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Thursday, November 16, 2017

De Mattei: Friendly Criticism of Rocco Buttiglione’s Theses

Roberto de Mattei
Corrispondenza Romana
November 15, 2017

[Rorate Caeli] I have known Rocco Buttiglione for more than forty years. Both of us were assistants to Professor Augusto Del Noce (1910-1989) at the Faculty of Political Science at La Sapienza University in Rome, but since then our positions have diverged, mainly regarding our judgment on modernity. Buttiglione believed that the historical process inaugurated by the French Revolution was compatible  with Christianity, but I believed it incompatible.  Despite these differences, I appreciated Buttiglione’s work as Minster of National Cultural Heritage in Berlusconi’s government (2005-2006) and expressed my solidarity with him in 2004 when he didn’t attain the nomination as European Commissioner as a result of having called homosexuality “a sin”.  I refer to all this in order to show my sincerity in my “friendly criticism” of his theses, just as Buttiglione is truly sincere when he argues with Professor Seifert, his “life-long friend” in his most recent book (Friendly Responses to the Critics of Amoris Laetitia, which included an essay introduction by Cardinal Gerard Ludwig Müller, Ares, Milan 2017, p. 41).

The volume recently published has 200 pages, divided into four chapters. There is nothing in it that Buttiglione’s readers don’t know.  The chapters are in fact made up of essays previously published in several places, between 2016 and 2017. This explains the numerous repetitions, which, nonetheless, aid in a better understanding of his basic thesis: the possibility of admitting the divorced and remarried to Communion, since  in certain cases, “even if the acts are illegitimate” , people “may not fall into mortal sin because of the absence of full knowledge and deliberate consent” (p.172).

I have already had the occasion to criticize this position (see here: Additionally, in order to justify it, Buttiglione introduces a fallacious distinction between “grave sin”, “specified by the object (by grave matter)” and “mortal sin”, “specified by the effects on the subject (it kills the soul)”. He writes “ all mortal sins are also grave sins, but not all grave sins are also mortal. It may happen in fact that in some cases grave matter has not been accompanied by full awareness and deliberate consent.” (p. 173).

Monday, March 24, 2014

There is no Exoneration for the Innocent Franciscans of the Immaculate to Date

Edit: The following a translation of an article by Federico Catani  we've received and edited slightly, recapping the situation as it stood in February and continues today:

“Lies have short legs” and time continues to give reason to popular wisdom. A few days ago, Msgr. Jose Rodriguez Carballo, secretary of the Roman Congregation that is concerned with religious life, has released in a press conference some affirmations regarding the question of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. The aim? To defend at all costs a congregation (that is the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated life and Societies of Apostolic life) that is already considered an accomplice before the whole world, if not in actuality sent, for the destruction of one of the most flourishing and holy Institutes of pontifical right, erected by the will of the future saint Pope John Paul II. Naturally climbing up a slippery slope is not easy, and sooner or later one is bound to slip, and in fact his affirmations are failing desperately in many ways. The first to notice this was Sandro Magister who had brought the numbers at hand to light,  the figures that have been manipulated by the ex-general of the Friars Minor to justify an external commissioner has given birth to the banner of injustice and of falsity. In fact, the total, to be benevolent, was numbered to be of about fifty religious, which has miraculously been transformed in the hands of Carballo (or by someone for him) to 74% of friars of the Institute (regarding this, read the precisely documented article of Lorenzo Bertocchi). Another journalist that has awakened to this deceitfulness is Marco Tosattione one of the few vaticanists that have not been seduced by the dominant methods in use in these parts for almost a year now.

There is however one other affirmation of Carballo, passed by unobserved from the excellent pen of Magister, that is destined to contradict itself with the facts at hand, and that is the circumstantiation that the external commissioning would not have been caused primarily by the adoption of the Old Rite of the Mass. Nevertheless anyone having had read the questionnaire sent out by the apostolic Visitor Msgr. Vito Todisco to the religious of the FFI (only to the perpetually professed, about 200) would not need long to understand that main accusation was principally the adoption of the Old Rite (see here). It’s very true that the questionnaire seemed already to underline the forced introduction of the rite on the part of the founder Father Stefano Manelli, or at least this is how he was calumniously accused by a small group of disobedient friars. Although unfortunately, that with this type of attitude the founder had never either recalled or reprimanded or excluded these friars for  not having ever celebrated it. This, however, the Congregation came to understand much too late or if they had understood right away, had maliciously left it unmentioned for other reasons. So when they became aware that this accusation didn’t hold up anymore, they desperately looked for another primary accusation: and behold! the tale of the movable goods and the passing of the immovable goods to the relatives of Father Manelli. Nevertheless   this was also a baseless accusation that has finished in failure, insomuch that the same commissioner, with his profound humiliation had to officially deny the defamation (see here).

