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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Enzo Bianchi's Eleventh Commandment: "Love the Earth as Yourself"

(Rome) "We have a new religion: It has just been invented by Enzo Bianchi," said Antonio Gurrado in the daily Il Foglio . The reason behind the "invention of a new religion" is the international Slow Food event "Salone del Gusto", which was held this last Monday in Turin.
The "new religion" is not the result of a revelation, but of "two convictions" by Enzo Bianchi, which he "announced" in the special supplement of the newspaper on September 16, La Stampa 11th Salone del Gusto of Terra Madre. The first conviction was "a sort of eleventh commandment" and reads: "Love the earth as yourself". The second conviction was the realization that the best way to love your neighbor, was to cook well for him.
"I wonder"; asks Guarrado "whether Enzo Bianchi is really convinced that the earth is a deity." Bianchi seems to think of the earth as a "creator deity," as a "mental deity" thank to think of him as a "revenge deity".  Bianchi wrote for the Turin Slow Food event of a "vital relationship between man and nature," the fact that "our inner life of the earth is no stranger," and: "God always forgives, but the earth never forgives."

The "eleventh commandment" really has it all. Jesus taught that men should love one another as themselves. Bianchi's "new commandment" does not speak either of loving God or neighbor, but the earth.
Bianchi knows his "conviction" is novel. "Love the earth as yourself, and the earth will reward you."
Enzo Bianchi  describes himself as the prior of a community of monks of the "Monastery of Bose". but Bianchi is neither prior nor monk but a layman who heads an "ecumenical grassroots group" he founded, called "Monastery of Bose". This isn't changed by the fact that Bianchi occasionally appears in a [creepy] cowl.
He and his "monastic community", which does not exist according to canon law,  represents a progressive adogmatic direction in the Church, which represents a horizontal, anthropocentric Christianity. The only way to "salvation",  says the Catholic historian Cristina Siccardi, "is for Bianchi a demagogic search for peace and an illusory universal friendship and secular solidarity."  In this sense, Bianchi is a media favorite.
The former Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Pontifical Lateran University described Bianchi in 2012 as a "false prophet" and spoke of "atheist monks".
Pope Francis appointed Bianchi on 22 July 2014 as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Really, No Women's Preaching -- Osservatore Romano Makes (Half) Step Back

The False Prophet Takes a Half-Step Back
(Rome) In the March issue of the women's supplement Donne Chiesa Mondo of the Osservatore Romano the demand for women preaching was levied. If not women priests, then at least women preachers was the slogan.
In the current edition of the Osservatore Romano, a step was taken back. It does not come from some "conservative" side, but from that progressive milieu that dominated the content of the March women's supplement.

Woman's Supplement to the Osservatore Romano creating confusion

The "Prior" of Bose, Enzo Bianchi, whom Msgr. Antonio Livi has  called a "false prophet," writes on page 4 that which "may possibly have given rise to confusion" in the March Supplement. It "had no intention to contradict the current discipline".
Bianchi himself was one of the main causes of confusion with his contribution to the March supplement. He named the same "three conditions" for the "lay preaching of men and women". The "conditions" are to be understood not as a limitation, but as a justification of lay preaching.
A month late, Bianchi   now offers what ecclesiastical discipline states.
The Code of Canon Law of 1983 (Canon 767.1), the common instruction of eight dicasteries on some questions regarding the participation of the laity in the ministry of priests in 1997, the instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum of 2004, the Homiletic Directorate of 2014 to name  the recent rules, affirm an unequivocal ban on lay preaching, as it has always been considered. During the Mass, only a priest, and possibly a deacon, may preach.

Only half a step backward

Does this make things right? Hardly likely. Bianchi was apparently called off by someone. There are rumors circulating that Pope Francis, although Bianchi is neither a priest, nor deacon, nor a monk, but a layman, could raise him in the cardinal's state in Rome.
The step back is therefore only of a tactical nature, as Bianchi himself has  hinted in his justification.
"The monthly articles had no intention to contradict  the current discipline but dare to ask with great respect, the question of whether it would be possible that the theological search and the rules of the Church might be represented, to allow lay men and women in future positions of trust for this ministry.
The emphasis in the first part of "current", not perpetual discipline. What applies merely to "present," may tomorrow be changed. This is where Bianchi aims lie. What is his goal, even though he is "currently" subject, he says "with great respect", rather bluntly.
As things will continue  with the women's supplement, and generally, with the Osservatore Romano, seems to be in limbo. The semi-official daily newspaper of the Pope sells few copies and is therefore constantly in the red.
The newly erected Communications Secretariat by Pope Francis  is planning drastic cuts. Currently,  Osservatore Romano appears in print in several languages.  The cost of such expenditure should be reduced. Work is underway to relocate the emphasis of the online edition. The prefect of the Communication Secretariat, Msgr. Dario Viganò never belonged to the Osservatore Romano which might be of some importance in the shift in emphasis in the reorganization of the means of the Vatican's communication.
The issue of thematic focus is so however not answered.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Il Timone
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, January 8, 2016

Will Enzo Bianchi Be Raised to Cardinal by Pope Francis?

