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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Masonic Grandmaster Says Pope is “Prototype of Enlightened Despot of the World”

Freemasonry, the mafia and Pope Francis as a prototype of the "enlightened despot" who was supposed to rule the "global society" because democracy was "not suitable".

(Rome) What does a Grand Master of Freemasonry say about Pope Francis? A few days ago, the official website of the Grand Lodge of Italy (GLRI) published some Thoughts by Grandmaster Fabio Venzi. Even more enlightening seem to be words of his predecessor in the office of grandmaster.

The main concern of Grand Master Venzi is to correct on 28 pages "enormous inaccuracies, contradictions and misstatements" in the recent report of the Anti-Mafia Committee of Inquiry of the Italian Parliament. The Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry had submitted it on 21 December 2017.

Rosy Bindi as Chairwoman of the Anti-Mafia Committee of Inquiry of the Italian Parliament

Rosy Bindi as Chairwoman of the Anti-Mafia Committee of Inquiry of the Italian Parliament
The committee, which was in office until the parliamentary elections last March, was chaired by former Christian Democrat politician and Minister of Health, Rosy Bindi.

In the Bindi report, among other things, is the revelation of the infiltration of some Masonic organizations by the mafia. On page 155 there is a brief paragraph on the incompatibility of the Catholic Church and Freemasonry, without giving the reasons for this incompatibility. It wasn’t the allegations of infiltration by the mafia, but this paragraph of eleven lines, that was addressed by Grand Master Vanzi. "This is undoubtedly the most troubling part" of the report (page 2).

In his reply, the Grand Master claims a perfect compatibility between Church and lodge. Freemasonry is not plotting, the anti-masonry critics are absurd and slanderous in their statements (p.2ff) and probably suffer from a "dysphoria of personality" (p.26).

Grandmaster Creates Confusion

Grandmaster Fabio Venzi

Venzi, a sociologist, tries to confuse the average reader himself in apparent trivialities. So he writes:

"As I have already suggested, we know that hostility to Masonry was born before Freemasonry" (p. 25f).

In his latest book "The Last Heresy" (L'ultima eresia) he says:

"Hostility to Freemasonry goes with Freemasonry" (p. 11).

At his hearing before the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on 24 January 2017, he stated (see Stenographic Minutes of the Committee of Inquiry):

"Freemasonry was created in 1717. The first anti-Masonite document dates from 1652."

And further:

"The problems of free masonry are problems that arise along with Freemasonry.”
 Not "Satanic", just a Luciferian component

"Lucifer" by Franz von Stuck (1890)

So what !? There is considerable confusion in the statements of the Grand Master. When was the hostility to Freemasonry really born? Even he doesn't seem to be able to believe that it could have existed even before the founding of the Masons. The statements of the Grand Master, however, help to better understand the incompatibility between Church and lodge. In his remarks, the Grand Master clearly shows that Freemasonry is a "mystery school" with an "initiation rite", "one of the many esoteric movements" (p. 4).

The Grand master, however, resolutely defends himself against the assertion of a "'Satanic' component of Freemasonry" (p. 5). On the other hand, he does not reject an initiatory, esoteric, gnostic and Luciferian component. The title page of his already mentioned, most recent book "The Last Heresy" is at least adorned with the picture of the painting "Lucifer" by the German painter Franz von Stuck (1890).

Conspiracy against the church? "Ridiculous…"

Freemasonry has conspired against the Church?

Impossible, ridiculous, absurd, says Grand Master Venzi. He also describes it as "ridiculous" that he is supposed to have "important, clerical allies" and "contacts with high-ranking representatives in the Vatican" (page 3f). In the book "Masonic Vatican. Lodges, money and occult power: The secret side of the Church of Pope Francis" (Vaticano Massone), published by the Vaticanist Giacomo Galeazzi in 2013 with his colleague Ferruccio Pinotti, sounds quite different. The two journalists also spoke with Grand Master Venzi.

Masonic Vatican (2013)

He "revealed to us that in his obedience, the only one recognized by the Grand Lodge of England, there are many priests. Venzi is in a sober and discreet way to begin a dialogue with representatives of the Vatican "(p. 54).

Galeazzi and Pinotti wrote:

"It is suggested by many that behind the recent and revolutionary events in the Vatican, especially the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, is the hand of the lodges. In the corridors of the Sacri Palazzi it is whispered that even the election of the new Pope is their work. After a pontificate of closure like that of Ratzinger, it is probable that many among the lodge brothers hope, with the help of the Jesuit Bergoglio, to re-establish the old sympathies between the Society of Jesus and the Freemasons "(see also The Jesuit on the Pope's throne).
"Do you know the 'Santa'?"

Venzi denies in his "Thoughts" that the Masonic rituals are secret because "they are easy to find on numerous websites" (p. 13). However, he does not name such a website that could serve as a reliable source. If the rituals of Freemasonry, its obedience or any other obedience are not secret, then why not publish them on the official site of the Grand Lodge?

