal's office.
Galantino's tenure as the head of the Bishops' Conference was enough to voice disparaging remarks about devout Catholics praying in front of abortion clinics to rescue unborn children and end abortion. And enough time to bargain behind closed doors with the then Italian left-wing government for a "compromise" on "gay marriage," while the bishops' conference and the Vatican failed millions of Italians opposed to "gay marriage" and the introduction the gender ideology at the schools went to the streets. Also enough time to hold dubious catecheses for adolescents, such as the falsification of the Bible, according to which God "saved" the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah at the request of Abraham.
In spring 2015, Pope Francis appointed a successor to Galantino's orphaned diocese Cassano all'Jonio. In May of that year, Msgr. Francesco Savino was ordained as the new diocesan bishop and took over the leadership of the southern Italian diocese.
Bishop Savino has so far received no attention outside his diocese: this has changed now with his message to the young people of his diocese. In it he quoted various modern musicians, including the Italian hip-hop singer Jovanotti alias Lorenzo Cherubini.
Messa in Latino wrote: "This is neither prohibited nor did the bishop cite any heresies. He simply quoted 'only' banalities like these:
"Whether there is a god, maybe yes, maybe no, boh. But I hear the stories, ready to believe a little bit. That we are children of somebody. The rest is all to do first. I have no roots, but feet to go'."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

ISIS Planned a Major Attack in Germany for 2016

"Picture": The Federal Prosecutor's Office has confirmed the planning of a terror attack by IS for 2016. "For us, the facts in this case were very concrete and also reliable," said Attorney General Peter Frank for the media.

Berlin ( The "Islamic State" (IS) had planned a major terrorist attack in Germany. This was reported by “BILD". According to this, an ISIS supporter has revealed details about the planning of the attacks in an interview with German reporters. The attack should have taken place in 2016, with three teams of assassins traveling to Germany to prepare and conduct a mega-attack. One of the possible goals was a music festival. The Federal Prosecutor's Office confirmed the terrorist plans. "For us, the facts in this case was very concrete and reliable," Federal Attorney General Peter Frank told media.

No word as to why it was aborted.

Trans: Tancred

Another Old Liberal German Bishop Squanders 50,000 Euros on Invasion Fleet

Like the evil Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, Archbishop of Paderborn Hans-Josef Becker also supports "Mission Lifeline" with funds - money comes from the Disaster Fund of the Archdiocese of Paderborn

Munich ( For the private refugee rescue ship "Mission Lifeline" there is another 50,000 euros from a German bishop. After the Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Paderborn Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker is now supporting the controversial ship with funds. The 50,000 euros come from the disaster fund of the Archdiocese of Paderborn. The ship's captain, Claus Peter Reisch, is currently being investigated in Malta on the grounds that his ship is not properly registered and that he has failed to comply with instructions from the Italian Coast Guard to allow the rescue of boat people to the Libyan Coast Guard. Reisch is currently promoting a controversial fun T-shirt with the inscription "Tug King" on the front and "Team Umvolkung" [Umvolkung is a term describing the elimination of German identity.] on the back.

Whether it makes more sense to rescue the boat people directly in front of their home coast without returning them  to their home, but to ship them to Europe, is currently very controversial. Proponents say it would reduce the number of dead if the refugees were rescued and brought to Europe, they consider Reisch’s relief action  as exemplary and he received, for example, in July 2018, a prize from the Bavarian state parliament. Critics argue that this is just an  encouragement, and that even more people will be encouraged to start ou in unseaworthy boats on the dangerous crossing, so the number of dead will actually rise with rescue operations. In addition, it is not common for people in distress to be taken to remote ports that are not even their home, although they are often picked up close to the coast of their home countries.

Claus Peter Reisch, the ship's captain, also shills controversial T-shirts on Twitter, which read "Tug King" and "Team Umvolkung".

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Italian Bishops: “Liturgical reform is certainly irreversible”

In Italy, the new edition of the Missal Romanum is about to be printed. The Episcopal Conference emphasizes the "irreversibility" of liturgical reform.