Pope Francis and the "Monk"
(Rome)  The rumors in Rome  that Enzo Bianchi is to be elevated to cardinal are accumulating. Bianchi is not a priest but a layman, which would be not be news in the church itself. But Bianchi is also the founder and leader of a bizarre association (but why he is called "Prior" and "Monk"),  who is not actually Catholic.  Because of his unorthodox teaching Msgr. Antonio Livi, the former dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Lateran University described him as a "false prophet".
A date for the next extraordinary consistory in which Pope Francis creates new cardinals, is not fixed yet.  However, names are being eagerly passed around in Rome, among which are found mainly those belonging to the inner court of the Pope, and who represent his course   with particular zeal.  Traditionally,  Italian names are particularly mentioned in Rome. Besides Enzo Bianchi,,   three names are frequently quoted:: Monsignor Marcello Semeraro, Bishop of Albano Laziale, Secretary of the C9-Cardinal Council and the editorial board of the final report of the Synod on the Family, Curial Bishop Vincenzo Paglia of the Community of Sant'Egidio, President of the Pontifical Council Family, and Mons. Bruno Forte, Archbishop of Chieti.

Enzo Bianchi and the abolition of the papacy

For Enzo Bianchi, born in 1943, Fatima is a "fraud,"  the Church should be "silent" on homosexuality, the family is "a form that society gives it" and therefore is arbitrarily changeable and Mary is "not a suitable role model for women in the Church". That Bianchi, who wants to overcome the papacy in favor of ecumenism, is a guest welcome in the Vatican, will be seen as an irony of history. Enzo Bianchi, from whom Pope Benedict XVI kept away from Rome, finds himself in harmony with Pope Francis.  Francis also shows his appreciation by Bianchi's appointment in July 2014 as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

Bishop Semeraro and the "morality of the person"

Bishop Marcello Semeraro, born in 1947, was personally appointed by Pope Francis to the   Synod on the Family. Since thirteen cardinals at the suggestion of Cardinal George Pell, including the prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, against the procedure for the Synod of Bishops in a letter, wherein they hurled all of their dissatisfaction against the papal stalwart, Semeraro. The thirteen cardinals voiced the suspicion that there was the intention "prefabricate results on   important controversial issues." At the same time they criticized the prepared working paper, after which the Synod was held, as "unacceptable". Semeraro clattered against it: "I feel a feeling of disgust about the publication of the letter." He who knows the language and customs of the Church, could  read out Semeraro's outbreak of displeasure. First, the bishop of Albano Laziale knew himself to be covered by the pope. Secondly, the  cardinal's letter annoyingly thwarted the plans of the Synod Director.

Semeraro had just published a small treatise on the family Synod, in which he argued for a possible admission of divorced and remarried to Communion

Cardinal Bergoglio allowed himself to be blessed in 2006 by Protestant preachers and P. Cantalamessa at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires

and considered this to be a "return" to a "practice" before the "restorative" phase of John Paul II. and Benedict XVI. The Synod had to whit, under the "decisive" leadership of Pope Francis,  transformed  the Church "from the morality of the law to the morality of the person,"  which raises the personal conscience to the highest authority.

As early as October 2014 Semeraro  had, in a pastoral letter to the faithful of his Diocese who received the sacraments at the SSPX from priests (SSPX),  threatened excommunication.

Vincenzo Paglia and the homophilic Kasperians

Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia, born in 1945, was the first bishop from the Community of Sant'Egidio. They developed the idea for the controversial inter-religious meeting for peace in Assisi.  Benedict XVI. had,  shortly before his unexpected resignation, appointed him as Chairman of the Pontifical Family Council.  He is considered as a candidate for the Cardinal purple. Since then, the Curial Bishop is less noticed for a defense of marriage and family, rather than as a representative for an "opening" towards homosexuality and for the divorced and remarried. Right at his first press conference as "Family Minister" of the Vatican, he caused a stir with homophilic tones. An unexplained shortfall of 20 million euros, which he had left in 2012 in the coffers of his diocese of Terni, earned him an investigation by the public prosecutor, but it is now archived. In May 2015 Paglia took part in the secret meeting at the Pontifical Gregorian University, where the Kasperians prepared for the Synod of Bishops in the autumn.

Bruno Forte and the "Legend" the empty grave

Msgr. Bruno Forte, born in 1949, Archbishop of Chieti, a few months was appointed archbishop by Pope John Paul II. before his death, while his career under Benedict XVI. was at a substantial standstill.   Forte headed the working group of the International Theological Commission, which prepared the document for the "Day of Pardon" in the Holy Year 2000, for the Pope John Paul II. A public confession was given and he begged God for forgiveness for the mistakes of the past 2000 years that people "had committed crimes in the Church in the name of faith and morals."  In 2009 he set out on the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum Pope Benedict XVI.    provided comical and stubborn resistance to the invitation of the German pope, to render the words of consecration "pro multis" in the local languages ​​as "many" instead of "for all."  Incitement of the Italian bishops, like the German. has failed to date. In 2011 Forte suggested that the empty grave of the risen Christ was just a legend.
With the election of Pope Francis  Forte also found a new  approval in Rome. The new pope appointed him special secretary of the Synod on the Family. As such Forte formulated the controversial interim report of the Synod 2014's passages on homosexuality and the divorced and remarried, which have been rejected by the Synod.
There is also currently whispering that there is a Cardinal beret for Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the Papal household preacher. During Advent, the Capuchin designated Mary as an obstacle to unity with the Protestants in a sermon for the Roman Curia. The Pontifical House preacher spoke indeed of "particular forms" of Marian devotion, however, the statement was a devaluation and reduction of Marian devotion as a concession to the Protestants who reject Mary as a bulwark of faith.The Capuchin, however, would no longer belong to the Papal electors. The Capuchin will complete his 82nd year next July.
Some of those named were already contenders for the purple in 2014 and 2015     without having been raised to the cardinal state. Until  an official confirmation these are just rumors. Since even Enzo Bianchi is inn the candidate circle, is an indication of Pope Francis is credited for everything on the one on the joy, the other for suffering.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Papal Appointee Enzo Bianchi Calls Fatima a "Swindle"

(Rome) For one of the darlings of  Church light, Fatima is only a "swindle". Enzo Bianchi, the "monk" and "Prior" of "monastic, interconfessional monastery" Bose, who is a layman in fact, holds the Angelic and Marian apparitions in 1917 in Fatima for a "swindle" because, so says Bianchi, a God , "who talks about the persecuted Christians, but forgets the six million Jews annihilated in Germany is not a credible God".  Bianchi's opinions thus  twists and turns, and the bottom line of the self-proclaimed Prior is to consistently follow the Mainstream.

