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Monday, February 27, 2017

Pope Bergoglio's Double Standard in Pederasty Cases

(Rome) What does Pope Francis mean in the sexual abuse of minors by priests: zero tolerance or double standards?

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Congregation of the Faith, called for a clear line in an interview published yesterday by La Repubblica: "Zero tolerance for pedophile priests. The bishops are to force them to self-report. "

Only the day before, Nicole Winfield, associate press correspondent from the Vatican, reported that Pope Francis, on the other hand, had a double standard  in the matter of pedophile priests.

Officially zero tolerance, in fact "the exact opposite"?

Officially "zero tolerance" is demanded and thus spread by the media. "Quite apart from the radar, things are diametrically opposed," says Secretum meum mihi. Whoever among the pederasts has "friends" among the Roman Curia, who are close to the Pope, has good prospects to get off easily.

The key to the two dimensions that Pope Francis uses is "mercy." In this context, Nicole Winfield refers to the dismissal of Cardinal Müller's three close associates at the CDF. Two of these were directly concerned with the cases of pedophile priests and their punishment. An accident? If one follows the statements of Winfield, then not.

According to the Vatican, Pope Francis "quietly reduced the punishments against a number of priests" who had been condemned by the Congregation for Religious responsible for serious offenses for the sexual abuse of minors. The Pope turned to "his vision of a merciful Church," according to Winfield.

"Don Mercedes" and the friends of the pope

The correspondent mentions the case of Don Mercedes. The Italian priest had been found guilty by the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith, but had been pardoned by Pope Francis. Don Mercedes, aka Mauro Inzoli, found a new young victim in this way, and was now condemned by an Italian criminal court. As AP reported, a new Church law procedure is already pending against Don Mercedes.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith considered the suspension of his priesthood. He should be condemned to a life of repentance, prayer, and silence and no longer be allowed to exercise his priesthood. Don Mercedes, however, had good relations with the Roman Curia, those who were close to the Pope.

Pope Francis is known to persecute opponents, but not to let friends fall, nor the friends of his friends. Under Pope Benedict XVI, there was actual zero tolerance. Between 2005 and 2013, 800 priests were sentenced and deprived of their ministry. Petitions for pardon were only granted in the rarest cases and after careful examination.

Were Dismissed Figures in the Congregation in the Way?

Winfield cited the removal of the three members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, two of whom had to return to their home diocese at the end of 2016, who were directly linked to the sanctions against pedophile priests. The employees were directly involved in the prosecution of pedophile priests. Was the "zero tolerance" undermined by their removal because they were not receptive to "friendships"? Their dismissal had been ordered directly by Pope Francis. Cardinal Müller tried to defend them against it. The Pope told him Directly: Who has the say! The third dismissed must vacate his Office as of 31 March.

Pope John Paul II was criticized for being too slow in the prosecution of pedophile priests. However, it was at that time the necessary sensitivity for the subject arose. Today, the Church is a pioneer among all institutions in the fight against sexual abuse. Pope Benedict XVI, who was serious about zero tolerance, was nevertheless heavily beaten by mainstream media. Towards the end of his term, church-factional groups wanted to drag him to an international court because of pedophile priests. At the same time, the Church under his leadership made serious, more than any secular association, than left-wing experimental education projects and secular sports clubs have shown. Even then, observers spoke of a mere pretext for damaging a displeased pope.

This presumption seems to be a new affirmation: Pope Francis, who, in contrast to his two predecessors, who appears to have a double standard, has so far been treated with velvet gloves in the case of pedophile priests.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Friday, February 24, 2017

Cardinal Burke Defends Himself Against "Slander" -- Whoever Wants to Understand What Happens in the Vatican Must Read Between the Lines, Must Look Behind the Curtains

Cardinal Burke with the Knights Malta

(Rome) Cardinal Raymond Burke, a brilliant jurist and the highest judge of the Holy See until the end of 2014, is a patient man with a great deal of suffering. But he can not just stand by for everything. Anyone who currently wants to understand what is happening in the Vatican and in the Church must listen carefully, look behind the scenes, read between the lines and, above all, question what the "information disinformation channels" are rumoring in the Vatican,  says Marco Tosatti. In other words, anyone who wants to see through this, is called to be an observer. This is exhausting but necessary in the service of the Church.
In November 2014 Pope Francis dismissed him, away from the Vatican, to become Cardinal Patronus of the Order of Malta, to which he only said of this humiliation, where the Pope says to go, I go. When Pope Francis sent him to Guam, he said he did not see it as exile.

