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Monday, November 18, 2019

Don Nichola Bux: "Perform an Exorcism on Saint Peter's Basilica"

St. Peter's Basilica is to be exorcised to cleanse him of the demons. This is the advice of the well-known liturgist Don Nicola Bux for the Santa Marta after the PachamamagateThe counselor and personal friend of Benedict XVI. explains why this is necessary. Bruno Volpe from La Fede Quotidiana spoke with him.
Q: Monsignor Bux, in some pictures you can see the controversial Pachamama not only in the Roman church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, but also in Saint Peter. What do you think?
Don Nicola Bux: "The true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for that is how the Father wants to be worshiped "(Jn 4:23).
"In the Spirit" means that worship is not limited to a sacred place, like the Temple of Jerusalem for the Jews. "In truth" means that it is not contaminated by idolatry or syncretism, something created by our hands. The church is not just a gathering place, but the dwelling place of God among the people. That is why it is called the "house of God." It is the "heaven that descends to earth," the presence of the Lord coming to save. The annual consecration day of a church commemorates this. That is the Catholic identity: if it is lost, everything is destined for collapse.
A sacrilege was committed, that is, a holy place was desecrated or unworthily treated. Sacrilege is a grave sin, says the Catechism of the Catholic Church, especially when it is directed against the Eucharist (CCC, 2120), which is present, preserved and worshiped in the churches. The sacred space helps man not to forget God: If the church, as it has been for several decades, becomes a multipurpose hall for concerts, conferences, and other human protagonism, where does man go to seek God?
The Communists have transformed the churches into ballrooms, gymnasiums, factories, etc., so that the human soul stops in its search for man and stops searching for God. If it is the clergy themselves who put an idol on the throne in caricature of the true God and the work of Satan, then, as the Scriptures teach, the Lord will surely leave the temple, and a cleansing will be necessary to bring Him back.
The temple is a symbol of our soul: if we defile it with demonic acts, the Holy Spirit gives it up. Let us not forget what the apostle writes in admirable words:
"He who spoils the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy and you are" (1 Cor 3:17).
Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments, could perform an exorcism in St. Peter's Basilica, thus purifying the basilica.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, June 22, 2019

"Exorcist Course is Laughing Stock of Rome -- Only the Pope Takes This Stuff Seriously"

There is a "bad spirit" about Rome, according to Australian priest Father John Corrigan.
(Rome) Every year a course for the training of exorcists takes place in Rome. It is relatively strongly emphasized, unlike other events in the media. The 2019 XIV. Course was held from the 6th to11th of May.
An Australian priest John Corrigan reported on his blog on May 25 on the course in which he participated.
Exorcist Course 2019
First, Father Corrigan anticipated that the conference itself was "excellent," but that he felt a "hatred" for Rome. He loves the history, the wonderful churches and also the food. At the same time, however, he perceives a depressing spirit that lies above Rome, which was also noticeable in his most recent stay in "two unfortunate incidents".
The first "incident" reported by Father Corrigan is to be reproduced here:
"Item 1: A cardinal was invited to speak at our conference. For 15 minutes, he spoke about the reality of the devil, and the gravity of spiritual warfare, and the importance of prayer and fasting. The content, in fact, was quite good. The speaker however . . . This cardinal is notorious for his sordid double life. It’s alleged that Vatican Police once caught him at a drug-fuelled orgy, but he was whisked away before Italian Police were called — because he’s a cardinal. I asked one of the Aussie priests in Rome why this guy was invited to speak at the conference. His answer dismayed me: “You have to understand, this exorcism course is the laughing stock of Rome. The pope takes this stuff seriously, but many others don’t. Having a cardinal lends the conference respectability — and any cardinal will do. Bella figura!
Father Corrigan was appalled by his countryman's cynical answer. You can feel it. Above all, the question arises as to what resistance the exorcist training is subjected to within the Church. Anyone who sent the said cardinal to give the convention a touch of glamor and prestige obviously did not like it well.
The case of the cardinal mentioned is well known. But because the priest does not name his blog, we do not want to do it, but link to a possible "trail." And add that this is not Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Priest Says Mass in Reparation for Witches Who Put Hex on Kavanaugh

Edit: won’t his ordinary have something to say? These are usually the types of women who insist that they only practice “white” magic? Here’s a story from Newsweek:

[Newsweek] In a battle of beliefs, a Catholic exorcist is planning to fight an upcoming hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with a special Mass. 
On Saturday, Catland Books, a “Metaphysical boutique and occult bookshop” in Brooklyn, New York, is hosting a hex on Kavanaugh in an effort to make him “suffer,” and send a message to his supporters.
“No, you don’t win. He may have been confirmed, but that’s something we already knew was going to happen,” co-owner Dakota Bracciale previously told Newsweek. “We know the system is broken, and the people in charge need to be taken down by any means necessary, magical or otherwise.”