Bianchi, the Papal Consultor

Enzo Bianchi kept at a distance  by Benedict XVI. but under Pope Francis,  Bianchi is feeling an updraft for promoting a "horizontal, anthropocentric Christianity" (Msgr. Antonio Livi). The "false prophet" (Msgr. Antonio Livi)  was recently the subject of an editorial in an edition of Credere, the official weekly newspaper for the Jubilee of Mercy, along with photo on the front page.
Pope Francis appointed Bianchi in July 2014 as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Bianchi is the "prophet" of a "demagogic search for peace, according to an illusory, universal amity and a secular solidarity," said Msgr. Livi of the friend of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, who was one of Bianchi's patrons.
Bianchi calls for  overcoming of the papacy and its reduction to a symbolic and representative primacy. This does not prevent him from scattering roses before the reigning Pope  and celebrating him as a "new Psalmist" and "new Bernard of Clairvaux."
 Bianchi, however, thinks that the Mother of God is  "not a suitable model for the promotion of women in the Church". According to Bianchi, Christ "said nothing about homosexuality, and thus the Church should remain silent on it." The family was only "a  form that society gives it," which is why it can be changed at any time by the society.

"A God Who Spoke About Christianity in 1917, But Not about Persecution of the Jews is Not Credible"

Marian apparition in Fatima on 13 August 1917
The Bian
chi-utterances, wrote the well-known Catholic journalist Vittorio Messori: "For the Prior of Bose the phenomena of 1917 is a swindle because a God who speaks about persecuted Christians, but forgets the six million annihilated Jews in Germany is  no credible God. However Bianchi should remember that Communism (Lenin seizes power in 1917) has at least 100 million deaths on its conscience, and there would not have  been Hitler, if there had not previously been Lenin."
Vittorio Messori wrote a 1985 interview book with the then CDF Prefect Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger: "On the Situation of the Faith."  It's a book that is considered an essential turning point in the perception of the post-conciliar period, because it articulated a diffuse discomfort and lent a voice to it.
Messori has now presented a new edition of a book first published in 2005, "I potesi su Maria" (Hypotheses on Mary). He is to expand it 13 chapters and 150 pages, wherein Messori shall point to Bianchi's criticism of Fatima, to which refers to other critics, including the Dominican Jean Cardonnel.

Criticism of the Dominican Jean Cardonnel on Fatima

In  the year 2000 just as Pope John Paul II published the Third Secret of Fatima, or -. According to some - at least one part of it, the left-leaning daily Le Monde released an article in France by Father Cardonnel, who was at this time of his life, the head of  clerical dissidents and political opposition. Cardonnels idols were  Mao, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh and even the destroyer of the Cambodian people, Pol Pot, had place at the summit for the French Dominican.
Though he was a nuisance to his brothers with his eternal 'no' to everything that was sacred to the rest, he was allowed to live in the monastery of Montpellier. Cardonnel, who cared about no dogma and no Church law, forbade under outbursts of anger for anyone call him "Father". The prior of the monastery eventually took advantage of a trip the already 90 year old Cardonnel was on, and had packed his things neatly and quartered him in the nursing home. Cardonnel cried "scandal", portrayed himself as a victim and finding he had squandered time on a frivolous case appealing to the Canon Law, then called on the French government to help. He accused the Prior of trespassing. After a long negotiation, the court agreed with his case and sentenced the Prior. The court asserted an absolute precedent into legal history, a monastic cell was a private room. A provocative and dangerous decision, because it restricted and limited the ecclesiastical of authority over their own areas.

Cardonnel: "The Supposed 'Secret' of Fatima is a Fake"

The deadly power of the Red Star
This Cardonnel wrote in 2000 in Le Monde: "This alleged 'secret' is a fake. It is as fake as the Donation of Constantine, which was designed to justify a diabolical absurdity: a Christian empire. A great Italian theologian - one should not forget his name: Enzo Bianchi, the founder of a new monastic community - has the superstition and seen  immediately immediately through  what the Vatican  is doing with Fatima. In the daily La Repubblica, Brother Bianchi put his finger inexorably into the wound. He wrote: 'A God who thinks in 1917 that there will be a persecution of Christians, but does not speak of the Holocaust and the six million Jews annihilated, is not a credible God '. Yes, you have disclosed this wound: what more  glaring evidence does one need not recognize that the so-called Third Secret of Fatima is a fake and can not come from God? It's a fake, which discredited the Eternal. A credible God, I repeat Bianchi, the God of  Catholic racism who cares only for his family, for his Catholic race, while the kin of Jesus may fall prey to oblivion. "

According to Bianchi, only God who would have predicted and condemned the Shoa is  "Credible"

