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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Pope Throws Spotlight on Traditional Female Contemplative Order

Edit: CNN just posted an article wherein it quotes Francis taking responsibility for priests and bishops who've allegedly raped nuns.  We all know what he thinks of contemplative orders, particularly the females. It's not an exaggeration to say they are in the cross-hairs.

For the purposes of this exercise, he's singled out a traditional contemplative female order was suppressed by Benedict XVI.  He excused his predecessor, as if to say, surely he did nothing wrong.  He was a strong leader.   

We'd already covered this, here, here,  and the superior's comment here

One of the commenters said they went on to form a new Society, Sisters of the Morning Star, which was founded in 2014 and has 250 members worldwide.

Photo from article by Marian T. Horvath....


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Father Luc of Brothers of St. John: Reproach Doesn't Correspond to Reality

Edit: I'm guessing we're still not any closer to knowing why these steps were taken.

The crisis of the Sisters of St. John -- The Prior of Marchegg takes issue with's statement and makes some reproaches against the sisters.

Vienna (  The article about the tragic developments with the Sisters of St. John has led to some reactions.  Father Luc, the Prior of the Johannine Brothers, would like a word, as he has written some reproaches of the sisters, which would refute statements  mentioned in the article.  Fr. Luc clearly states that he calls upon the same founder, Fr. Marie-Dominque Philippe OP.   Not withstanding the two branches work as two "autonomous congregations with their own superiors, their own constitutions and statutes."  The brothers then also don't want to reveal the internal difficulties of the sisters.  The Prior explains to that the Cloister of the Sisters in Marchegg, Austria, is empty at present.  "We take care of it it however and use it in any case as a prayer and guest place, in the expectation that our sisters will return."

As to the reproach the sisters make that the General Prior of the Brothers want to have the highest authority over all three branches of the Johannine family, Fr. Luc imparted clarifying to  "Each of the three congregations in the family of St. John, that means the brothers, the contemplative sisters and also the apostolic sisters, have their  own leadership structure.  Our founder desired this from the beginning. Some years before a "council of the Johannine family" was founded with the three general priors ("Conseil de Famille"),  in order to strengthen cooperation between the three congregations.  It was never the case of a 'highest authority': as attempt to reduce this complex crisis to a power struggle is really very theatrical, but it doesn't correspond to reality.  God knows, how much all of the brothers pray for and support their sisters and to carry this consequences of this crisis with patience.  We have the secure hope that better times must come, and each will recognize the clear will of God."

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