"The Last Heresy" by Grandmaster Fabio Venzi (2017)

Rather, the Grand Master blames the chairman of the parliamentary committee of inquiry Bindi for asking him a "provocative" question at the hearing (p. 23). In fact, the question to the Grand Master was directly related to the mission of the Anti-Mafia Committee:

"Do you know the 'Santa', the leader of the` Ndrangheta, who smuggle their men into the Masonic lodges? "1)

"Freemasonry can survive in the underground"

Grand Master Venzi is astonished that the Bindi report mentions a possible "dissolution of the societies" (p. 25) by the state.

Cryptically, the Grand Master indicates that the Masons are capable of working in the underground in such a case.

He says:

"Even if Italy forbade Freemasonry, it would still exist abroad, which could infiltrate it and rebuild it in Italy" (p. 25).
In other words, the Grand Master indicates that a state ban can not shake a secret society with so much experience.

The Bindi report also mentions Pope Francis, who in 2017 refused accreditation to the Holy See for a designated ambassador because of his membership in the lodge. Apparently, the Grand Master is concerned that the Italian State could follow suit and remove the Freemasons from its diplomatic service among its ambassadors. But this danger does not seem to exist, for Bindi emphasized in her report that the Anti-Mafia Committee of Inquiry had "nothing to do with the phenomenon of Freemasonry itself", not even with Italian Freemasonry as a whole, but only with four obediences including the Grand Lodge (p. 91f).

The Grand Master does not have to worry. The Italian state will not ban Freemasonry because every government would fear a massive national and international reaction from Freemasonry. In view of the Grandmaster's suggestion of contacts with high-ranking Church representatives, it would not be excluded that even there someone could tune into the choir in defense of the lodge brothers.

Ex-grandmaster Di Bernardo

Ex-grandmaster Di Bernardo

Venzi also criticizes his predecessor, Grand Master Giuliano Di Bernardo (p. 24). Di Bernardo was Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy (1990-1993). As the Italian party system of the post-war period imploded under corruption charges (Christian Democracy, Socialist Party) and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc (Communist Party), and the Great Orient and its networking came into the spotlight, Di Bernardo sought safety, resigned and founded the Grand Lodge of Italy, whose grandmaster he became. The Grand Lodge was, in contrast to the Great Orient, recognized by the Grand Lodge of England. It was Di Bernardo who in 1999 brought the Mason Venzi into the Grand Lodge and presented him as his successor. Since 2001 Venzi is Grandmaster.

In a radio interview for Border Nights, Di Bernardo said last April:

"The Grand Lodge of Italy, according to the report of the anti-mafia commission on the Great Orient, is most contaminated by infiltrations of the mafia and the 'Ndrangheta" (Min. 31: 50-32: 13) .2).
Di Bernardo added:

"The Grand Lodge of Italy, which was the showpiece of Italian and English Freemasonry, was reduced to rubble by Fabio Venzi. I wonder how the Grand Lodge of England can continue to recognize her as the only Masonic obedience on Italian soil. Why does not Venzi come back? If Venzi leaves, perhaps someone else could return a minimum of dignity to what I call my Masonic creation "(Min 33: 23-34: 20).

An "enlightened despot" is supposed to rule the world

Far more interesting than these internal-lodge animosities is another statement by Di Bernardo, who was, after all, the grand master of Italy's two biggest obediences and internationally well-connected. Di Bernardo is convinced that "global society" can not be governed democratically, but only through "a community of wise men who embody the One, the enlightened tyrant" (Min. 40: 00-40: 47).

Pope Francis with Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin

But was it not Freemasonry, which in the 18th.-- 20th Centuries fought with particular determination against the ancien regime and against the monarchies (except the English) and for democracy? Did democracy serve only as an intermediate step to get rid of the old order?

In an interview with the daily Libero on 22 February 2016, the former Grand Master praised Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, the Vatican diplomat whom Pope Francis sent to the Vatican Secretariat of State in the Summer of 2013. Parolin attended an annnual convention of the Bilderbergers at the beginning of June as the first Secretary of State with the consent of Pope Francis.

And what does a Grand Master praise a Cardinal Secretary of State for? Because Parolin, according to Di Bernardo, has "no negative and hostile attitude towards the freemasonry and the esoteric." This then resulted in the following question and answer in the Libero interview:

Libero: What is your prototype of an enlightened tyrant?

Di Bernardo: If I really should name one, I would say: Pope Francis.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana / MiL / Wikicommons / IxR (screenshots
Trans: Tancred

1. `Ndrangheta is called the Calabrian mafia, which consists of different clans (` Ndrine), which territorially divide Calabria, Italy and the foreign countries. The structure of ` Ndrangheta is very similar to Freemasonry. The membership is acquired through an initiation rite. At the top stands the 'Santa ', in which the memberships are again only possible under certain, already passed stages and according to hierarchical regulations. Similarly, there are degrees and special lodges in the lodges. The ' Santisti ', members of the ' Santa ', ritually call three "patron saints": Giuseppe Garibaldi, Giuseppe Mazzini and Alfonso La Marmora. All three were high-grade freemasons, Garibaldi even Grand Master of the Great Orient of Italy.
Second Abroad, every form of organized crime is often mistakenly called a mafia . In reality, only the Sicilian is called that. That of Naples and Campania is the Camorra , that of Calabria the ' Ndrangheta , that of Apulia the Sacra Corona Unita


Sunday, July 9, 2017

France's Bishops Praise Abortion Legislating Simone Veil as "Very Great"

(Paris) Last Friday, June 30, Simone Veil died shortly before her 90th birthday. The French Bishops' Conference left a breathless Twitter message upon her death to praise her her as "very great".

