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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cardinal Barbarin Interviewed by Police -- Lyon and the New Motu Proprio

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin
(Paris) Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon and Primate of the Gauls, was today questioned by the police. It is about the accusation that the cardinal could have covered up abuse by a priest from 25 years ago.
For weeks the Cardinal was in the spotlight of the French press. Because of his rank in the Catholic Church it is also reported in international media. Barbarin was heard as a witness. No charges were filed against him.
The media seems to want to induce  an accusation outright. The Socialist Secretary Juliette Méadel has already demanded his resignation. The framing of a Church leader is not difficult in government circles. The climate in France has been fueled since the socialist government takeover. Cardinal Barbarin had spoken strongly against the legalization of "gay marriage".
The legal question is complicated. The priest Bernard Preynat was indicted last January, for having offended against several children 1986-1991.
Cardinal Barbarin was certain he had uncovered no sexual abuse. It was only in 2002 that the Archbishop of Lyon discovered it many years after Preynat's last alleged assault.
The "scandal" was raised by the media around the question of when the Cardinal learned of the incidents. Preynat worked until 2015 in the Archdiocese. The diocese had filed a complaint against him in the autumn of last year.
According to media reports, the responses of the diocese would have changed over time. First Cardinal Barbarin had declared to have had a first contact with an alleged victim in 2014. Later he said that they had heard rumors 2007/2008 first through third parties. The time issue has now been brought into plain view, because it involved the statutory limitation periods for the crime of cover-up.

The Motu Proprio of Pope Francis on the deposing of bishops

Last Saturday the motu proprio issued by Pope Francis that the Pope gives extensive possibilities to depose bishops and religious superiors has, since then, been seen in connection with the case of Barbarin.
The Cardinal had admitted to "errors in the administration" through the appointment of some priests last April 25 at a meeting of his diocesan priests. It is exactly this formulation that can be found in the Motu Proprio of Pope Francis again.
The victims of Preynat have come together in the Association La Parole Libérée (Free to Speak) and say, that Cardinal Barbarin had followed an earlier line, which was in force in the Church, that one should remain silent about such incidents. Six of them have filed a complaint against the Cardinal  and therefore, initiated the investigation against the Cardinal, which led to his interrogation today.
The Preynat case had come through the Diocese's notice, began the process in October, 2015. Since then, investigations have been initiated against other priests of the archdiocese because the media reports further allegations were made. There have been no convictions.
This coming Friday, the Court will rule on the limitation period in the case Preynat. Should the court confirm the statute of limitations, it is likely to be an invalid charge against the Cardinal. However, since the case has stirred up so much commotion, and touches upon the sensitive anti-clerical milieu in France, not all lawyers share this opinion.
So far, one bishop in France was convicted of covering up a sexual abuse case. It was Msgr. Pierre Pican, who was sentenced in 2001 to three months conditional imprisonment.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.clom

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pope Defends Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon

Edit: could this be a reward for holding to the Old Liberal course? It's hard to get over how this Cardinal insisted that he was close to Cardinal Martini at the 2005 conclave. Praying in the Mosque of Lyon was a step in the direction of the Martini Church, catching up with the last 200 years. Obviously, priests and clergy who defend the Church's teachings in the public eye who are accused of negligence with regards to sexual abuse resign, while Old Liberal bishops are protected.

PARIS -- Pope Francis has voiced support for a French cardinal who has faced allegations of covering up cases of pedophile priests in his Lyon parish, saying he shouldn't resign.

Francis said in an interview with French Catholic daily La Croix coming out Tuesday that a resignation of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin "would be a mistake, an imprudence."

"Based on the information I have, I think in Lyon, Cardinal Barbarin has taken the necessary measures and has taken things well in hand," the pope said. "He is a brave and creative man, a missionary."

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cardinal Barbarin Prays in the Grand Mosque of Lyon

(Lyon) The Archbishop of Lyon, Philippe Cardinal Barbarin visited the Grand Mosque of Lyon and prayed here for the release of a seven member French family, which has been abducted in Cameroon and are being held as hostages.  “Will Allah hear the prayers more than our Lord Jesus Christ?” asked the French internet site Riposte Catholique.

