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Sunday, January 13, 2019

The New Catholic "Far Right" in France

by Gary Potter] For the first time in decades there is visible on the French political landscape politics rooted in France’s historical Catholicism. From the point of view and in the parlance of secular liberal globalists that makes the politics “far right,” “extreme right” or even “fascist”.

Given France’s position as one of the world’s leading nations, its role as a main actor in history and the lamentable fact that in 1789 it became the first country in Christendom to experience the overthrow of Christian government, the emergence of the new politics inspired by traditional Church teaching is of considerable significance.

It excites fear and loathing in some. One such is Mark Lilla, author of an article about the movement recently published by the New York Review of Books, that flag-bearer journal of the political left in the U.S. He fears that it can serve, at least in its “aggressive form,” as a “powerful tool for building a pan-European reactionary Christian nationalism.”


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Victory of Euroskeptic Parties in Italy a Defeat for Santa Marta

(Rome) The Vatican media are undergoing a massive transformation. In June 2015, Pope Francis set up the Secretariat of Communications, a central communications ministry that brought together all the Vatican media under one central management. The transformation is also reflected in political valuations, also with regard to the struggles for the formation of a government overshadowing everything on the Apennine peninsula.
On October 1, 2016, the new dicastery became fully active when its statutes came into force. Francis appointed priest and communications expert Dario Edoardo Viganò as prefect. In September 2017, a cooperation agreement was concluded with the Jesuit Order, which gave the Pope's Order - invisible to the outside - a not insignificant position.
However, Prefect Viganò already crashed last March with the manipulative handling of a letter from Benedict XVI. which Viganò published at the expense of Benedict as a special flattery to honor the fifth anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, but ended in his forced resignation instead.
 It is the case that the criticism falls both upon Viganò and Pope Francis, which the international media directed at Viganòs' journalistic professional ethics and d his demanded his resignation, which Francis makes clear to the present day by two gestures. Viganò had to go as prefect, but was promptly equipped by Francis with a consultancy, and just for the Communications Secretariat. A minister who has to resign because of wrongdoing, but immediately becomes the chief adviser again for the same ministry, is a rather unorthodox method.
Francis went even further, and he hasn't appointed a successor to Viganò to this day. The place of the prefect is vacant. This brings Francis to Viganò, manipulation at the expense of Benedict XVI. or not, an almost unqualified expression of his unbroken esteem. Ultimately, Viganò is still the actual boss in the communications secretariat, despite being in the background. It is also confirmed by this example that Francis does not let go of people in whom he places his trust, but bolsters them.

The Giro d'Italia and the subtle political message

So the current topic.
Premature cancellation of Giro d'Italia
The Osservatore Romano was the last medium that was transferred to the new ministry. Strangely enough, the pope's daily newspaper yesterday reported on the Giro d'Italia , the world's most famous cycling race after the Tour de France.
The internationally watched and popular stage race ended with the last stage in Rome, which was stopped after one third and the winner was called prematurely without completing the race. Reason was according to the race management the bad road conditions in the Italian capital.
So far so harmless, but the Osservatore Romano usually does not report on such sophisticated events. A look at Italy's leading secular media provides the explanation. The premature end of the Giro d'Italia became an indictment of the Roman city government, which has been run since June 2016 by the Movimento Cinque Stelle. Since then, the mayor has been the lawyer Virginia Raggi. In concrete terms, the political movement founded by political comedian Beppe Grillo was portrayed as incompetent in a supposedly unpolitical context.
In parallel to the Giro deal, one of the most dramatic political tug-of-wars in recent Italian history took place in Rome. The Five-Star Movement has been by far the country's largest party since last March's parliamentary elections, claiming the formation of a government. However, this is decidedly rejected by the ruling left-wing Democrats (PD), to whom President Sergio Mattarella belongs, as well as by EU leaders in Brussels.

President undermines government formation

For 72 days, Mattarella delayed the task of forming a government of the strongest party. It was only on May 20 that the five-star movement and Lega appointed the nominee professor of law and non-partisan Giuseppe Conte, after it had long been established that the two parties had agreed on the joint formation of government and have an absolute majority in both houses of parliament.
As the parliamentary majority seeks a course change in the EU and on immigration - the recovery of state sovereignty, an end to mass immigration, the exit from the euro, the return to the lira, and thus self-responsible monetary and economic policies, and the dismantling of the EU to one common economic space, but without a common currency and without political centralism in Brussels - let Mattarella burst the formation of a government. The dispute erupted around the financier and economist Paolo Savona, who was to become economics minister. Obviously, nobody in Italy can become a minister anymore, whom Brussels does not want. The theoretical government majority therefore speaks of a grave contempt for the will of the voters, in that the outgoing left-wing Democrats (with only no more than 18 percent of the vote) and the EU, despite parliamentary elections in Italy, want to impose on them a pleasant government.
This leaves new elections in the air with an uncertain outcome. Vote until the result fits? It seems unlikely, however, that the left can recover. The center-right parties, especially Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia, hope to win in new elections, the three percent who lack the legal alliance with Lega since the parliamentary elections to form a government without Five-Star Movement.