Cardinal Burke does not want to be the scapegoat

However, he does not want to be a scapegoat for the dirty laundry of others in the Order of Malta. In the Order, which is at the same time a sovereign state in international law, a severe power struggle had spread in December / January. With Vatican support, the first rank of the professed knights was in fact deprived of power by some members of the second class. Burke, the jurist, had to stand idly by to the legally unclean activity. The best laws are only as much in effect  as people are found to ensure their compliance. In the Vatican, the Constitution was overthrown. Interpretation?
Journalists approaching the "magical circle" around Pope Francis, as Tosatti commented, gave the astonished public a certain reading of the events in the Order that had little to do with reality. Cardinal Burke did not speak, did not correct this. He was the Pope's ambassador to the Order. Ambassadors do not have to express their opinion, but to speak publicly only in the interest of their client.

The power struggle in the Order of Malta

Finally the letter became known to Burke on 1 December 2016 by Pope Francis. A letter containing clear instructions for action against certain power centers in the Order. As the Ambassador of the Pope, Burke also held on to the wasps' nest. He could not know this. The Cardinal Secretary suddenly interfered, stood up against him, and declared that with the Pope's letter everything had been quite different and misunderstood.
The Knight of the Second Estate, Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, as Major Chancellor in the Order, had been deposed by the Grand Master of the Order and reinstated by the Vatican, with Papal authority. The centuries-old hierarchical structures in the Order had been overridden by a papal fiat. Scarcely again in office, and now as the real ruler in the Order, Boeselager entered the press at the beginning of February, declaring that he no longer had any use for Cardinal Burke in the Order. A few days later, the Vatican sent the Cardinal to the South Seas, far from Rome.

"I regard this as libel"

Boeselager's attack was too brazen for the Cardinal. He came to the public to clarify that he had never called for the resignation of Boeselager. The accusation was piquantly repeated by Ludwig Hoffmann of Rumerstein, an Austrian knight, ie, a member of the old guard. Hoffmann von Rumerstein, according to the Order's Constitution, heads the Order until the election of a new Grand Master, but he has only to say as much about Vatican interference as the Vatican will allow. The unilateral representation of a certain Fronde has found numerous adepts, followers, and naive followers.
After Cardinal Burke's speech, Cardinal Burke then became clear: the assertion that he and not Grand Master Fra Matthew Festing had demanded Boeselager's head, "I regard as defamation." Grandmaster Festing, the subordinate in the internal power struggle, returned on January 24 after a conversation with Pope Francis, disappointed and unnerved. Hoffmann von Rumerstein may have thought of using the viewpoint of the Order's new representation in this critical situation. After all, the professed knights, like him, have to reckon with the fact that Pope Francis completely deprives them of power. The papal announcements to "reform" the Order were felt as a threat by parts of the Order.

"Anyone who allows distribution of contraception should also take responsibility for it"

After a reconstruction of the facts, the resignation request to Boeselager was not planned at all. Grandmaster Festing, with the written request of the Pope of December 1, wanted to create clarity. To this end, he invited Boeselager on 6 December and confronted him with allegations which had come to light independently by means of two investigation reports. It was only when the Grand Chancellor showed himself inscrutable that the confrontation escalated. The Grand Master demanded Boeselager's resignation. When this refused, Festing dismissed him. The rest is known .
Cardinal Burke on the clash of 6 December:
"I had no authority to demand the resignation of the Grand Chancellor. I have merely pointed out that a person consciously admitting the distribution of contraception in the works of the Order should also assume responsibility for it. The Grand Master then asked the Grand Chancellor to resign, which he refused. Then the Grand Master proceeded to his dismissal without me being involved in any way. "
Now the Pope had sent him to Guam to conduct proceedings against an emeritus archbishop. He sees this as a task, not as an exile from Rome.
"The Pope has never personally spoken to me about this mission."

