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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Pope Says “No More Homosexuals in Seminaries”

Pope Francis worried about homosexuality in the Church: "In our societies, it seems that homosexuality is a fashion, and this mentality also influences the Church in some way"

Rome ( Pope Francis is worried about homosexuals in the Church. "In our societies, it seems that homosexuality is a fashion, and this mentality also influences the Church in some way," said the head of the Church in a recent interview, which will be published in a book on Monday. This was reported by “ORF.” According to the interview, Francis is worried about homosexuals in the clergy and seminaries. [What about his close circle?]

It was - said the Pope - a "mistake" to believe that gays in the priestly education are "not so bad" and homosexuality is just a form of affection. "In consecrated life and in priestly life, this kind of affectation has no place." This is a "very serious matter". Francis also wants people with "these deep-rooted tendencies" not to be admitted into seminaries. Next week, the book by the author Fernando Prado entitled "La fuerza de la vocacion."

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pope Provides for Predator Presence at Youth Synod

Edit: Considering that most cases involving predators involve degenerate clergy preying on minors of the same sex, is it wise to continue promoting the outdated but highly corrosive revolutionary sexual ideologies of the late 60s and the individuals, like Rosica, who are its fanatical proponents? 

If I were a Canadian parent, I wouldn’t want Rosica anywhere near my children, or anyone else’s children.

I’d go a step further and say that this initiative and the Vatican’s current endorsement of it is a sign of the absolute irreformability of Francis and his clique of aberrosexualist collaborators.

Two staff members of Thomas Rosica’s 'Salt + Light Media' are auditors of the Synod of Bishops who can attend meetings and speak out. Rosica is considered a proponent of liberalization of the Church teaching on homosexuality.

Vatican ( Four employees of P. Thomas Rosica's "Salt + Light Media" are participating in the current synod. Two of them belong to the 50-member group of auditors. Canada's Catholic youth is thus represented exclusively by "Salt + Light Media" employees.

The auditors attend the synod meetings and are allowed to speak there. However, they have no voting rights. 34 of the 50 synod auditors are younger than thirty.

The two other employees of "Salt + Light Media" are collaborators of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops.

Rosica, himself a member of the Vatican Press Office, considered this circumstance to be "a strong sign of confirmation by the Pope" and recognition of the Church's mission of "Salt + Light".

The media project supports Pope Francis and will soon broadcast the documentary "The Francis Impact". It is a continuation of "The Francis Effect", which represents the pontificate as extremely positive. The announcement text for "The Francis Impact" states that Pope Francis is "for many people in the world the most authentic and credible moral authority". [lol]

Father Rosica has recently caused a stir by saying that Pope Francis will break with Catholic traditions whenever he wishes, "because he is free from disordered attachments." has reported this: with Pope Francis a 'new phase' for the Church begins

Shortly before it had become known that Rosica wanted to say a “Mass” for "LGBT Catholics". After this project became known, Rosica canceled his participation. In 2015 he had argued that the Catechism of the Catholic Church should find another language on homosexuality. has reported here: Canadian media priest and Vatican advisor will preside  LGBT Mass

Trans: Tancred

Friday, September 7, 2018

Don Bisceliga: Class Warrior, Homosexual, Priest

Don Marco Bisceglia, the founder of the organized gay movement in Italy was a Catholic priest.

(Rome) He was a rebel, was suspended by the Church a divinis, was a supporter of the most radical enemy of the  Church, known as a homosexual and founded together with Nichi Vendola, the Communist-Green Prime Minister of Puglia from 2005 to 2015, the largest sodomy organization in Italy. When all of his ideological "friends" had left him and he was alone and gravely ill in old age, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger picked him up again. This is the in many ways tragic story of a lost priest, which is also an extraordinary story of conversion and reconciliation. It’s one of those stories that testify to God's infinite mercy, but also the horrible confusion that people and even priests can make, and the great harm they can do. The story is retold following the reconstruction of Pino Suriano.

For many who know nothing about it, it may be an absurd invention, but it is simply fact: Arcigay was founded by a priest. In fact, the most influential and numerically significant LGBT association in Italy goes back in its core to a devotee who was himself a homosexual.

It happened in Palermo in December 1980 and the then almost 60-year-old priest, who had been suspended for several years a divinis, was called Marco Bisceglia, for everyone, he was simply Don Marco. His comrades in arms and, in the following months, also a housemate, was a young conscientious objector, Nicola Vendola, called Nichi, who did his civilian service at the ARCI Social and Cultural Association, which is close to the Communist Party of Italy (KPI).

In the biography of the priest, several precipitous breaks can be seen, which are also directly related to his own lifestyle. Pino Suriano speaks of the "three lives" of Don Marco.

At the side of Communists and pro-abortion advocates

In his "first life," Don Marco Bisceglia, in the left-wing ideological current of his time, was a priest of struggle. Born in 1925 in southern Italy, Lucerne, Bisceglia, he was ordained a priest in 1963. Already during his studies, he embraced the Marxist liberation theology, especially the teachings of the unorthodox Jesuit José Maria Diez-Alegria y Gutierrez (1911-2010), who was expelled from his order. When he is entrusted with his home parish church in Lavello, Sacred Heart, he wanted to immediately go to activism. The defense of the weak is for Don Marco the actual content of evangelization. Any Catholic would immediately sign for that if it were not for a definition problem: What is meant by "weak"? Don Marco defies everything he considers unfair. His main opponent is the Catholic Church. His fight is against celibacy, real estate investments, the "rich" Church. Don Bisceglia always finds new ways to rub against the Church with his Marxist world view. He fills his church with the supporters of the Communist Party, who have so far set foot in the church of the "class enemy". In the young priest they find a political comrade. The village church as a metaphysical ally of the local party committee of the KPI.

