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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Salzburg Archbishop in Confrontation With the Pope

Erzbischof Alois Kothgasser
 von Salzburg

© Pressefoto
Obeying and signing theological preambles are only for the Traditionalists.  Papally appointed Bishops may do and are left to do what they want.

(, Brixen)  From the 2nd to the 4th of October, a Conference of Deans took place in the south Tyrol city of Brixen.

Archbishop Alois Kothgasser of Salzburg and Bishop Ivo Muser of Bozen-Brixen are taking part.

At the end of the conference the correction of the words of consecration of the chalice was discussed.

They Don't Obey the Pope

Already in 2006 the Papal Liturgy Congregation asked for a correction in the false translation of the words of consecration for the chalice till 2009.

Because the German Bishops so Benedict XVI had to personally mend it on April 14th because the German Bishops refused to comply with it.

He demanded in a letter to the Bishops, that they finally correct the words of consecration.

That has to happen before Advent of 2013 due to practical considerations.  Because then the new German song book "Gotteslob" (Divine Praise) which contain the Mass texts.

No Official Decision?

Because of the new song book the Deans' Conference occupied itself in Brixen with the translation of the consecration of the chalice. (Where the words "for many" are used instead of "all")

Msgr. Kothgasser chimed in on the theme.  He explained that till now "only a letter"  with the Pope's "wish" is at hand.

The document of the Pope was swept off the table as an "inducement".  It is being handled apparently as not consisting of an official decision.

He is hiding behind the Italians

This still must fall to the German Bishops themselves before the printing of the Divine Praises (Gotteslobes)

Msgr. Kothgasser recalled that he Italian Bishops had decided for the incorrect translation of "for all".

He was silent though that this agreement took place before the Pope's letter of April.

The Archbishop Wants "For All"

The Archbishop himself clearly expressed  his commitment  to use for the false translation "for all".

He based his defense of the false translation with a false understanding of the universal salvific will of God.

At the same time he has to understand, that in the meantime he depends on a single man, to accept the offered salvation or not.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catholic Youth Salzburg Learn Kamasutra

The official youth group of the Archdiocese of Salzburg has attempted to grapple with "Youth and Sexuality" in their newspaper -- There aren't any micro-nutrients of Catholic teaching you can find -- A critical analysis.

Salzburg [] "To you or to me? Youth and Sexuality". The "Catholic Youth of Salzburg" have written about the theme of sexuality in the agenda of their Newpaper in September 2010. The paper also contains what was previously announced. It falls on sexuality. Bernd Krallinger of KJ-Board of Directors speaks in the Editorial on page 2 right at the beginning: "Do I actually want now and today that he/she comes home with me? Trust your gut instinct -- the feeling, that God has given us. For whoever deliberately chooses a partner for him/herself and has taken so much time, as he/she needs, has hours of excitement and beautiful togetherness!“

On page 4 it goes to the subject and right at the beginning, the reader discovers from the Biologist Christine Molnar, that children already have a sexuality who are in-vitro. This means that boys will experience an erect penis, and girls an erect clitoris. In another part it goes to the subject of contraception. As Molnar says: "At first the point is prevention of unwanted pregnancies, sexually contractible diseases and in sexual abuse it will be important that children and adolescents have access to factual information." What the Church has to say concerning the theme of contraception is not mentioned.

On page 6 in the Newspaper "Servus" Roland Rasser, Dean and Pastor of Saalfelden, explains to the readers that at heart, most young people have the same initial starting point as the Church has. Rasser means that the sexuality must be subjected to love. Whoever night have expected that a Catholic priest would now remember that sexuality belongs to marriage and that the Church condemns premarital sex as a sin, would be in error here. The Dean says succinctly: " prescriptions, commands or coercion doesn't belong here, ethical valuations must grow from within freedom." Rasser then postulates: "Moral commands and demands, which are not possessed of rational foundations, have no force."

On page 8 of the Paper, the contentious "Aktion Leben" (yet again ) advertises for its organization. Kerstin Kordovsky-Schwab who is from Aktion Leben Salzburg writes here: "When a girl is unexpectedly pregnant, it's important, not to over rush informing the father of the child or parents. An injudicious abortion is often regretted." The Aktion Leben colleague reminds at that point that there is also the possibility of adoption. Kordovsky-Schab neglected in any case, to mention at the same time, that every person is a human being from the beginning to the end of their lives. Perhaps one does not want to overload the reader with the right to life. In the article there is then in any case the few positive scraps with an advertisement for the first love ambulance overshoots the State Hospital of Salzburg. These ambulances are among other things, known, that you can receive information where an abortion can be had in Austria.