As far as the Dominican Cardonnel, who died in 2009.   Bianchi never disagreed Cardonnel but rather confirmed him. Messori writes: "In the meantime, there also circulated among certain Christians the conviction that the persecution of Jews by the Nazis during the twelve years 1933 to 1945 does not know any comparison and no comparison was possible. It would involve the absolute evil of the greatest crime of the entire history to the most radical example of human malignancy. It is no coincidence that the guilt of the Nazis as inexpiable why even today at ninety years old, if not even to hunt and condemn centenarians, because they are made responsible for it in any way, that which is referred to with the religious term, 'Holocaust', in any case, for the Holocaust. For this crime, and only for this, no statute  limitations is provided. Following Cardonnel and Bianchi, I repeat, even God must - if he wants to speak to us through Mary -  recognize the Shoah  and especially curse it, otherwise he is not a credible God.'  He is not a true God when he explicitly blames Auschwitz," said Messori. A revelation, message, vision or appearance in the required connection with the Shoah or Auschwitz , has been neither been here nor elsewhere mentioned in connection with  Fatima.

Without Communism, No Nazism without Lenin in 1917 no Hitler in 1933

It should be unnecessary, but for safety's sake, he'll do it yet, and emphasize that it is not about going to trivialize the crimes of National Socialism in any way: "The swastika was a tragic perversion of the Christian cross. One can therefore only connect the condemnation. It is nevertheless paradoxical to reject Fatima on these grounds, because the Mother of God in 1917 had not predicted the German camps and condemned it in the name of the Son and of the whole Trinity. 1917 was the year in which Lenin came to power and the Communist monstrosity was allowed free rein, which devoured at least 100 million people and in implementing the most brutal and bloodiest repression of religion throughout history into action. A repression that took place in the name of the atheist state, because as such the Soviet Union and its satellites had been declared in their Constitutions. 
And as demonstrated by the studies of the German historian Ernst Nolte, that Nazism arose essentially as a direct response to Marxism-Leninism Without Lenin in 1917, there would have been no Hitler in 1933 without the October Revolution of St. Petersburg, the ideology of the Austrian painter would have remained limited to a small fanatical   group in the back room of Munich's restaurants. In as much as Our Lady warned of Communism at Fatima, she also warned of the other deadly ideologies, which go back directly or indirectly to Communism or stand in an interaction with this."

Bianchi's Grotesque from the "God of the Catholic Racism"

Bianchi and Cardonnel are "Grotesque" when they denounce Fatima as an expression of "a God of Catholic racism". "What kind of gossip is this?" asks Messori. Which apart from the fact that the vast majority of the victims of Lenin through Stalin to Gorbachev (who in his youth was also a persecutor) were not Catholics, but Orthodox, forget that the  all religions were present.  The papists were massacred like the priests, rabbis just as  imams or Buddhist masters. The same thing happened wherever communism came to power. And that happened exactly in that fateful year of 1917, when the Blessed Mother warned against this perverse ideology, precisely because then - just as now - presented itself in a noble guise with evangelical sounding words of justice, liberation, equality and fraternity. Words that were understood by the Communist, however, were proven without exception as demons, including the German regime, which even introduced itself by the name of socialism. "

The Austrian Example and the Atonement Crusade

Father Petrus Pavlicek
What is valid for Fatima  is what applies to all ecclesiastically recognized private revelations. One need not believe in them. They can therefore also be criticized."But this should be done in more informed and in more subtle ways," than as  it is done by Bianchi.
"And when speaking of Fatima and Communism, then Bianchi would do well to remember also Austria in the period between 1945 and 1955.   Because throughout the war,  the Soviet Union had shifted their influence far to the west and brought huge parts of Europe under its control, with permission first of Hitler, then with the permission of the western powers. At the end,,  the Red Army had occupied Berlin and Vienna. The Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov, who had signed the Hitler-Stalin Pact in the summer of 1939, allowed Hitler the war against Poland, explained and repeated that the Soviet Union would not give up territory they occupied. It was therefore expected that in Austria the Communists would use military force to stay in power just as they had done  in Prague and Budapest, would usurp power by military force. Even in the western chancelleries this seemed to be assumed. No one wanted to start a new war on the other hand. But a Franciscan had not given up: Father Petrus Pavlicek. He first heard of Fatima in captivity. For his safe return from the war he undertook a pilgrimage of thanksgiving in 1946 and heard within  the voice that told him, 'Do what I tell you, and there will be peace.'" Pavlicek saw it as a connection with the apparitions of Fatima and founded the Expiatory Rosary Crusade for peace in the world and for the freedom of Austria.
Hundreds of thousands of Austrians joined him and prayed day and night for these intentions. Years went by, but the petitioners did not abate in their zeal. In 1955,  suddenly Austrian Chancellor was summoned by the Kremlin, where he was informed of the withdrawal of the Red Army from Austria. The western chancelleries were surprised by the decision which was so unexpected and above all was unprecedented and would not be repeated afterwards until the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989 in any other country. The signing of the State Treaty on 15 May 1955 brought the re-establishment of an independent and sovereign Austria. Politicians, diplomats and military around the world marveled. Those who had led the Expiatory Rosary Crusade praying for years, however, were not amazed. The date on which the Austrian Chancellor announced the withdrawal of the Red Army, was the 13th of May the anniversary of the first apparition of Fatima. The withdrawal of Soviet troops,  which most reluctantly granted such a beautiful and strategically important country, was completed in October of the same year, that same month which Catholic tradition dedicates to the Holy Rosary, since the Battle of Lepanto. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / RSK / CR

Monday, September 28, 2015

Enzo Bianchi: "Christ Didn't Say Anything About Homosexuality, Therefore the Church Should Remain Silent"

 (Rome) Enzo Bianchi, the "false prophet" (Msgr Antonio Livi), appointed by Pope Francis as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity never misses an opportunity under media attention to make "dissenting statements" from Catholic teaching.  The Archdiocese of Trent invited him as a speaker to the meeting of the diocesan pastoral council. Bianchi exorted  the Church, "to be silent" on aberrosexuality.  The Archbishop of Trento obeyed promptly and implored his diocese not to participate in the dispute over gender ideology. Since Pope Francis appointed him Pontifical Consultant, the layman Bianchi unfolded frenetic activities whose hallmark is criticism of the Church and the call for a "change of course". The closer to the Synod of Bishops, the shorter the distance between one of Bianchi's unorthodox remarks and the next.