Don Bisceglia

The comrades applaud enthusiastically whenever Don Marco publicly and vociferously emphasizes his opposition to the Church. It was not long before the differences with his bishop are getting bigger and bigger. Not only because of the politicizing ideas of the young priest, but also because of his urge for action. With the revolution of 1968, Don Bisceglia becomes the organizer and center of workers' strikes. Political forms of struggle that also bring him into conflict with the law. On September 30, 1974, after several calls and personal talks to reconsider his positions and reduce his activism, he is deposed by Bishop Giuseppe Vairo as Pastor of Lavello. The bishop had good reasons for his drastic decision. He was responsible, as the chief shepherd, to protect the herd from confusion, for among them was a wolf who drifted about in the robes of a priest.

The "revolutionary" way

Don Marco Bisceglia had become a class-warrior on the side of the Communists and on the side of the feminists as a pro-abortion advocate. He joined the Radical Party, a radical liberal anti-Catholic movement and supported its socio-political struggle for the legalization of the murder of unborn children and for the sexual revolution. He had converted his parish house in Lavello into the local seat of the referendum committees for abortion and divorce. In order to support his ideological comrades elsewhere and to be able to fight the "imperialist" and "repressive" forces such as the state and the Church, he was increasingly absent from his parish, instead of fulfilling his priestly duty there. The bishop, in his deposition decree, wrote that Don Bisceglia had taken a "revolutionary" path that led to an "open break with the bishop."

The Communist Party did not abandon its ally. It mobilized, without appearing directly itself, through its open and underground channels, the media public. Lavello was soon besieged by reporters and correspondents from Italy's most important daily and weekly newspapers, and some from further afield. In the town itself, the non-communist believers had long been marginalized in the institutional parish. The companions flocked to "their" pastor and rose against the bishop's deposition decree onto the barricades. Don Marco and his red sheep occupied the church. On the facade of the church a banner in the best communist style of militancy was installed: "The Church belongs to the people". The pastor of Lavello became an Italy-wide case. The left immediately expressed solidarity with the "people's priest" and his "people" against the bishop and the "official Church".

"First Homosexual Marriage" in the history of Italy

But that wasn’t enough. A few days before the publication of the suspension decree, Don Marco took a step that became even more of a stumbling block and would be discussed for years to come. He celebrated what was to be the "first homosexual marriage" in Italian history. One day, of course not coincidentally in Lavello, two homosexuals presented themselves and wanted to be married ecclesiastically. Don Bisceglia was immediately on hand to manipulate Catholic doctrine and ecclesiastical order and to give the two men a straightforward lie: "Your marriage is already a sacrament before God," was how the priest explained his view of things.

Don Marco Bisceglia 1981: Activist for ArciGay and other "progressive" forces

But the two men were not really a homosexual, but the two journalists Bartolomeo Baldi and Franco Iappelli of the Conservative Monday magazine Il Borghese, publish Don Bisceglia’s idiosyncratic attitude towards the Catholic doctrine in great detail. On May 9, 1975, the bishop takes further action. Don Marco is suspended a divinis, banning him from practicing his priesthood.

This is clear after a long period of confusion clarity. Above all, it leads to a clear dividing line for the Catholic faithful. For Bisceglia, of course, a decision of the Church hierarchy he opposed is not a drama, so everything goes on as before. He celebrates Mass and other liturgies, offers the sacraments and proclaims the word of God. Of course it was a brand self-made a lá Marco Bisceglia. However, the connection with the faithful becomes weaker. The Communists needed him for their fight, many believers avoided him in  the neighboring villages. Now others stayed away, more and more.

The first time after the "church occupation" the church of Lavello was full. The zeitgeist seemed to inflate the sails of the deposed pastor. It would be a short straw fire. The full church became an empty church. The contrast is documented by photos. The photo of the last Mass celebrated by Don Marco in Lavello on April 25, 1978 shows him in front of a handful of old women, surrounded by a cordon of Carabinieri and police officers. Of course Bisceglia would not be Bisceglia if he had not chosen a political act for this last act as a "pastor". April 25 is the leftists’ holiday par excellence in Italy. On this day, against the background of a transfigured-distorted view of history, the "liberation of Italy from Nazi fascism" is celebrated. It is an event successfully usurped by Red Partisans.

A priest as a candidate of the most anti-Church party

Don Marco was now alone, without work, without a recognizable future and above all with a completely broken relationship to the Catholic Church. An "unemployed" man looking for a new home. He could not make the leap over his own shadow. He continued to talk about himself. That seemsed important to him. He wanted to change the world. According to his mind. On the 3rd of June 1979 parliamentary elections took place. The killing of unborn children had just been made a law in the previous year. Just a few months before election day, Marco Pannella, the old comrade in charge of free sex and feminist emancipation, announced  his opposition to the unresolved dichotomy that has been feigned for decades at the expense of women's reconciliation. Pannella offers the clearly underemployed ex-pastor a new field of activity. Bisceglia is to run for the Radical Party. Don Marco agrees. For Pannella a euphorically celebrated triumph: a Catholic priest as a candidate on the list of the most anti-Church party. "If you want to be free, you have to be heretical. Personally, I can not help but be one of their own ", with these words Bisceglia justified his candidacy for the radicals. His name on the list provides a forum for discussion and gives the list media attention. For Don Marco, however, the preferential votes are not enough to make the leap into parliament. As before, for the Communists, Bisceglia, as a priest, was a welcome sign to the radicals for their political struggle, but nothing more than that.