Brilliant political career

Veil 2008

Simone Veil has held the highest political positions. She was French Minister of Health (1974-1979 and 1993-1995, at the time under the Socialist President Mitterand) and first president of the first directly elected European Parliament (1979-1982). Above all, she was the first woman in this office. In 1982 she was honored with the Karlspreis of Aachen. From 1984-1989, she was President of the Liberal Group in the European Parliament and from 1998-2007 Member of the French Constitutional Court. For a better understanding, she has been part of the Liberal Party Union of the Démocrates et Indépendants (UDI) since 2012 , which cooperates with the US Democratic Party at the international level.
Veil, born in Nice in 1927 as a daughter of Jewish parents, by the architect André Jacob and by Yvonne Steinmetz, was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp in March 1944. Her mother did not survive the imprisonment.  Even she herself appeared up to the 80's in databases also among the Holocaust victims. In reality, she had survived National Socialism and had studied law in Paris after the war. Since 1957, she has worked in the French Ministry of Justice, and in 1974 she became Minister of Justice in the government of Prime Minister Jacques Chirac. As such, she passed the notorious French Abortion Act, which had been engineered by her.

The Loi Veil

The French parliament voted on 29 November 1974 at 3:40 am for the Loi Veil.  The voices of the Left opposition were decisive. In 1973, the bourgeois alliance was composed of Gaullists. Christian Democrats and Liberals which won parliamentary elections, and in May 1974 also presidential elections.The Liberal Giscard d'Estaing became president. The Left Alliance, led by François Mitterrand, of socialists, communists, and leftists had suffered a double defeat and was in the opposition. In the vote on Simone Veil's abortion law, however - as now in the German Bundestag in the vote on the "homosexual marriage" - the faction was annulled. The bourgeois presidential majority held a large majority of 302 out of 490 seats in parliament. The liberals, to which Veil belonged, wanted, however, with no less vehemence the legalization of the killing of unborn children than the political left. The left-wing opposition, which voted unanimously for abortion, and one-third of the bourgeois coalition government created ad hoc and otherwise non-existent parliamentary majority. Simone Veil became the model of feminism that was internationally celebrated by the Left and the Liberals.
On January 17, 1975, the abortion law came into force and became the largest mass grave of all French history. According to the Historical abortion statistics - France by Robert Johnston, which is based on official data, Veil's killing laws have already claimed 33,454 unborn children in 1975. According to official data, the French Abortion Act has so far has demanded nearly the deaths of 7,500,000. The number of children killed per year is indicated by more than 200,000 by the competent authorities.
On March 3, 1975, shortly after the law came into force, Simone Veil told Times magazine:
"With a change of law it is basically possible to change the human behavioral model. I find that fascinating."
Today, more than 95 percent of French gynecologists practice abortion or are prepared to do so. Less than five percent use a limited right to refuse conscientious objection. This is only for doctors, but not for pharmacists (morning after pill, etc.). Anyone who refuses on grounds of conscience have to bear serious professional disadvantages. He is consistently discriminated against during the search for job vacancies. The chances of a job as a primary are reduced to zero.

Unintelligible words of the bishops

Tweet of the French bishops

In view of the immense ocean blood that Simone Veil caused by her abortion law, from which she never distanced herself, but which she defended until the very end and celebrated for it, the Twitter message of the French bishops is an incomprehensible scandal. The French abortionist par excellence was uncritically offered incense. The abortion victims, who are almost 7.5 million innocent, unborn children (in reality, more likely, more) who have fallen victim to Veil's law were not mentioned. The bishops thus behave no differently than the abortion ideologists. The unborn children are nowhere to be seen.They simply do not exist. They must be dehumanized and reified in order to be able to eliminate them without a rebellion of conscience.
The bishops wrote:
"We salute your greatness as a woman of state, your will, to fight for a fraternal [Masonic?] Europe, your conviction that abortion is a drama."
Mauro Faverzani wrote in the Corrispondenza Romana: "The idea is simply paradoxical to think that someone who has done everything to legalize and liberalize abortion can really see it this way," as the bishops have now claimed.
This distorted recounting of the bloody reality by the bishops is not really surprising. When Simone Veil was elected in November 2008 with 22 of 29 votes to chair the Académie française, founded in 1634, the Catholic hierarchy uttered not a word of disapproval, nor even a sign of indignation.

