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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Argentinian Archbishop Aguer Speaks of the “Homosexual Lobby”

"I can assure you that in some diocese the percentage of homosexual priests is high and they usually protect each other", they form "a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are non-practicing.”

La Plata ( Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata (Argentina), Héctor Aguer, told the Spanish-language press agency ACI Prensa, run by EWTN, that there is a kind of lobby in the clergy owing to the "high" proportion of homosexual clerics. This was reported by the British "Catholic Herald". Aguer quoted Pope Francis as saying that homosexuality had become a fad.

"The Pope has addressed a key issue that is generally not mentioned. I can assure you that in some dioceses the percentage of homosexual priests is high and they usually protect each other, they do not go public [with this theme]. "Rather, they would form a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are 'non-practicing'. "

The archbishop classed it as a fair way of discerning ["discrimination"] if homosexual men are not admitted to the priesthood. It is "a commitment of the Church to choose candidates for the priesthood with full integrity as men. Otherwise, the meaning of celibacy is on the cliff.”

Photo archbishop em. Aguer © Archdiocese of La Plata

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Even Commonweal is Reporting on the Aberrosexual Cabal Among Francis Inner Circle

Revelations of Aberrosexual Cabals in High Places: Evil Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick

(Rome) More and more new allegations of sexual abuse are arriving in Rome and shaking the Church, but Pope Francis remains silent. Undeterred, he maintains that homosexuality is not responsible for the abuses committed by clerics, but "clericalism" and the "great accuser," namely, Satan. This denial of reality is meeting with less and less understanding [patience?] in the US, both among conservative and progressive Catholics.

Pope Francis: "The devil is to blame"

Cardinal Bernardin, head of the progressive US Group: homo-cliques in the archbishop's ordinariate

The contribution of the devil involves all who are in the Church. However, the prosecution of Pope Francis against the "great accuser" seems like a distraction to quite a few Catholics. The devil is probably the driving force in the background, but sins and crimes are always committed by concrete people who have to take responsibility. Guilt, which is a core doctrine of the Catholic Church, is always individual.

Francis also seems to take responsibility for this, but as an attempt to shift the concrete, individual guilt to an intangible culprit, who, above all, can not be held accountable. The sexual abuse of minors or seminarians is done by a very specific priest, bishop or cardinal. But you can not put the devil before a secular or ecclesiastical court. Why does Pope Francis only mention him, but he is silent with those who are really guilty? [Because he is indebted to the evil St. Galen Group, who all conspired against Canon Law to get him elected and covered up or participated in human trafficking and sex abuse. ] 

In recent weeks, Francis has  repeatedly urged to defend theChurch  against the devil who "wants to split us". It was about "defending the mother," by which Francis means mother Church: "The accuser attacks, through us, he attacks the mother, but no one must touch the mother ” These were the last words Francis spoke last October 27 in his closing speech to the Synod of the Youth.

Francis is silent at the same time to the concrete allegations that were raised by the former nuncio in the US against him. Francis is silent on the epidemic cases of abuse that are four-fifths of the homosexual kind, so that a connection could not be denied  even by the blind. Francis tries it anyway. Francis is also silent on the reproach that in his pontificate he conspicuously promoted many homosexuals and called them to high and highest positions in the church.

Pope Francis with Cardinal Wuerl

The silence is made easier for him because the Zeitgeist is homophile, which is why the dominant mass media tend to cover up the abuse scandal and in support of Pope Francis.

Vaticanist Sandro Magister repeated it today:

"There is the great silence that the Pope keeps constant. It is one practiced for the homosexuality by many Church representatives. Francis never mentions it when he laments the evil of sexual abuse. "

Undeterred, he holds his own thesis against the obvious. It is not homosexuality that is responsible for clerical abuse, but "clericalism". Even the final document of the Youth Synod makes the thesis its own, which is hardly surprising. Pope Francis occupied the editorial committee almost all the time with loyal followers.

"One must be blind or dishonest not to see the connection with homosexuality and abuse"

Scandal book "Gone With the Wind in the Vatican" (1999)

Through his attitude, Francis not only refuses to respond to one of the gravest challenges facing the Church. He also prevents recovery, because without naming the real causes in name, no recovery will be possible. Even more serious, it appears that Francis, through his behavior,  injures the priesthood, which is badly discredited by black sheep. Whom should the generic accusation of "clericalism" meet, if not the priesthood as such. But with that, the Pope himself puts the vast majority of the faithful priests in the wrong light, and that without much ado. Francis spoke last Saturday of "an elitist and exclusionary view of the vocation that sees the ministry received as an exercise of power rather than an outspoken and generous service." But what does this have to do with the crime of sexual abuse?

Especially in the US, the papal silence and the papal diagnosis of the problem comes increasingly under fire. The Catholic public in the US, whether conservative or progressive, is outraged by the scandal and demands answers.

Even a liberal paper like Commonweal, a progressive voice within US Catholicism, writes that the McCarrick case has exposed the extent to which homosexuality has actually spread among Church officials, and at all levels. Editor-in-Chief of the Journal is Kenneth Woodward, who for many years was Vaticanist of Newsweek. Back in 2003, according to Woodward, the Jay College of Criminal Justice found that "eight out of ten known abuses by priests in the past 70 years have been committed by men on other male persons."

"You have to be blind or dishonest," says Woodward, not to see the connection between homosexuality and abuse.
The accusation of "homophobia", on the other hand, was almost revealing, ridiculous and even vicious.