In those months when the suspended priest was active for the radicals, he met in Enrico Menduni in Rome who from 1978 to 1983 was ARCI chairman, the "classic" among the left-wing cultural associations of Italy. Menduni offers Bisceglia to take care of the organizational part of the civil rights department. This can be described as the "birth" of the LGBT organization ArciGay. And the idea for the organization including "copyright" lay with Marco Bisceglia. The official foundation was not until 1985, but on the page of ArciGay one can read:

"The first group of Arci-Gay emerged on an informal basis on 9 December 1980 in Palermo due to an idea by Don Marco Bisceglia, Catholic priest of contradiction."

For years, Bisceglia had been hanging around homosexual circles. In 1982 he was written about for his homosexuality with an article in the weekly magazine Europeo, it sounded like everyone knew about it anyway. The connection between his sexual, political and anti-Catholic confusion thus became obvious to many observers.

 Living with Nichi Vendola

"There are gay priests, but only one has declared himself publicly," wrote the Europeo. And this one was Marco Bisceglia. The friendship and the cohabitation  with Nichi Vendola goes back to that time in the 80s, whom Don Marco repeatedly referred to as a "teacher". For a few months they lived in Monte Porzio Catone in Bisceglia’s home. In 2005, Vendola, a member of an old communist party, was elected head of a left-wing alliance to head Puglia.

1985: Presentation of the new homo organization ArciGay. Bisceglia (2nd from the left), Vendola (2nd from the left)

The ARCI has been experiencing difficulties for some time, and the ex-pastor and ex-priest, as he was then called, quietly separated from the left showpiece club, or the former pastor separated. It did not come to an open break. The exact reasons of distancing can not be exactly reconstructed. So while his invention ArciGay flourished, he was quiet about the idea. So quiet that the traces of Bisceglia are lost. The years when the journalists ran after him were over. Now no one was interested in what had become of him.

If you know by now, it was because Rocco Pezzano was looking for clues. In 1987, Bisceglia was already far away from ArciGay. From his letters it can be seen that he was still in Monte Porzio Catone, where he had lodged a young homosexual named Dadi, who had come from the new mass immigration to Western Europe from Algeria to Italy. Pino Suriano interprets Bisceglia's correspondence with friends as a new phase in his life. A new "liberation" that he no longer sought in struggle and in an organization, but in the interpersonal relationship and in friendships.

AIDS and a new life

In the first half of the 90s, one day the phone rang in the parish of San Cleto in Rome. At one end of the line is Father Paolo Bosetti, the pastor of the Roman suburban parish. At the other end Msgr. Luigi Di Liegro, the founder of the diocesan Caritas of Rome. The Monsignor asks the pastor to accept a priest who has the “heavy burden": AIDS. "What should we do?" Asked the pastor. "Just do him good," replied the Monsignor. That's the way it should be. Receding from his political struggles and withdrawn from his sexual antics, Don Marco had taken himself to the terminus faster than he thought. Now begins a new life for Don Bisceglia, which he leads with the priests of the Congregatio Iesu Sacerdotis, who look after this newly established parish in Rome. There were few words, a lot of free time, and no obligations in the parish.

The days pass slowly, but it is a new beginning. After decades, the day moves back in order, with Lauds, Holy Mass and fixed mealtimes. Bisceglia begins to address fundamental questions, starting with what the priesthood is and what he is. He reads for the first time the counciliar decree, Presbyterorum Ordinis. Then also Optatam Totius for priestly training. He reads daily in the Holy Scriptures. And he reads it now with different eyes. He questions himself, as a human being and as a priest. His past is known to all. He does not talk about it. Only once did he say nothing to Father Paolo, but to distance himself from his past.

Application to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

His life at the side of other priests makes him want to celebrate the Holy Mass again. It has been 19 years since his ecclesiastical punishment and another eleven years have passed since he last unlawfully celebrated it. At some point he had stopped. The inner contradiction had become too big.
The priests advise on it. They want to rule out that it is only a momentary mood. The question is therefore deepened. The suspension a divinis is already in the way. After a long time, the Cardinal Vicar of Rome informs Ugo Poletti, who then represented Pope John Paul II as Bishop of Rome. The answer is: There must be an appropriate request. Don Marco picks up paper and pen and formulates a petition to be addressed to the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. At that time, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, for many years the enemy of the paramilitary per se for the pink-deep red militant activist Bisceglia.

Finally comes the answer: The suspension a divinis is canceled. A few days later, Don Marco writes to his sister Anita:

"I am aware of my unworthiness as I sincerely and confidently hope for the forgiveness of God and his purifying and renewing action. I hope with his help to be able to make up for my mistakes and aberrations.”

He sent this letter from Loreto. Father Bosetti remembers:

"If one begins again with the celebration of the Eucharist, which is the body of Christ, one can not do so without reconciliation.”

On the day of the "first" Mass that Don Marco is allowed to celebrate again, a delegation from the priest's home diocese would arrive, led by Bishop Vincenzo Cozzi. A delegation of the local church that Don Marco rebelled against and resisted. Before Don Marco celebrated Holy Mass again, "the most beautiful day" of his life, as he would say, the bishop embraced him. It was a day that became visible proof that no past can prevail over the present, that conflicts, aberrations, and reservations are real facts, but not predominant. For where remorse and forgiveness are, there is also reconciliation.

"I was dead and raised to new life"

The last years of his earthly life were hard but intense. The life of an AIDS patient is full of challenges, numerous visits, many hospitalizations. However, Don Marco experiences this time in "inner peace", as companions of this last phase of life report. It is a calm  that will strengthen other patients. Vittorio Fratini would ask Don Marco where he takes this pleasure from. The answer would impress him deeply:

"Remember, I was dead and I came to life again".

Don Marco Bisceglia dies on 22 July 2001. It is a day that should go down in Italy's history as a "day of conflict."