Five-Stars and Lega: currently 94 percent of constituencies available

If they collaborate, Five-Star and Lega could win 94 percent of the constituencies.
But it could also be that the Italians have taken pleasure in a completely new way and confirm or even strengthen the majority of the Five-Star Movement and Lega . According to a recent survey by the renowned left-wing Istituto Cattaneo, the two parties could even win 94 percent of all electoral districts in a joint campaign. Then even President Mattarella could no longer prevent the formation of a government.
Until then, however, much can still happen, including an intervention by the "deep state", as the more recent Italian past teaches. Without Great Britain and Italy, only the Berlin-Paris axis would remain of the EU big ones.
The indictment of the street conditions in Rome is easily recognized in the EU-friendly, large media of the country as part of the psychological warfare against an unwanted formation of government by Five-Star Movement and Lega . Until June 2016, Rome was ruled for 25 years from the left, and five years (2008-2013) from the right.

Pope Francis, the Left Democrats and the EU

It is noteworthy that the Osservatore Romano joined in this chorus, albeit in a more restrained tone. It is no secret that the Neanderthal Pact, as the Five-Star Movement / Lega alliance is disparaged by its opponents, is rejected by Santa Marta. The dislike of the current leadership in the Vatican is earned especially by Lega. The recommendation of the Italian bishops, which they gave before the parliamentary elections at the direction of the Vatican, was directed precisely against the two victorious parties. The magic word of criticism was "populism." Voters were not told who to vote for but who they should not vote for: no "populist parties." The accusation of populism applies to the opponents of a multicultural and multi-religious reconstruction of Europe through the reduction of sovereignty and mass immigration. Similar episcopal announcements were made before the federal elections in September 2017 in Germany as well.
Above all, the Lega loudly contradicts Pope Francis' demand for unlimited immigration. This is a request to which the former Italian Senate President and personal friend of Benedict XVI, Marcello Pera found harsh words for in the summer of 2017. Francis's most closely related bishops have repeatedly lobbied with the Lega in the recent past. Where the Lega resisted the suppression of Christian symbols and customs in public, were not only opoposed by representatives of the political left, but, surprisingly, church representatives, too. Since the contradiction of Cardinal Marx against the Bavarian cross-decree, shows a comparable clerical schizophrenia which is also known in German lands.
Not to forget: The result of the parliamentary elections can also be read as a clear electoral defeat for Pope Francis, who of course did not run for office himself. So it was interpreted by attentive political observers as well. It is well known, however, that the cards are not reshuffled until after election night, and there the Vatican does not seem to be inactive in order to iron out the Pope's electoral defeat.
Behind the scenes, in the current struggle for the formation of governments in Italy, economic issues, especially in the context of the EU and the euro, play an even more central role than mass immigration. Finally, the parliamentary majority challenges the Treaty of Amsterdam, which created the EU. Both topics, however, are inextricably linked in the current orientation of Brussels. The Italian parties know that, and Italian voters seem to have understood that too - and chose the Five-Star Movement and the Lega.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Mil / photomontage (party logos) / Corriere della Sera (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Catholic Pro-Life Congressman Narrowly Escapes Assassination

Edit: this should be an invitation to discuss a ban on Marxists and Islamists. The shooter fired 50 rounds.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who is Catholic and Pro-Life, was shot in the hip and multiple Congressional aides were hit by a gunman with a rifle who opened fire at a baseball practice in Virginia Wednesday morning, Fox News confirmed.

The security detail was able to bring down the perpetrator.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Christian Times: Charges Against Bill Clinton for Underage Sex Ring

Edit: unlike other websites that fall within the ambit of restoratio, we are political. Being a pet of those in power, whether out of utility or wholehearted collaboration, will never give results. This isn't the perfect source, but we'll see what happens in the coming days.

[Christian Times] Sources within the New York Police Department are confirming that the NYPD is currently investigating allegations that Bill Clinton performed sexual acts on underage girls ranging from 5 to 14 years old in recent years. These reports have been confirmed my multiple others, and it appears that the NYPD is closing in on the former President.

According to senior sources within the department, investigators are making plans to bring charges against Clinton and his accomplices after finding new information in Anthony Wiener’s emails this weekend.

News broke in May that Clinton’s relationship with known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein extended much further than previously reported.

Link Christian Times 

Huma Abedin also had a file marked, "Life Insurance" which included this information.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Grotesque Political Endorsement by Cardinal Schönborn and Catholic Societies for Agnostic and Freemason

On Sunday, May 22, there will be a runoff for presidential election in Austria held. The Austrian state is elected directly by the people. In the first round on April 24, none of the six candidates had obtained the required absolute majority. Voters will decide on Sunday between the two strongest candidates of the first round. By far the most votes were received by the 45-year old liberal vice-president of the National Council (parliament), Norbert Hofer (FPÖ) who had received 35 percent. He was followed by the 72 year old former party leader of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen, with 21 percent. The candidates of the two governing parties SPÖ and ÖVP each did not receive more than 11 percent of the vote in the runoff vote.

Comments from Martha Burger Weinzl

The ballot will decide formally between two opposition candidates. In reality, it was something like a choice for or against an entire power system. This is evident in that the representatives and beneficiaries of the system almost presented a block behind the green candidate, an agnostic and a Freemason - and also the Catholic Church. A culmination which can only be explained by the fear of a loss of power.

The election is an Austrian chapter with great importance for other countries, particularly the Federal Republic of Germany. It's an election that makes clear a frightening degree of disintegration of the Catholic Church.