"Veil remains immortal" - award from the Grand Orient of France

France's Socialist President Emmanuel Macron published a long statement on Veil's death. In it he wrote:
"Grieving France expresses its gratitude to Madame Simone Veil."
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a representative of the bourgeois Les Républicains, said:
"Simone Veil remains immortal."
Their "immortality" annually costs more than 200,000 children.

Simone Veil

Simone Veil was the last to celebrate her "work of life", whose only real "achievement", which made her internationally known, was the abortion law. On April 8, 2016, she was honored by the Grand Orient of France, the largest and most powerful Freemasonry in France. In the presence of Senate President Gerard Larcher, Grand Master Daniel Keller personally presented Jacques France's "Marianne" to Jean and Pierre-François Veil, her two sons who received the honors for Simone Veil.
On this occasion, Grandmaster Keller said that the Marianne was "a testimony of the attachment and recognition of the Greater Orient of France to Simone Veil, our sister of our heart." Keller praised Veil's "Republican activism" and her "struggle for women's empowerment, the daughter of secularism, which is the core of Masonic activity." He also praised her abortion law as,
"The symbol of the improvement in man and the society in which the Freemasons work: this law remains a pillar of our society."
The news agency Médias-Presse-Info wrote:
"Every day in France, killing hundreds of children in the womb of their mothers is thus a pillar of the society that the Masonic Sect wants."

"Nevertheless the Church remained silent" - parallel to the case Emma Bonino

Mauro Faverzani wrote on the behavior of Catholic bishops:
"Nevertheless, the French church remained silent, always, and was distinguished only by its muteness. Only on the occasion of Simone Veil's death did it open its mouth."
The case of Veil is reminiscent of the Bonin or Emma Bonino case, as Veil from a middle-class house, driven by a radical attitude, became the central figure in the enforcement of the abortion law in Italy. Like Veil, she was honored as a minister and with high offices at the European level. At the beginning of February 2016 Pope Francis praised Emma Bonino pas "very great1) The bishops of France now offer Simone Veil the same praise.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / Corrispodenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Manif pour tous: "We say no to Macron" -- Rothschild, Grand Orient Freemasons and Grand Mosque

"Manif pour tous" say "No to Macron".  "His politics are
anti-family, the exact continuation of the politics of the last five years."
(Paris) France is preparing for the presidential elections. Last Sunday, the electorate succeeded in what the opinion research institutes had already said in the weeks before. In four months the establishment, with the help of the mass media, succeeded in catapulting a former socialist baggage carrier, the Rothschild banker and minister of the outgoing president François Hollande as a "wonder worker" in a few months.The civil rights movement Manif pour tous warns against Macron and has published an denunciation: "We say no to Emmanuel Macron on 7 May."
While the government of Hollande lost all citizens' credibility and their official candidate Hamon could barely earn more than a disastrous six percent of the vote, Emmanuel Macron seems to be bursting with reliability.

Storybook career und stroke of genius: Who can, he does

Macron would be the eighth President of the Fifth Republic, but he would already be the second employee of the Rothschild Bank in the highest state office. The other was Georges Pompidou, who on 3 January 1973 prohibited the Banque de France by law from lending money to the state. Since then, the latter has had to squeeze money from private banks at high rates of interest and interest rates, including the Rothschild Bank. The four-year interim  at Rothschild made Macron a millionaire. Hollande took him as an advisor to the presidential chancery after his election victory, while Macron "qualified" among the "Young Leaders" of the 2012 Graduate Class of the French-American Foundation as a Euro-Atlantic lobbyist for higher offices. In 2014 he took part in the Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and was promoted shortly thereafter as Minister of Economic Affairs.
The stroke of genius by the French establishment with Macron, captivating sociologists and political scientists, if they are left free and uninhibited, will continue. The masterpiece shows the importance of PR agencies, programmed image campaigns that have been thoroughly studied. It also shows how helplessly large parts of the population are at the mercy of the media manipulation of those who control the opinion-forming media. When even provincial papers from other countries, uncritically celebrated Macron after the Sunday election as a "young high flyer" of politics, they only repeat that which they themselves are fed by others. The election campaigns have long had nothing to do with reality. As a clever head said, "If elections were to change something against the will of the establishment, they would be forbidden."
Macron has a picture book career behind him, his work history reads impressively, but can not, on closer inspection, conceal the fact that he was a protege during his lifetime. And precisely as such, he is now standing as a candidate for the Elysée Palace for others who have held their protective hand over him.

Representatives of the voted out socialist establishment

On the evening of the election, the representatives of the establishment had tended to assure Macron of their vote. The citizens movement Manif pour tous , however, warns of Macron's voice, because "it is openly anti-family."
The citizens' movement had arisen from the resistance to the socialist social policy which Hollande began to enforce with uncompromising harshness after his election victory in 2012. Whether promoting abortion, legalization of gay marriage, legalizing euthanasia and  "surrogacy", introduction of adoption rights for aberrosexuals and gender ideology, to kindergartens and schools, whether the criminalization of the pro-life movement or Manif pour tous, whether the open declaration of war against the Catholic Church by Socialist Ministers, Macron had never heard a word of contradiction. As a socialist party soldier, president, and minister, he was unconditionally involved in the campaign against the natural order of the family and the state.