The political left mobilized to protest against the G8 summit in Genoa, which degenerated into violent action by left-wing extremist groups. On this day, when his former comrades continued their struggle, Don Bisceglia, far from this struggle that was no longer his own, is reconciled to God and to the Church. He was buried in the cemetery of Lavello, in the priest's cemetary.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Pictures: Tempi / Wikicommons / Wikipink (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Guatemalan President Rejects Aberromarriage and Abortion

Guatemala's head of state and government says yes to marriage, family, life and parental rights.

(Guatemala) Guatemala President Jimmy Morales affirmed his clear rejection of abortion and "gay marriage".

The head of state and government in office since 2016 also announced his full support for a bill to punish abortion more severely.

The president declared:

"Guatemala and our government believe in life and believe in the family based on the marriage between a man and a woman."

The bill criminalizes any killing of an unborn baby, except for therapeutic abortion when the mother's life is in danger. Whoever promotes, enables or participates in abortion directly or indirectly should be punished. The sentence provides for up to ten years imprisonment.

At the same time, the bill prohibits the introduction of "gay marriage".

President Morales also emphasized the desire to strengthen parental rights. The parents should have the freedom to decide in the field of sexual morality, the education of their children. He thus rejected scholastic "sex education programs" and gender ideology.

Jimmy Morales is an evangelical Christian. In 2015, he entered the presidential election as an outsider and managed completely surprisingly the entry into the runoff election, which he could decide with 68 percent for themselves.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Monday, August 27, 2018

Pope Recommends Psychotherapy for Homosexual Children

Pope Francis: Especially in childhood psychiatry can achieve a lot in this area

 UPDATE: The Vatican did not include these papal statements in the official transcript of the interview (Suggesting treatment of children sexually abused by Daneels’ friends?

He even had psychotherapy himself.

Anyway, how does anyone, much less a child, *know* he’s a “homosexual”. Is it because he’s merely eccentric, or is perceived that way because some of his behaviors fit cultural stereotypes? It sounds like marketing for depravity to me.

 Vatican ( When parents realize that one of their children is showing homosexual inclinations, they should send that child to the psychiatrist for therapy. Especially in childhood, psychiatry can achieve a lot here. Pope Francis said this at the press conference on the return flight from the World Family Meeting in Ireland."N-TV"reported this. Specifically, he would advise parents to "pray, not condemn, conduct conversations, understand, and give a place to the son or daughter," the Pope explained. However, he does not regard "silence" as an antidote. The Pope described it as a "lack of fatherliness or motherliness if one ignores one's child" when it shows homosexual tendencies. 

 Trans: Tancred 


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

“Gay Liberation” Cardinal Shared Apartment With Evil Aberrosexual Predator Cardinal

[] Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 87, who is accused of having fondled seminarians and some minors, has been the big mentor of Cardinal Kevin Farrell, i70, the head of the Dicastery for Laity, Family [sic!] and Life.

McCarrick made Farrell an Washington auxiliary bishop in 2001.

The two liberal prelates even shared an apartment together with two priest secretaries, according to (October 2004).

[As Newark Archbishop (1986-2000) McCarrick hired Father Kenneth Martin, a homosexual abuser, as his personal secretary.]

In 2007 Farrell was promoted to Dallas. He even paid tribute to McCarrick in his coat of arms. According to Farrell’s explanation the lion in his coat of arms honours McCarrick and is taken from his coat of arms.

Farrell is pro-gay and in charge of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August which will be attended by Pope Francis.

This meeting spreads gay ideologywelcomes homosexual couples and features as keynote speaker the gay-propagandist, Jesuit Father James Martin.

Farrell is a fan of Father Martin’s gay-propaganda book “Building a Bridge”.

It is evident that everyone - including Farrell - knew about McCarrick’s homosexual problem.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Italian Family Minister: “The Family is Under Attack. They Want to Dominate Us and Cancel Our People”

Edit; we were sent this link by a twitter follower. Here is a google translate with some editing. We don’t think that Corriere Della Sera is too happy with this heroic Catholic’s point of view.

"The natural family is under attack. They want to dominate us and cancel our people." The new minister for the Family and Disability, Lorenzo Fontana declared this in 2016, as stated on his website.

[Corriere Della Sera] At the conference of the Pro Vita Onlus association held in Verona, he explained that "on the one hand the weakening of the family and the fight for gay marriage and the teaching of gender theory in schools, on the other the mass immigration that we undergo and the simultaneous emigration of our young people abroad. These are all related and interdependent issues, because these factors aim to erase our community and our traditions. The risk is the cancellation of our people.” The example to follow is Russia: "If thirty years ago Russia, under the Communist, materialistic and internationalist yoke, was the farthest imaginable from the ideas of identity and defense of the family and tradition, but today it is the model for those who believe in an identity model of society.”

The 38-year-old minister of the new government of the League and Movement 5 Stars, former vice-secretary of the Northern League who describes himself as "Veronese and Catholic" on Twitter, in March 2017 defined "the order of the Court of Appeal of Trento on double paternity (a law which recognizes that a child can have two fathers), a defeat for society ».

At the end of May he participated in the March for the Life of Rome to support the abrogation of the law 194 on abortion with the cry of "abortion is the leading cause of femicide in the world".

A graduate in Political Science, he particularly cares about the demographic theme: "Politics must take care of the family, we can not waste any more time. Children are the investment of the future. Every year it is as if we lost a city the size of Padua, the demographic decline is comparable to that caused between 1918 and 1920 by Spanish fever,” he said in an interview. In January, again on the same subject, the former prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni, commented: "For the outgoing Council President, the aging Europe needs migrants; for us, aging Europe needs to generate new children".