From neutrality to open partisanship

For a long time the Catholic Church was deliberately neutral and aloof. Voting recommendations were not given any longer. This is something of yesteryear, resonating the with intimation of a sinister tone. The subliminal message of the direction "left half of the Empire," as they say in Austria, wanted to say you have learned from history. This is known to be the biggest lie of all lies in history.

It became obsolete more recently even with a neutrality. This prohibits the "institutional" Church and its sub-organizations, from recommending the "mature" faithful, to "be led" by their crosses at the ballot box.

Before the decisive second ballot of the Austrian presidential election, however, all these self-imposed inhibitions have fallen. This has revealed what was concealed before. The decline of belief in recent decades is glossed over by many, is followed in parallel and quietly with a political reversal of the Church's leadership personnel. Whoever watches the situation closely, would not be surprised. Whoever accepts the false thought control or mutilates himself, must get lost in it at some point himself.

Affinity for the Greens -- Do-gooders rather than Christians
Alexander Van der Bellen (left) and Norbert Hofer

The crucial premise: The Catholic Church in Austria, at any rate the Cardinal who's led it for 20 years in Vienna, holds with the government. The party of the Catholics was actually the Austrian People's Party, but because of the red-ruled city of Vienna and the long exclusively red government of 1970-1983 the Church "could" work with the SPÖ. And then also, ran many young Blacks to the Greens. The ÖVP responded, toothlessly and tried resignedly to chasing after the zeitgeist. This migrated all voters to the Freedom Party, which knew how to occupy the cleared fields.

The 1968 student revolt showed the neo-Marxists knew best how to convert it into hard political coin. The tangible result is the Green party. Since, it has been over-represented in the media, education and (staatsalimentierter) cultural scene, they could defer their spiritual influence, tolerated by the SPÖ, beyond party lines. Their name is already a misnomer and one of which there are several. Another is that 68 had indeed considered and demonstrated for the social question, but these were not the working sons on the barricades, but the children of the bourgeoisie. Today, children from SPÖ families go to the Greens, but the influx carried out of the ÖVP families takes place earlier and faster. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Catholic nomenclature, that hydra-like, Church-tax funded apparatus is already dripped mentally into the green pool. The green "Catholics" have not converted the Greens. They wouldn't want that anyway. It was the Greens who supported a part of the Catholic Church into apostasy. Those are precisely who takes and holds offices, does not speak for the selection process in the Church.

The "green Catholics" are like the fifth column of a strange way of thinking, which was injected into the Church. A school of thought which represents a self-imposed moral tyranny that has taken confidence with the term "do-gooders", but has less and less to do with with Christianity - which is clearly recognized by every believer. Non-Christians, but just do-gooders. The term does make the difference.

Keeping in Power: choice recommendations, which should not be

Cardinal Schonborn, his mother Elenore Countess Shchonborn,
Federal President Heinz Fischer (SPO) and his wife in the

Cardinal Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna and Dominicans is used to dealing with the red power. The preservation of power, i.e. the upper class for generations has practiced survival, was taken by him like an elite calculus with his mother's milk. He therefore also has to take part in the current presidential election campaign.

He would not issue voting advice, but he let the eager media know, presenting a series of word ciphers, which consisted in a single recommendation to vote for the Green candidate, Van der Bellen. Uninhibitedly the Cardinal said in conclusion, that he thereby wished of course to make "no election recommendation."

Such things were replayed in recent days many. With only two candidates who face each other in a runoff, it's an easily workable, but a not too honest and not particularly decent, method.

The closer the election date [today], the more the nervousness. What is readable is the Catholic organizations, who followed the example of the cardinal, and dutifully made overt or covert election recommendations. Striking this: the closer the election the more direct the choice recommendation; and: all is has had the effect of "outing" Catholic associations who advertise exclusively for the green candidate. "Neutrality" is yesterday.

Keeping in Power: Gay Green Light Instead of Right to Life

Many say: "pluralism", "tolerance", "diversity", "diversity", "democracy" which are also just empty slogans to the official Catholic apparatus, which are meant as decorations for manipulating a single consensus. There must not be a deviation or dissent. There is a frightening lockstep, with such impudence as has not been since before 1968 in a dream.

Whoever is for the killing of unborn children, but finds the green light to gay important, whoever has contempt for his own, but values the stranger, has arrived mentally with the Greens. The vote recommendations of the Catholic organizations confirm: A weak Christianity becomes the plaything of other ideologies, especially the prevailing.

This was demonstrated in recent months already with an undifferentiated attitude to migration. Cardinal Schönborn even took to criticizing neighboring countries Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, who all shows that they know the word responsibility and common good, and whose bishops are of a very different opinion, to the archbishop of Vienna.

Cardinal and Catholic Associations for Agnostics and Freemasons

Election recommendations are not bad per se. But the self-imposed "neutrality phase" makes the Van der Bellen recommendation astonishing after all.

Catholic organizations, association leaders, media, the archbishop of Vienna and president of the Austrian Bishops' Conference engage in election recommendations for an agnostic and a Freemason? This is a fact in Novum. It is the signal that the mental breakdown, which has taken hold of the Catholic Church in Austria, has reached an alarming level.

The Green candidate informed the Atheistic Religious Society in Austria from his campaign office:

"Alexander Van der Bellen is not a believer in the narrow sense. He advocates a clear and strict separation of church and state, from politics to school."