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pope Francis: The Mission of the Exorcist is "Irreplaceable"

Francis: Exorcists must be chosen "very carefully and with a great deal of prudence" - 

VIDEOS: Pope directs a ceremony of repentance, he confesses himself and hears confession

Vatican City ( Pope Francis has looked with generosity from the confessional chair and has suggests an exorcist on a case-by-case basis. The Catholic penitential practice must be "a credible mirror of the mercy of God," he said on Friday to those in attendance at a course on the Vatican Court of Grace, the so-called Penitentiary. It is necessary to avoid rigor and lack of understanding. A confessor who reflects his activity in prayer knows well "that he himself is the first sinner, and the first to be forgiven."

Francis continued to admonish confessors to ask for "the gift of humility." It should be clear that forgiveness is a free gift of God. Priests played only the role of "simple but necessary administrators" according to the will of Jesus, according to the Pope. "He will certainly be pleased if we make generous use of his mercy," he added.

The use of exorcists remains indispensable even today, said the Pope. Sometimes those with "spiritual disturbances" appear at Confession. Unless, as in most cases, they have psychological causes, pastors are not "reluctant to turn to those who are entrusted with this sensitive and necessary ministry in the diocese," the exorcists, said Francis to those attending a Course on Confession this Friday in the Vatican.

The Pope stressed that priests should consult psychologists and physicians for the assessment of supposed "spiritual disorders". It is also necessary to consider the "existential, ecclesiastical, natural and supernatural circumstances." The pope did not mention concrete examples. With a view to the exorcists, Francis said they had to be chosen "very carefully and with a great deal of prudence."

The Apostolic Penitentiary is one of the three highest courts of the Catholic Church. Among other things, it is responsible for the discharge and the lifting of penalties.

Pope Francis confesses in St. Peter's and then hears the confession himself Fasting 2017:

Monday, January 30, 2017

Exorcist: "I wish that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."

(Rome / Madrid) Father Gabriel Amorth, who died in September 2016, was severely criticized when he repeatedly said in interviews that there were satanic sects in the Vatican. Now another exorcist, "I wish that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."
In January 2008, Father Amorth said in an interview of Alexander Smoltczyk for the weekly magazine Der Spiegel :
"There are satanic sects in the Vatican. You can not see them. But there are."
Criticism of this statement also came from other exorcists. Father Amorth was exorcist of the diocese of Rome from 1986 until his death. From 1992 he was even the main exorcist in the diocese of the Pope (see Father Gabriele Amorth, the main exorcist of Rome, is dead - 30 years in the fight against the devil ).
Now Father Amorth was indirectly affirmed by another exorcist. Don Antonio Fortea, also priest and exorcist, said in an interview to the Spanish edition of Newsweek :
"I hope that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."
Don Fortea himself has already led aseveral large exorcisms . In one even "a cardinal" also took part.
The Spanish Don Antonio Fortea was ordained priest for the diocese of Alcalá de Henares in 1994. In the following years he devoted himself mainly to demonology. In 1998 he completed his studies of theology and Church history at the Facultad de Teología de Comillas with the work "The Exorcism in our time." When confronted in the course of his pastoral work as a priest with "problems of demonic nature", he deepened his studies on the subject and was awarded a doctorate at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum  in Rome with a thesis on "Theological problems of exorcism practice."
He developed his own form for the Great Exorcism, which is directed against the presence of demons in certain places, buildings or even whole cities. This form is not approved by the Vatican, according to his own account. This is true, but it is more important, if it is not "forbidden" by the Vatican or any other ecclesiastical authority, specifies Don Fortea. There had so far been no Church complaint. Even a Cardinal had participated in such a Great Exorcism. He is always willing to defend this form before the competent authority.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Friday, November 4, 2016

Rome's New Chief Exorcist Complains: Few Young Priests Want This Job. -- Even Priests Are Afraid

(Rome) On September 16, the internationally known exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, died. His successor complains that there are hardly any young priests who are ready to act as exorcists.