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Chilean Jesuit as Zeitgeist Battler for Adoption by Aberrosexuals

(Santiago de Chile) There are things which must be intelligible by reason, or, as the saying goes, by a healthy understanding of the house. This includes the fact that a prohibition of homosexuals' adoption of children is the result of the fact that they have opted for a life change that excludes reproduction. The difference to heterosexual but unintentionally childless couples, who can adopt children, is obvious. Yet the evident is not obvious to everyone, especially if it contradicts the Zeitgeist.
Among the obtuse is the Chilean Jesuit Felipe Berrios, who was recently a guest of the TV program Mucho Gusto on the Chilean TV channel Mega.
In the television interview Father Berrios SJ states that he agrees that children may also be adopted by couples of the same sex.
Moreover, the Jesuit declared that for him homosexuality,  "is neither a bad thing nor a disease or a sin. The homosexuals are created by God and God wants them just as they are."
That the Holy Scriptures, the entire tradition of the Church, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, say something else, does not seem to touch the Jesuits. He did not go into his position at all, but agreed to the more pleasant and simple song of the Zeitgeist.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Mucho Gusto / Mega (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Priest Marries Aberrosexual Pair -- Bishop: "More Discernment is Needed"

Priest blesses aberrosexual pairing. Bishop: "More Discernment is Needed"

(Rome) Last Saturday, two lesbians of 37 and 34 years of age were "married" in the northern Italian city of Schio. The wedding ceremony took place in the town hall with the "tiny addition", that a priest, Don Giuseppe Gobbo, blessed the wedding rings in advance which the two women put on each other's left ring finger. The "homosexual marriage" was decided in June 2016 by the Italian Parliament with the tacit approval of the Episcopal Conference on the condition that they should not be called "marriages". Bishop Nunzio Galantino, the General Secretary and "Pope's man" at the Episcopal Conference, had informed the government behind closed doors.

Don Giuseppe Gobbo

Officially, "homosexual marriage" is therefore called a "civil bond," but is equal in marriage to the marriage, except in the name. This results in the title of the local newspaper, Il Giornale di Vicenza, of June 27: "Civil Marriage is Blessed by Priest." The report in a recently celestial Catholic area is as follows: "Two girls crown their beloved room with a civilian bond and the priest bless their rings." The mayor left the wedding ceremony to an oppositional council of the radical left.

Don Gobbo was ordained priest in 1978. He helps on Sundays and holidays in a pastoral center in the mountains. He is mainly the president of the social cooperative Progetto Zattera Blu (Project Blaues Stream), a social association in the diocese.

According to the media reports, the faithful in Vicenza drew attention to the incident. Bishop Beniamino Pizziol called upon Don Gobbo to discuss the matter with him. The result was a press release by the diocese. It is stated that the conversation "clearly showed" that the priest "was guided by feelings of undoubted pastoral love." However, he had obviously "underestimated the impact and consequences of his gesture, which threatened to appear like an unsatisfactory equation between the civilian covenant with the Sacrament of Marriage."

The Bishop called "his priests to greater prudence and discretion," "reaffirmed the doctrine of the Church on marriage," but did not take a position on homosexuality, but confined himself to inviting "all pastors and faithful to the diocese, To live and proclaim the Gospel with love and readiness so that fidelity to Christian values ​​and understanding of the individual and the different situations in which they are can be realized in a common path of faith and true Christian love."

In short, the excitement about the blessing of the ring by the priest, which was carried out in open contradiction to ecclesiastical doctrine, dissolved itself in nothingness. There remains the dubious impression that the Church has accepted, even blessed, the "homosexual marriage". Only one must not (still) be caught.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Il Giornale di Vicenza (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, June 24, 2017

"Catholic" School Introduces Gender Neutral Uniforms

Edit: this is from the blog "Listening in the Desert", where the allegedly Catholic Diocesan school in the United Kingdom has introduced a gender-neutral uniform.
St Anthony’s Catholic primary school in Southwark Diocese UK announced yesterday that it will be introducing a “Gender Neutral” school uniform from September 2017.
In its weekly newsletter via the school’s website, Head teacher Mrs. Jane Day says: 
“I am pleased to announce that the Governors have approved the introduction of a gender neutral uniform which will be introduced in September. Rather than having a separate uniform for girls and boys, one uniform list will be produced and girls and boys can choose whether they wear skirts, pinafores, shorts or trousers. There is no change to the uniform which will remain grey, green, yellow and white.” 
Her announcement has left parents stunned and upset as it goes completely against the teachings of the Catholic Church, and they say they were not consulted or informed whatsoever of the changes to the uniform.
The site has contact information for the school leaders and the Archdiocese of Southwark under Archbishop Peter Smith


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Madrid is Infested With Aberrosexual Propaganda -- Epidemiologists Are Concerned

Aberrosexual advertisements in subway with "Anti-Discrimination"
(Madrid) The proportion of homosexuals in the total population is about 1.5 percent. How does this small number explain the extent of homo propaganda? This is currently the question of many in Madrid. The Spanish capital will be hosting the World Cup 2017 from 23 June to 2 July . Epidemiologists see in the homo-spectacles mainly a dangerous cesspool of viruses.

Madrid's LGBT friendly traffic lights

Parliaments enact special laws for the benefit of homosexuals, confer privileges on them, limit freedom of expression, threaten homosexuals with law enforcement. How is it that their banners are hoisted at city halls and parliaments? We have to make certain that city governments waste tax money to install homophilic traffic lights? How do we explain that the largest international corporations are overhaped with homophilic gestures and homosexuals?
Currently, Madrid is threatened with homophobia due to the World Pride 2017. It comes from the city - over the regional government, from media and corporations. And everything is unmanageable. It is forced on the population.