Woodward revealed that over the course of his 38 years as a Vaticanist, he had learned not only about individual cases of homosexual abusers, but of entire "networks" of homosexual clergy who supported one another and were complicit in their double lives. The editor-in-chief of Commonweal names cases in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago, Pittsburgh and other dioceses.

Homo Cardinals Bernardin and Wright

Homo Cardinal Wright as bishop

In Chicago, according to Woodward, sociologist Andrew Greeley (priest) deceased in 2013, one of the best-known romance novelists in the US, revealed that there were whole sodomitical cliques in the offices of the Archdiocese of Chicago, as it was headed by his friend, the ultraliberal Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. Cardinal Bernardin was the leader of the progressive wing in the US Church, as is the case today with his successor, Cardinal Blase Cupich, also Archbishop of Chicago. Cupich, appointed archbishop by Pope Francis and elevated to a cardinal, was noted in the past by homophile utterances. Nuncio Viganò counts him among the Circle of Friends of McCarrick, as in 2017 Cupich still awarded him a prize and praised him as a model bishop.

Woodward cites as another example Msgr. John J. Wright, who was Bishop of Pittsburgh from 1959-1969. Wright established in 1961 in his diocese an "Oratory" for young university students, "which drew gay priests dressed like bees to honey.” Wright was a "brilliant intellectual" who was courted by the "liberal" media in the US. In 1969 Pope Paul VI. appointed him to the Roman Curia and made him the Prefect of Congregation of Clergy and a cardinal. In Rome Wright continued his homosexual double life unchecked.

Wright as Bishop of Pittsburgh with his secretary Wuerl

"Many knew of his double life with young lovers while watching over the education of Catholic priests around the world," said Vaticanist Sandro Magister.

Anyone who knew for sure exactly about Wright's gay double life is none other than Cardinal Donald Wuerl. Wuerl was until recently Archbishop of Washington. Pope Francis tried to keep him in office after Archbishop Viganò had published his allegations. When the matter became too hot for Francis himself because of increasing criticism, he dropped his friend Wuerl, not without thanking him in a moving voice. One thing was certain: Cardinal Wuerl could no longer be held. He had to resign, but not because Pope Francis wanted it that way. Wuerl was Wright's personal secretary when he was Bishop of Pittsburgh. Even when Wright was called to Rome, Wuerl was "closer to him than the hair on his head," Woodward said. Wuerl was Wright's assistant in the second Conclave of 1978, in which John Paul II was elected. At the first conclave of that year he was prevented for health reasons. Wright died in 1979.

Woodward leaves it at these two examples, but gives to understand that he could call up numerous other cases of high church dignitaries.

The high prelate with a "weakness" for young men

Cardinal Rigali 

This was partly done in 1999 by an anonymous book entitled "Gone with the Wind in the Vatican" (Via col vento in Vaticano). The curator Msgr. Luigi Marinelli, who died in 2000, was later identified as the author. The book describes an American prelate who made a great career in Rome and had a "weakness" for young men. He worked at the Bishops' Congregation, was sent back to the United States as archbishop of a major diocese, then promoted to head pastor of an even more important archdiocese and eventually promoted to cardinal.

The description actually applies only to Cardinal Francis Rigali, who was appointed secretary of the Bishops' Congregation in 1989. In 1994 he was appointed Archbishop of St. Louis and promoted to Archbishop of Philadelphia in 2003. From 1985 to 1989 Rigali headed the Pontifical Diplomatic Academy in Rome. Cardinal Rigali participated in the 2005 and 2013 Conclaves.

In the US, homosexual networks in the Church are referred to as "lavender lobbies," says Woodward.

The problem, the journalist says, "is that nobody in the Catholic hierarchy seems to be interested in investigating," not even the charges brought by Archbishop Viganò, who have already done some important groundwork.
Viganò mentions in his dossier several acting cardinals, which he counts as a gay lobby in the Church.

But how can young people, especially male youth, i.e. future priests, especially seminarians, can be protected from homosexual networks and gay vultures, when perpetrators lurk in the guise of superiors, perhaps even their bishop or a cardinal? As long as Pope Francis remains silent and tries to cover up the situation by diverting to side-scenes.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / / Brooklineconnection / LVL (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cardinal Present at “Drug Fueled” Orgy at CDF

(Rome) The pontificate of Pope Francis is currently being pursued from one scandal to the next. And all of them involve personal friends, confidants, prelates who are close to him, up to the princes of the Church.

According to the Canadian press service LifeSiteNews, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, a close associate of Pope Francis, was present at a gay drug org, which was broken up by the Vatican police.

The apartment of Monsignor Capozzi

The case occurred in the summer of 2017. It became known then that the personal secretary of Cardinal Coccopalmerio, the priest Luigi Capozzi (49) was caught in a homosexual party with drug use. The Vatican gendarmerie was
searching for clues in an apartment in the Palazzo del Sant'Uffizio and burst in the middle of an aberrosexual drug orgy. The apartment was assigned to the secretary of the cardinal, which is why he was identified as the organizer of the orgy.

He supposedly had the apartment in the palace, which also houses the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, supposedly located because the palace is accessible to both the Vatican and Italy. It was, as it was then called, the ideal place to infiltrate unchecked drugs and hustlers.

Already at that time the question arose how a secretary, albeit of a cardinal, could come to possess such a large apartment in such a palace, which far exceeded his rank. According to the dossier of nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò, the gay lobby in the Vatican might have helped.

According to LifeSiteNews, not only his secretary Capozzi, but Cardinal Coccopalmerio was personally present at the aberrosexual drug orgy. Archbishop Viganò identifies him in his dossier as a member of the "gay lobby" in the Vatican.