"Maria is no role model for women in the Church" - "The natural family does not exist"

Last September 9, Bianchi accused the Catholic Church of having "unrealistic" expectations of  women. "The model of Maria, Virgin and Mother, can not be the reference point for the advancement of women in the church. The fashionable, subliminally alleged idea that Mary was more important than St. Peter, is a stupid idea, just as if the wheels of a car would be more important than the steering wheel."
In mid-August Bianchi claimed family was an invention of society and could therefore also be modified anytime.   Bianchi said: "The family is a form that is given by society. The natural family does not exist ".

"Christ said nothing about homosexuality, therefore the Church should silent"

Enzo Bianchi
Last Sunday, 20 September, Enzo Bianchi explained to  the Pastoral Council of the Archdiocese of Trent, Christ did not say anything about homosexuality, therefore the Church should remain silent. "And the Archbishop of Trent obeyed," said the Catholic monthly magazine Il Timone in its online edition.
"When two people of the same sex love each other and are willing to help each other and support each other, it is true that the state provides a legal regulation of their relationship," said the "Prior" of  the "monastic community" from Bose.
According to L'Adige, Bianchi dedicated his "Lectio magistralis" says the newspaper, "completely to the Christian values ​​of charity". The "Prior" is to have made use of  questions from the audience to address "large current issues," including "family and divorce, homosexuality and connections of same-sex couples."

The Church has "to apologize" for its  previous teaching on Marriage and Family

Thus Bianchi demanded that the Church should apologize for its previous attitude towards marriage, family and homosexuality. "We need to ask the family for forgiveness, because of the alleged superiority, which was shown by the Church leaders in the past: the life of couples is very difficult and we must be able to recognize the great merit of those who opt for founding a family. But in a reality in which everything is precarious, from work to relationships, we can not expect that it is not love or family. That's why  we must in no way allow judgement and do not exclude a fortiori."
The same applies to Enzo Bianchi on homosexuality. The Church should neither judge nor condemn. "If Christ spoke of the indissoluble union of marriage in the Gospel, he says nothing about homosexuality. Honesty compels us therefore admit the mystery and to leave the question unanswered. On this point, I would like the Church  that prefers to remain silent because it can not say anything."
According to Bianchi, the Church could no longer proclaim its teaching on homosexuality, since he has removed its right to speak, because it's said more than enough on the subject. So  the "Prior" declared before the pastoral council, his very clear ideas in favor of "gay marriage", which the state should legalize, all the better today than tomorrow.  Bianchi justified his call for a civil "gay marriage" with "of mercy, as the Gospel calls for it, not as we want it."

Archbishop Bressan conjures exhorts his diocese not to participate in the dispute over gender ideology

In Catholic circles such as Il Timone, expressed their astonishment that Enzo Bianchi was ever invited to Trento and even became  a driving force for the diocesan pastoral council. The words of the archbishop present, Msgr. Luigi Bressan, made the  convergence of ideas ​​visible.
A native of Veneto,  the archbishop, who was actually working as a Vatican diplomat internationally, was appointed in 1999 by John Paul II. as Archbishop of Trento, whose appointment was made to avoid internal conflicts.
After Bianchi's remarks, the archbishop urged that  "the Catholic community of Trentino," itself should not participate in the conflict over the gender ideology. "For six years, the Province of Trento runs a campaign in schools for equality between men and women. This has nothing to do with the so-called gender theory. Let us beware of becoming involved in disputes between parties. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Timone / Adige (Screenshot)
Trans Tancred

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Papal Consultor: "Mary is not a suitable reference point for the advancement of women in the church"

Enzo Bianchi, Papal Consultor or False Prophet?
 (Rome) "Mary can not be the reference point for the advancement of women in the Church." In reality,  Bianchi is a layman. He gave an interview to the daily newspaper La Repubblica, which was published last September 9th. Bianchi was appointed by Pope Francis as Consultor in  July 2014 of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.
La Repubblica published an interview under the title "The church of the future," of Enzo Bianchi by Sylvia Roochney. Bianchi explained it: "In the Church there are good intentions, but about there are unreal expectations about women:  The model Maria, Virgin and Mother, can not be the reference point for the advancement of women in the church. The fashionable, subliminally alleged idea that Mary was more important than St. Peter, is a stupid idea, just as the wheels of a car would be more important than the steering wheel."
Next Bianchi said, "We are not yet able to take unequivocal equality between men and women seriously. The path of the Church is still very far, because even all the men are at the decision-levers, while women are restricted to low services," said Enzo Bianchi.