According to Van der Bellen he was a staunch defender in the television debates of the abortion ideology and emphatically defended a "free access" to abortion. His "motivation" in the migration is shattered against his icy intransigence when it comes to abortion. The unborn children are engaged literally in life or death and not real or pretended need, to economic migration and population replacement for the multicultural reconstruction of Europe. Of asylum as temporary hospitality for those truly in need of protection, the green candidate never spoke anyway. Everything points for him as his supporters, to the promotion of permanent population shifts of the resident population. Ultimately, even the so-called "refugee crisis" is just another, of already numerous harmful sociopolitical experiments that were not all invented by the Greens, but are supported by them with enthusiasm.

The lodge's spirit

In television debates, Van der Bellen has been charged several times by his liberal rivals as a Freemason. In ATV he responded by saying: "This corresponds to the facts"  yet he has denied it other times. The lodges membership was confirmed in Innsbruck, and already goes back to the 70s. It was then that Van der Bellen's real academic career began. Even if one wanted to grant his occasional downplaying, apologetic statement, believing he was "but resigned sometime mid-80s", stating that he was still a university professor in Vienna, paid its annual membership fee and thus out, but included in the lists of the beaproned brothers. At least this raises the question of how the lodge's membership favored his career to associate professor in Innsbruck and then to full professor in Vienna. It's known that masons skillfully ignite smoke bombs around their lodge membership. Yet what is decisive is not the masonic apron, but the lodge's spirit: Van der Bellen has never set aside the thinking of the Loge, as his opinions daily prove.

Now what connects the cardinal and the Catholic appartschiks with him? The Vienna archbishop could refer to his Masonic father. The Lodge brothers appreciate this and have not forgotten it. Or are they already familiar in collaboration? Finally, several Red Presidents belong to the Lodge. However, the reality is far more prosaic next to personal nuances.

Catholic administrative personnel and the discernment of spirits

The Church, which has since the 60's, engaged in self destruction, which was accomplished by internal Church complicity with the relativistic secularization of society, has really let the mental dams break. Especially discernible in Catholic circles is that the difference between parties has become only rudimentary. The 68ers have successfully combated the divine and natural order, which includes the morality that corresponds to the nature of man. They have cunningly replaced it with a pseudo-morality that is worst of all, a caricature, than what Catholic morality and the church was assumed to have at that time.

Morality is not equal to morality. The Catholic morality is not the morality of the lodge. That is not something, however, readily distinguished by the heads of Catholic Organisations. To keep it that way actually helps the cogent reason the Church's drift to the left and to the open partisanship toward an attitude completely a dubious and incompatible with Christianity.

The justification of the Catholic Women's Movement (kfb), with which it calls for the election of Van der Bellen, is downright outrageous: though the liberal spokeswoman of the kfb should logically put her endorsement behind Norbert Hofer, who is a practicing evangelical Christian, while Van der Bellen agnostic, and as the former socialist Federal Minister, belongs to no church.

Of this they are angry, because they would not have wanted to say this at all, explained the kfb in "logical" consequence, that is the reason there is only an open call to vote for Van der Bellen. At the same time, the Catholic Association Women criticized a "manipulative communication style." Such is not noticed by them otherwise, not even at the ORF with its manipulative Church, abortion and currently also on election, coverage. For those who think the same, it probably really does not stand out.

The system preserving itself 

It is about the preservation of the system. In the 70 years since the war, Austria has established a system that has a network of parties, of narrower and wider front organizations, groups and circles who exercise power. This red-black system, has been arranged by the Catholic Church. From time to time they have even been dependent on this system. There are many Green, excuses and conveniences, to solidify a system.

Nothing must be said against the predominant red-black alliance. It is the government alliance. From this comes the money for kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc. The Greens are counted in the red part of the Alliance since the 90s and are considered in some circles as the "finer" variant to articulate its proximity to the system, without needing to be directly the SPÖ or the ÖVP. They are considered as the really electable among them, by those who are wealthy enough to imagine that therefore already can afford experiments the whole country.

This is also the reason for the Church's silence on leftist social experiments, the silence for mass murder of innocent children, to homosexualization and genderisation. The "social consensus" should not be disturbed. So it is of the ÖVP, and those which in turn interact wich the Archbishop's Palace in Vienna. It takes place at the elite level. Alexander Van der Bellen takes sociopolitical issues that are diametrically the opposite of what the Catholic Church teaches or should teach in Austria, but only does partly due to the system.

Norbert Hofer positions represented: no "business as usual" in the issue of immigration, strengthening direct democracy and mandatory referendums on major issues, a no to TTIP, promoting child-rich Austrian families, demand for another EU to oppose terror. This is especially true for his announcement, if necessary, to dismiss the government, and leave it at a standstill and the government, whereas previously, the President was reliable as a guarantor of the system.

Grotesque alliances for green candidates

Anyway, no one should say, the Cardinal and the Association of Catholics don't know what they do. They know it very well, and they do it willingly. Their recognition and place in the system are at stake. With the election of the liberal candidates many things would change. It would be high time. But system representatives have to fear a loss of influence by any change that is not controlled by themselves. This explains the strange, sometimes grotesque, and unholy alliances that have been forged prior to 22 May, the day of election.

It is the part of desperate fear system representatives have of a loss of benefice, their personal benefices. This also explains the snakes of the state manipulators who willingly jostle to make public endorsements for Van der Bellen. This also explains the attitude of most mass media, who have received the lucrative advertising contracts from the government and government-related fields.