Kamel Kabtane, the director of the Grand Mosque of Lyon posted on his web site with “Cardinal Barbarin, Primate of France, visited on the 21st of February 2013 in the afternoon, the Grand Mosque of Lyon to pray with the Moslem community for seven French hostages, among whom are four children.  The prayer too place in the presence of a large public.  Following the recitation by the Rector of the Grand Mosque, Kamel Kabtane of the Koran, he called on the community to pray for a quick release of the hostages.  The Cardinal showed himself to be moved by the brotherly gathering in the mosque of Lyon and prayed with them.

The ceremony was concluded by the Imam of the mosque,  which had included a prayer calling for peace and brotherhood among people, against unjust wars, which affect innocent people.”

The entrance of Cardinal Barbarin to the mosque was not the first.  As Riposte Catholique writes, the Cardinal recited the Koran in 2010 at the end of Holy Mass and said the Shahada, the Islamic profession of Faith, in another place in 2011.  The Secretary of the Archbishop, Renaud de Kermadec, spoke finally of a misunderstood statement in the Cardinal’s address at a meeting of Interreligious Dialogue.

From katholisches...

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Riposte Catholique

Monday, October 8, 2012

Maronite Cardinal Warns Against Abolishing Priestly Celibacy

Philippe Cardinal Barbarin

Of all things the Greek-Catholic Bishops, whose clergy is married,  have warned against abolishing celibacy.

( On the 27th of Septemer Philippe Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon at the French magazine 'Paris Match' commented on the slow burning media issue of "celibacy".

"Don't squander this treasure"

The Cardinal recalled that Pope Benedict XVI had addressed this already in the first Bishops' Synod.

It was then that the former Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Cardinal Sfeir (92) spoke especially caustically about the abolishing of celibacy.

"Even with us, the Maronites, priests may marry"  -- explained the Cardinal:  "During the war in Lebanon, all of the married priests left with their wives and children."

No one blamed them for that: "Actually, the only ones remaining behind, were those who were married to their communities."

He continued: "Don't squander this gift".

"What do you want me to tell you?"

'Paris Match'  grasped in the air that supposedly twenty percent of the clergy live with a woman.

"A High statistic" -- cried Cardinal Barbarin:  "That is, as we would say, that thirty percent of husbands   betray their wives."

"What do you want me to tell you?" -- was the Cardinal's pugnacious reaction.

It would be natural to desire that people who are married are faithful:  "Even the Republic wants that."

Cardinal Barbarin recalled then that even civil servants officiating civil marriages in the mayor's office use the words "respect" and "faithfulness".

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In the Big Cities in Europe, the Churches Are Empty

Philippe Cardinal Barbarin
Philippe Kardinal Barbarin
© JaHoVil, Flickr, CC-BY-SA

A French magazine is concerned that a French Cardinal has been ungently awakened from the Conciliar madness.

( On the 27th of September Philippe Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon was suddenly seized by an attack of Conciliar derangement for the magazine 'Paris Match'.

Inner-Church Civil War

When he was asked for a summation of the Second Vatican Council, the Neoconservative Prelate fell into a delirium:

"This renewal was really necessary:  the Liturgy, the inclusion of the laity, the life and the role of priests  and Bishops, our method of working together -- that has deeply transformed everything."

Or:  "The Council had also asked, for the unity of Chrisians and to work for dialog with other religions -- which demanded progress for this."

Everyone Reads and Follows the Bible

The Catholics are to have finally found a taste for the Word of God -- mythologized the Cardinal.

"The Bible appeared to them not long ago as something not comprehensible:  now it's open for all and has awakened our faith."

The Caning 

A well earned caning is followed by the boot:

"Are you avoiding the  Cardinal Martini's testament, for the Church has fallen behind two hundred years" -- said 'Paris Match' said to the exultant Cardinal, trying to draw him back to the Old Liberal reality.

He then quickly noted that he is to have conferred extensively with Cardinal Martini at the Conclave in 2005:

"He spoke to me for a long time about the Church and the Vatican."

And: "He had wished that the Church would awake."

Carinal Barbarin continued: "In Milan and in our large cities, Europe's churches are empty."

What?  Is that the result of the Second Vatican Council?

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