The Cardinal's presence had been successfully hushed up so far. After all, Coccopalmerio was still the head of the Dicastery of the Roman Curia, which corresponds to the rank of minister. The Cardinal from Milan was President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts until last April. As a lawyer, he knew that aberrosexual behavior is punishable by Church law. Apparently he felt invincible in his rank and in the Vatican. Not unjustifiably, one follows the revelation by LifeSiteNews.

The protective hand

Cardinal Coccopalmerio, the confidante of Pope Francis

The press agency relies on a source that wants to remain anonymous for security reasons. The Vatican gendarmerie had caught the cardinal in the act of entering the apartment in a flash, but instructed him to leave the apartment immediately before they began making arrests. There was a protective hand over the Cardinal. Capozzi was arrested. The Vatican Police may be required to protect Cardinals from scandal. But they certainly report in detail.

Pope Francis, according to LifeSiteNews, was undoubtedly informed about the police action and the presence of Coccopalmerio.

Was he staying silent like with McCarrick?

Archbishop Viganò revealed in his dossier that he had informed Pope Francis in June 2013 in detail about the degenerate life of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Francis did nothing but made McCarrick his confidant for the United States. He also became acquainted with the rapprochement between the Holy See and the People's Republic of China. On Sunday, Cardinal Marc Ouellet factually confirmed Viganò's allegations by writing in an open letter that the Pope had received many nuncios in June 2013, so he could not remember all the names and information.

I beg your pardon?

The Nuncio reported on a "perverse and diabolical" double life of a cardinal in the US, the world power number one, and the pope didn’t do anything?

According to LifeSiteNews, the source and other informants left no doubt that Cardinal Coccopalmerio was a "practicing homosexual". In the recent past, Coccopalmerio has been "positive" about homosexual couples.

Trans: Tancred

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Cupich Aims to Destroy Faithful Priest Who Burnt Sodomy Flag

Edit: The previous pastor died as sordidly as he lived, a friend of Cardinal Bernardin, he was an avid supporter of the evils of sodomy. Meanwhile, +++Cupich has marshaled his evil forces and thrown Father abruptly from his rectory. There have been numerous death threats and vandalism from the NOH8 crowd. This is an exact duplicate of the treatment meted out to the late Bishop Rogelio Liveres.

 Has anyone read the story of Lot?

And you’d think that this priest had burned an icon or desecrated the Sacrament.
[Mahound’s Paradise] Just hours ago, new Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Mark Bartosic arrived unannounced at Resurrection Parish on Chicago's Northwest side and told Pastor Paul Kalchik that he had just minutes to get his belongings together and vacate the premises or the police would be called to arrest him for trespassing.

Fr. Kalchik was about to perform a wedding.

Soon after, Fr. Kalchik left for an undisclosed location, accompanied by his brother who had been visiting the parish.

Read further....


Monday, January 30, 2017

First "Gay Marriage" of a Catholic Priest -- "30 Years of Activism for 'Gay Rights'"

Bernard Lynch, Catholic Priest, "Married" his "Long-term boyfriend"
(Dublin) In Ireland the first Catholic priest entered an "aberrosexual marriage". Bernárd Lynch from the Irish County of Clare is a Catholic priest. Since 1986 he has been an avowed aberrosexual. He also became the first priest to have an "aberrosexual marriage".
Lynch, 67 years old, "married" his aberrosexual "life partner" Billy Desmond, with whom the priest has lived in a registered partnership since 2006 - even then as primary. As the newspaper Irish Daily Mail reported on 28 January, 120 guests took part at the civil "marriage." They congratulated the two with prolonged applause on their "aberrosexual marriage", when the clerk declared the two men "husband and husband".
In 2015 the Irish had approved the equality of "aberrosexual marriage" in a national plebiscite. Five months later, the decision was legally implemented.
During the festive celebration of Lynch and Desmond, a text was read to praise the "30-year commitment" of the Catholic priest for the "recognition of the rights of LGBTI persons". "It was a wonderful ceremony," reported the Irish Sun .
Lynch went to the seminary and maintained a long-term sexual relationship with another seminarist. This seminarist then left the seminary, married and established a family. Lnych, on the other hand, was ordained a priest in 1971. He belongs to a missionary order, but has been committed to homosexuality since the 80s in the USA. In 2010, he was one of the speakers at a rally against Pope Benedict XVI, when he visited England. He accuses the Church of hypocrisy. Deafness and celibacy were to blame for everything, for it was also responsible for pedophilia. In 2012, he told media that he knew that the Vatican was "going" against him, as his order clearly closed both eyes.
With the resignation of Benedict XVI. the Vatican "investigations" seem to have subsided.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Irish Sun (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, March 28, 2016

Marquette Professor Being Fired for Being Catholic

Edit: the faculty advisors of an allegedly Catholic University have voted unanimously to suspend the last Catholic faculty member on their staff without pay starting on April 1st and subsequently expect him to admit he was doing wrong in defending the Catholic Faith at a Catholic University as one of several humiliating conditions for reinstatement.

The announcement was sent to him on Holy Thursday. Very fitting and a great way to compassionate his Savior, but this  injustice, this evil is surely enough to fool even the elect. 

We live in terrible times and it seems they will get worse. What a wonderful thing it is to be persecuted for His sake but we pray for this courageous man's relief and the good of his family as these Bolscheviks divide his garments among them...

[Marquette Warrior] It was announced Thursday,  which was (doubtless intentionally) the eve of the Good Friday holiday, and in the middle of March Madness. Marquette has decided how to punish this blogger for a post that revealed how an instructor in the Philosophy Department bullied a student who wanted to express his opposition to gay marriage in class. He was told “you don’t have a right in this class to make homophobic comments,” and further that it would be “offensive” to any gay students in the class if any such opinion was expressed. 