Two operations and the proven information disinformation channels

The actual nomination was made by the Congregation for the Congo. Marco Tosatti wrote:
"In fact, in this rather mournful story two different, interrelated operations can be distinguished. The first operation concerns internal power struggles in the Maltese Order, which are probably also about money. It is unfortunate that the figure of the Pope was so obviously involved in this operation: he was the one who forced the Grand Master to retreat. We do not know what means he used to do."
Another aspect, according to Tosatti,
" the intervention of the Vatican Secretariat of State: It is known that the family of the Grand Chancellor who has been deposed and been rejoined after the Anschluss of the Order, by the Vatican has excellent relations with the Terza Loggia [Third floor, Secretary of State]; But they have substituted him for the task of spiritual renewal of the order ... "
The Swiss journalist Giuseppe Rusconi spoke of the Anschluss, referring to the "Anschluss" of Austria to the German Reich in 1938, in order to say that at the end of January, the Vatican was doing the same with the Maltese Order. The "Terza Loggia" means the third floor in the Apostolic Palace and is synonymous to say that the Boeselager family has "excellent relations" with the Pope.
Tosatti continues:
"The second operation, on the other hand, appears to be an opportunistic action. There is an opportunity to attack, discredit Burke, who is a nuisance in other areas, and, at the same time, to confuse the real maneuvers by smoke candles. It is enough to make the rumors that  [Burke] is guilty of all the guilt, friendships, informational channels ... Always this Burke! How much patience can the Pope muster with him! ... "
If you want to understand what is happening in the Vatican and in the Church, you must take the trouble to read between the lines, to look behind the scenes, and to look closely at who says what and what he says, especially when it is supposedly neutral, "in the newspaper stands".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Ordine di Malta Sicilia (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Pope Francis: "There is Corruption in the Vatican, But I am at Peace"

Edit: this is from German RT. We don't recommend you go there, you'll be bombarded by popups.

[RT] In an informal discussion with the leaders of the largest Catholic monastic orders, the Pontifex expressed his opinion on the financial aspect of ecclesiastical life, writes the journal La Civilta Cattolica. Although his tone was joking, the statements sounded parable-like. So God wants "very much that monks are poor"... "If they are not, God sends an economist to break the (religious) institution," the Pope said.

He also called the monks "not to wash their hands in innocence". He admits that there are people in the Church, such as Pontius Pilate, who wash their hands in innocence in order to remain calm. The Pope said: "There is corruption in the Vatican, but I am calm, and when a problem arises, I write a note to Saint Joseph and put it under his statue, which is in my room. There is a statue of a sleeping Saint Joseph, now he sleeps on a mattress of notes, so I sleep well, that is the grace of God, my peace is a gift of God," said Francis.

Trans: Tancred

Monday, February 6, 2017

Is Pope Bergoglio Engaging in Some Origenism?

Edit: this morning, Pope Bergoglio revealed himself again with more flaccidity, arid 60s Palagianism,  contempt for religion, coupled with what looks like some Origenism, reconciling the villain, the Devil, perhaps? All we hear is that we shouldn't be "rigid" and to ignore the Commandments or something. These talks are a far Cry from the precise and powerful explications of Benedict XVI.