Father Amorth belonged to the Catholic Order of the Society of St. Paul (SSP). From 1986 until his death, he was head of the diocese of Rome. Amorth, together with other exorcists, founded the International Exorcist Association (AIE) in 1994, whose president he had been until 2000 and has been honorary president since then.

Accessibility for all: four hours of fixed office hours

On 18 October the BBC reported on another exorcist. What Father Amorth was on an international level, Father Vincenzo Taraborelli is at the Italian level. Father Taraborelli had been an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome along with Father Amorth. He has now followed Amorth's footsteps as a de facto chief priest of the Pope's diocese.

Father Vincenzo Taraborelli is Carmelite. He belongs to the Carmelite monastery on the Via della Conciliazione. The baroque monastery church of Santa Maria in Traspontina is located directly on the boulevard between Castel Sant'Angelo and Saint Peter's Square. In 1936 it was not a victim of the construction of the road through the Castel Sant'Angelo.

Santa Maria in Traspontina

The church has been since 2003, the Roman titular church of Cardinal Marc Ouellet. The Franco-Canadian has been the Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops since 2010.

In the Carmelite Monastery, Father Taraborelli offers regular consultations for exorcisms. An exorcist "must be accessible to everyone," says the Carmelite, and he is serious about it. Anyone who goes to the  monastery website will find Father Taraborelli's office hours.

The exorcist can be reached every Monday, Tuesday and Friday after Holy Mass from 7.30 am on Via della Conciliazione 14 / c close to Traspontina Church, and every Wednesday from 5:45 pm during the Eucharistic Adoration, following the Holy Mass at 5 o'clock.

79 years old, but always active

Father Taraborelli is always active, and he is already 79 years old. His pocket calendar is packed with appointments. In a few weeks he practices a hundred and more exorcisms. He is always available for "emergencies" via his own telephone number.

Exorcism is "nothing romantic," says the exorcist. "We speak of obsession and demons." He was born in 1937. On February 17, 1963, he was ordained a priest for the Carmelite Order.

"Before I carry out an exorcism, I ask people to visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist and get the diagnosis." In the Carmelite church, he likes to show visitors an oil painting from the 18th century. "This is a possessed woman. Demons run out of her mouth. She was cured by exorcism. "

No growth among exorcists

"Padre Amorth lived to 91. Perhaps I will be so old, and may still have something to do." The words are not conceited. He has a concrete reason. In the BBC report, Father Taraborelli complained that there was no growth of  new exorcists. "Exorcism in Italy is a frightening job for young priests," the BBC said. "The exorcist of Rome, who does not have a successor," is the title of the Spanish BBC program. The young priests show little interest in the service of the exorcist, at any rate in Italy. "Young priests are not particularly attracted by the prospect of spending hours in windowless rooms to read the prayers of the exorcism ritual for those affected," said BBC.

Father Taraborelli says, "I have told the [auxiliary] bishop that I can not find anyone who is ready to take over. Many of them are afraid. Even priests can be afraid. It's a hard life. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: BBC
Trans: Tancred

Friday, July 31, 2015

Exorcism by Helicopter

(Rome) An exorcism was conducted from a helicopter over an entire site. The unusual event took place in Italy.This evil should be "expelled" from the region. In the town of Castellammare di Stabia, several churches and religious representations were profaned, destroyed and graves were desecrated.
"Satan has taken over the place", say the media of unrest that spreads in the population. Castellammare di Stabia is located in the Gulf of Naples, near the town of the same name. With its nearly 65,000 inhabitants, Castellammare di Stabia is famous for the large yards and the beaches with the picture-postcard view of Mount Vesuvius.