There is a whole system of power and cliques, which are threatened with deselection this Sunday. Some feel this in their bones. That Church and Catholic association representatives can be carried away by such a one-sided political partisanship without distress, on behalf of the Church, is close to irresponsible abuse. It does it do great harm to Austria and Austrians, but especially the Catholic Church.

That explains why so many the ranks and names - and even part of this system - or those otherwise who have no rank and name, would move all the levers to guide to "their" victory. According to the state radio ORF "all" are for the green candidate. This is why shrewd observers wonder why Van der Bellen did not achive a high absolute majority in the first ballot. What it means: not "all" Austrians are for Van der Bellen, but all do-gooders. The distinction is important to understand what is happening in the public sphere. The democratic education conceals the difference between elites and mass. A mistake. It's important not to exclude the possibility in one's own thinking, especially not ignore the elites, or their influence.

In the SPÖ headquarters they had to quickly install a new chancellor before the runoff election, because after that things might not go so easy. Coincidence? Not at all.

Norbert Hofer: "The system is not important to me, it's the people who are important."

The liberal federal presidential candidate, Norbert Hofer, said in a duel with ATV, that he could actually rather put up placards throughout Austria, because it explains much and answered succinctly:

"The system not important to me, it's the people who are important."

On election night, it will be seen whether the system elite can force its will through brute force and the manipulative use of the state broadcasting system again, or if the Austrians have preserved in their majority to decide freely and with common sense.

Austria's elections have inclined for decades, as elections have been, if the access to the media, the fourth power in the state, but which actually not covered by the Constitution, would actually be democratic, balanced and fair. The Catholics of Austria will hopefully know to discern the spirits.

Text: Martha Burger Weinzl 
 Picture: CR / tempos / 
Trans: Tancred 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Will the Formation of Spanish Government be Signed with an Anti-Catholic Signature?

(Madrid) The designated Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of the socialist party PSOE and the President of the Liberal Party Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, have signed a "parliamentary agreement" in the course of forming a government.
In it they explain the agreement in a set of objectives, which is to implement a joint government. These include a "revision" of the Concordat with the Catholic Church and the legalization of euthanasia and  "surrogacy".
"The new legislature in the beginning looks bleak. The key points of the agreement are working in open contradiction to Catholic doctrine and worship of the non-culture of death ", as the Catholic Spanish columnist Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña said.
The "parliamentary agreement" will enable the formation of a government "of progress and reform", stressed Sanchez and Rivera. Rivera has agreed to  a choice of Sanchez as the next Spanish Prime Minister. The new center-left government will ask for a vote of confidence to the Parliament next week.
PSOE and Ciudadanos come together in the crucial House of Representatives, however, only 130 of 350 seats in the Senate, however, provides no weight for the formation of a government, since the   Christian Democrat-Conservative People's Party (PP) has the absolute majority of seats. It's a majority, which might impose itself against any constitutional amendment.
Without the consent or abstention of the radical leftist Podemos, Sanchez  can not be elected prime minister on March 2. Podemos has 42 MPs. Another 27 MPs are members of Podemos Group, however, they were elected on regional community lists with other leftist regional parties in Catalonia, Valencia and Galicia. Their voting focus and party discipline I have yet to witness.
Parliamentary elections took place in Spain in 2015 on 20 December. They shifted the political landscape to a great extent, so that neither a government nor a left mid-left or center-right or right-wing government is possible. If Sanchez fails, there is likely to be new elections.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Orbán Sees Increasing Conflicts With the United States

BUDAPEST. For Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán conflicts with the US are inevitable in the future. "We have to get used to it, that the interests of Hungary and the United States do not always coincide," said the right-wing conservative politician in a speech to the ambassadors of Hungary, according to the news agency dpa . This is also true for other countries such as Germany for instance.
"To pursue an independent foreign policy is often uncomfortable, but you must become friends with this idea." There were issues where the diplomats would have to take a different line than their respective host country. At the same time he defended a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin in February. "We are not an enemy of Russia" Orbán had criticized and left open whether he would agree to a further tightening sanctions against Moscow in recent months.
He also brought the Hungarian participation in the fight against "Islamic state" into play. It was possible  that a contingent might be sent  for support to Iraq. "Hungary is part of the Western integration," said Orbán. (Ho)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Russian-Ukrainian Volunteer Corp Wishes to Enter the Syrian Conflict

[Stimme Russlands] In the Russian-Ukrainian Volunteer Corp, which is being formed to support Syria's President Al-Assad in the struggle against extremists, there has already been a response of several thousand men.   This was  explained by the one who started forming the Corp, retired Colonel Sergei Rasumoski, who heads the "All-Ukrainian Union of Homeless Officers".

Rasumowski had published a video address on the creation of a volunteer force.  He directed his appeal "to all veterans of military services in the Soviet Union, to the entire Russian and Ukrainian officer corp."  Ukrainian authorities have not responded to the Colonel on this initiative.

Source Russian Voice...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Secessionist Movement in Trieste Recalls its Place in Habsburg Monarchy

Edit: It looks like the city of Trieste prefers Habsburg Monarchs to the Republican government of Italy. We received this declaration from the e-mail:

On Sunday morning of the 15th of December, before the court, many citizens of Trieste will declare the renunciation their Italian citizenship.