On page 9 of "Servus" the subject of "First Sex - When is the ideal time to begin?" is tackled. Two youths explain in their own words. The 15 year-old Sebastian informs the readers "When the chemistry between partners is good and everything is right!" The 18 year old Katharina explains in the longest passage: "Everyone has to know, when he feels ready." Hertha explains to the readers that it's not intercourse itself that is important, rather also the foreplay is of great importance. Even Katarhina and 17 year old Felicia offer similar views. Almost as a whitewash, the 16 year old Patrick chimes in "No sex before marriage".

On page 12 of the paper, Maria Löcker tries to bring everything together in a Mini-Exegesis of the Bible and Sexuality. She reproves genesis first and then to the Sermon on the Mount. Löcker writes then among other things: "It isn't just about an aspect of procreation or women, who play with their feminine charms, n(Judith charmed the enemy general in order to murder him.), rather also in love, eroticism and tenderness n(Jesus allowed the woman to kiss and caress his feet). Toward the end the authoress writes: "Equalizing sexuality and sin is impossible because of this book!" That this absurd thesis has never been held by the Church is not mentioned by Maria Locker of the KJ-Salsburg in any case.

On page 13 Florian Feiner of the KJ deals with the legal side of sexuality in Austria and explains the penal code. Even here, the strict neutrality is maintained that in Austria sexuality is only prohibited if the partner is an adult and the other is younger than 14.

On page 14 then "unbelieveable sex laws" from around the world are described for the reader. So one learns, that in Russia that kissing in public is forbidden and that in Hawaii it is forbidden for a girl under eighteen to have a male friend. "Therefore, you'd better think thrice, where you go on vacation!", explains Florian Feiner of the KJ.

On page 16, the principle of banality is taken still further. So it is postulated what youth supposedly all know. The discussion is on anal, blowing, onanism, squirting, G-point, contraceptive devices, positions, Kamasutra or even on the ideal size of penises. Her enters Maria Erber (Instructor of History / kath. Religion) of the KJ then the readers, what are then the best positions are, in order to please one's partner. The answer of both KJ-colleagues: "every pair must clarify this question for themselves. Tastes vary, like if one is into Hip-Hop and the other likes Metal, one has a preference for normal sex, while another is more experimental." For the question as to what the normal penis size is, both "experts" explained the average size in Europe.

On page 18 and 19 there were described various banal love- and partner games. Here Andrea Ausserwinkler sells "brush meditations" with nivea cream and relaxation music. "The painting method is a very intimate method, which attempts to build trust. The student should have the opportunity to choose his/her partner for himself."

On page 20 and 21 is then on the theme " My body in the liturgy -- celebrate with the whole body". Here Agnes Eibensteiner and Maria Locker of the KJ describe an "Indian Sun Prayer". "As the lotus flower is before the rising sun, so I stand before you and receive light, love and strength."

A Summary: this publication is a declaration of bankruptcy of the "Catholic Youth (Salzburg). On 28 pages of the paper the presentation of the Catholic Church's position on sexuality is only mentioned minimally and in any case not by the responsible parties of the KJ or the Church. Not a single KJ-member spoke about the seriousness of this or tried rudimentarily to explain it. Simultaneously, the only Catholic priest, lamentably, who was brought to print, said that moral commands and demands, which are proposed without intelligent foundation, are not binding. Without a single word in the entire publication was it explained why anyone should wait for marriage or why sexuality before sex is a sin. The Newspaper Servus of the "Catholic Youth Salzburg" appears four times in a year and is financed with the Church-tax funds [Which means the Austrian Catholic pays for it whether he likes it or not) of the Archdiocese of Salzburg. Catholics from the Archdiocese of Salzburg should take well into consideration, if they should want to continue financing with their money something, which in principle, offers no Catholic substance whatsoever! The end responsibility in the Archdiocese of Salzburg is born here by Archbishop Kothgasser. The periodical has been on the market since September, till now one has still heard nothing, that Archbishop Kothgasser has taken corrective action or even distanced himself. One must conclude then, that he is publicly and knowingly tolerating this. So, from that, he bears a moral responsibility, when the young no longer (rn)

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