Broken Tombs, Upside Down Crosses Were Cause for Concern

Exorcism of Castellammare di Stabia
Broken tombs, upside-down crosses and destroyed statues of Mary were not only cause for discussion in the small town, but also for growing concern. "These acts of evil put the presence of the devil near" and "show that  devil worshipers are working their mischief in the city," said Info Vaticana, quoting residents of the southern Italian city.
For this reason, they asked a priest whose identity is kept secret, to liberate Castellammare di Stabia  from evil. Satan was "possessing the place," which is why only an exorcism could return peace and quiet again. A group of faithful contacted a priest who asked not publicize his name publicly.
He was provided a helicopter, he carried  an exorcism from from the air directly above the place. The aim was "to  liberate the place from evil," to clean the sins of the people and call down blessings upon Castellammare di Stabia".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Infovaticana / Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vatican Recognizes International Association of Exorcists

Rom, 3.7.14 (Kipa) The Vatican has officially recognized the International Association of Exorcists. The Congregation of Clergy has approved their statutes on July 13th, reports «Osservatore Romano» (3. Juli). The Association has about 250 Exorcists from 30 lands.

It's president, the Italian Franciscan, Francesco Bamonte, is pleased with the Vatican decision. He hopes only that ore priests "who often are unaware or underestimate a dramatic situation" , give their attention, he said, regarding possession by the Devil. Exorcism is also a form of charity for suffering people, wrote «Osservatore», citing him.

The Association Doesn't Speak for the Church

The Exorcist Association only has the status of a "private association of the faithful" and is a legal entity, which means it can assume legal rights and responsibilities. It has no official character, and doesn't "speak in the name of the Church".

The international gathering of Exorcists was established in 1994 at the initiative of Gabriel Amorth, the previous Exorcist of the Diocese of Rome. Previously there was the founding of an Italian Association of Exorcists in 1991. Amorth was the first president of the Association till 2000. (kipa/cic/bal)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Father Gabriele Amorth Affirms the Importance of Exorcism -- Criticizes the Bishops Who Don't Name Exorcists

(Rome) The well-known exorcist Gabriele Amorth affirmed recently the importance of exorcism in a lecture evening of Lepanto Foundation in Rome. Father Amorth, an exorcist in the diocese of the Pope since 1986, is a student of Father Candido Amantini, another well-known exorcist, whose beatification process is underway. Father Amorth is also Honorary President of the International Association of Exorcists. The exorcist had choice words for those who deny the existence of the devil, especially the clergy, who do not oppose adequately de-Christianization of society. Because the author of this de-Christianization was the devil himself.

Father Amorth leveled sharp criticism in this context against bishops who appoint no Exorcist and "thereby inflict serious damage to souls." Satan is trying to raise the people against God. He entices them to deny the truth and rebel against God's law, "even though the law of God is the best and ideal law for the people." The "anti-faith statement" of the devil and his followers can be summarized in three points: "Do what thou wilt", "no one has to decide on you" and "you are your own God."

The devil "knows us, he circles us and tempts us in our weaknesses: one must therefore know his own weaknesses and avoid the dangers that are offered today in various ways, especially through television and the Internet". The well-known exorcist warned against spiritualistic practices, each contact with magicians, soothsayers and all who claim to dispose supernatural powers or a "secret knowledge". The vast majority of them are charlatans, so you should avoid them so as not to "stupidly be hoodwinked and to have been cheated out of one's own money." But some have "actually been able to get in touch with negative forces" and it's never done for the benefit of the people.

It works against this "to have a fundamentally sincere reverence for sacred images and objects," said Amorth. "Decisive" it is "that in everything and for everyone that the answer to all our questions can only be God, because all things were created through Him and to Him," warns the exorcist of the Diocese of Rome.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is it an Exorcism or Not? Video of Pope Francis.

Exorzismus durch Papst Franziskus oder nicht

(Rome) For several days, the  media and people, believers and unbelievers,  have been preoccupied with a prayer as Pope Francis spoke to a man in a wheelchair. If it was an exorcism? Or not? This page can not resolve the issue, but so far it makes available unreleased video footage. Father Juan Rivas, a Legionary of Christ, who accompanied the patient was - after the matter - reached by the media - on June 9th is likely to hold a Los Angeles press conference about the incident, to create clarity.
The news of exorcism came from SAT2000, the television station of the Italian Bishops' Conference. The station therefore dubs its broadcast, Vade retro, which deals with the devil, demonic possession and the phenomenon of the occult in the broadest sense of the word.

Father Lombardi's quick disclaimer: fear of media because exorcism is a scandal?