Here's part of the talk as it was reported by Radio Vatican:
Open your heart, do not take refuge in the rigidity of the Commandments
Why then did God create the world? “Simply to share His fullness,” Francis said. “To have someone to whom [to give] and with whom to share His fullness.” In the re-creation, God sends His Son to “set things right” – to make “the ugly one handsome, of the mistake a true [cast], of the villain a good guy”:
“When Jesus says: ‘The Father is always at work: I, too, am always at work,’ the teachers of the law were scandalized and wanted to kill him for this. Why? Because they could not receive the things of God as a gift! Only as Justice: ‘These are the Commandments: but they are few, let’s make more. And instead of opening their heart to the gift, they hid, have sought refuge in the rigidity of the Commandments, which they had multiplied up to 500 or more ... They did not know how to receive the gift – and the gift is only received with freedom – and these rigid characters were afraid of the freedom that God gives us: they were afraid of love.”,_receptive_to_gods_gifts/1290724

Friday, January 27, 2017

The "Anti-Bergolio-Cardinal": Cardinal Burke and the "Recommendations" from Santa Marta

(Rome) After the pope demanded the resignation of the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, which must be adopted by the Sovereign Council of the Order on Saturday, the Cardinal Patronus of the Order, Raymond Burke, is the focus of increased interest.
Since the beginning of Francis' pontificate, the Cardinal has been on a  confrontation course with the Pope, who "came from a distance". On the Cardinal's side, the matter is formulated differently: the Cardinal defends the doctrine of the faith of the Church against those who are on a confrontational course with the teachings that were handed down.
In the first bishop's synod on the family in October 2014, he was raised to the role of the Synodal spokesman, as opposed to the "new mercy" of Cardinal Walter Kasper, supported by Francis. Cardinal Burke accused the Kasperians of betrayal of the Church, indignant at the machinations behind the scenes to manipulate the Synod.

Pope "Regulates" Legally Hopeless Conflict with a Battering ram

A few weeks after the end of the Synod the courageous cardinal was publicly punished Pope Francis. He made him resign as president of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura and removed him from the Roman Curia. In that November 2014 Burke was appointed to the post of cardinal patron at Sovereign Order of Malta . A prestigious post, but without any influence on the church leadership. A post on which the brilliant lawyer of the Church could "do no harm", to the satisfaction of the papal clique.

Cardinal Burke is always "in the way" of Pope Francis. Or is it the other way around?

Cardinal Burke accepted dismissal and humiliation without publicly speaking a word about it. In his new task, he soon found his way. With the grandmaster, Fra Matthew Festing, an Englishman, their collaboration was not only facilitated by a common mother tongue. It is therefore assumed that the jurist Burke stands behind the procedure and statements of the Grand Master in the Boeselager case. Legally, this soon became clear in the Vatican, as it was accomplished with few expectations . Even the best lawyer, however, is powerless when more powerful rules override the rules and accomplished facts, and Pope Francis is well known to distrust rules and to prefer informal paths. Reacting with a battering ram on Tuesday he was able to overcome a legally hopeless situation in less than half an hour by surprising the grandmaster, who hoped for an honest confrontation and "dialogue" with the Pope, with a hard-hitting resignation. Whether it was that Pope Francis was like an Ernest Hemingway in the pose of a triumphing huntsman, is not to be dismissed. Some things seem to indicate this. Perhaps he himself was astonished at the power which his office is able to exercise with those who take it seriously.

"The Anti-Bergoglio Cardinal"

Now Cardinal Burke is in the focus, because he has already crossed the Pope for the third time. Observers rightly assume that this has not escaped the Pope's notice. After the first time, Burke was mercilessly demoted. The second time is an ongoing conflict. Burke is one of the four signatories of the Dubia (doubts) to the controversial post-synodal Letter Amoris laetitia . Since September 19th, the date of filing, Francis refuses to respond to the five questions posed by the cardinals and bring the hoped and requested clarification on ambiguous points of Amoris laetitia . The refusal of a Pope to answer questions of faith would be difficult to sustain for a long time without harming the office.
Now, thirdly, the conflict with the Maltese rule has also come. The cardinal can do precious little. Francis had forced him into the role as ambassador to the Order. Burke, as he did, kept to the rules. He told the Vatican what was to be reported. There is no way for an ambassador to comment on things being seen differently. In the matter of Maltese Order, the Cardinal never spoke. As a cardinal patron, he also undertook his task to advise the Grand Master, if desired. That Boeselager, whom the Grand Master had set up as a Grand Chancellor, had so good personal contacts with the Vatican Secretariat of State, and thus also with the Pope, is written on another sheet of music. In the meantime, it is generally known that the German Freiherr can call himself the "friend of the pope".
The fact that Cardinal Burke also one of the traditional friendly Cardinals in the Church, who mostly celebrates in the traditional form of the Roman Rite, which accoring to Pope Francis, is a "just passing fashion," maintains that it is also "ideologically" motivated and " semi-Pelagian." The other conflicts appear to be a mere surrender. The context is not, however, accidental.