(Rome) The Italian Bishops' Conference will decide on the third edition of the Missale Romanum of the Novus Ordo in mid-November. Initial announcements have startled some liturgists.

For some time now, there have been voices announcing important decisions for the forthcoming Extraordinary General Assembly of the Italian Episcopal Conference. In the period from 12th — 15th of November, the third edition of the Missale Romanum in the ordinary form of the Roman Rite in its final version is to be decided and released for publication. The daily Toscana Oggi announced "revolutionary" innovations, without giving any details.

Bishop Nunzio Galantino Man of the Pope

Bishop Nunzio Galantino, from 2014-2018 the "man of the Pope" in the Italian Episcopal Conference

The Standing Council of the Episcopal Conference, which took place from 24-27 September in Rome, has made decisions in preparation for the Extraordinary General Assembly. Its motto is: "Rediscover and accept the gift of the liturgy for the life of the Church. Perspectives and Pastoral Decisions on the Third Italian Edition of the Missale Romanum."

The preparatory work for the new edition was led by Bishop Nunzio Galantino, whom Pope Francis had made Secretary General of the Italian Episcopal Conference, and who was considered to be the "Pope's man" in this office. Last June, Francis promoted him to the Roman Curia as Prefect of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA).

"Avoid traditionalist forms"

For the new Missale the Permanent Council announced only so much:

"It represents the opportunity for a capillary formation that returns the richness and immutability of the liturgical reform and its essential points: the centrality of the Word of God, of Easter and of the congregation itself. Hence the need to re-learn itself as an art of celebration which not only avoids the urge to self-promotion or the use of traditionalist forms, but promotes a comprehensive understanding of roles: 
priests, lecturers, greeters, cantors ... move exclusively in the line of service alone.”

Details were not communicated. The Declaration mentions as the "center" of the liturgy "Easter", the "Word of God" and "the assembly itself". The sacrificial character of the Mass remains unmentioned. The leadership of the Episcopal Conference also took up a statement by Pope Francis, which is understood by parts of the Church as a challenge: The liturgical reform is "irreversible" and "traditionalist forms" should be avoided. The latter are put on the same level as the “self-promotion” of progressive clerics who deviate from the rubrics and even the texts of the masses, sometimes even from the Eucharistic Prayers, and make their own brand of liturgy.

"Liturgical reform is certainly irreversible"

Pope Francis said in his address to the participants of the 68th Liturgical Week in Italy on 24 August 2017 that the liturgical reform of Paul VI. Aid “irreversible.” Francis said this with a magisterial tone.

"We can confirm with certainty and with official authority that the liturgical reform is irreversible." [Has he read Quo Primum?]

Without mentioning it, the words were understood above all as a rejection of initiatives by Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Prefect of the Roman Congregation for Worship, and the Order of the Sacraments. Cardinal Sarah had previously emphatically called for "all priests" of the Latin Rite to return to the traditional celebration of the East, ad Deum.

A few months before the pope's speech, the existence of a mysterious liturgical reform was announced, commissioned by Francis. At the time of its construction Cardinal Sarah was simply ignored. In other words, the Commission and its members were appointed behind the back of the competent minister.

Cancellation of "reform of the reform"

In a broader sense, the words of Pope Francis were above all a rejection of the “reform of the liturgical form” initiated and desired by Pope Benedict XVI.  This refusal was taken up by the Permanent Council of the Italian Episcopal Conference at its recent session. Since then, there has been concern in traditional Church circles that the new edition of the Missal Romanum will further reduce the sacrificial character of the Mass and emphasize the character of the assembly even more.

Nothing is known for the time being, whether in the new edition finally the change of the words of consecration by Benedict XVI. from "for all" to "for many" will be implemented. Benedict XVI. had made a corresponding
change in October 2006 and arranged it for the Universal Church. In Italy, there was particularly stubborn resistance in addition to the German-speaking region. This is especially clear from the fact that even twelve years after the binding order of the German Pope, the change in Italy has not yet been implemented.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: CEI (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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