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi denied it. It was not the intention of the pope was to perform some exorcism, but only to pray for suffering people. Shortly afterwards, the chief editor of SAT2000, Dino Boffo had to back down and apologize for the premature headline of an alleged exorcism.
On the one hand, the media rushed to the exorcism story, at the same time they also attacked the Catholic broadcaster after Lombardi's sharp denial, just as if they would have had to defend the pope against the incomprehensible assertion that he could have prayed for an exorcism. In the journalists jargon it sounds, using the example of Business Radio24: "Pope Francis accused of exorcism, but Lombardi denied". The Exorcism as a scandal.

Exorcist Gabriele Amorth: "It was an exorcism" - 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Another view is the doyen of Italian exorcists, Gabriele Amorth, who declared that the Pope had "really performed an exorcism" . He himself, Amorth, knows the man and has personally performed an exorcism on him. The man was possessed by four demons.
Monsignor Attilio Cavalli, the exorcist of the Diocese of Rome said: "In all probability, the Pope spoke a healing or deliverance prayer of the man who is to emphasize - or not exorcism exorcism - the importance of prayer. The prayer is generally an act of praise and a plea for help, but in some cases also a form of exorcism: all I know what to think, but even a simple Our Father contains an exorcism. "
Amorth reported at an earlier time by another episode that concerned Pope Benedict XVI.. In May 2009, two possessed persons were brought by Amorth  to the general audience of the Pope in St. Peter's Square. When Benedict XVI. this sector of the square of the distance and approached the people blessed, became beside themselves ( reported ). Even then, when the incident was reported by media in 2010,  Vatican spokesman Lombardi denied it. The message that the Pope had performed an exorcism was unfounded, because the Pope was not informed about the presence of these men.
In both cases, Father Lombardi tried to minimize any resemblance of each to a form of exorcism. The reason might be some concern about the media wolves who lie in wait, to put the church under an indictment of an alleged "Dark Ages".

Full video - "Church works closely with doctors and psychiatrists"

The Church would do well to avoid any sensationalism. The rite of exorcism is powerful, because it banishes the devil and demons. But it is not suitable for the television cameras. This specific case proves it.  Finally, the subject has a right to protect his privacy. The object belongs to the public, but not the specific individual case, so we apologize for the publication of original videos from the party concerned. It seems to us in this particular case, since the matter is already in all media, only necessary.
The Bishop of Padua, Antonio Mattiazzo declared on a current occasion, that the Church works closely on issues of actual or perceived obsession with doctors and psychiatrists. Only when all natural explanations can be ruled out, does the exorcist make an appearance. "It is often the responsibility conscientious psychiatrists themselves who send their patients to the priests. It's important that we don't see the devil everywhere. "

Father Juan Rivas LC: Press conference for 9 Announced in June in Los Angeles

Facebookseite von Pater Juan RivasIt is considered a masterpiece of the devil to make people believe he does not exist. Equally worrying was the impression that he would come into appearance only in the form of visible spectators causing obsession. Also would like a marginalization, thereby trivializing, since the average person could not feel affected by it.
Father Juan Rivas, a Legionary of Christ, is the priest who accompanied the man in the wheelchair. On his Facebook page, he confirmed that it was a man possessed, conveyed by how he responded to the Pope, as seen on the video. What the Pope had prayed, he did not know. But surely there had been a prayer of liberation.[!]

Libera nos a malo - Exorcism is our father prayed with each

And this is probably the decisive point. If you understand only an exorcism only as a great exorcism, then it is clear that it has as little with what Pope Francis performed, as in 2009, with Pope Benedict XVI.. However, the Our Father also has an exorcism  included when it is in the final verse: sed libera nos a malo. In English, it is rendered as "deliver us from evil." It is about the dimension of evil which is personified like the good. A dimension that is at least become the rational European thought away, so the ideas of what is evil, as well as what an exorcism is, are blurred and unclear and often rejected as "medieval superstition".
It's not the prayer of liberation by the Pope which is quite surprising, even though the media is grabbing at it, but our rational distance, which has displaced the phenomenon of evil, as if by these means you can get rid of it. Second, the so astonishingly quick distancing by the Vatican spokesperson, and then perforce, also some Catholic media.

Exorcism, liberation and healing prayer - What is horrifying to imagine, that priests fully exercise their special service?