What future for the Maltese  after "Operation Francis"?

As always, when two are arguing, there are others that stoke things in the background, takes place not always out of declared motives. Since the outbreak of the conflict in the Maltese Order, there are those who are fomenting against Cardinal Burke. The fact is that the Pope has asked Burke to mediate, but he has still heated the conflict. Anyone could see an opportunity to send Cardinal Burke "into the desert". The Dean of the Roman Rota , Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, a declared Pope's confidant, had already on November 28, 2016, because of Dubia, threatened the withdrawal of the cardinalatial dignity  by Pope Francis. Pinto's zeal, however, had been more detrimental to the image of the pope, and he had to recant his statement shortly after. Cardinal Burke has had to make many statements since then. Yesterday,  the Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote of "ultra conservative hardliners", today, while Il Messaggero described him as the "anti-Bergoglio Cardinal". The Cardinal has rejected the assignment of such a role.

"A step back for the good of the Church"

Since then, in any case, someone in Santa Marta knows that no degradation of Cardinal Burke would really happen. Offices and titles are irrelevant to the pope anyway. Cardinal Burke also, albeit in a very different way, and above all with the utmost respect for every office and dignity. But there is another point where Burke wants to get something. The lawyer is considered, which is the way at least it is seen in the papal entourage, as the main actor behind the Dubia. If one were to make him withdraw his signature, or otherwise to take a "step back" for "the good of the Church", it would make Dubia resistance collapse. Thus one thinks when he is closest to the pope. The Dubia are currently the biggest annoyance for Santa Marta. They are like a barb in the flank of this pontificate. The outcome of this conflict is uncertain, not least for Pope Francis. With a background report in the Rome's newspaper Il Messaggero whose editors traditionally hold good ecclesiastical contacts, Burke was sent this message today: "Burke, the anti-Bergoglio Cardinal could take a step back." That was the heading of the title. The subjunctive refers less to the Cardinal's considerations, but rather to a recommendation to him. Literally it says in the article: "Now it could be Francis who is waiting for Burke to take a step back for the good of the Church."
As far as the current wishes in the guest house of the Vatican, it seems, however, ruled that Cardinal Burke, just because Francis is mad at him, will give up the Dubia . The Franciscan sourness against the US Cardinal has been a permanent state since February 2014 at the latest. This has much more to do with Pope Francis than with Cardinal Burke. There is nothing to suggest that the Cardinal could make such "recommendations". Still, in the first half of the month, the farm boy from Wisconsin was reaffirmed in his determination because of the ambiguous formulations in Amoris laetitia, not about feelings, moods, whims or nuances, but fundamental questions that go to the heart of the Christian Faith. On January 8,  Cardinal Burke said in a television interview: "A Brotherly rebuke will come if Francis' refusal continues." On January 11, he specified in a newspaper interview: "No ultimatum to the Pope, but the faith is in danger." 
On a whole other hand, there is the suffering inscribed on another page, which the Cardinal is undergoing because of the inner-Church conflicts and because of the overall situation of the Church and the faith. But perhaps you will never know about it.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican. va/MiL/orderofmalta (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Pope and the Order of Malta: a Pyrrhic Victory?

Lepanto 1571
[Translation by Rorate] The resignation of Fra Matthew Festing, Grand Master of the Order of Malta, imposed on him by Francis on January 23rd, risks being a Pyrrhic victory for the Pope.

Pope Bergoglio has in fact obtained what he wanted, but had to use force, violating both law and common sense. And this is destined to have serious consequences not only inside the Order of Malta, but among Catholics from all over the world, increasingly perplexed and bewildered about the way Francis is governing the Church.