Food in LGBT friendly packaging at McDonald's

The subway is immersed in gay colors with the message "Rainbow is the new black". The fast food chain McDonald's has changed the packaging for the homo-meeting. The left-wing mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena had the traffic lights made "LGBT friendly" remodeling (288 traffic lights at 72 intersections in 21 districts).
That it is not just a game with the colors of the rainbow is openly admitted. Cathy Martin, spokeswoman for the McDonald's PRIDE Network , the giant's homo action, is talking about a "strategic campaign".
The restaurant chain internally promotes the careers of people from Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East, blacks, Latin Americans, homosexuals and women. In addition, "intercultural learning" is promoted. It follows that, according to "corporate philosophy", the enemy is white, male and possesses a cultural identity.

Madrid's city government shows "gay pride"

Google is also streaming the homosexual flowers flowing from June 23rd to July 2nd. If the Spanish Google search service was used last, the results were served with homo colors. It seems to have been a question. During the World Pride 2017 Google  will be homo-colorful.
How is this homo-hype explained for an event that would be forbidden on health grounds alone. The Europride, which took place in Amsterdam in 2016, became the starting point for a hepatitis A epidemic. With the World Pride in Madrid the next virus cesspool is coming.
The state health authorities are obliged to prevent epidemics. For homo-events, these rules do not apply to better knowledge at the moment. No one will be prompted to promote this harmful behavior.Victims are subsequently also uninvolved third parties.
How massive the freedom of opinion and freedom of religion are curtailed shows a serious contrast: While state institutions massively propagate homo propaganda, in the same city of a private organization was forbidden to use a bus advertising to promote natural law and the natural order of marriage and family.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Low For Bishop Appointments in San Diego

[New Ways] Fr. John Dolan, a priest with an LGBT-positive record, has been appointed by the Vatican to be an auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of San Diego.

Fr. John Dolan

Announcements about Dolan’s appointment repeatedly noted his pastoral work with marginalized people. In the past few years, this work has included ministry with LGBT Catholics and their families.
Dolan has been the diocesan vicar for clergy and pastored two churches, including the welcoming St. John the Evangelist parish in the Hillcrest neighborhood where many of San Diego’s LGBT residents live. Bishop Robert McElroy last year acknowledged the parish as a place where LGBT people have said they “feel particularly welcome” and, according to McElroy, “that’s a very good thing.”

Monday, March 6, 2017

1.5 Million Peruvians Demonstrate Against Gender-Ideology in the Schools -- Leave the Children Alone

Anti-Gender Ideology Demonstration in Lima Last Saturday
(Lima) Peru is defending itself against the state's compulsory inclusion of gender ideology in the schools. After months of resistance at all levels, from rallies before parliament to parliamentary debates, from newspaper articles and television discussions to signature collections, a million and a half Peruvians went on the streets on 4 March.

The gigantic popular movement was initiated by the movement #Conmishijosnotemetas (hands off my children). In many Peruvian cities, large-scale demonstrations were held. The biggest demonstration took place in the capital Lima.

The Peruvian government wants to transform the entire curriculum at public schools in the sense of gender theory starting with the coming school year, with effects on the children from the most tender age. Cardinal Cipriani Thorne speaks of "ideological colonization." The organizers described the gender-compliant curriculum as "ideological brainwashing for the new generations." The curriculum is a serious attack on parental rights, which should be given priority in the education of children.

The March for Life in Lima.The attack on life is the other
side of the same coin.

The President of Peru has been Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard since July 2016. This son of a German Jew and a Swiss Protestant is Catholic. The director Jean-Luc Godard is his cousin. Peru is a semi-presidential republic. The President of the State appoints the government. Parliament can overthrow the government by a vote of no confidence. However, this has not yet happened. In parliament, Kuczynski's party has only 20 out of 150 seats. The absolute majority is held by the party of Keiko Fujimori, whom Kuczynski had just narrowly defeated. Fujimori is the daughter of former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori. The Peruvian left supported Kuczynski as a "lesser evil" against Fujimori.

Kuczynski is a dazzling figure. The investment banker, who became Minister for the first time at the beginning of the 80s, took part in the Bilderberger Conference in Tyrol in 1988. After his election as president, he dedicated Peru to the heart of Jesus and the heart of Mary. He implements the gender agenda, which is run by international institutions, including several UN agencies, without hesitation. The will of his people and the convictions of the vast majority of the Peruvians do not seem to bother him.

Beatriz Mejia, the spokeswoman for #Conmishijosnotemetas, called on Kuczynski to take a step backward and not to impose on the people anything that they neither want nor need.

Massively present in this mass uprising against gender ideology was the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. It was led by Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima and Primas of Peru. The next date was just announced at the rally: the March for Life on the 25th of March. The right to life is the other big front, which is attacked from the international side.

There was massive criticism of the mass media at the demonstration, which barely offered space to cover the popular protest against the gender ideology, or downplayed and ridiculed it. The media follows a script that similar popular movements in other countries have experienced: from Manif pour tous in France, the Family Day in Italy and to the Demo Fuer Alle in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

"The civil society of Peru proves to be healthy and ready for battle. Will the political power be ready to listen to the citizens?" This is the question asked by Notizie Pro Vita which also formulated an indictment against the prevailing distortion of representative democracy, as can be seen not only in Peru.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Timone / InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Papal Appointee Says Sodomy Can be a "Gift From God"

Update: since this individual has been active for the last year without any consequences, who's really in charge of the Catholic Church?

Edit: more campaigning for moral depravity from the evil infestation within the Church. What will the reaction to this be in Rome? More approval, of course. Of course Radcliffe has been this bad for years.

ROME, May 19, 2015 ( -- Pope Francis has appointed radically liberal, pro-homosexual Dominican Father Timothy Radcliffe as a consultor for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.
The Holy Father made the appointment on Saturday, according to Vatican Radio.
Father Radcliffe, an Englishman, author and speaker, was Master of the Dominican order from 1992 to 2001, and is an outspokenproponent of homosexuality.