Marquette reacted by telling us we would be stripped of tenure and fired

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Catholic Pastor Practices Santaria and Exploits "Boyfriend" for Decades?

(Bogota) W Radio Colombia , a radio station in the Spanish media group Prisa ( El Pais, Spanish edition of the Huffington Post ) yesterday reported on the double life from the "Homo-Idyll". The 42 year old Julio César Cardona reported in detail during the interview that for years he has maintained a homosexual [aberrosexual] relationship with a Catholic priest.
For over 20 years he and the priest José Elías Lopera Cárdenas, pastor of Santa Maria de los Angeles, have lived together as a couple in the Archdiocese of Medellin in Colombia. The relationship was "secret", but Cardona's family, friends and other priests are said to have known about them.
After 20 Years and severely burned by "gay pastor" he is shown the door?
Cardona has now gone public, because the pastor showed him the door, to live with another man.
Pastor Lopera seems, according to Cardona's description, to have grown tired and now wants  more youthful sexual playmates. Cardona feels he is being treated unfairly, financially. In a radio interview, he announced that it was his wish  to demand a "bonus" for a "love affair" of  more than 20 years.
Lopera was chaplain at the college, to which Cardona had come when he was 16 years old. There they met each other and had become a "couple".

Special sex games in which Cardona was seriously injured?

The two seem to have preferred special sex games. In one of these "games," a Santeria ritual, an "accident" happened in 2012. Lopera had covered Lopera with a lot of alcohol. It took light and inflicted severe burn injuries. According to W Radio, 40 percent of his skin was affected.
This "blemish" on his body was the reason that Lopera had lost interest in his sex companion and sought at length new partners.
Santeria is a syncretic religion of African animism with Catholic elements, which evolved among the slaves deported to America. It is rejected by the Catholic Church, but pastor Lopera seems to have, besides  to his sexual vices, issues with the faith. In the diocese he is, says Cardona,   "respectable."
Cardona announced that his lawyer had sent a claim for more than 150 million Colombian pesos (approximately 42,000 euros) to Pastor Lopera. These were also brought to the diocesan leadership and the Apostolic Nuncio.
Cardena disclaims moral charges against the pastor or the Church. He just wants money. Pastor Lopera has apparently funded him to study, covered his credit card and gave him a monthly eight million Colombian pesos (about 2,200 euros). With this money Cardona has given his family financial support, which is now also missing this money.
As Cardona announced in the interview,  he is the father of a 20 year old daughter who studies medicine in Medellin. She had sprung from a relationship with a staff member in a rectory.
The interviewer asked where the pastor had so much money to so luxuriously  sponsor Cardona and to pay him the "compensation" now demanded. Cardona explained that Pastor Lopera was highly regarded and receives many donations and contributions, even from the business world. He financed his sexual companions with the parish donations.  The news site KienyKe recalled rumors in the past, according to which pastors Lopera did maintain good contacts with the Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Gaviria and the question of whether he could have anything to do with "the money,"  which the priest had nonetheless gladly received.

Everything a question of money, not of morality?

In other words, if there is a satisfactory financial settlement from the "lover", he will be silent  and "the illustrious priest can resume his usual double life," so says Secretum meum mihi .  Cardona showed  no doubts about the homosexual relationship during the interview, which he explains with uncritical self-awareness and total moral indifference. The case seems to be settled in the gray zone for prostitution. Anyway, gold plays a central role in the whole matter, especially since Cardona does not even seem to be homosexual.
The radio hosts did not attempt to exploit the story  for the debate  which is taking place in Colombia  on the legalization of "gay marriage". The damage to the Church and its rejection of "gay marriage" has created all by itself  the impression of hypocrisy. It's a negative example, which can be availed by critics of the Church  and homosexual [gender ideology] activists.
The interview with Cardona aired on Tuesday. So far, no reactions of diocesan leadership of Medellin have become known.
W Radio explained that they had  also invited Pastor Lopera  to the show, but did not receive a response. The station was even in contact with the diocesan management. They did not want to make any public comment before they had  "closely examined" the case. "You will now listen closely to this program, and then probably to take a position," said Julio Sanchez Cristo, the presenter of W Radio toward Diocese.
Cardona's complaint aired openly  against Lopera could lead to extensive criminal investigations, "including abuse of parish funds, illegal enrichment, pedophilia, deliberate bodily injury. In addition are still investigations that fall under Church law," said KienyKe .
Text: Andreas Becker
Photo: Youtube (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Priest Caught Soliciting in Public Restrooms Promoted to Head Catholic TV

NEW YORK ( - In 2007, New York priest Fr. Gary Mead was arrested in a gay sex sting along with 19 other men. Today Mead is the director of Instructional Television (ITV) for the archdiocese of New York, and sources confirm he owes his position to the vicar general, Msgr. Greg Mustaciuolo — in recent news for his alleged cover-up of Fr. Peter Miqueli's embezzlement of parish funds and gay-for-pay scandal.

ITV offices are on the grounds of St. Joseph's Seminary, in the Dunwoodie neighborhood of Yonkers, New York.