Grand Orient of France: "We choose Macron"

So maybe a look at those who support Macron? This is yet again the freemasonic Grand Orient of France. The Grand Master of the Grand Orient, Christophe Habas, who has been influential in France, left no doubt. On Monday he declared:
"We choose Macron."
On June 21, 2016, Macron, at that time still a socialist party member and an economic and industrial minister, had presented himself at the headquarters of the Grand Orient of France. Before the fraternal brothers, he was allowed to give a lecture on "Is globalization compatible with progress?" This was a non-public event. There can hardly be any doubt that it in fact involved his bid as a potential candidate for presidential elections. Two months later, he resigned party membership and ministry.

Manif pour tous: "Macron is the continuation of the policy of the past five years"

Manif pour tous, the movement which gathered millions of Frenchmen to rallies in opposition to the anti-family policy of the Hollande government, published the statement "No to Macron!" For the families, for the children, for the upcoming election. The future we will say no to Macron on 7 May," said Ludovine de la Rochére, the chairman of the movement.
"The Emmanuel Macron program is a continuation of the anti-family policy that has been imposed on France for five years."
A victory Macron means the "destruction of civilization" with "new injustices and inequalities for women and children." Politicians are bound to the general good. Macron's program represents "other" interests, "which is why we call upon all to go to the polls and vote against Macron."

Candidate of Islam

Macron is not only the candidate of the Rothschild Bank and the Grand Orient of France, but also of Islam.The Grand Mosque of Paris called on the Muslims of the country to elect Macron at the election on Tuesday. Macron stands for a policy of "openness," which primarily means "open borders" for the Muslim umbrella association for mass immigration.
Text: Andreas Becker
Photo: Manif pour tous (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Freemasons Order the EU: Open Borders For More and More Immigration

(Brussels) Regarding   immigration everyone has said each to his own. The difference, however, is that some can do it in a big way in the mass media, others only in the limited range of a formally borderless Internet.
Now the Masons have spoken out. 28 Obediences have signed an official statement and throw a revealing light through this rare openness on the phenomenon now paralyzing Europe of borderless and irregular immigration. A phenomenon that makes the growing gap between elites and people visible.

Lodges unite from Turkey to Portugal, from Italy to Ireland and Poland

Among the signatories are the Grand Orient of France, the Grand Lodge of Austria, Switzerland, the Grand Orient, the Grand Lodge of France, the Grand Orient of Belgium, the Grand Lodge of Belgium, the Grand Orient of Croatia, of the Grand Orient of Ireland, the Grand Lodge of Italy, the Grand Orient of Luxembourg, the Grand Orient of Poland, the Grand Orient of Portugal, the Grand Orient of Greece, the Women's Grand Lodge of Turkey and others. They call on the European governments to not only receive the oncoming immigrants but take more and more in the future. The Masons proving an impressive consensus  among themselves from Turkey to Portugal, from Italy to Ireland and Poland. In addition, they are also making visible a constructive convergence with the official policies of the European Union and the majority of EU member states. It's a coincidence of intentions, that has been rarely expressed officially  to this extent between Freemasonry and policy makers.

The goal: "Undermining supporting elements such as homeland, identity and nation"

Freemasons and Immigration
A singular coincidence? It may be doubted. "The agreement has one objective: The undermining of supporting elements of our community such as homeland, identity, people," said Corrispondenza Romana.
The Lodges statement was publicized ​​by Médias-press made ​​in France.
The official lodges have justified the demand for unbridled immigration with overcoming "national egoism" and the primacy of undefined "general interests", which would require an "innovative welcome policy".
The lodges are not only declaring noble intentions, but issue a warning. Should  governments not   open their borders and therefore not follow the Masonic proposals, there would be "divisions and conflicts" and to a "resurgence of nationalism" in Europe.

Lodges demand: "Immigration ueber alles"

The lodge brothers (and sisters) are not relying  on their demand for the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe, but to the "respect for human rights," on which, say the Freemasons, the European Union bases  the "values ​​of solidarity and brotherhood."  The foundations of Europe are sufficient for the lodges only  with the French Revolution back to its Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 which is the basis for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN in 1948.
The European Masonic obediences do not say how  squaring the circle is to be achieved, as the interests of refugees and the increasing number of swelling migration flows are to be reconciled with the interests of the peoples of Europe. The Freemasons are content publicly to define a fixed point as a conditio sine qua non: "Immigration above all," said Corrispondenza Romana.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana / Médias Press
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grandmaster of the Grand Orient: "We Are Transparent Just Like Pope Francis"

The New Cathedral of the Diocese of Crèteil (Paris): "A
Cathedral for the World of Today"

(Rome) Freemasonry "has reached its all-time high," and this has been achieved recently, said the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, '''thanks' to a part of the Church, which does not speak the spiritual language of the Church," said Traditio Catholica .  Traditio Catholica began an article about Freemasonry today with these words. A small, shorthand note, which stains a connection  from the Villa Vascello, the seat of the Grand Orient in Rome, to  the new cathedral of Créteil, near Paris.
"The question of the relationship of Church and Loge is still an issue, because who among the university-educated or in a certain position does not have a relative or a friend who attended a Masonic lodge?" says Traditio Catholica .