The Pope knew he hadn’t any legal title to intervene in the internal affairs of a sovereign Order and even less so to demand the resignation of its Grand Master. He knew also the Grand Master himself would not have been able to resist the moral pressure of a request for his resignation, even if illegitimate.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Who Wants to Ruin the Maltese Order?

"Long before the civilized countries came to establish international law, long before they formulated the dream of a common force to protect the healthy freedom of man, the independence of peoples, and a peaceful equilibrium in their mutual relations, The Order of St. John had gathered in a religious fraternity with military discipline, men from eight different 'languages' dedicated to the defense of the spiritual values ​​that form the common heritage and prerogative of Christianity: faith, justice, social order and peace ."
These words, which Pius XII. January 8, 1940, the Knights of the Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order taught, summarize the essentials of the oldest order of knights, the only currently existing sovereign state whose flag flew on the field of the Crusades. An order whose charism was always, that which is stated in its motto: Tuitio fidei et Obsequium pauperum (Testimony of Faith and Help the Needy).
Is it possible that a pope wants to destroy this institution, which is the glory of Christianity? Unfortunately, this impression comes from the recent events that affect the Maltese presidency.
On December 27, 2016 a first reconstruction of these events was carried out at this point. Edward Pentin deepened and enriched the scenario in an article in the National Catholic Register on 7 January 2017 with further details. The following is a summary: On the 6th of December, the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager,resigned in the presence of two witnesses, one of them the Cardinal Patron Raymond Leo Burke, and Fra Matthew Festing. It had come to light that Grand Chancellor Boeselager had abused his power during his term as the Grand Hospitaller of the Order by promoting the distribution of condoms and preventive means, even those with an abortive effect in Third World countries.
In spite of his promise of obedience (promises), which obliged him to the Grand Master, the Grand Chancellor refused to resign. Thereupon, proceedings against him were initiated which suspended him from the exercise of any offices. Boeselager appealed to the Vatican Secretariat for help, who appointed an investigation commission to collect "elements that were capable of informing the Holy See completely and swiftly of the matter which recently concerning the Grand Chancellor of the Order,  Mr. Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager," as the Vatican Press Office said on 22 December.
On December 23, the Grand Master of the Order declared the decision of the State Secretariat "unacceptable" and reminded the Vatican that Boeselager's dismissal is an "internal administrative act in the direction of the Sovereign Order of Malta and therefore falls exclusively within its jurisdiction."  In a further statement of 10 January, the Grand Master reaffirmed his intention not to cooperate with the Vatican Investigation Commission, "also to protect his own sovereignty against initiatives that occur in a form which is objective (and therefore independent of the intentions, legally irrelevant) aim at challenging or at least restricting this sphere."
The Vatican initiative immediately gave the impression of a sensational gaffe . The legal order of the Order of Malta is defined by the 1997 reformed constitution. Article 3 of the Constitution states in paragraph 1:
"The Order is the subject of international law and exercises the functions connected with the rights of sovereignty."
These functions are: the executive, represented by the Grand Master, assisted by the Sovereign Council; The Legislative, represented by the General Chapter; The judiciary, represented by the magistral tribunals. The Maltese Vicar provides diplomatic passports and has offices in Rome where he officially receives the representatives of more than 100 states with whom he has equal diplomatic relations. The Order enjoys priveleged relations with the Holy See, but in complete independence. The Holy See appoints a Cardinal Patron and an Ambassador to the Order, according to the provisions of international law. As Professor Paolo Gambi noted, the Order, in spite of its religious nature, which is common to ecclesiastical orders, occupies a completely special position, "enjoying an almost unique autonomy in the Church framework and the influence of this state [religious] is limited to  members with perpetual vows" (La Soberana Orden de Malta militar en el orden juridico eclesial e internacional , Ius Canonicum , XLIV, no. 87 (2004), pp 197-231).
Article 4, paragraph 6 of the Constitution of the Sovereign of Malta, is clear:
"The religious character of the Order does not preclude the exercise of the rights of sovereignty granted to it, insofar as the Order is the subject of state recognized by international law."
The confirmation of this international law status, even against the Holy See, the Pontifical Yearbook , in which the Order is mentioned only once, not among the religious orders, but among embassies accredited by the Holy See. The 1997 Constitution has eliminated various ecclesiastical interventions that have existed before, including the approval of the Holy See to validate the vows.