Now one may ask what else  these destroyers of the order must now invent about the FFI. Among others, besides that of the Corrispondenza Romana, which has begun another collection of signatures against the vaticans handling of the circumstances of the poor religious and other journalist, like Antonio Socci (see here, and here), who are taking.

*Note of the sea of falsity and injustices which are coalescing a cheap spectacle for all in the Church of mercy, towards a religious order that is absolutely CATHOLIC. We must wait to see but we already know that the truth sooner or later will come to light!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

False Obedience and the "Rehabilitation" of Teilhard de Chardin in "Osservatore Romano"

(Rome) A few days ago an article appeared in which the attempt was made ​​to rehabilitate the French Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin. The damning verdict of the CDF against the theologian is being played down there and dismissed as "controversial". The article did not appear in  just any old daily newspaper, but in the Osservatore Romano.  What does this have to do with  the question of obedience? Does it follow from this article and its theories  are to be even  represented in the daily paper of the Vatican?
 St. Thomas Aquinas drew a clear line between obedience and disobedience. Rightful obedience as a virtue he defined in the Summa Theologiae (II-II, q. 104-195), but he gives two reasons why one who is obligated to obey his superior might  owe him no obedience. 
The first reason is a statement by an even higher authority.  In  respect to this, the saint refers to Peter Lombard: When the Emperor commands something, but God the contrary, one must obey God, without regard to the Emperor.

The second reason is, if the supervisor commands something of his subordinate  in areas where he may hold him subject. Thomas Aquinas concludes that the people in the inner motives of the will owe obedience to God alone.

The forces that Rouse the New Pontificate

Osservatore Romano published a long essay in its issue of 29 December 2013.  "I study the matter and find the spirit" of Maurizio Gronchi, who attempts the rehabilitation  of the thinking of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and thus seeks to annul the monitem by the CDF against the French Jesuits of 30 June 1962. Basically, there is no obligationof a daily newspaper to "obey" in its position, not even a Catholic newspaper. But with Osservatore Romano , things are a bit different because it is not just any daily newspaper. Based on the instructions of Blessed Pius IX., this is the only daily newspaper that is printed in the Vatican City State.
The chief editor is appointed directly by the Pope. Although the newspaper is not an official organ of the Holy See, but at least semi-official. It comes logically that the opinion expressed is that of the Holy See. Of course, the editors have more room for maneuver in the fields of culture, politics and economy. However, this freedom would be a seduction into error if on the pages of L'Osservatore Romano article were published  things that contradict the faith of the Church, the Magisterium of the Church and tradition.

Rehabilitation Attempt of Teilhard de Chardin Against  the Official Condemnation

In this specific case, it is not just about a purely hypothetical consideration. The article with the rehabilitation of Teilhard de Chardin also has its positive side: it provides the occasion to highlight the limits of obedience. Should anyone think that maybe in the desire for faithful obedience of Pope Francis and the Osservatore Romano, there is need to follow the thesis of the author, then he should also know that he is in this against the 1962 monitum pronounced by Blessed John XXIII. An official admonition that continues to have full force and effect.
The thing is so obvious that the journalist admits it openly and reproduces the admonition of the CDF, but referred to it as "controversial and painful."  But anyone who follows such a judgment, speaks of not just any opinion but opposes in reality the papal Magisterium. The Monitus reads: "Certain works of Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, including some posthumous, are published and can not find the least benevolence. [...] In the philosophical and theological point of view it clearly recognizes that the said works contain dangerous ambiguities and serious errors which offend Catholic doctrine."
The exhortation of the Holy Office dated 30 June 1962 was officially published in the official gazette of the Holy See (Acta Apostolicae Sedis 54, born 1962, pp. 526) published. On 1 July of the same year, and also followed by an annotated publication in L'Osservatore Romano .