We, the people, want to reestablish full sovereignty for the Free State of Trieste. This movement was born in the serious difficulties faced by the city itself, for its region and for all of Europe. The past annexation was accomplished outside of the legality of civil law, in local as well as international standards: The peace settlement with Italy in 1947 in Paris which was singed and continues in force -- continues to be systematically ignored.

We, the people, we are the citizens of the Free Territorium of Free Trieste and intend, therefore to live legally in a state of individual and collective well being.

The Free Territorium of Trieste is, is by definition, multicultural and multi-lingual and understands its historical and geographical place in Middle Europe.

We are establishing ourselves for the Internationalization of the economy of our region and, the impulse of our place for many years in the Habsburg Monarchy, we advocate our continuation and the broadening of the mental openness of our population for other languages and cultures.

The free harbor of Trieste, the most important motor for our economy, can not be excluded or prepared for the settlement of real investments, without producing the previous legality.

So soon as these will be returned, we want to make good the progressive progress of innovation, to promote the foreseeable industrial developments and the settlement which today's reputation of stagnation of technology and is born according to the preservation of the environment. Trieste has suffered through the complicity of all administrations, which in the past decades have been a caused a nuisance in our area, and its hinterland are today under morbid debts of a no longer bearable environmental strain.

It hasn't bypassed us, how the Italian State counteracted a concourse and are in the clear, that whose causes do not lay in Trieste and that whose consequences are detected in Trieste's part is to be seen traces by reason of its progressively illegal status of the current administrative power.

By reason of this gripping economic decline the current administration is above all not in a position, for our existential important reforms -- to accomplish it as an attenuation of the tax burden.

While Europe puzzles over the causes and the solutions of the current crisis, our movement aims then to improve the quality of life in our region palpably, to closely oversee the conduct of human rights conventions and to implement the rights of self-determination of the people in fact.

"Free Trieste" represents the living interests of the overpowering majority of the population in their tributary areas and asserts therefore, the political, legal, economic and tax rules of the Peace Agreement in effect its legal path. Thus, on that it follows the reestablishment of its legality is our highest objective.

We, the people, want therefore, want to reestablish the complete sovereignty of the Free State of Trieste.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Will Castro End His Life as a Devoted Catholic?

Fidel Castro will be received back into the communion of the Roman Catholic Church during Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the island in March, the Italian press is reporting. If true, this is a remarkable story — and one that has yet to catch the attention of editors this side of the Atlantic.

On 1 Feb 2012, La Republicca — [Italy’s second largest circulation daily newspaper, La Republicca follows a center-left political line and is strongly anti-clerical; not anti-Catholic per se but a critic of the institutional church] — reported that as death approaches, the octogenarian communist has turned to God for solace.

ABC’s Global Note news blog is the only U.S. general interest publication I have found that has reported this story.  It referenced the La Republicca story and said that Castro’s

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freemasons Cast a Long Shadow on the Elysee Palace

(Paris) The initials appear to be harmless: CIU Cercle interuniversitaire [Circle Inter-Universal]. Actually behind this clever sounding society of French academics conceals in actuality a Freemasonic super lodge. The initials are the same, on the contrary sounded in the actual name: Confraternité initiatique universelle [Universally Initiated Brotherhood]. If some members are university professors, who are interested in questions of Freemasonry, then others are involved in close connection with French politics. This is concealed in the reportage of Le Point. The weekly magazine has already published numerous articles about Freemasonic networks in France. In this case Le Point investigates members in the election process of the most important Presidential candidates.

Candidates of the Greens and the Extreme Left Are Freemasons

Two French Presidential candidates of the second rank are self-described Freemasons: Jean-Luc Melenchon, candidate of the extreme-left is a member of the Grand Orient of France; Corinne Lepage of the Greens, wife of the former Minister for Environment and CIU-associate Christian Huglo, belongs to the Ladies Grand Lodge.

Disregarding the clear connections between radical and extreme leftists in the Freemasonic network, it is clearly interesting that Le Point counts 13 Freemasons in the election entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy including François Baroin, Labour Minister Xavier Bertrand, Defense Minister Gérard Longuet, Minister of the Interior Claude Guéant, Justice Minister Michel Mercier, Minister of Sports David Douillet, Minister for Relations with Parlament Patrick Ollier, the Minister for the International Cooperation Henri de Raincourt and Education Minister Luc Chatel.

Sarkozy's Freemasonic Friends

The latter two ministries were in the history of the French republic entrusted almost all Freemasons. Corresponding significance of membership in a lodge in a total staff of officials of these ministries and the French state schools. Prime Minister Francois Fillon, not even a Freemason appears in Sarkozy's cabinet, however, represent an exception. The Government of the French President could be aptly described as a large box. Many of the ministers are close to the mysterious CIU. This does not mean that this is consistent with the direction of the majority of French Freemasonry, the Grand Orient. Sarkozy himself is closely connected with Alain Bauer. The well-known criminologist, son of Georg Bauer and Monika Ejzenberg who survived the persecution of Jews in the East, was Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France. Since his youth was a member of the Socialist Party of Sarkozy Bauer was entrusted with important tasks. Le Point also know suggests that it was amazing, at least for someone who is stressed again and again to be a Freemason, that adorns some of Sarkozy's signature with three points as the "brothers" to. The correspondence as Interior Minister in the Chief of Police or the police union was "marked" by it. It is generally known in France that are all Freemasons to the leadership of the police.

