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Thursday, June 15, 2017

AfD-Faction Threatened With Anthrax

Hamburg Parliament: picture alliance/dpa

HAMBURG. Allegedly left-wing extremists have threatened the AfD faction in the Hamburg Parliament with an anthrax attack. On Wednesday, the faction received a threatening letter with a bag containing flour. The letter read: "G20. Bag content today: Flour. On July 7th, And 8.7. 2017 Anthrax. "According to information from JUNGE FREIHEIT, other factions in the Parliament have also received similar threats.
On the two days, the G20 summit will be held in Hamburg, where US President Donald Trump will also be expected in Germany for the first time. The President of the AfD Group, Bernd Baumann, sees the threat as a new dimension in political debate and a low point of political culture." Extreme Left terrorists are afraid of those who think differently and threaten them with the deadly substance Anthrax," he complained.
The police are switched on
The red-green Hamburg Assembly proposed to promote left-wing extremism through financial donations and the provision of premises. Baumann is calling for a change of course: "It is absolutely absurd to foster enemies of democracy, who are partly fighting our state by force." A faction spokesman told the JF: "We handed the parcel in question to the police now. We are convinced that they will take the incident seriously. "(Tb)

Trans: Tancred

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Germany: AfD Scores Resounding Victory

AfD Members: Celebrating in Schwerin 
The result of state elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a slap in the face for the policy of Chancellor Merkel. One year after the opening of borders in Germany and the "We can do it" mantra of Angela Merkel, the decision of the voters was clearly determined in the northeast for a federal policy issue: the asylum policy and the influx of illegal immigrants to Germany.
According to initial projections, the CDU is falling to third place with 19 percent of the vote  and thus was one of its historically worst election results. The party was outclassed by the AfD, which will move from the state with 21 percent in the state legislature. Equipped with the incumbency of the popularly respected Prime Minister Erwin Selle, the SPD held 30 percent, but lost also about 5 percent.
Increase in turnout: citizens feel they have an alternative to vote on
Noteworthy is the increase in turnout by as much as ten percentage points from 51 to 61 percent. After years of steadily declining participation, there are  significantly more citizens going to the polls. The reason: Obviously, the start of the AfD has contributed significantly to the idea that citizens again have the feeling they have real political alternatives to vote for.
The success of the AfD is a success for democracy. Whether euro crisis, asylum chaos, national sovereignty or direct participation of citizens - at last it is not only in back rooms or social networks but that political decisions and decision-making are taking place in the place of a republic, namely the Parliament, to fight again with real pros and cons, which has you nothing to do any  longer with an absurd all-party coalition.
The  government tuteledge of citizens comes to an end
With this election result the triumph of AfD continues. It's all the more remarkable, since the party had to contend with massive discrimination and violent attacks by left-wing extremists. Upon the elections for the Chamber of Deputies in Berlin in two weeks, the young party founded only three years ago is expected to move into the tenth state parliament.
The established parties but also journalists in the mainstream media of the country must now  accept that Germany has experienced the long overdue normalization of its political landscape. The governmental tutelage of citizens by a political class now comes to an end. We are experiencing a positive re-politicization of society, the emancipation from a far left liberal dominated public opinion. And that's good!
Photo: dpa
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Central Committee of German Muslims Compares AfD to Nazis -- Vatican Radio Agrees

(Rome) Without a critical explanatory note and without giving the attacked AfD the opportunity to make a statement in its defense, Radio Vatican yesterday made the following  folllowing report with the accompanying photo: It shows the "solidarity" over which a very pleased  Aiman Mazyek of the Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland (Central Committee of Muslims in Germany) stands with  Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck und Vizekanzler Sigmar Gabriel after the Islamic attack against the weekly magazine  Charlie Hebdo. This is explained what the official Church in Germany thinks about the  AfD , and who it prefers as a partner in discussion.

D: Zentralrat der Muslime compares  AfD with NSDAP

The President of the  Zentralrats der Muslime in Deutschland has compared the politically right wing  AfD with the NSDAP. In an interview with the NDR, Aiman Mazyek said on Monday, that it is the "first time since  Hitler-Deutschland", that there has been a party that has discredited an entire religious community. And continued saying that the AfD also  existentially threatens.  The Die Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) swims on a wave of Islamophobia. This has become adopted in recent years and is even partly a topic of discussion in respectable circles. The  AfD has tried to intensify this atmosphere. "That isn't an anti-Islamic course, that is an anti-Democratic course," said Mazyek.
Text: Andreas Becker
Bild: Radio Vatikan (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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