What influence did and has Freemasonry on important decisions in the world and Church?

There are also unresolved questions to which there may never be a real answer. About the question, "What influence has the Freemasonry in the last 250 years on certain political decisions of individual states and peoples, but also of world-historical importance." The issue concerns not only politics, but also the Church.

"In Church circles a long litany has been heard: In the Church this or that does not fit: The culprit is Freemasonry! Inside the Church is this and that has happened: The culprit is Freemasonry!"
"Intrigue and conspire do the lodge brothers still," against this or that cardinal or against this or that religious? Or hear that about a dark past?
Freemasonry should not be a welcome "scapegoat" for its own fault or even "relieve clergy and laity in a cheap way of their own responsibilities."
Fact is that Freemasonry changed strategy and tactics over time, and has adapted to the prevailing political power relations, "their fight against the Church, the revelation of God and to the truth about man but has never been given up."

Those who stand in the dark

Freemasons of the Grand Orient of Italy
What has remained constant is their actions out of the darkness. The aproned brothers show up today openly in some areas. They show themselves but only what they want. "They will not show their hand." Not even in France, where they are highly  officially invited on record to the palaces of power and asked for their opinion. "The positions  they are taking on specific issues, they also make publicly known. But what influence they exert in these questions on a decision remains hidden.  It starts already with the unanswerable question of who belongs among the deputies of Parliament and members of a government to a Loge, perhaps even the head of state himself." The same is true of media owners and media professionals.
"The lodges rarely sought direct confrontation with the Church." With careful aim,  they have only fought  in some Latin countries of Europe and Latin America, and even then only if they held the power of the state firmly in their hand, as in France, Italy and Mexico.

Church and the French Revolution - Who makes common cause with the Jacobins?

"A   face to face struggle today is also no longer necessary, as a part of the Church has taken their views and hardly is able to define a substantive difference."
The French Revolution was the great landmark, which the lodges have rammed into the earth of world history. The question of the relationship between Church and French Revolution is synonymous with the question of the relationship between Church and lodge. The influence of the lodges can be seen from the answer to the question to what extent the Jacobin ideas of this revolution are accepted or not. One can confidently say that they form the doctrine of the current world.
"The Church opposes the anti-Christian ideas and does so even today. But for Catholics, and especially religious leaders a litmus test applies: How do I keep it  within the French Revolution?"
At all times there were parts of the church who were inclined towards the secular power. "Power is attractive, power is threatening. The reasons are many. The Church therefore had to endure tough fights to preserve  inner freedom and not as a state Church, namely equipped with privileges to must be subservient to those in power.

"How many divisions has the Pope?" - Cardinal Martini's poisoned legacy

Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini: "Church is 200 years behind the times"
"The policy of appeasement  is affected by sympathizers of secular ideologies, profiteers, but also the great multitude who are afraid of  conflict. The secular power is always stronger than the Church by worldly standards, not only in the sense of the equally rhetorical as much as cynical question of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, "How many divisions has the Pope?" That was 1945 in Yalta and it wasn't, believe it or not, about anything less than the determination of the post-war order by the victors. "
So, there have been since the days of the revolution parts of the church,  "which want to come to terms with the Jacobins." The ideologically attuned  even consider it the crucial question per se for the future of the Church. The Arrangement was so important to this part of the Church  that the  Archbishop of Milan, deceased in 2012, and Cardinal of the Roman Church, Carlo Maria Martini, in his last interview left his "spiritual testament." Literally the cardinal told the Corriere della Sera : "The Church is 200 years behind the times" and meant that she had not taken part in the development initiated by the French revolution.  Cardinal Martini had made ​​his decision and encouraged other Catholics in it to do the same.   A step, which he even called upon the Church, to bring it up once more into 'harmony' with the world. A poisoned legacy."
Some Catholics would agonize their brains over "whether this or that Church officials were  Freemasons or not." In fact, there were quite a few aproned clerics in the history. Already years before the outbreak of the revolution in Paris in the Benedictine Abbey of Melk, the Austrian Escorial, an active Masonic Lodge. The Convention was divided: there were monks and masons. The former, of course, did not know who were the latter. Overall, the number of Church lodge brothers had  remained modest at all times.
The  sociologist of religion Massimo Introvigne, an expert on Freemasonry, gave a key to probatively difficult questions of how to recognize the mason. Since membership is subject to strict secrecy and the Loge brothers have had rich experience of it after 300 years, it is crucial to ask then, who represents Masonic positions and who does not. Whether aproned Freemasons or unaproned (unofficial) the spirit in any case. You know  whose side they're on.