The Grand Orient of France Oggles Hollande

Should the Socialist candidate Francoise Hollande win, who is has clear sympathies to the Grand Orient, would not change much from the Freemasonic point of view. In the team, who organize Hollandes election, Le Point counts ten Freemasons including the Senate president Jean-Pierre Bel, former Minister Michel Sapin and Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb and Hollande's press speaker, Manuel Valls.

Given this band of "brothers" can someone who does not trust the French Freemasonry be tempted to choose the candidate Francois Bayrou center or the right candidate Marine Le Pen. As Le Point assures us, the Lodges have also already taken steps in this regard or are busy here. Bayrou is on the side of the former Senator and Member of Auditors Alain Lambert. He belongs to the same Lodge from which the mysterious CIU has emerged. From the same back ground comes Dominique Paillé, the former spokesman of the Sarkozy's UMP party. He is not even on the entourage of Bayrou, but this was the victor in his novel "Panic in the Elysee Palace" and is considered particularly influential in the circles that support the candidate Bayrou.

Freemasons open Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen seems to be the only candidate for the highest state office, who is not surrounded by "brothers". In the retinue of Marine Le Pen, Le Point has identified only one single Freemason. It is Gilbert Collard. The lawyer who most frequently appeared in the French media was initiated in the Grande Loge de France, then moved to the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF), which is described from Masonic point of view as "traditional" and obedience is the ground on which the CIU was created. It seems a lot of water from the Loire and Rhone has flowed since the "brothers" of the Grand Orient were threatened with expulsion in the 80s if they were members of the National Front, which was then headed by Marine Le Pen's father. Even those who were threatened, to those who dared to seek the support of the FN, or were suspected, such as former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Soisson, defend those who sought for the second ballot the votes of FN to his position as president of the National Council of Burgundy. Maybe nothing will come of it. The Grand Orient at least seriously discussed the possibility to invite Marine Le Pen to a meeting behind closed doors, "to give her the opportunity to present the 'brothers' her program," as it has been granted before to the other presidential election candidates. The very thought would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Jean-Marie Le Pen was never offered this "privilege". Freemasonry opens Marine Le Pen, Le Pen is open Freemasonry? Le Pen's environment shows a strong resistance against it: "It would end with a crushing hug," is how it would look from the environs of the FN-Candidate.

Masons also want to retain influence after the election in 2012

The diverse landscape of France Masons has numerous differences in positions. But there are certain threads that connect them and in the end, French Freemasonry succeeds in having more political weight than in other countries in terms politics. The approximately 150,000 Masons in France seem determined to preserve their influence, in France specifically, even around the presidential elections in 2012.

Text: BQ/Giuseppe Nardi Bild: Bussola Quotidiana

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Catholic President in Finnland?

There will be no support expected from the modern hirling-Bishops.

( Last Sunday the party "True Finns" chose their founder and President Timo Soini (49) to run for the office of State President.

The State President will be chosen in two votes directly by the people --- on 22. January und am 5. February 2012.

The People Trust Him

Soini is a practicing Catholic. He sits at the moment for his party in Parliament.

As a true son of his Church, he is a clear opponent of the criminal violence of abortion and the unjust privilege of those who are homosexually disturbed.

For years he has been a sharp critic of the EU-Bureaucracy.

For that reason Soini has won in the polls many times, from which it arises that the Finnish people trust him for the most part.

Soini is married and has two children.

Where does the Bishop of Helsinki stand?

As the candidate of the formerly conservative and presently homosexual and abortion "Kansallinen Kokoomus", Sauli Niinistö (63) will step forward.

At the same time candidates have been nominated for the divorced socialist, Comrade Paavo Lipponen (70), of the SDP and the homosexual ‘Green’-extremist, Comrade Pekka Haavisto (53).

The Old Liberal scandal-Bishop Teemu Sippo SCJ of Helsinki is deemed to be the personal friend and indirect supporter of the divorced Socialist.


Photo: © Soppakanuuna, Wikipedia, CC

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

German "Far-Right" Politician Leaves Political Party For Church But Reprimands SSPX

'National Democratic Party Germany' politician from Regensburg, W.W. [known to the editor of, who's revealed himself Willi Wiener and authored a clarification for which follows further below, where he challenges the SSPX for using his conversion to support the CDU] has decided to leave the "far right" NDP Party which some consider fascist, because he feels it conflicts with his Catholic\Faith. This story underlines a certain tension going on within the Society regarding ways and means about how much to participate in politics.  Mr. Wiener hasn't said the Church has no role to play in politics, but he's sure that it shouldn't be contributing to the debate.

In the past, Wiener was the President of the NPD-District Chapter of Regensburg and active in the Right organization, 'Free Resistance Regensburg'. This is according to the Landshut print edition of their 'Weekly Paper'  [German] on the 26th of February last month. He gave the following statement:

"On 30 November I have put down all of my responsibilities with the NPD and have left the party."

Here's his statement to a baffled "Wochenblatt' which seems to understand the murky world of fascism even less than it understand the Catholic religion:

"The reason for my leaving is based in that I want to return again to my old Faith, and also that the new Party Program of the NPD no longer professes itself that it no longer belongs to the Christian West or its values."

W. took with that the consequences: "As a believing Catholic I can no longer serve as a member of the NPD."

He will not forsake his political engagement in the future, however:

"There I mean to fight for the love of the one true, triune God and my German Fatherland, against the creeping Islamicization, the dissolution of National States, the mass murder of unborn children, homosexual marriage as well as against social injustice and to protect the rights of disabled people."