Monday, November 7, 2016

"Earthquake is a Punishment From God": Radio Marya Distances Itself

Position represented by the 75-year-old Dominican Cavalcoli, according to the broadcaster is "not in accordance with mercy as the core of the Christian message."

Rome ( KAP)  Due to a statement on the central Italian earthquake as "punishment from God" Italian Radio Maria has discontinued the priest's series. The position represented is not in harmony with mercy as the core of the Christian message, the Catholic broadcaster announced on Saturday in Milan. At the same time, it apologized to those afflicted in the earthquake zone.

The Dominican priest and former dogmatic professor, Giovanni Cavalcoli (75) had replied in his monthly mission to a listener's question that the earthquake in Central Italy was also a punishment of God "in the sense of an appeal to the conscience, to rediscover the principles of natural law" in view of marriage and family, or the recognition of same-sex partnerships. The Vatican and bishops of the earthquake region expressed their indignation and distanced themselves from the statement.

During a hard-hitting phone interview by Radio 24 following his remarks, Cavalcoli affirmed on Friday  the correctness of his pointed theses that homosexuality or adoption rights for same-sex couples deserved divine punishment by natural disasters.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Bishop Bonny of Antwerp Accused of Homophilic Statements by Catholic Laity in Rome

(Brussels) The Bishop of Antwerp, Msgr. Johan Bonny, has been brought on charges in the Roman Congregation for the Clergy. "We demand clarity as to whether this is still a Catholic, what Bishop Bonny has claimed or not," said the Belgian, Catholic lay association Pro Familia .
The Bishop has been widely known in recent years primarily through his homophilic utterances. Born in Ostende in West Flanders 1955, Bonny was appointed in 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI, however, he is a "product" of the former primate of Belgium, Godfried Cardinal Danneels, and the then apostolic nuncio, Karl-Josef Rauber. Danneels was retired and "disowned" in 2010 by Benedict XVI.  because the German pope did not see Danneels'  ideal progressive candidate as fit to succeed, but chose the "conservative" André-Joseph Léonard instead. Rauber was also retired by Benedict XVI. Both Danneels and Rauber are, incontrast, held in high regard by  Pope Francis.  Danneels belonged toTeam Bergoglio , who [illegally] organized the election Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the conclave of 2013. Rauber was raised by Francis to Cardinal, while he denied Archbishop Léonard the purple.

"Acknowledge Homosexual love" 

The controversial Bonny-book

Last October 11 is Bonny's book "Mag ik? Dank je. Sorry. Vrijmoedige dialoog over Relaties, huwlijk en gezin" (May I? Thank you. Sorry. Frank dialogue about relationships, Marriage and Family) appeared. As the Gazet van Antwerpen had already reported on October 6, Antwerp's bishop speaks for "new religious rituals" from "which we can recognize the reality of life between homosexuals also from ecclesiastical and religious perspective?" The marriage is indeed  a connection between man and woman, but it is though that the Church should recognize homosexual unions and bless them in a private ritual.
The Belgian Association of Catholic laity Pro Familia (not to be confused with the West German branch of the international abortion group Planned Parenthood ) was no longer prepared to accept this "Belgian situation." They filed a complaint because of  several lines in Bonny's new book with Cardinal Beniamino Stella, Prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Clergy.
Bishop Bonny writes therein:
"In no way could we continue to assert that there is no other form of love outside of heterosexual marriage. We encounter the same love even in a man and in a woman's life in the experience of a gay or lesbian couple.

Roman Congregation for Clergy now has to give an answer

"The Roman Congregation is the competent, senior administrative body, which now must provide an answer to the question of whether what Bishop Bonny teaches is Catholic, or whether it is a false doctrine that contradicts the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism refers to aberrosexuality as "an objective disorder". The Congregation will have to consider also whether the bishop is to be condemned for it or not," said OsservatorioGender Rodolfo de Mattei.
They had arrived at a crossroads. It is no longer possible to turn a blind eye. The Catholic lay organization calls for clarification, since the Catholic deposit of faith is not a hotchpotch of different opinions.
The step of the Belgian Association of Pro Familia can also be seen against the background of great confusion caused by the post-synodal papal Letter Amoris Laetitia, which has been driven to new heights. It gives the impression that the Catholic Church has spread the idea everywhere, the "air of a spiritual Wild West" where everyone  - whether episcopal conferences, dioceses or individuals - are trying to do what he wants, and to interpret in his own way, even the most controversial parts of the recent post-synodal letter.
When it became known that the complaint would be introduced, Bishop Bonny said: "Everyone is free to go where he wants." At the same time, he urged his critics to read the texts of Pope Francis again, "especially Evangelium Gaudium  and Amoris Laetitia" before they turn to the Congregation of Clergy. 

"Variations in the perception of moral teaching"

"Bishop Bonny showed ostentatious security by 'spoking for all who today want to be Christians' of, respect, and of variations' in the perception of moral teaching within the Church," said OsservatorioGender.
The Catholic lay organization Pro Familia sees the matter differently: The Church can not bless what God has forbidden. Bishop Bonny had already been made similarly worded statements in the past.  Nevertheless, he was sent by the Belgian Bishops' Conference as the only representative to Rome for the Synod of Bishops on the Family.  There must be a limit of endurance. The Catholic lay organization made it clear that it is not going to be satisfied with an evasive or noncommittal answer from Rome.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: CR / Lannoo (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gender-Ideology: When the Pope Contradicts Himself

Pope Francis criticized gender ideology on October 1st, and then
contradicted himself on October 2nd to deny his statement. The
photo doesn't show the homo flag, but the peace flag which are
similar. For these symbols see the article "Seagulls and Ravens
Hunt the Pope's Doves -- of Signs and Symbols."