Fr. Gary Mead

2007 police records show Mead — who was working at St. Gregory Barbarigo parish in Garnerville at the time — was found performing lewd acts in a public restroom off Interstate 684, in well-heeled Westchester County — a well-known haunt for gay cruising — where he solicited sex from an undercover policeman and tried to fondle him. He was arrested and charged with loitering and forcible touching.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Church is Dominated by an Aberrosexual Clergy

Edit: We know people don't like Michael Voris and his Catholic Network TV, and there are legitimate reasons for that, but he and his people continues to be truly brave and say things and attack figures in the hierarchy that many of his detractors don't do. What's more, he AT LEAST is effective.  To many of you, this headline and story isn't news, but many of the actors haven't yet been named, and haven't been called to account for their frankly criminal malfeasance and misrepresentation.

We touched briefly upon this last week with respect to St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, where grieving parents called upon an evil Monastery to change its ways, and we also pointed out that the story didn't get a lot of traction, especially in the kosher Catholic Press.   A few years back when we broke the story that the Abbey was hosting a naked retreat.  The response was pretty impressive from Lifesite, ChurchMilitant and a large number of other bloggers around and about.  As a result, the retreat was cancelled, and the one who planned it, Father Bob Pierson  went on a one year sabbatical to an Anglican Monastery.  [Since then, this aberrosexual enabler has been relocated to another "Benedictine" institution, which underscores the problem in miniature which troubles the Church as a whole throughout the world going up to the very top, including the Pope himself.]

We're  familiar with the story Voris helped circulate about an aberrosexual in the New York Diocese who was living with a similarly afflicted man to the outrage of the laymen of that parish who eventually drove the parasite out of their parish, with Voris' help.

Now this story is taking on broader dimensions as Voris is moving to take on the entire Archdiocese, calling Cardinal Dolan to task:
Here’s the headline: As much as half of priests and bishops in the U.S. may homosexual. Now the details. 
Back in 2000, just as news of the homosexual priest sex abuse crisis was beginning to break, the  Kansas City Star did an in-depth exposé on a horrible topic: the large number of  homosexual priests dying of AIDS. The newspaper's reporting brought to public light, for the first time on this kind of scale, the issue of homosexuality in the priesthood — albeit through the tragic lens of AIDS. 
The newspaper conducted extensive research into the related issues of AIDS and homosexuality within clerical ranks and religious communities. Far from denying the paper's stories, the bishop of Kansas City at the time, Raymond Boland, admitted the findings were true and said, "Much as we would regret it, it shows that human nature is human nature." 
The issue of the AIDS death aside (God rest their souls), it reveals the reality of homosexuality in the ranks of the ordained — and not just its presence, but its overwhelming presence.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cardinal Dolan Takes Pope's Cue to Promote Gender Ideology

Edit: Cardinal Dolan is a little too eager to win acceptance for an unholy manner of life.
 Recently, the Cardinal was caught covering for one of his fellows, and being cavalier about the faithful laitys' complaints against a reprobate priest who was apparently thieving from church funds to pay for debauchery and wickedness for about a decade. 
Complaints by the laity are finally being heard and it looks like the Archdiocese, if not Dolan himself, is being blackmailed by the priest in question, because he witness a child being sexually abused. There's a lot more to this.
As ChurchMilitant observes, Dolan is more than eager to fire and reprimand those who are either traditional, or concerned about what's going on in his diocese.
Clearly, he should resign.
His support for gender ideology is reaching the international press:
Pope Francis says the issue of gay marriage should be studied and not dismissed out-of-hand, a senior Roman Catholic cardinal has revealed. 
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the outspoken archbishop of New York, said Pope Francis had told him: “Rather than quickly condemn them, let's just ask the questions as to why that has appealed to certain people." 
Archbishop Dolan stressed that the Pope had not shifted the Catholic Church’s position on same-sex unions.

Cardinal Dolan must resign.

HT to previous commenter.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fired CDF Mole Insists There's no "Homosexual Lobby"

Edit: considering that he's been dishonest his entire career, not unlike the infamous David Berger, a Thomist Scholar from Cologne who was exposed not long before Vatileaks, and eventually himself fired from teaching positions including at Holy Cross himself, and the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it's easy to see that Krysztof Charasma is lying.

Even Pope Francis has pointed to it as a "lobby."

[the Local] Krzysztof Charamsa told a private Italian television channel that he has "never met a gay lobby in the Vatican", referring to rumours of a network of homosexual priests.

"I met homosexual priests, often isolated like me... but no gay lobby," said Charamsa, adding that he also met gay priests who were "homophobes" and had "hatred for themselves and others".

"But I also met several fantastic homosexuals who are some of the best ministers in the Church," he said in an interview due to be broadcast Sunday.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bishop Huonder -- A Tower of Strength

But the noise of the roaring lion seems more impressive act to many than he who show how truth of things lie before our eyes.  A commentary by Dominik Lusser, Stiftung Zukunft CH

Edit: they may feed Catholics to the lions before long. We know that the author may not appreciate the problems with the terms "homosexual" and "gay".  It's best of all not to use these terms as they accept some false premises about the sin which cries out to heaven for vengeance.

Chur ( A few days ago the Bishop of Chur, Vitus Huonder has outlined the Catholic view of marriage in a 50-minute presentation at the congress "Joy of Faith" in Fulda. In a few sentences began to speak homosexuality, and quoted the passage from the Old Testament Book of Leviticus: "One who lays with a man as with a woman, then you have committed an abomination. Both are punishable by death. Their blood shall be upon them." The media has raged ever since that Huonder had therefore demanded the death penalty for the practice of homosexuality.

But what the makers of public opinion suggest, appearing in the context of Huonders speech and in the light of the New Testament mercy, is downright absurd.

The reason for this willful ignorance is clear: The only German Swiss Bishop who dares to proclaim what is not only the Christian revelation but also the simple view of reality, should be muzzled. But the truth is that homosexual acts are disordered and destructive in themselves and not originating from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. While teaching the gospel the Bishop Huonder shows mercy to all sinners, to which he himself knows himself to belong.