Grand Master of the Grand Orient, "We are as transparent as Pope Francis"

Stefano Bisi, Grand Master of the Grand Orient
In an interview in March 2014, shortly after his election as Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy,  the journalist Stefano Bisi, said about the Masons: "We are as transparent as Pope Francis." It was "hard to believe", but "many young" would "knock on the door of the temple", because they "also  need spirituality today."
Bisi was asked why anyone should feel the need today to become Freemasons. His answer: "Perhaps because there is a need to regain some spiritual values. I am aware that it is difficult for a profane to believe, but when we go to work in the lodge, we enter a house, put on an apron and pulling on gloves, ignite three candles and speak one after another. One speaks, the others listen. In a world in which you have to shout in order to be heard, this is a revolutionary thing. Where that happens otherwise?I n my opinion, people need spirituality, even today."
He continued: "In the lodge you will find everything a little, that's the best part: entrepreneurs, employees, students ... In the lodge we are all equal. Whether one comes from a family with Masonic tradition or not, just like me. "

Grandmaster: Highest Level of Members Achieved - "We are working for the good of humanity"

Villa Vascello, seat of the Grand Orient in Roma
For two weeks, the Grand Orient of Italy has put up a new website. "We have modernized ourselves," said Grandmaster Bisi a few days ago . The Grand Orient of Italy is the largest Masonic organization on the Apennine Peninsula. "We have more than 22,500 brothers, this stands as the highest ever in our history." An ascending trend. In just the first three months of 2015 have been placed 800 membership applications. We had 40 percent more than the average for the past ten years. "These are respectable figures," because one can not simply apply at the lodges for membership. Membership applications were presented only after a "long way" by other brothers.
Although the Grand Orient has no Facebook page, it already twitters. "Even with 140 attacks one can be introduced to the knowledge of the free masons," said Bisi, because: "The real Freemasonry is not forged in  dark intrigues, but is working for the good of humanity." The Grand Master also said that the Grand Orient has "never" been a secret organization.
The Grand Orient  celebrated on 19 September in the Villa Il Vascello, in the Roman Janiculum, the autumn equinox.  On the hill is also an equestrian statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The lodge brothers have erected a bronze monument of their Grandmaster and do not forget to look at him with a commanding gesture toward St. Peter's Basilica. This was, after the destruction of the Papal States in 1870, the celebration of the Lodge's triumph over the Church.
The sinister entrance to Villa Vascello
With the equinox the lodges return to their work after the summer break. But above all, is celebrated the destruction of the Papal States and the conquest of Rome   by Italian troops the following day. A few years ago the head of a  noble family loyal to Rome handed the papal flag that flew on the Porta Pia and an ancestor had obtained it in time to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. It was kept in the family until they solemnly presented it to Benedict XVI.  
Grandmaster Bisi  also layed a wreath in 2015  at Porta Pia  to commemorate the conquest of the city from the Pope which "was fundamental for the civilized development of our country" in his opinion. After more than 1,300 years,  the papal domination of the country  had emerged from a period of popular exile.
The Grand Orient also celebrates the 750th anniversary of Dante Alighieri on this occasion. The greatest poet of Italy had nothing to do with the lodges, but was a member of the imperial party of his time. This anti-papal attitude makes him a sympathetic figure for the lodge brothers.

Créteil: "A cathedral for the world of today"

"Planetary" church with hidden object game. Where is a tabernacle?What recognizable Christian symbols you find?
An addendum: The picture shows the new top of Notre Dame Cathedral of the Diocese of Créteil, a suffragan of Paris. "Une cathédrale pour le monde présent," is the self-congratulation of its "creator". It is to be dedicated  next September. "In France there are currently  Gothic and neo-Gothic churches being abandoned by the Masonic government," said Traditio Catholica, because the number of believers  is falling, the buildings are dilapidated and in any case usually belong to the state.
"Does Freemasonry need to fight a Church that can build such houses of worship, like the new Cathedral of Creteil, where verticality is turned upside down? Hardly," said Traditio Catholica. Nothing in this architecture leads up to God.Instead, the priest stands down as an entertainer, clearly visible to the entire audience in the stands.
"It is this Church style of Créteil, of San Giovanni Rotondo, from Fatima, where those Catholics, clergy and laity, who have embraced the humanistic teachings of Freemasonry  and accordingly consistently  scourge and humiliate the cultic and cultural singularity of 'their' Church. In any case,  kneeling before God is neither intended nor desired in Créteil. There is not a tabernacle in the nave and in general Christian symbols are not to be found.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Traditio Catholica / Linkiesta / GOI (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, February 24, 2014

Clerical Association of Saint Gregory the Great -- New Community of Tradition: Society of Good Shepherd Splintering

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(Rome) within the traditional Institut du Bon Pasteur (Institute of the Good Shepherd), there have been times of disquiet. The calm was restored by Rome's intervention in the sense at the price that some priests and seminarians of the Institute have now established with the Clerical Association of Saint Gregory the Great, a new community. A canonical recognition is not yet available.