"Author on the Road to Apostasy"

Maurizio Gronchi doesn't even like the Magisterium of the Church, who praises  Teilhard de Chardin to the skies, while "even leading the reader to error" ( Corrispondenza Romana ) by citing incomplete judgments against  Jesuit  or torn out of context . According to the author's thought, the Frenchman was not heretical, but had, at best, "some weaknesses and difficulties."  The "dangerous ambiguities and serious errors" is an issue for Gronchi. In an article in the Osservatore Romano,  a document of the Magisterium of the Church, adopted by the Congregation of the Faith, with the approval of the Pope, is referred to as "controversial and painful." "This means that the author is treading the path of apostasy already," says Corrispondenza Romana . In addition to that there is   still the effusive praise for what has been explicitly condemned by the Magisterium.
The author thus lays claim to a wish to correct the Magisterium of the Church, and does so from the sides of the semi-official newspaper of the Vatican. Teihard de Chardin, who denies original sin and the distinction between matter and spirit represents, so says Gronchi, no "serious errors", but only tolerable "weaknesses and difficulties."

How Did the Article Appear in the Osservatore Romano ?

The backgrounds are unclear how it was possible that Gronchi could place his article in L'Osservatore Romano. The fact is that he is an example of where obedience is obligated to "disobedience": Whoever wants to be faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, must reject  the  published thesis of 29 December by Gronchi in the Osservatore Romano. 
Maurizio Gronchi is a priest of the diocese of Pisa, Professor of Christology at the Theological Faculty of the Pontifical Urban University in Rome and Consultor the CDF .
Text: CR / Giuseppe Nardi
image: L'Osservatore Romano (Screenshot mounting)
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Freemasons of the Grand Orient Attempt to Pocket Pope Francis

The Home of Signismundo Malatesta!
(Rimini) "Get back out of the catacombs and give back human dignity is the invitation to Pope Francis and the Rimini Meeting, it is a theme and a path which the Grand Orient of Italy and has anticipated," that is the message of Freemasonry on its website. The Grand Orient of Italy, located in Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome is the most important centre of Freemasonry on the Apennine Peninsula. The Freemasons applaud the Pope and try to usurp him. He ultimately represents only what Freemasonry has long since adulterated. Praise from the wrong side can not help you decide for yourself. The new "friendliness" of Freemasonry still astonishes and makes themselves heard. A change in strategy? Megalomania? Convergence of ideas?

Pope Francis and the Meeting of Rimini say "What Freemasonry Has Said For a Long Time"

"The statement may sound presumptuous, but in reality it is already part of history and common sense. First, Pope Francis, Christians and religious people are invited "to leave the catacombs" and to discover, instead of the Church as an institution, the Church of the Word, and then assured Emilia Guarnieri, President of the Foundation Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples, in an interview said that in the meeting in Rimini the "real message" is out: "Let's give man his dignity back," says the Masonic explanation. "It's nice to know" say the Lodge Brothers, "as these topics are exactly the same as those of the Grand Orient of Italy and part of the specific message from Grand Master Gustavo Raffi which prompt the discovery later on of the compass of values ​for the people and citizens."

Grandmaster Gustavo Raffi of the Orient of Italy
The Grand Orient is the mainstream of Italian Freemasonry. It maintains the heritage of the Risorgimento, that is, of the Italian Unification Movement of 1859-1870 and a secular, anti-Catholic tradition. Father Paolo Siano of the Franciscans of the Immaculate published a manual in 2012 on how to understand Freemasonry (published in religious publishing house Casa Mariana, Frigento, 630 pages), which is a fundamental examination of the secret society from a Catholic perspective. Freemasonry needs no advertising, considering the influence it exerts on society. Not so much because of the erroneous ideas and the bizarre rituals that it represents, but more so because of the relationships, contacts, cliques, which represent an exclusive network.

The Radical Opponents of the Church, Pannella Praises the Pope

Although Freemasonry is a verbal cult and boasts full transparency, it represents a reality in the obscure darkness of concealment. It is far more amazing that the Grand Orient is full of praise for Pope Francis. "It's easy to love him!" said Corrispondenza Romana . Praise for the head of the Catholic Church, which wants to give the impression that the Pope has finally announced only later what Freemasonry had always taught, makes thoughtful and acts for a particular kind of riding on the footboards. Currently, many have tried to hang themselves on to the new Pope. One of them is the Catholic eater par excellence, the radicals (nomen est omen) Pannella, Mentor of the Italian abortion and divorce law and herald of the slogan "No Vatican No Taliban". His discovery and foster daughter is Emma Bonino, an abortion propagandist of the first hour, who demonstratively made herself dirty with blood in the 70s, as she personally participated in the killing of many unborn children, when this was prohibited.