(Rome) After his Georgia visit, the media reported that Pope Francis criticized the gender ideology. OsservatorioGender by Rodolfo de Mattei has reached, however, a different conclusion. The papal statements on gender theory are quite ambivalent in total. The Pope criticized the gender ideology in order "to contradict himself and to deny" within 24 hours. The overall attitude of the pope on aberrosexuality is ambiguous, since he made the most famous phrase of his pontificate on the return flight from Rio de Janeiro on 29 July 2013: "If a person is gay, who am I to judge him?"

The opinion of the Catholic Pontiff on gender ideology in Georgia consist of two parts. On October 1, a meeting of the Pope with priests, religious, seminarians and pastoral workers was held in the Church of the Assumption in Tbilisi. Francis addressed Irina's, a Georgian woman, concerns about gender theory.

Pope Francis answered her spontaneously:
"You, Irina have mentioned a great enemy of marriage today: Gender theory. There is a global war today to destroy marriage. Today, there are ideological colonialisms that are destructive: They destroy not with weapons, but with ideas. Therefore you have to defend against ideological colonialisms. "
On the return flight on October 2nd to Rome, Pope Francis addressed a Rome correspondent from the progressive National Catholic Reporter about it. Joshua McElwee asked the Pope also: "What would you say to a person who has suffered for years with their sexuality and really feels that there is a biological problem that her physical appearance does not coincide with what he or she considers as their sexual identity? How would you accompany these people as a shepherd and priest?" has already published the wordy answer by the Pope already published (see The capital of Vézelay: Pope Francis in the school of Eugen Drewermann? ), Yet they want to play again in the full text for better understanding.
Pope Francis: First of all I have in my life as a priest, as a bishop - accompanied persons with homosexual orientation and homosexual acts - as Pope. I accompanied them, I have led them to be led to the Lord, some may not, but I have accompanied them and never let anyone down. This is what to do. You must accompany the person  like Jesus accompanies them. Go away, because you're gay, No: If a person who has this condition comes before Jesus, Jesus will not say that! 

What I have said to the malignancy, which today leads to the indoctrination of gender theory: A French father told me that they were talking at the table with the kids - he is  Catholic, the wife Catholic, the children catholic, superficial, but catholic - and he asked the ten year-old son: 'and you, what do you want do when you grow up?'  A girl. And the father then discovered that  gender theory was taught in textbooks. This is against the natural order of things. One thing is that a person has this tendency, this option and there is also gender reassignment. Another thing is to carry out the instruction in the schools on this line to change the mentality. I call this ideological colonization.'
Last year I received a letter from a Spaniard who told me his story as a child and as a teenager. She was a girl and suffered a lot, because she felt like a boy, but physically was a girl. She told her mother when she was already 22 years old. And she told her that she wanted a sex change and all these things. The mother had asked her not to do it as long as she lives. She was old and died soon. She then made the appointment. He is an employee of a ministry in a Spanish town. He went to the bishop. The bishop has very solicitous of him, a good bishop: he has given up a lot of time, 'to accompany this man.Then he got married. He has changed his civic identity, got married and wrote me a letter that it would be a consolation for him to be allowed to visit me with his wife: he, the one who was a she, but then is a he.  And I have received him. They were satisfied. And in the neighborhood where he lives, there was an old, octogenarian priest, the former pastor of the parish where the old religious sisters helped there ... And there was the new [pastor]. When he finally saw him, he scolded him on the sidewalk!  You'll go to Hell, when he met, the old man told him this: When were you to confess the last time? Come, come with, I'll hear your confession, and then you may receive Communion.' Have you understood? Life is life, and the things you have to take as they come. Sin is sin. The inclinations or the hormonal imbalance cause big problems, and we need to beware and not say, 'It's all the same, let's celebrate'. No not that. But suppose any case, accompany him, learn from him, differentiate and integrate him.  That's what Jesus would do today.
And, please, do not say, The Pope will canonize the Trans, Please! I can already see the headlines ... No, no.
Are there any doubts about what I said? I want to be clear. It is an issue of morality. It is a problem. It is a human problem. And you have to solve it as best you can, always with the mercy of God, with the truth, as we have said in the case of marriage, by reading the whole of Amoris laetitia, but always, always with an open heart. And do not forget that chapter of Vezelay. It is very beautiful, very beautiful."
The answer is wordy, but cryptic. "Rather than creating clarity on the relationship between the Catholic Church and aberrosexuality, he sowed new confusion by promoting free interpretations and easy instrumentalisation," said OsservatorioGender .
Briefly formulated, the Pope legitimized ultimately what he claims to reject. With the sentence: "He who is a she, but he is" legitimized by the leader of the Church what the gender ideologues proclaim. A person who comes with a biological sex to the world, can - with or without sex change - change his sex.
"Paradoxically, this contradicts what Pope Francis said earlier in the day with his critique of gender ideology and denies it."
The gender ideologues can now respond that they are not saying anything else, than the Pope also said in his "flying press conference".
"What seems to upset the Pope is not so much the content of the gender ideology, but the nature of their distribution, which he sees as ideological colonialism 'in the context of globalization," says OsservatorioGender .
The Church has always and unnreservedly condemned the "vice against nature" and is supported thereby with numerous passages of Scripture that speak of an "abomination" and a "blatant sin", and numerous statements of the Fathers, the Doctors of the Church and the Holy the Popes.  Pope Francis is in no way to blame for the epidemic spread of the confusion that is currently underway in Church and Society. Rather, he gave his infamous statements of 29 July 2013 without stating the Church's teaching, giving the go-ahead at the highest level.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: Corrispondenza Romana (for "peace flag" image, and the very similar Homo Banner see ravens and seagulls hunt the Pope's doves - of signs and symbols
Trans: Tancred
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