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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Horror Missae: Church as a Play Space for Children -- and Saps

Liturgical Carnival (New York / Munich) to American hard Thanksgiving was in the Calvert Hall College High Schoo, a "Thanksgiving Liturgy' celebrated in Maryland's Aula Magna of the Institute. Rorate Caeli published that picture speaks for itself. The same applies to the interdenominational project for youth churches in the German language area.

Dozens of projects of these youth churches there are dozens of these projects in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. "Engaged know-how" supplier with several full-time employees is the association Juki (youth church). The project is funded by youth churches of the Catholic Church and Protestant churches. Service's performed without discrimination.

Among the promoters in Austria, is Vienna's Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, who already participated in youth churches himself. Some pictures from youth churches in Catholic churches, threaten to deface, mask, caricature, camouflage and dechurch to lure young people into the church? Where the truths of faith wane, the symbols of the faith and the Church lose their meaning and have to be replaced by new "symbols". Without fuss, booming music, light show, dance performances, Flash Mob, climbing wall and swimming pool in the church, you can not keep the young people there? This opinion seems to be that of the youth churches and diocesan youth ministry responsible for supporting such projects. Otherwise, they would all "committed" expenses outside the church to perform where it belongs, and call the young people for prayer in the Church and the Holy Mass before or after. If only! But there will only images that cause pain.

Ed: you may visit the site and look at the blasphemy for yourself in  a slide show.

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