What is frightening at the idea that a priest, in this case even the Pope as supreme priest, that his special priestly ministry exercised in full? The Pope has laid hands on  a sufferer and prayed for him.  A completely normal and at the same time powerful process in the Church. No reason really to try the press room of the Vatican and the Editors of Catholic media for official denials.
The dimension of evil is real, and the church has the more powerful means of grace, however.
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Text: Giuseppe Nardi
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cardinal Rouco Appoints Eight New Exorcists for Archdiocese of Madrid

(Madrid), Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela, Archbishop of Madrid, has appointed eight new exorcists for his diocese, which also includes Spain's capital. The decision "is a precedent for the whole of Spain", something it had not yet seen in history, said the Spanish Catholic website Religion y Libertad.

The appointment was linked to an increased demand in the archdiocese, but also with increased requests for help from other Diocese that have no exorcist. The number of victims of esoteric and occult ritual practices has grown significantly as a result of de-Christianization. The symptoms of "demonic contagion" were evident as RYL on the reasons for the decision of the archbishop. The eight exorcists already are in the introductory phases of training to prepare them for the new task. The coordination was transferred to Bishop Cesar Franco, one of the three auxiliary bishops of Madrid. The basis of education is the approved exorcism ritual Pope John Paul II in 1998. In addition, the future exorcists study also that of Pope Paul V of 1614 and especially that of Pope Pius XII of 1952, referred to by Don Gabriele Amorth as "much more efficient than the current" and that it, as the doyen of Exorcists says, "is still valid." The new ritual does not abrogate the the previous, and can be used after an appropriate application to the diocesan bishop and the Holy See, said Don Amorth.

Shortly after his appointment as Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola, the former Patriarch of Venice, doubled the number of exorcists for his diocese from six to twelve.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cardinal Scola Doubles the Number of Exorcists in the Archdiocese of Milan

(Mailand) "The Devil? He appears rarely in Milan, but sometimes still", writes the the Vaticanist Paolo Rodari about the city of St. Ambrosius and Charles Borromeo.  The number of people, who day for day use the Archdiocesan clergy offices, because they think, that they have been possessed by the devil or concerned about a person close to them, are steadily rising.

The requests are so numerous, that the Archbishop Angelo Cardinal Scola is adding the College of Exorcists in the Archdiocese and doubling their number through new appointments.  In the mean time the largest Diocese in the world doesn't have 6 exorcists, but 12 exorcists.

"As the inquiries show, the desire has doubled also,"  says Msgr. Angelo Mascheroni, Auxiliary Bishop of Milan and the one responsible as Director of College of Exorcists since 1995.  "There are so many questions, that we had to establish a telephone bank as the first point of contact."  This first telephone contact number gives information, offers the initial information and views the incoming questions according to various criteria, above all according to the principle of location, to spare the sufferer from a long journey.

How does the Devil show himself?, asks Rodari.  "I always ask fundamentally, if the affected person had visited sorcerers to whom they may have paid money to before they turned to us.  I also ask if they have been to a specialist, who can sometimes diagnose a psychic problem.  Finally,  it is also concerned with protect the relatives, where sometimes the parents, siblings or children can persist, that the devil is in play.'  The highest mission of the Exorcist is to be attentive and give consolation, where they are most concerned with experiences of broken people, who curse their neighbors.  It is appropriate to treat all with objectivity and to redirect to give these people notably the right view on reality, above all also the security, that the Lord is always greater and more powerful than the Devil.  The truly diabolical appearances are very rare in my experience."

Who turns to an exorcist? "The young and the old, men and women, people of various levels of education from those with the most elementary educations to academics.  Most call relatives near them, for the children and the youth, the parents.  They report that their son or their daughter rebels, and will not go to school any longer, takes drugs.  In the great majority of the cases there is no possession.  It involves natural generational conflicts much more in the development of youth.  It doesn't have to do with the actual calls for help, where the youth and the parents learn correct ways of interacting, in order to master a period of transition common to al.  It is therefore important to ask the seven questions, in order then to help notably, by recognizing real demonic appearances.  Msgr Lorenzo Longoni, a famous Exorcist says, that in his life he's only conducted one real Exorcism."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Polish Church Launches Magazine on Exorcism

(Warsaw) In Poland, the world's first magazine was published on exorcism, which is at news stands. The monthly magazine titled Egzorcysta (Exorcist), whose first edition was printed in an edition of 15,000 copies, has 62 pages.