The sin itself can not for that very reason ever be approved. Homosexuals' pastoral care is therefore for Christians especially in people with homosexual orientation - as far as this goes - to accompany them from their unintentionally disordered inclination. But this point of view puts the gay lobby in a blank rage in contrast to many ex-gays and ex-lesbians who lead a happy life today.

The Swiss gay umbrella organization Pink Cross has even filed criminal charges against Huonder of the crime of public incitement. The time for an outcome of the proceedings within the time for the initiation of a criminal procedure by Pink Cross is probably not (yet) ripe. The direction, however, is clear: the totalitarian gay lobby and its allied mainstream media it comes to force Christians by any means in the recognition of their not so funny ("gay") lifestyle.

Indeed, as the research shows, among other things, young people are usually introduced to homosexuality by a significantly older adult partner, while the sexual initiation among heterosexuals usually takes place within their age group. Homosexuals experience sexual abuse much more frequently as a child or youth.

Gays are much more likely to be exposed as adults to sexual abuse. Homosexuals of all ages are both physically and mentally, considerably less healthy than the average population: Big differences consist, inter alia, depressive disorders and suicidal tendencies. There is no connection between the health of homosexuals and possible social discrimination.

In contrast, the instability of the family situation and early sexual activity seem to be factors that can lead to self-harm. According to a study by the University of Zurich from 2006 only 30 percent of gay men accept their sexual orientation. Almost half had in the four weeks preceding the survey at least, one time when they used alcohol excessively. Even where drugs and intoxicants are concerned, gays exceed the average of men by many times. Homosexual men are also the largest risk group for contracting HIV and other STDs: The likelihood of contracting HIV among gays up to 100 times greater.

The abundance of these empirical facts which indicate clearly the problematic nature of the homosexual inclination, actually should provide the St. Galler Bishop, Markus Büchel, the backbone to stand up for Catholic doctrine, instead of stabbing his brother bishop of Chur publicly in the back. But the noise of the roaring lion seems more impressive act to many than he who show how truth of things lie before our eyes. It is all the more important that there are still people who speak this truth clearly and calmly all. Come what may!
  Lecture by Bishop Huonder in Fulda
Trans: Tancred
Link to

Saturday, July 11, 2015

For the Record: Protestants Protest "Whore of Babylon" Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis

Edit: In 2011, lavender pressure groups protested the Basilica Block Party. But even protests from their brothers in arms didn't stop them from selling the Church's patrimony on the street for a few farthings. This year, there are Protestants protesting what they see as an obvious manifestation of the "Whore of Babylon." Protestants don't need much prompting to make unjust accusations, but they're getting a lot of help from evil clergy and the pro-Catholics in their employ. The Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, is an event surrounding the decadent parish of St. Mary's Basilica in downtown Minneapolis. The event has been going on since 1995, so this is the 21st year. There are major Rock acts around it, featuring music with disedifying subject matter. The stated purpose is to raise money for St. Vincent de Paul and to preserve the historic landmark of the Beaux-arts edifice.

The front is partly blocked off with an enormous stage, and a barrier has been built around the foreground to control entrance to the event, which can cost as much as $375. There are corporate logos all over the church grounds, particularly featuring the beer Bud Light which not only supports planned parenthood, but is an avid campaigner for the cause of normalizing aberrosexual deviancy.

They've even cancelled confessions.

There is no Catholic Action opposing this. To our knowledge there has never been any, but a small group of protestants decrying the "Whore of Babylon" were present in protest. Seeing the throngs of Minnesota Catholic womanhood, barely dressed, the front of the church covered with corporate logos, the lineup of depraved musical acts and the dissident and scandalous nature of the parish itself, make it difficult to argue with them.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Radio Vatican Shows its Pride: Attacks Catholic Moral Theology

Update: removed the photo which is a licentious photo of two women kissing each other. It seemed important to include the photo to document just how far Radio Vatican has gone, and that they've done this before. (People probably complained about the two sodomites kissing and waving a flag, too.)

Edit: the photo and the following article appeared in Radio Vatican, German Section. Obviously, the people who work in the office who endorse moral depravity are still there, from the last time we noticed an article like this. The Servite priest from Tyrol being extolled here is, by considerable negligence, along with others like him, is still able to address these issues for the Vatican. Apologies in advance for the photo, but blame Vatican Radio German Section. Here is a translation:

The Church's sexual morality "is in motion". Sexuality will be "perceived in its  personal and holistic dimension more and more"  explains Brixen moral theologian Martin Lintner in the current issue of the Christian weekly newspaper "Die Furche". The President of the "European Society for Catholic Theology" explained his assessment with a shift away from natural law concerning certain "moral acts" in which every single sexual act was judged on whether he corresponded to "natural sexuality" towards a view  already expressed in the Second Vatican Council that "sexual behavior applies to physical communication." 
At the level of concrete sexual ethical norms, despite this positive change, things have not changed much  for the better in the Catholic Church,  writes Lintner. This is revealed in the issue of homosexuality, where the argument of biological procreation function continues to stand apart from the criteria of personal judgment. A mediation between the natural law and personal reasoning is difficult here.
Nevertheless, this reveals a "rethinking", according to  Leitner, not least in the discussions during the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in the autumn of 2014 and the recently published working paper for the family Synod in October 2015, in dealing with gay people: "The Church is sensitive to the suffering experiences of victims and families where gay people live." This development appears to  the renowned South Tyrolean moral theologians and members of the Servite Order as "significant,"  even if the Church emphasizes that a homosexual partnership differs from  a marriage.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Catholic Teacher Fired From Job at "Catholic" School Reinstated

Edit: apparently everyone wins, including the anti-Catholic school administration that objected to the appearance of Catholic schools in the first place.