Enzo Bianchi Anti-Marian discovered under Francis again in the Franciscan  papacy 

Of Mary with Jesus Child (Civitanova)
That the Magisterium says the exact opposite, does not move "Prior" Bianchi. Bianchi wants to flatter Pope Francis with his sudden emphasis of the apostle Peter, although he  himself called for the  "overcoming" of  the papacy "in a spirit of ecumenism" in 2013 (see The papal Consultant who wants to abolish the Pope - False Ecumenism), said on June 12, 2015: "The feminine genius is a grace: The church is a woman, and Mary is much more important than the apostles".
Pope John Paul II stressed the importance of Mary in his "Letter by the Pope to Women" of 29 June 1995; in the Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis of 22 May 1994; in the Apostolic Letter Mulieres Dignitatem August 15, 1988; as Pope Paul VI. in the Apostolic ExhortationSignum magnum of 13 May 1967 to name just a few of many examples that refute Bianchi's assertion.
Bianchi is known for his heterodox statements: Last August, he claimed that "family is a form that is given by society". Specifically, he said, so that the family could be changed by the society.

"False Prophet"

The former Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Pontifical Lateran University, Msgr. Antonio Livi, called Enzo Bianchi a "false prophet". Bianchi was the representative of a "horizontal, anthropocentric Christianity without God, replacing the only way to salvation by a demagogic search for worldly peace, according to an illusory universal friendship and by secular solidarity," said the Catholic historian Cristina Siccardi.
Silvia Ronchey is also no stranger. The Assistant Professor of Byzantine Studies and daughter of a former Italian minister of culture, she comes from a Masonic tradition. She is a welcome guest in the circle of the aproned  brothers. Her father, Alberto Ronchey took part in the Bilderburg Meeting in 1969 as a journalist for the Corriere della Sera  in Mont Tremblant, Canada.
In 2011 Silvia Ronchey the historically confusing  book "The True Story of Hypatia" that says less about Hypatia, but all the more about Ronchey's anti-Catholic and anti-Christian prejudices. Gustavo Raffi, the then Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, even traveled to promote the book .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Messa in Latino
Trans: Tancred

Monday, August 24, 2015

Pope-Consultor Enzo Bianchi: "Family is a Form, Which is Based in Community"

Enzo Bianchi with Pope Francis
(Rome) For the "Prior" of Bose, Enzo Bianchi, there is no natural family. Family is an invention of society. While Benedict XVI.  kept Bianchi at a distance, Pope Francis made him Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in 2014.
Bianchi participates in the formation houses of numerous Italian dioceses as a frequent speaker, as at the Roman universities. He is one of the favorites of the anti-church media, because no matter what he is talking about, a dig against the Church and against the Church's teaching is never lacking.
On August 22, Bianchi spoke at the 73rd Course of Christian studies of the Cittadella di Assisi . The Cittadella di Assisi is a "religious guesthouse" in Assisi that is supported by  Pro Civitate Christiana. This association which was later founded in 1939  was recognized as an association of pontifical right by John XXIII.  The study sessions have participants, according to the official website, of "theologians, philosophers, intellectuals and people with public office, which are somehow attributable to a specific part of the Catholic world." By "specific part" the progressive circles of the Church are meant.

"The natural family does not exist"

The theme of the 73rd course was: "We charge the image of God for a more human world," which took place on the 19th-23rd August. Bianchi's lecture was "the image of God, of man: Why responsible?" Bianchi said: "The family is a form which is based in community. The natural family does not exist."
Enzo Bianchi although he calls himself "Prior" and is the founder of the "ecumenical" Monastery of Bose, appears in a religious habit, and speaks of "his monks", is in reality neither cleric nor monk, but a layman. In 2014   the Vatican expert Sandro Magister revealed  discussing the religious '68er,  that Bianchi together with Alberto Melloni, the head of the progressive "school of Bologna", held a "secret" ecumenical project, which aims to abolish, or rather, to dissolve the papacy in the name of ecumenism. Alberto Melloni was also Speaker in Assisi.

Enzo Bianchi is the "Prophet" of a New Christianity, which is not Catholic

Monsignor Antonio Livi, Grüder of the International Science and Common Sense Association (ISCA) and former Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Lateran University wrote about Enzo Bianchi: "Thanks to the not disinterested help of anti-Catholic media, acquaintance with Enzo Bianchi is very easy as they  cultivate his public image: when he appeals to Catholics, Bianchi appears as 'Prophet ', who is fighting  for the Adventus of a new Christianity (a Christianity that has to be modern, open, non-hierarchical and non-dogmatic and ultimately not a Catholic.)"
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pope Francis is a New Psalmist and a New Bernard of Clairvaux?

(Rome) Yesterday  reported on the Papal Consultant Enzo Bianchi and the unusual visitation of the "monastery" of Bose (see Papal Visitations and Interconfessional "Monastery" Bose ). Today, the "Prior" was on hand to pay tribute to Pope Francis and applaud his Christmas spanking, which he dealt to  Curia employees on Monday. Pope Francis is a new Psalmist and a new Bernard of Clairvaux? Yes, says the progressive papal minion Enzo Bianchi, " no one has spoken like this for a thousand years."
In a commentary for Vatican Insider, Bianchi wrote: "No one has  spoken as Pope Francis in the last few years.Yesterday he said, with Parrhesia, what he thinks only excluding adumbrated language and without any diplomatic style."
The speech with which he diagnosed as the "diseases" and "sins" of the Curia staff, of which some speak rather of a public statement with no ifs or buts, and he recalls - according to Enzo Bianchi - of what a Saint Bernard of Clairvaux in the 11th century dared to say to the Pope. "Words that few knew how to write against ecclesiastical vice at a time and to say, that  a reform of the Church in capite et in corpore was urgently needed," said Bianchi.