Emma Bonino, a Cohn-Bendit of Italy - Churchless Super Moralist With and Without Apron

Who is the German former pedophile propagandist Daniel Cohn-Bendit of the Italians, the child killer Emma Bonino. They represent the modern "moral conscience" of Western nations. Accordingly, it is ordered that they, Cohn-Bendit and Bonino, who will rob the air for those who have entered into a struggle for survival of the morals of peoples. Marco Panella has managed to make Bonino the EU Commissioner. Currently, she is Italian Foreign Minister. And is, according to the brothers of the apron,  she who should be next State President. Whoever remembers the child murder? Today, Bonino is the "Messenger of Peace" of Left-Atlantic liberalism, who was even a "convinced pacifist" in the name of peace going to war.

"Pannella belongs to those who love the Pope Francis. Why should not Grandmaster Raffi do so," said Corrispondenza Romana. "The simple cross that he has worn on the white robe, offers hope that a Church of the people has been won back for dialogue with all people of good will and of Freemasonry, which, - as the example of Latin America shows - works for the welfare and progress of humanity oriented to Simon Bolivar, Salvador Allende and Jose Marti, just to name a few." All three Mentioned were Masons and in wide parts of their political life no friends of the Church. Of Simon Bolivar it is known that he was finally converted to the Catholic faith, which in turn Freemasonry did not find so unpleasant, that this passage in his biography is usually suppressed.

Why is Emma Bonino Being Allowed to Open Italian "Catholic Day"?

The Grand Orient named Pope Francis and the Meeting of Rimini. The Meeting has been organized for 30 years by the new spiritual movement Communion and Liberation (CL). For legal and organizational reasons, the big event is supported by the Adriatic seaside resort of their own foundation, which is independent of CL, but the staff is closely intertwined. CL was developed in Italy by Giussani,  which has been, especially under Pope John Paul II, a counterpart loyal to Rome of  left-Catholic Action. High representatives of CL are high-ranking politicians. There has also been commingling, which led to considerable criticism.

The Meeting in Rimini is a kind of Italian Catholic Day [Like the Ecumaniacal Katholikentag in Germany] with several hundred thousand participants. Correspondingly, the event is colorful in that it not restricted to religion. For some, it is far too colorful and too arbitrary. The boastful praise of the Grand Orient and its allusion to the meeting at least make it deafeningly obvious. Actually,  the theme "Centrality of People" was stressed by the CL about the 2013 meeting was stressed. It was attention grabbing. And it is also striking that the meeting has been conspired to be opened by Emma Bonino. Would that Cohn-Bendit opened the Catholic Day in Germany, there would be wavering Catholic functionaries and justifiably confused green-Catholic voters, but then it seems - thank God - to be but quite unrealistic. Why then the pandering to the Italian Foreign Minister, who has never distanced herself from her abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage ideology? Bonino is celebrated by the Freemasons of the Grand Orient. That alone makes it highly unlikely that tshe could be celebrated by Catholics.

"If the Lodge Brothers Love the Pope, Why do They Not repent?"

"Whoever believes in God, has a different centrality" said Corrispondenza Romana: "Christ is the center of the life of the believer and not man or any earthly object he desires.",

The Grand Master of the Grand Orient wants to oppose the institution of the Church and abuse the Church's gestures for his own transparent intention, that used by Pope Francis iron cross. "We are not outraged about this. It's just a choice that does not affect the two thousand year old heritage of the Church founded by Christ and the work of God (not of the 'people') in the slightest. If the Grand Master and his lodge brothers take so much delight in the cross of iron, why not take the opportunity to repent? For Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Why do they not leave their dark cellar and their worldly interests and build a paradise. Not a paradise on earth, but a building in this world for eternal life in paradise. Then they would really love the Pope and the angels of heaven would be rejoicing and celebrating a festival at which they may one day also participate," said Corrispondenza Romana.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Corrispondenza Romana / Maestro di Dietrologie
Trans: Tancred
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