Even Susan Sarrandon's evil presence in the controversy couldn't keep the woman from regaining her job, but one wonders if the administration expects her to be silent on this from now on.

Indeed, it's the school administration that should resign.

Metuchen, NJ, Apr 14, 2015 / 02:41 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A New Jersey Catholic school has reinstated a teacher who was the focus of media controversy over her social media posts critical of LGBT advocacy. The school stressed the need for a positive presentation of the Catholic faith while also lamenting “hurtful” media coverage about the teacher.

Immaculata High School in Somerville, N.J., said that all issues related to theology teacher Patricia Jannuzzi’s employment are “resolved.”

Monsignor Seamus Brennan, the school’s director, said he and principal Jean Kline had decided to reinstate Jannuzzi. He said the school’s position is that a Catholic school teacher “must always communicate the faith in a way that is positive and never hurtful.”

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Voris Assaulted by Aberro-Grandmarshal's Goons at "St. Patrick's Day" Parade

Edit: we can just imagine Cardinal Dolan drawing a forefinger across his neck and motioning his lavender thugs to usher Catholic journalist Michael Voris out of the press room.

More to come.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Baltimore Archdiocese Celebrates Same-Sex Marriage

Edit: Baltimore Archdiocese has a lot of problems, a poorly catechized canon lawyer, a laity in whose hearts the Catholic Faith in this once Catholic capital has faded. Here's the report from Rorate:

Crisis of Bishops: Archdiocese of Baltimore allows (fake) same-sex "marriage" announcement
We have chronicled the sacrilegious "liturgies" that have taken place over the years at Calvert Hall College High School. What's different with this report, if the brother in question was telling the truth, is that the Archdiocese of Baltimore has tacitly approved fake same-sex "marriages" by formally approving of their announcement in Catholic publications.
A report below, from a reader: Link to Rorate...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Pope Assigns Another Controversial Ordinary to a Major Archdiocese

Edit: Old Liberal "crux now" can barely contain its enthusiasm for the next seamless garment, Bernardin, "moderate" appointment by the allegedly misunderstood Pope Bergoglio.

 The new ordinary of San Diego was consecrated by Archbishop George Hugh Niederauer, who retired  with his partner, Cardinal Levada, to a cute residence in Long Beech, California, just outside of Los Angeles, as Pope Benedict's retirement played out.  The average cost of a home in Long Beech is a little less than half-a-million dollars.

Meanwhile, Whispers in the Loggia believes this appointment will be difficult for military retirees and military personnel in San Diego, since he's a peacenik who writes for "America".

[Crux] Robert W. McElroy, an auxiliary bishop in San Francisco and a leader in the Catholic Church’s social justice wing, will be named to head of the Diocese of San Diego Tuesday, Crux has learned.
The announcement will be made official Tuesday morning in Rome, with an installation date of April 15. McElroy, 61, has written extensively about the Church’s social justice mission, promoting Catholic engagement with society that places economic and human rights issues on par with abortion and same-sex marriage.
“We are called to see the issues of abortion and poverty, marriage and immigrant rights, euthanasia and war, religious liberty and restorative justice, not as competing alternatives often set within a partisan framework, but as a complementary continuum of life and dignity,” he wrote in America magazine in October 2013.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Homoheresy in the Church Today -- Benedict XVI. Established a Clear Ban for Their Ordination

Dariuscz Oko Warns Against Homoheresy and Homomafia
in the Church
(Rome) Two years ago, the Polish Catholic journal Fronda published a long essay, which was also taken up by the German Catholic journal Theologisches. The subject of the review was the "Homohäresie" and the existence of a "gay mafia" in the Catholic Church. The author described the existence of a network of homosexual priests at all levels of the Church hierarchy, including the Roman Curia, who cover for  each other.
The author of the explosive essay is the Polish priest Dariusz Oko, assistant professor of philosophy at the Pontifical Theological Academy of Cracow and the Pontifical University of John Paul II. of Krakow and pastor at St. Hedwig's parish in this city. In his essay, Oko recalled that more than 80 percent of the so-called pedophilia cases of clerics in the US are in reality cases of ephebophilia and are aimed at male adolescents. The numbers coincide with those of the CDF, which speaks of 90 percent,  facts that had been systematically suppressed in public. "Factual investigations show that the extent of the problem in the Catholic Church is still the lowest. Why then is she the one mainly spoken of? According to research,  in a thousand cases of pedophila or ephebophilia there is only one is related to  the Catholic Church in the United States, about 3-5 per  ten thousand, says Oko in Theologisches (42) 9-10 / 2012 .
However Oko also showed the difficulties of priests and seminarians, who oppose the homosexual network in the church: "If the rector or other supervisor try to expel one, then it may be that they theselves are expelled and not the homo-cleric. Or should a vicar try to defend young people from the parish from a priest who commits sexual assault, he is harassed, disciplined and treated and not the priest, "because the decisions makers to whom they refer, are themselves part of the gay lobby.
"If some indiscretions are verified, which is leaked  from the Vatican palaces, it would be an international network with hundreds of clerics of all rank levels," said the Vatican expert Marco Tosatti. Tosatti conducts an interview with, Dariusz Oko on this subject.  The  pontificate of Benedict XVI  was kept under continuous bombardment with the pedophile scandal.  With the new pontificate it  was "completely forgotten", says  Tosatti.