Bianchi's Little Confusion About Roles

Bianchi overlooked  a small but not insignificant difference in his equation:  the medieval Abbot Bernard of Clairevaux addressed himself as a "subordinate" to the higher ranking Pope, it is  Pope Francis the manager who reprimanded his subordinates.
But Enzo Bianchi holds, ever the  courtier, not with such details, but rather forms the Pope's speech in a series of  Psalms, specifically Psalm 101. In his enthusiasm, the progressive Bianchi is quite "traditionalist" and raves about the desert fathers, to create catalogs of sin. "Still, the generations of Christians, like mine, have been formed before the Second Vatican Council had a register of sins available, in thought, word, works and omissions  to prepare for the Sacrament of Penance and to perform a thorough personal examination of conscience about their own inadequacy in comparison to the requirements of the Ten Commandments. "
In addition to Parrhesia, Bernard of Clairvaux, Psalms, desert fathers and consciousness of pre-Conciliar sin, the papal  Consultant also recognizes the Jesuit tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola in the   Christmas scolding of the Curia. In the middle of  the Papal Sin catalog, says the "Prior"  of Bose, is the "power" which was a "key temptation", with which  "the demon tried Jesus Christ." "Yes, the unquenchable thirst for power enables he who gives himself  the right  to defame him and others in the newspapers and blogs with the help of willing journalists, even hate  made to order, with defamation and slander."

"Pope Invents Nothing, He Just Reads Everyday About the Deformities of the Church"

Was the Pope right in his harsh criticism? Yes, says Enzo Bianchi: "Pope Francis invents nothing, he just reads  everyday, about the deformed and disfigured Church as the Body of Christ. It is an incisive analysis, which is also the result of daily experience in the 21 months of this pontificate; not an investigation of the past and the scandals before his election, but the continuing presence."
The Pope addresses in his speech "rich in biblical quotations and references to his letter Evangelii Gaudium, the testament to the roots of his words and actions in the Word of God," a " universal antidote for these pathologies," said Bianchi: the " understanding of the Church as the mystical body of Christ. '"  Including that doesn't mean the traditional understanding of the Church, although Bianchi uses words like "traditional" and "handed down"  and "tradition" frequently, this is the  "Prior's" bridge in the controversial formula of "primacy of love" which is clearly accented by the schismatic denominations to negate the papal primacy of jurisdiction. It's a position that Bianchi has embraced for a long time, since he sees the main obstacle to unity among Christians in the papacy.

"Am I a Man of God or a Trustee of Satan?"

 Bianchi, reads into  the Pope even more, as he mentions "an intimate unity of this dynamic body, and each member with the Lord." It is otherwise Pope Francis' exhortation to  every Christian, but especially applicable to  all, to take responsibility and have  in pastoral care, to understand, as he asks you to ask yourself: "Am I a man of God or a trustee of Satan ?"  An alternative does not exist, says Bianchi, because "if it is true that we are all tempted and all fall, then it is also true that the break between each occurs in that fall and  getting up again by confessing to be a sinner, and those who accept that they  fall, that they are corrupt and may even present themselves as fair and good people to others. "
The path of Pope Francis "is more gritty than any functional reform, but without a doubt innovative and at the same time deeply rooted in authentic Christian tradition:  to lead the bureaucratic apparatus Church back to its real nature of a community body in the service of the universal Church." They would say, "the diseases are so numerous, serious and widespread that rapid recovery is unlikely." In particular, the recovery time was not without the risk of relapse. "And we know well that the prerequisite for any effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis and for this the words of Pope Francis are extremely useful".

"The Farther Francis Follows this Path, the More he Will Unleash Demonic Forces"

Enzo Bianchi, therefore, concludes: "I wrote it and write it again: Pope Francis makes himself the echo of the Gospel, and his passion for the gospel leads him to the life of the Church and of each member to be faithful to the measure of the Gospel. Let us have no illusions but the more the Pope  goes on this route, the more he will unleash demonic forces acting in history and the result for the real believers will be to visualize the cross of Christ. It is not true that there will then become more comfortable in the Church; the opposite is true, the Church can only follow Jesus in  painful rejection and persecution, and they will not achieve worldly success when they embody the message of their Lord. "
That's the commentary by Enzo Bianchi, who has been since last July, the Consultant of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and "Prior" of the ecumenical progressive lay community of Bose, who because of the transport with good reason, like other progressive, senses his changing good fortune in the morning air.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Chiesa e Postconcilio
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Papal Visitation and the Interconfessional "Cloister" of Bose

Enzo Bianchi and Pope Francis
(Rome) Pope Francis has appointed Enzo Bianchi, the "Almighty" (Sandro Magister) founder and "Prior" the progressive ecumenical "monastery" from Bose, the Consultant of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian UnityBianchi is one of the "favorites" of Pope Francis. He is undogmatic, anarchic about rules and autocratic.
The compulsory control of Rome is perceived as idiosyncratically complex under Pope Francis. The faithful Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, a positive anomaly in the religious world, is enslaved under provisional administration.The visitation of the declining progressive US women religious of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), who are in heresy and under suspicion of serious violations of church order were "peacefully archived" by the Pope, said the Vatican expert Sandro Magister.
The fact is that the male and female religious experience are not exactly enjoying a heyday in the West. The secretary of the Congregation of Religious, Curial Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo Fra spoke recently of several dozen Apostolic Visitations that are currently taking place. 39 orders are finding themselves for various reasons under provisional administration. 3000 religious  give up their vows  each year.
In addition to the Roman Congregation of Religious    diocesan bishops can also carry out visitations in their jurisdictions and initiate investigations. The Order itself can ask for a Visitor.

A visitation in Bose?

