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Thursday, April 7, 2016

UK: Record Numbers Attend Immemorial Mass in UK During Easter Triduum

Edit: in light of various complaints based on unsubstantiated data by the usual professional mourners for the Church's demise , you know who you are, there is some really positive news coming out of the UK that Easter services for the Triduum have enjoyed record numbers!  Mr. Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society was quoted in the Catholic Herald, which unfortunately insists upon prosaically calling the Immemorial Mass of All Ages, the "Extraordinary Form":

[Catholic Herald] Across Britain more than 200 older form Masses were celebrated over Holy Week. These included Easter Sunday Masses at both Norwich and Portsmouth cathedrals.

LMS said attendance in key parishes such as Warrington and Preston were up by at least 20 per cent from last year.

Joseph Shaw, chairman of LMS, said: “”We are delighted at the number of Easter Triduum services celebrated in the Extraordinary Form this year.”

Shaw added: “The growing numbers present at Extraordinary Form celebrations of the Easter vigil this year underline the continual growth we are experiencing all over the country in attendance at the Traditional Mass.”

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brown Urges Overturn of Law Banning Catholics From Monarchy

Once again time proves us right. We knew this was an effective possibillity, it was only a matter of time really.

By Thomas Penny and Kitty Donaldson

Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- A ban on Roman Catholics becoming British monarchs and the precedence given to men over women in the succession to the throne needs to be overturned, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today.

Changing the law, which would need the agreement of the 16 Commonwealth Realms where the queen is head of state, may be discussed in the margins of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting starting in Trinidad and Tobago on Nov. 27, Brown’s spokesman Simon Lewis said.

“The Act of Settlement is outdated and most people recognize the need for change,” Brown told lawmakers in the House of Commons today. “Change can only be brought about, not only by the United Kingdom, but all the realms where her majesty is queen.”

The 1701 Act of Settlement means any Catholic marrying into the royal family must make a choice between abandoning Catholicism in favor of their spouse’s right to the throne. The law also places the sons of a monarch ahead of their sisters in the line of succession.

The queen is monarch in 16 countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada, according to the British Monarchy Web site. All 16 are members of the Commonwealth and will be present at the heads of government meeting.

The law is “state-sponsored sectarianism,” said Peter Kearney, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church in the U.K. “This conference provides an ideal forum for the prime minister to raise the issue and urge his colleagues from governments around the world to condemn, repeal.”

The former Autumn Kelly, the Canadian-born wife of Peter Phillips, the queen’s grandson, converted to the Church of England before their wedding last year so that he remained 11th in line to the throne. In 1978, the queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent was removed from the line of succession after marrying a Catholic.

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