Some Polish Catholic priests were brought together by a publisher to launch the magazine project, according reports by the Agence France Presse. The magazine costs 10 zloty, which works out at approximately 2, 3 Euros. The headlines of the first edition are "Satan, a Reality" and "New Age, the Spiritual Vacuum". Poland currently has 120 priests who are officially appointed as exorcists, as the priest Aleksander Posacki, professor of philosophy and theology, a demonologist and exorcist, explained on Monday at a press conference, in which the magazine was presented.

15 years ago there were only four official exorcists in Poland, says Posacki. This large increase was put in context by the priest that has tried in one of the most Catholic countries in Europe to expel Godless Communism with turbo-capitalism after 1989. Capitalism creates a market of opportunities and with it the opportunity to make the occult shops.

Aleksander Posacki is a member of an international Exorcist Commission of the Catholic Church. At the press conference he pointed out the inability of the various schools of psychology and psychiatry to deal with the phenomenon of possession and Umsessenheit because conventional treatments do not help.

Another Exorcist and staff of the new journal, the priest Andryej Grefkowicz, said that there were so many requests that the waiting time in Warsaw amounts to three months. The priests work with psychiatrists to first rule out the possibility of a mental illness. "I always consult a psychiatrist, if I have doubts then we often come together to the conclusion that it is a mental illness and not a form of obsession," said Grefkowicz.

In contrast to swindlers or providers of occult practices who may even be the cause of an obsession, who are paid substantial amounts by gullible or desperate persons, there is the offer of help from the Church through prayer, confession, forgiveness, or by exorcism, which is completely free, say the two priests.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Suppress Now: Jesuits Continue to Evade their Duty

How Jesuits Act When Liberation Theology is

Edit: There's an old maxim that the corruption of the best is the worst.  That's the case with the increasingly decadent and conforming Jesuit Society.

And you people complain about the Society of St. Pius X?

The writer William Blatty  , who wrote 'The Exorcist', has responded to them by invoking canon law.  The Jesuits have invited a pro-abortion speaker to have a position of honor speaking at their commencement ceremony.  It's nothing short of scandalous.  Imagine, having such a defining moment besmirched by the appearance of a Marxist operative like Sibelius.

Yet the Jesuits seem as determined as ever to ignore their duty as much as they ignore anyone else who tries to remind them of how much they've departed from their true function.

We were unable to get a statement from James Martin SJ as of yet.  He's too busy defending elitist, big charity nuns.

Even the Washington Archdiocese thought this was a bad thing.  How about an interdict?

We aren't the only ones calling for an exorcism, except, we're serious.  They really do need it and a quick visitation by Dominican Inquisitors.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Demons Driven Out During Papal Audience

The Vatican quakes at the knees by the thought that the incident could become known.

Father Amorth's new book cover in Italian

( Pope Benedict XVI. had driven the devil from two men at a Papal audience in 2009 at St. Peter's Square.

This is what famous Roman exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth said in his new book "The Last Exorcist".

The Italian boulevard magazine 'Panorama' published the excerpt yesterday.

Thrown back three meters

Father Amorth described them both by their first nnames Giovanni and Marco.

Two attendants brought the men to the Wednesday audience at St. Peter's Square. They were located in the section which is reserved for the handicapped.

While waiting for the arrival of the Holy Father, they were increasingly disturbed.

As Benedict XVI. neared them in the Popemobile, they men were thrown on the ground, struck their heads on the earth and began to wail.

As the Pope held his hand outside of the car to raise in blessing, the men were hurled back three meters.

Finally, they became calm.

Fear of the rage of the demoniac

The speaker for the Vatican, Father Federico Lombardi, indirectly described the incident.

E said that the Pope had not known that there were two demoniacs were present at St. Peter's Square on that day.

Then he proceeded quickly to downplay the incident:  If the fact was really true, one could not speak of a spiritual cleansing by the Pope.

Because he had "no intention" to conduct an exorcism.

Actually, that's not really true.  Because every blessing has an exorcising function.

The Vatican fears that the case being widely discussed could subsequently bring throngs of possessed  to the Vatican as pilgrims.