Coat of arms of the Order of Malta

The responsibility of the Holy See on the religious life of the knights is limited to the members of the First Estate. These are the judges or professors who solemnly and forever take the three monastic vows. The members of the Second Class, the Knights and Ladies of obedience, take no vows, but are committed by the Promess of obedience and are therefore subject only to their superiors. Ex-Chancellor Albrecht von Boeselager is married and a father of five children, a layman and belongs to the Second Estate. He is not subordinate in any way to the Holy See. Apart from this, the Chevalier de Justice [Knight Judge] who (according to Art. 9, para. 1 of the Constitution) "Religious with all effects of Canon Law", are not obliged to live in community, which is an unicum representing the life of the Church. Fra Ludovico Chigi Albani della Rovere (1866-1951) was Prince and Grand Master of the Order from 1931-1951. After the death of his wife (1898), he gave solemn vows as a Judge, but still lived in the Palazzo Chigi, which until 1916 belonged to his family (at that time also home to the Austro-Hungarian Embassy and today is the seat of the Italian Prime Minister). There he led a life according to his status and rank.
Of course, the Church has the same right against the Maltese ordinance that it has against any sovereign state when it comes to problems that directly affect faith and morality. The Pope has the right and the duty to intervene in all political and social questions that have to do with the attainment of the highest goal of man, eternal life. When a state legitimates a natural sexual union, the pope has the duty to take a position and to challenge the grave violation of the Divine Law and Natural Law. When the Maltese ordinance promotes contraception and abortion, the Pope has the duty to raise his voice. Today, however, the opposite happens. The Church withdraws from its right of judgments on questions of morality which are of its own area and instead takes a position on political and administrative issues which are not part of its competence.
Christopher Lamb cited the Tablet of 5 January a letter from Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, the went to Fra Matthew Festing on 21 December. In this, the Grand Master is informed that Pope Francis desires the rescission Boeselager's deposition.
"As I expressed to you in my previous letter of December 12, 2016, as far as the use and diffusion of methods and means contrary to the moral law, His Holiness has asked for a dialogue on the way in which possible problems are dealt with and can be solved. But he has never spoken of sending someone away!"
Let us summarize: for those who violate the law of God and natural law, there is dialogue and the outstretched hand. For those who, on the other hand, for those who defend the faith and Catholic morality, the truncheon of the political commissioner and the commission of inquiry is ready.
The group of knights around Albrecht von Boeselager is a secularized current in the Order, which would like to convert the Maltese order into a humanitarian NGO. On the other hand, the Order's current leadership is defined by fidelity to the religious roots of the Order. Perhaps that is their greatest sin, to which another is joined. In the course of more than 950 years of history, the Sovereign Order of Malta has never lost its aristocratic, chivalrous and sovereign form. This image represents the exact opposite of miserabilism and egalitarianism, represented by those who govern the Church today. The result is that clericalism is criticized, but in fact is practiced with devastating consequences. The massive interference of the State Secretariat in the name of Pope Francis provokes chaos and division in the interior of the Order.
In its long history, the Sovereign Maltese Knights has survived all vicissitudes. In the 250 years in Palestine, the 210 years on Rhodes, the 270 years on Malta, its mission seemed to have ended many times, and yet it rose again and again, even as the storm of the French Revolution and Napoleon swept across Europe. It is to be hoped that Grandmaster Fra Matthew Festing and the Sovereign Council, who stand by him, will be able to withstand decisively the strong pressure exerted on them in these days. Nobody could ever have doubted the love and affection of Grand-Master Ludovico Chigi Albani for the Pope, who, in his function as Marshal of the Holy Roman Church, took part in the election of three Popes. Nevertheless, he resisted every ecclesiastical attempt to interfere with the life of the Order. The Holy See had to recognize the sovereign nature of the Order of Malta "without interference by a secular or ecclesiastical authority," as Benedict XVI. remembered when he received the knight on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the granting of the privilege Pie postulatio voluntatis  on 15 February 1113. With this solemn act, Pope Benedict emphasized, "Paschalis II placed the young Brotherhood of Jerusalem, named after St. John the Baptist, under the protection of the Church and made it sovereign."
Roberto de Mattei , historian, father of five children, Professor of Modern History and History of Christianity at the European University of Rome, President of Lepanto Foundation, author of numerous books, most recently appeared: Vicario di Cristo. Il primato di Pietro tra normalità ed eccezione (Vicar of Christ. The primacy of Peter between normality and exception), Verona 2013; In English translation last: The Second Vatican Council - a hitherto unwritten story, Ruppichteroth 2011.
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancre
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pope Grieves Death of Mass Murdering Communist Dictator