Homoheresy is the Rejection of the Church's Teaching on Homosexuality

Marco Tosatti: Two years ago you had mapped the situation in the Church in your thorough study. Has something changed since then?
Dariusz Oko: Certainly my study has touched on a widespread problem that exists almost everywhere. Only in this way can it be explained that they made the rounds around the world within a few weeks. In many countries, translations were made: from English to German, Italian and Czech, Slovak and Estonian ... It seems to me that the problem is addressed in my study is perceived more consciously.
Marco Tosatti: You talk in your work of Homoheresy. What are their characteristics?
Dariusz Oko: The Homoheresy is a rejection of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. The representatives of Homoheresy do not accept that the homosexual inclination is a personality disorder. They doubt that homosexual acts are unnatural. The defenders of Homoheresy are for the ordination of homosexuals. The Homoheresy is an ecclesiastical version of homosexualism.
Marco Tosatti: In 2005 the Congregation for Catholic Education published  an important document by Pope Benedict XVI. that prohibits the ordination of homosexuals. Why this document?
Dariusz Oko: Since the 70s of the 20th century, a new type has entered in many seminars and monasteries around the world, who view human sexuality contrary to the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. The consequence  was that it started on all continents in so many diocesan seminaries and monasteries, to represent the idea that there are two equivalent sexual orientations: a heterosexual and a homosexual. Thus, it was that clerics were only chaste, to be understood as abstaining from unclean actions, and demanded the ability to live celibacy, without further  asking about their sexual orientation or their inclinations. In this way, it became necessary to define homosexuality as an inclination and personality structure explicitly as an objective obstacle to the ordination.
Marco Tosatti: Was this requirement from 2005, which prohibits the priesthood for homosexuals, used to your knowledge?
Dariusz Oko: I am not responsible for training at seminaries. Therefore, I do not know how this ban is handled in different countries. This question should be directed to those responsible for the formation of future priests.
Marco Tosatti: Since you have published your survey, the Pope has changed. Do you see any difference in attitude between the two popes in connection with the problem?
Dariusz Oko: It is difficult to speak of any difference. Fundamentally, the Magisterium of the Catholic Church does not change and the forbids the ordination of homosexuals. The Magisterium in  force led to a contrast to previous distinction between active and passive homosexuality a distinction between a temporary homosexual inclination, which occurs in late puberty, and the deep-rooted inclination. Both forms of homosexuality and not only active homosexuality represent an obstacle for the priesthood. Homosexuality is incompatible with the priestly vocation. Therefore, not only the ordination of men with homosexual inclination (even if only temporarily) is strictly forbidden, but  their admission to the seminary as well.
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Friday, May 9, 2014

In 2014 Joan d'Arc is Burnt at the Stake Again -- In the Past for Heresy, Today "Homophobia"

(Paris) The  585th year of the Feast  of Jeanne d'Arc,   will be commemorated in Orleans. The 17 year-old girl who was chosen this year to represent the Holy and great figure of French national history,  was   pilloried  due to "Homophobia"  because she  thinks  the civil rights movement Manif pour tous is cool. In 2014 there has been  a case made in Orleans against  Johanna. There were no longer  Englishmen raising the pretext of heresy, but their French compatriots under the pretext of homophobia.
The Feast is celebrated from 29 April to 9 May  in Orleans for  the 585th  anniversary of its liberation by Jeanne d' Arc this year. The young girl had  raised the resistance of France by divine inspiration and even led and freed Orléans in 1429 from the English. By these same, she was later accused of "heresy", sentenced to death by a kangaroo Court and burned at the stake in innocence.  In 1920 she was canonized by the Catholic Church.
Medieval balls and historical parades which are held annually to commemorate the liberation of the liberation  where each year  the Saint is represented by a 17 year old girl from the city. In 2014 Félicité Lemaire de Marne was chosen.

Boycott and Jacobean Inquisition

The Festival, which has its highlights on May 8 and 9, was however overshadowed by fierce accusations this year.  The young practising Catholic Félicité was accused of "homophobia".    Christophe de sport Guilloux, the Socialist representative in parliament and member of the group HES (Homosexuality and Socialism) published on the 6th of May, the article: "why I will boycott the Joan of Arc 2014". The enraged de sport Guilloux cited as reason, because the civil rights movement Manif pour tous and the Veilleurs were found on the 17 year old's Facebook page   under their "Favorites". Both movements have arisen from the resistance of the Socialist law to legalize the "gay marriage" in France.
The member therefore accused the girl of "homophobia". It was "unacceptable" for the role of Jeanne d ' arc, because she "represents all citizens of Orleans", says the Socialist. The 17-year-old, who has been denounced, tried to defend herself: "I am neither homophobic nor hostile to the Government. But I have my beliefs."

The New Case and the Apology

But the Inquisition considers  these words were insufficient. Rather than bring peace in the matter, there were increasing attacks. Politicians and homosexual associations blustered, and threatened the mobilization of self-proclaimed 'civil society'  and the media stood outside the door of the student, who didn't know how it came to pass.
At the end, there was pressure from the Organizing Committee that got cold feet. They did not wish to  become embroiled in a "political conflict", it concerns a  "Feast", it was said. Finally Félicité  deleted Manif pour tous and other "suspicious" groups from her Favorites list. But that was not enough for  the modern Jacobins. The girl had to cede to the pillory and a public statement with a mea culpa, that she had been "reckless".
Modern "tolerance" has no culture,   because it wants to celebrate the feast of a Catholic Saint, but promotes anti-Catholicism. And it is unrelenting and as old as the saying goes: if you're not willing, I'll make you...
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred
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