The latter is the case with the amazing "ecumenical monastery" from Bose. How so?
From a legal perspective, the church community of Bose is neither an Order nor is it a monastery, but a "private association of the faithful". In other words, a lay organization. It was not until 2001,  that it was ever canonically recognized and that is through the small diocese of Biella, in Bose.
There are major obstacles in the way of recognition as religious order. Two are of particular importance. There is the fact that there is a  mixed community of undistinguished women and men. Such a mixed community has never been known in the long history of monasticism.
Secondly, the Community is interdenominational. The Lutheran Swiss pastor Daniel Attinger belonga to ir, as well as other Protestants, women and men. The Orthodox Metropolitan Emilianos Timiadis spent his last years in Bose. The former Greek Catholic Ukrianian Sophia Senyk is also included in the community. She was in the Ukrainian section of the faculty at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome, but then converted to Orthodoxy.

Interconfessionality   and Intercommunion

Bose has practiced intercommunion for a long time. The Eucharist is given to Catholics and non-Catholics alike which  the Catholic Church as well as the Orthodox churches strictly prohibits. For some time, the liturgies are celebrated separately by Catholics and Orthodox  in Bose, which means that the Protestants receive Communion among Catholics. The violation of the ban has simply discontinued out of consideration for the Orthodox.
Nobody really seems worried about the interconfessionality in the papal entourage today is really worried. Finally, Pope Francis has  "highly valued" him (Sandro Magister) idiosyncratically as a Catholic "Prior", appointing Enzo Bianchi as Consultant for a Roman Congregation specifically calculated in terms interconfessionality.
Current Rome doesn't seem to have any doctrinal problems with Bose and seems have been both eyes pressed shut on the Tiber. The problems seem to concern the Community's internal relationship among the "brothers" and "sisters" from Bose. Enzo Bianchi indicated there had  been such problems three years ago  in an sibylline interview with the Jesuit magazine Jesus.

"Experience with Falsehood"

"In recent years I have  internally checked  our experience with falsehood, not directly against me, but regarding the whole community. I did not have to experience such an internal destabilization, which is why sometimes I'm quite confused.  I never had such an experience. Malignancy yes, you can understand, but the falsity is not on my horizon. That was the hardest test of my life in the Church and in the life of a monk."
Bianchi meant monastic life, of course,  what  he means by monasticism. It is less clear what he means by "falsehood". It can only be imagined that his authority was challenged.

In another interview on the history of Bose, Bianchi spoke of the common coexistence of women and men is a "very stressful" knot. Not so much because of the natural attraction between the sexes, but because of the indomitable "hostility" that - has ruled since the origin of the world between man and woman - according to Bianchi.
In addition to new items and quite a few outlets, Bianchi experienced some storms. In particular, the departure of three leading members, two "brothers" and a "sister" was carried out with the fierce criticism of the "Prior".

Bianchi asked for a  Visitation and Chose the Visitors Himself

Thus, the conversation turns to the way Enzo Bianchi exerts his leadership. Several members speak of an "authoritarian" style, says Sandro Magister. In order to prevent the situation getting out of control, Bianchi decided to  take the bull by the horns. He applied for the implementation of a canonical visitation. Advantageously, he chose the visitor himself. 
It was Father Michel Van Parys, former abbot of the "ecumenical" Benedictine monastery of Chevetogne in Belgium and today Hegumen in the monastery of the Byzantine rite of Grottaferrata in Italy. For the female side, he commissioned Mother Anne-Emmanuelle Deveche, Abbess of the Trappist Cloister of Blauvac in France. Both are long-time friends of Bianchi, especially Van Parys, who is one of the most enthusiastic visitors and speakers at Bose meetings.
The Visitation took place from last January to May. At the end,  the two visitors submitted a signed declaration, Charter Visitationis ago that made ​​Bianchi, in turn, send it to the competent authorities in Rome and Bishop of Biella. Shortly afterwards Bianchi became appointed as the Consultant.
In the current Advent letter to the "Friends of Bose" Bianch writes that he is allowing  'the Community to undergo two financial checks of its financial situation."  The visitation he reasoned, "is so that the community never falls into complacency, becoming self-referential, or worse, narcissistic and sectarian". The language is strikingly similar to that of Pope Francis.

"Workshop of Unity Between the Separated Churches"

In their visitation report written by Father Parys  and Mother Deveche, the "quality" especially of Bose is appreciated as the "workshop of unity between the separated churches today."
However, they also expressed the wish that the various line offices in the community should not be authoritarian, but exercised  "transparently and synodally."
"Obviously,  Bianchi finds synodality  so precious that when he calls for reforms in the Church and the papacy, Bose in itself is not as high a priority, because it required a canonical visitation  in order to remind  the Prior about it," said Sandro Magister ,
Finally, it should also be noted that Sophia Senyk is not the only one from the faculty of the prestigious Pontifical Oriental Institute who gave up the Catholic faith and converted to Orthodoxy. The Oriental Institute is connected to the Pontifical Gregorian University. Both institutions are led by the Jesuit Order.
More sensational than the conversion of Senyk in recent months was the crossing of Father Constantin Simon to Orthodoxy.The American Jesuit of Ukrainian-Hungarian descent was  Vice-Rector of the Pontifical Oriental Institute in 2013 and is considered an expert on Russian Christianity.
The former Jesuit was solemnly received on June 7th  as a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church. The   liturgy was presided over by Archimandrite Amwrosi (Ambrose Yermakov) of Peterhof, the Auxiliary Bishop of St. Petersburg, and rector of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy.

Text: Settimo Cielo / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Settimo Cielo
Trans: Tancred
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