The Institute was canonically erected by the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei in 2006. The founder and Superior General, Philippe Laguérie and the first members of the young Institute came from the Society of St. Pius X. A Visitation of the Institute in the spring of 2012 by the then and now renewed Secretary of the Commission Ecclesia Dei, today's Curial Archbishop Mario Pozzo, led to internal conflict in the institute. Among other things,  Rome had called for a more positive view in the formation of priests  with respect to  the Second Vatican Council  in the setting of Disputationes Theologicae and a change in the statutes in which the designation of the traditional Rite as "exclusive Rite" of the Institute, "the Institute's own rite" should be changed (see separate report Institut du Bon Pasteur has new Superior General - If it Comes to the Dividing of the Institute? ). 

Conflict was Sparked by the Interference of Rome

An internal conflict flared up about the identity of the institution. A majority of younger members of the institute struggled at the general chapter  in that year against Roman interference and selected on 5 July a new General Council headed by Abbé Roch Perrel. The deselected founder and former Superior General Laguérie fought with the support of Rome in the election. He warned against internal   battles and a rebellion against Rome. The election was declared invalid and Laguérie was reinstated as Superior General. Under the supervision of Ecclesia Dei  a new General Chapter took place on 12 September 2013 which held that again the Superior General  Abbé Laguérie was elected for a six year period. (see separate report Father Philippe Laguerie Again Superior General of the Institut du Bon Pasteur ).

But what has happened since with the group of priests and seminarians who made 2012 resistance? The majority acquiesced to the decisions of Rome.

Four appeals to Rome - two "answers"

However, four priests of the Institute went to the Apostolic Signatura in Rome with four requests  on various issues. Meanwhile, there are answers to two appeals before.

The first appeal concerned the right to inspect certain documents to the common questions.  The decision of the Church court was negative (Protocol No. 48339/13 CA Pictavien, electionis, Rev.dus St. Carusi - Pontificia Commissio Ecclesia Dei, 17 September 2013). The second appeal was directed against the repeat of the election of the General Council and the interventions to make in the electoral body, "that would have led to a contradiction even in Burkina Faso," as the Clerical Association of Saint Gregory the Great, noted in a written statement. It was initially partially approved. 

Appeals Archived Because of "Lack of Money" and "Time Limit Exceeded"

On 11 December, 2013 however,  the  appellants were informed in a letter dated 30 November that the appeal had been archived.  By reason of  exceeding the deadline and financial aspects. The applicant had lack of income, because for months he no longer  received grants from his Institute, then he requested the allocation of a public defender, which was refused. The rejection was not transmitted until 30 days after the deadline and at the same time succinctly explains that it had been archived due to exceeding the deadline of appeals. The procedure is reminiscent of an elegant little tricking. That it was moored to a question of money,  makes recent acclamations of  the recently emphasized "Church of the poor" more bitter than funny.

Other signals are interpreted by the priests and seminarians that resisted the intervention of Rome not very positively. By circular dated 11 November 2013 it was communicated to the priests of the Institute, that Jean-Pierre Cardinal Ricard, archbishop of Bordeaux  would be the canonical reference point for the Institute. In the Diocese there is the general headquarters and other facilities of the Institute. From the circular it is not entirely clear whether Cardinal Ricard is in a sense a kind of "permanent Visitor" or "Commissar" of the Institute. The Masonic magazine Franc-Maçonnerie magazines from the September October 2013 reported that the cardinal urged priests of his archdiocese   to continue to go to the lodge meetings, because in allusion to Pope Francis, the Freemasonry was in the "existential periphery". [Bishop Pontier member of Grand Orient.]

Clerical Association of Saint Gregory the Great - Five  Priorities

The appellants  wanted to exhaust all ways, and also by the answers as they write, to be able to recognize a "Wink of Providence." "After everyone has checked to see, we came to the conclusion that it was time to leave." The group decided to stay together and to form their own community in order to preserve the identity of the Institut de Bon Pasteur in another form.

They founded the Clerical Association of Saint Gregory the Great, in order to make their "contribution to the Catholic tradition." The new altrituelle Community lists five priorities of their work:

1) The formation of seminarians in fidelity to the Church's tradition.
2) The website Disputationes Theologicae, which is published in French and Italian, as an organ of a "constructive criticism". [Guess what's going up on the blogroll?]
3) Communal prayer life, "especially for the triumph of faith for the Church and for souls, who are exposed to great trial and particularly the persistent need of prayer."
4) The maintenance of the traditional Mass "on a large reliance on the fruits of the Holy Victim of the Altar."
5) The use of the confessional, a service that  the priests of the Clerics Association of Saint Gregory the Great offer to dioceses.

Those who signed the explanation were  two priests Abbé Louis-Numa Julien (France) and Don Stefano Carusi (Italy) and the Polish seminarians Łukasz Zaruski and Bartholomew K. Krzych.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Messa in Latino
Trans: Tancred
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