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis said the death of Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was "sad news" and that he was grieving and praying for his repose.
Francis expressed his condolences in a Spanish-language message to Fidel's brother, President Raul Castro on Saturday.
The pope, who met Fidel Castro when he visited Cuba last year, said he had received the "sad news" and added: "I express to you my sentiments of grief."
Fidel Castro, who was a professed atheist, was baptized as a Catholic and educated in schools run by the Jesuits, the religious order of which the pope is a member.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pope Bergoglio Not Answering Cardinals -- Devastating Critique by Sandro Magister of Pope's Banana Republic

[Rorate] You will not believe the ridiculousness of it all, but Bergoglioland has finally reached full Banana Republic status. Pope Francis, the Anastasio Somoza of Adultery, the Papa Doc of Sinful Cohabitation, has under him now a Secret "Police", the Osservatorio per l'Attuazione della Riforma della Chiesa di Papa Francesco (OARCPF - Observatory for the Implementation of the Church Reform of Pope Francis) sending our e-mail letters of official tone to professors in Roman institutions demanding them to teach Amoris Laetitia according to the mind of the Pope (that is, Holy Communion to public adulterers and fornicators) -- or (the threat is obviously implied) to face expulsion.


Pope fails to address Cardinals...


Monday, October 17, 2016

Luthermania: Luther Visits Pope in the Vatican

Martin Luther arrived at the Vatican. Visit Luther's statue in the form of a statue by Pope Francesco

(Rome) The Luthermania has dominated the geographical axis of Berlin-Munich-Rome for several months. Yesterday, Pope Francis was even visited by Martin Luther in the Vatican, at least by a statue of the "reformer".  Such a form of representation is otherwise only given to saints in the Vatican. A distant premonition of what is coming?

Yesterday, Pope Francis received the participants of an ecumenical pilgrimage in collaboration with some German bishops "With Luther to the Pope". 

Francis said to them,

"What unites us is much more than what separates us!"

And further:

"At the end of this month I will, according to God, go to Lund in Sweden, and together with the Lutheran World Federation, we will commemorate the beginning of Luther's reformation five hundred years ago. At the same time, we will thank the Lord for fifty years of official dialogue between Lutherans and Catholics. An essential part of these commemorations will be to look at the future, with regard to a common testimony to today's world, which is so hungry for God and his mercy. "

And finally:

"Dear young friends, I encourage you to be witnesses of mercy. As theologians advance the dialogue in the field of doctrine, may you continue to seek  opportunities to meet, to get to know you better, to pray together, and to offer your help to each other or to persevere for those who are in distress. If you are free from any prejudice and rely entirely on the gospel of Jesus Christ, who proclaims peace and reconciliation, you will become genuine protagonists of a new stage on this path which ultimately leads to full communion, with God's help."

More remarkable than the words of the papal greeting was a photograph published by Vatican Radio, together with the report on the pilgrimage "With Luther to Rome". It shows a red Luther statue with the pope. The image was spread by the Reuters Press Agency And gives the visual impression that the Pope would bless Luther.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican Radio / Reuters (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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