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Sunday, February 21, 2016

More than 100,000 Ukrainians Sign Position to Ban Abortion

Additionally, the signatories of the petition for passing a law defining marriage as a union between man and woman make strong.

 Kiev ( More than 100,000 Ukrainian Catholics call for a ban of abortion in a petition to President Petro Poroshenko.

As the press service Ukrainian RISU (Friday) reported they propose a constitutional amendment to protect the life of every human being "from conception to natural death." Additionally, the signatories are also for passing a law defining marriage as a union between man and woman.

The signatures were collected by Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic lay initiatives. In Ukraine about 150,000 abortions are registered annually. Abortions are still legal there until the 12th week without restriction and unpunished up to the 28th week for social and other reasons. Catholic (C) 2016 KNA news agency GmbH. All rights reserved.
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cardinal Husar's Views on Aberromarriage

Edit: the retired  Lubomyr Cardinal Husar was born in Lviv on February 26th 1933.  He resigned in 2011 due to ill health and is currently Archeparch Emeritus.   To the credit of the Holy See he was ordained a Bishop in 1977 by Major Archbishop Josyf Slipyj without papal permission.  There were no excommunications. 

He was made apostolic administrator of the Ukrainian Greek Major-Archeparchy of Lviv in December of 2000.  In January of 2001, the Ukrainian Greek synod elected him Major Archbishop.  On February 21st Pope John Paul II created and proclaimed Husar Cardinal-Priest of Santa Sofia a Via Boccea.    He participated in the papal conclave of 2005.

The Cardinal has been known for years as an Old Liberal with controversial positions on various issues and so we've decided to feature some of his writings in a series without a lot of comment.  We feel they speak for themselves. It's interesting that the current Patriarch has distanced himself somewhat from ++Husar's irenicism. The book is Conversations with Lubomyr Cardinal Husar: Towards a Post-confessional Christianity by Antoine Arjakovsky, Ukrainian Catholic University Press, 2007.

He might be surprised to learn he agrees with a certain depraved American pop star.

Much has been said about the recognition of homosexual

Homosexuality to my mind is nothing new. The only problem is
that it has become very vocal, out of proportion, to my mind. Nobody
is responsible for one’s homosexuality. They simply are born that way.
And they have to face this reality, unfortunately, as it is. I feel very
sorry for these people because they are unable to experience conjugal
love, which is love that is fruitful. God created men and women for
them to have children together. Homosexuals cannot accomplish that;
in this sense their love remains sterile. If they insist on living together,
fine. But they cannot pretend that this is marriage. I also have serious
doubts about their capacity to raise children, because then a child will
grow up with homosexual tendencies. But the problem has become
terribly noisy as if half of the world consisted of homosexuals. They
are a tiny minority in humanity. And we should recognize their suf-
fering, their rights, and that’s it.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ukrainian Archbishop: Moscow Patriarchate Incapable of Asking Forgiveness

The Superior of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Union with Rome, Schwetschuk: "The Russian Clergy has not asked for forgiveness, for annexing our entire property."

Vienna (  An actual obstacle involving the  holdup of a meeting between the Pope and the Moscow Patriarch, is "the incapability of the Russian Orthodox Church, to recognize their own errors":  This is what the Superior of the Greek Catholic Church in Union with Rome, Senior Archbishop Swjatoslaw Schewtschuk (or Shevchuk),  told the organization "Pro Oriente" on Thursday as  reported by Italian Catholic news agency, "SIR".  The Moscow Patriarch Kyrill is saying  that the conflict between Western Ukrainian conflict between Uniates and Orthoddox must be resolved before a meeting can take place between himself and Pope Benedict, says Shevchuk.  The  Senior Archbishop considers this, however, as a pretext.

Schwetschuk recalled that the Russian Orthodox Church was used by Stalin's regime to liquidate the Greek Catholic Church.  "The Russian clergy have still not asked for forgiveness,  for annexing the entire property of the Greek Catholic Church,"  said Schewtschuk.  The ability, to ask for forgiveness, is yet an indicator of the presence of a living Christian conscience.

The Archbishop has made it clear that he is prepared, now as before,  take a long and common look at the "Psuedo-Synod" of Lwiw (Lemberg) in 1946, at which Stalin's intervention forced the unification of the Greek Catholic Church and the Moscow Patriarchate.   From 1946 to 2989 the Greek Catholic Church in west Ukraine only survived in the "catacombs".

As a positive example of ecumenical work on history and reconciliation, Schwetshuk described the apologies between the Polish Catholic Church and the Greek Catholic Church for the bloody conflicts in the years 1941-47 in the Polish-Ukrainian boarder area.   There are also efforts to make similar requests for forgiveness between the Polish Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church.  Unfortunately, between the Greek Catholic and Russian Orthodox Church, there isn't even a symbolic act of reconciliation being undertaken.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer to St. Josaphat Kuntsevych

St. Josaphat Kuntsevych was a Ukrainian archbishop. He labored in Polotsk for the reunion of the separated brethren with the Catholic Church. His untiring zeal caused his premature death. On Nov. 13, 1623 he was killed by the enemies of the reunion.

O Saint Josaphat, wonderful Saint and heroic martyr for the union of our Church with the Vicar of Christ, the Pope of Rome. Thou are glorious on account of thy zeal in the propagation of the true Catholic faith among our people. Thou art wonderful because of thy heroic martyrdom for the unity of faith of our people with the Holy See of Rome, the true center of orthodox Catholicism.

Thou art admirable on account of thy sublime virtues with which thou has adorned thy soul. We admire thy ardent love for Jesus and Mary and thy allegiance to the Vicar of Christ. Thou art a sublime example of all virtues for the people of whom thou wert born. Since thou art so powerful with God as thy miracles prove, I ask thee to obtain for me from Jesus and Mary a strong attachment to the Catholic faith and my beautiful Eastern Rite which I shall never betray nor abandon. Obtain also the grace of indefatigable zeal that I may labor for the reunion of my separated Eastern Brethren.

O glorious martyr of our Catholic Church, remember the nation of which thou wert a son, look at our people and pray to God for future reunion of all Ukrainians under one fold and one shepherd. May the day come soon in which all thy Brethren will assemble before thy holy relics in a free and independent Ukraine to give thanks to God for the union of all Ukrainians with the Holy See. Amen.

(Excerpted from pages 126-127 of the Ukrainian Rite prayerbook, My Divine Friend by Rev. Michael Schudlo, CSSR. Published 1959 Imprimi Potest: Vladimir Malanchuk, CSSR. Vice-Provincial No. 596, May 25, 1958. Nihil Obstat: Basil Makuch, STD, PhD. Censor Episcopalis. Imprimatur: Constantine Archbishop Metropolitan Philadelphia, August 1, 1958 No. 767/52M.)

Link to Holy Unia
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