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Monday, October 24, 2016

Blasphemous Display Modified in Estonia After Protests

A controversial exhibit altered after protests. It shows a picture of the Virgin on a screen that breaks and is replaced by the lettering 'Reformation'. The change is triggered by a foot pedal.

Tartu ( The Estonian National Museum in Tartu has modified a controversial exhibit, which deals with the Reformation. Even Urmas Viilma, the Evangelical-Lutheran Archbishop of Estonia, had previously criticized the work.

In the recently opened museum, a holographic image of the Virgin Mary was displayed on a screen. The base on which the screen was mounted contained a plate. When the visitors put their foot on this plate, the hologram would "break", the screen turned white and the word "Reformation" appeared. After a while the hologram appeared again. On its Facebook presentation, the museum explained that the exhibit was an "artistic representation of the Bildersturm (breaking of images).

The work makes religion ridiculous and offends the religious feelings of believers, criticized Archbishop Viilma, also on Facebook. For many believers, the Virgin Mary is far more than a historical figure. She is still revered and begged for help. She deserves respect.

After protests the plate was removed at the base. The hologram of the Virgin Mary "breaks" and disappears at regular intervals, and the word "Reformation" appears on the screen.

Most Estonians are non-confessional, less than 30 per cent belong to a religious community. The largest community is the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which accounts for 13.6 per cent of the population, followed by the Orthodox Church with 12.8 percent.

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail

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