Pleasantly Surprised

The German Nazi-crazy media had revealed in June 2010 W's presence at the SSPX ordination in Zaitzkofen in Regensburg in order to use it against the Society.

The German website of the Lefebvrists commented on the conversion of the politician:

"Even if Mr. W.W. were not personally known to the editorship: if his conversion is sincere, then therefore we'll go out and can only congratulate him!"

The article noticed that this turn of events brought a "remark of praise" from the decadent German Bundestag:

"The Society of St. Pius X has helped to bring about a reduction in the extreme right scene."

Why the Society of St. Pius X will never adjust itself to the Zeitgeist. A few clarifications to my resigning from the NPD. by Willi Wiener.

Fear Makes a Terrible Adviser

( I have been unwillingly been turned into grist for the mill of the Media after my exit from the NPD.

Ex-NPD Politician Willi Wiener

The Society of St. Pius X has given a prominent place to a corresponding report from the 'Regensburger Wochenblatt' and under the addendum of an unhappy politically fawning commentary [referred to above].

For that reason my Damascus experience and return to the Catholic Church was already in January 2009 -- and actually not to the Society of St. Pius X, rather to the Holy Mass in the Old Rite in the so-called official Church.

Naturally I am aware of the media campaign against Bishop Richard Williamson in the Society of St. Pius X.

I recommend the SSPX and it brought me there but have come to appreciate -- clearly later -- completely normal believers, who themselves happen to practice their Faith there.

I did not want to damage the Society by my presence as an NPD Functionary and received the encouraging news that Jesus died for NPDer's also, as I made my first Exercises with them at the end of December 2009.

It was at first with these Exercises that I began to attend Holy Mass regularly.

I left the party at the end of November in 2010 -- in any case not from any compulsion or even suggestions from the side of the official Society of St. Pius X.

The motives for my exit were and are completely from my own personal belief and understanding.

My basic political coordinates, which I had given in interview with the 'Regensburg Wochenblatt' are the same as given:

"The reason for my leaving is based in that I want to return again to my old Faith, and also that the new Party Program of the NPD no longer professes itself to no longer belongs to the Christian West or its values."

The 'Wochenblatt' did not cite my next statement: "I am now completely departed in any case from Party Politics."

I made it very clear to the 'Regensburger Wochenblatt' that there are no alternatives for me as a voter among the established political parties.

On the contrary: "The Left, Greens, FDP, SPD and also the supposedly Christian CDU/CSU are putting our land in danger, because they are standing for Islamicization, for the dissolution of our Fatherland in the EU, abortion, homosexual marriage as well as in general for values-- and the diminuation of the Faith.

Well it was with bewilderment and deep disappointment that I came to understand that the Society had taken it upon themselves -- initially they took it directly over the report of my exit from the Party -- to use this as a means of a voter initiative for their members and sympathizers to shamelessly call for an open vote for the CDU in Baden-Württemberg.

From this point forth I want to completely disassociate myself from its Press representative, Father Andreas Steiner.

It is clear to see from this that a Catholic Organization should never campaign, when there is more than effective and sufficient grounds that the CDU is undeniably anti-Catholic.

One thing must be clear: I did not leave the NPD in order that I can now be turned into a quasi campaign society for the CDU.

The Society of St. Pius X is become my pure spiritual home -- when they fancy from naked fear of persecution -- fear of the closing of their schools, fear from being taken to through the federal courts -- that they can seek favor politically and align themselves, then I will not follow in this.

Fear is always a poor adviser. And your political opponents sense this fear, so they use it -- just like a priest stumbles on the other, like falling dominoes.

As a believing Catholic and from my political experience I can only warn the Society of this.

For from political and cultural alignments will come softening and leveling in the religious area.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eduardo Verástegui Puts himself Behind Cardinal Burke

Mexican actor supports the pro-life message of future Cardinal Burke. The abortion opponent said this on his website for Hispanic US-Citizens that they should seriously consider the words of the Cardinal designate.

Los Angeles ( The Mexican actor and Pro-Life-Activist Edwardo Verástegui has two sensational videos on his website which supports the points made by Archbishop Raymond Burke. The star, famous among Spanish speakers and known Catholic supports the message of the Archbishop, who will be appointed a Cardinal in the next Consistorium.

The Cardinal designate had spoken out clearly against abortion and homosexual "marriage" when he was named. +Burke, the Prefect of the highest court in the Vatican, had explained that Catholics must take into account the ethical considerations of the candidates as main criteria.

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Here's the video on Gloria, of his film Bella.

Link to his site, here., in English and Spanish, and to the videos, called "hard truth"...

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Open Season on RINOs in Arizona

PHOENIX – Former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth says he's planning to run against John McCain for his U.S. Senate seat.

Hayworth told The Associated Press late Friday that he stepped down as host of his radio program on KFYI-AM, a conservative radio talk show in Phoenix. Legally, he wouldn't be able to host the program and be an active candidate.

Hayworth was ousted from his Congressional seat in 2007 after 12 years in office by Democrat Harry Mitchell, and has hosted the radio show for the past few years.

Hayworth says he's not formally announcing a run for the Senate seat, but that "we're moving forward to challenge John McCain."

He added that he's had a wonderful time at KFYI, but "it's time to enter public life again."

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