That would be a significant disturbance of the normal course of Wednesday audiences

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doyen of Exorcists Dies -- Sicilian Franciscan Served Thousands

Doyen  of Exorcists Dies - Father Matteo La Grua, "Am just a servant of my Lord"

(Palermo) Yesterday Father Matteo La Grua was burried in Palermo, Sicily. The world-class Exorcist belonged to the Friars Minor. Father La Grua was a judge at the Supreme Court in Church of the Sacred Rota in Rome, a professor of ascetical and mystical theology at the College of the Franciscan Order and the Archbishop's Seminary of Palermo. These are just a few key words describing the rich work of the Franciscan, who was a spiritual guide to thousands of believers. Father La Grua represented a Franciscan  who strove always while returning to the origin of the Order in St. Francis of Assisi. A permanent opening of the man towards brotherhood, peace, hospitality and total dedication to the ordained priesthood. Father Matteo La Grua was at the international level, the doyen of the exorcists of the Catholic Church. In 1975 he was appointed by Cardinal Salvatore Pappalardo, Archbishop of Palermo.  As his confessor, Father La Grua was entrusted with the spiritual leadership of the Charismatic Renewal of the Archdiocese.
His Successor as exorcist of the Archdiocese of Palermo is now the Franciscan Fra Benigno, a disciple and companion of Father La Grua. The Exorcist was considered by the Franciscans of Palermo as a "living patron saint" of their city torn by crime and the mafia. He saw himself only as  a "servant of the Lord" with the command to "go"  comfort and heal. Accordingly, he saw his main task as a special confessor and as an exorcist. When asked about cases of demonic possession, Father Matteo replied stereotypically with the sentence: "I'm not going to discuss it." But he was eager to discuss evil and the demonic activity in the world.
Father Matteo La Grua was born on 14 February 1914 in Castelbuono, Sicily, close to the magnificent Norman cathedral of Cafalù. After joining the Friars Minor he was ordained priest in 1937. According to church law, he was already "retired". "For a priest, there is no retirement," he used to respond to those inquiries who asked why an over 90-year-old was still so active. Last Sunday, Father La Grua died shortly before his 98th Birthday in Palermo.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Friday, October 21, 2011

Does Vienna Allow Exorcisms or Not?

Edit: the Old Liberal Creep-Politik refers to the tendency of these people to utilize sophistries and ambiguities to conceal their true motives and intentions with respect to dealing with crises in the Church and present a false face.  It usually relates, as in this case, to their incapacity to give clear yes or no questions to simple issues like the following.

Exorcism: The Creep-Politik is at Work

Will the Archdiocese of Vienna perform exorcisms or not? In such clear questions you really don't get any clear answers.
Demons on a window at Magdalen Church in Oxford

(, Wien) On the end of September the extreme-left Viennese weekly 'Falter', reported that a Viennese Exorcist is working in a State-run hospital.

The Archdiocese was quick to deny this report.

On Monday Wolfgang Bergmann commented on the denial in the anti-Catholic daily 'Standard'.

Bergman holds a degree in theology and is a current 'Standard' general manager.

A spicy detail: he was an enemy of the Church as the press spokesman for the Archdiocese of Vienna from 1996 to 1999.

Christ Cast Out Demons

Bergman concludes from the denial that the Archdiocese of Vienna performs exorcisms outside of State-run hospitals.

At the same time he notes that the Archdiocesan web site does no mention exporcism at any point.

The Church-hater went still further afield by saying that the press release only speaks of "deliverance prayers":

"That's so they can avoid using the scandal-ridden term 'Exoricism'" -- he insisted.

Bergman took the Church's denial lightly.

It asserts casually that cases of actual possession are allegedly "considered to be very rare".

Bergman countered: "The trivial >>seldom<< should probably obscure that the Cardinal -- seldom or not -- sees a real danger where a person could become possessed by a demon." At this point, things become exiting for Berger. Why is the Archdiocese of no Help?

Bergmann believes -- even if ex officio -- that there is an expectation that people can be possessed by demons.

Still, he's concerned for the possessed in a sophistical way.

If even there were only a small danger present, according to Bergman, there would be a pressing need to offer an education campaign by the Church.

In this case all of the secrecy surrounding exorcism is a "Scandal" for him.

Bergman suspects that Cardinal Christoph Graf von Schönborn "means to be serious" about exorcism -- but he lacks the courage to have an education campaign.

Of course, at the end of the article -- without any connection -- a pinch of the abuse-hoax is sprinkled into the text.

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