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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Argentinian Archbishop Aguer Speaks of the “Homosexual Lobby”

"I can assure you that in some diocese the percentage of homosexual priests is high and they usually protect each other", they form "a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are non-practicing.”

La Plata ( Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata (Argentina), Héctor Aguer, told the Spanish-language press agency ACI Prensa, run by EWTN, that there is a kind of lobby in the clergy owing to the "high" proportion of homosexual clerics. This was reported by the British "Catholic Herald". Aguer quoted Pope Francis as saying that homosexuality had become a fad.

"The Pope has addressed a key issue that is generally not mentioned. I can assure you that in some dioceses the percentage of homosexual priests is high and they usually protect each other, they do not go public [with this theme]. "Rather, they would form a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are 'non-practicing'. "

The archbishop classed it as a fair way of discerning ["discrimination"] if homosexual men are not admitted to the priesthood. It is "a commitment of the Church to choose candidates for the priesthood with full integrity as men. Otherwise, the meaning of celibacy is on the cliff.”

Photo archbishop em. Aguer © Archdiocese of La Plata

Trans: Tancred

Thursday, December 6, 2018

German Bishops’ Conference and Klaus Mertes SJ Hostile to Magisterial Statements of the Church

P. Klaus Mertes SJ shows incendiary hostility against Magisterial statements.

Cardinal Müller recently presented in an interview the teaching of the Church on the issues of homosexuality, celibacy and abuses by clerics. He did what is expected of every theologian: "obliging the Magisterium of the Church to fully and comprehensively teach the doctrine of the Church.” With this promise, the controversial Jesuit priest and university professor Ansgar Wucherpfennig averted the Vatican's non-recognition as a university rector. The same ecclesiastical circles that acclaimed this compromise with Rome themselves do not think of recognizing the statements of the Church Magisterium. In any case, they reacted negatively or aggressively to Müller's statements:

-A committee of the German Bishops' Conference called the church teachings on sexual morality "dangerous".

- The Jesuit Father Klaus Mertes pulped the utterances of the former head of the Congregation of the Faith as "nonsense.”

-The Frankfurt canon Johannes zu Eltz complained about the magisterial review of homosexual theologians: "This whole mess has entered the bin.”

What are the reasons for such "reactionary hostility" to doctrinal statements?

In the light of the published abuse study MHG, DBK strategists seem to be seizing the opportunity to attackChurch  doctrine on homosexuality. The bishops of a DBK prevention conference agreed with great applause to the thesis that Müller's statements on Church doctrine are "inflammatory.”  For they cemented a sexual morality "that contributed to sexual violence". These allegations have no basis whatsoever in the facts of the abuse study. Nor can any evidence claim the implication of the theses. According to this, the ethical acceptance of gay-lesbian ways of life among believers and clerics would be a contribution to the prevention of clerical abuse. Manfred Lütz describes such theses as without factual basis, which are also spread by the authors of the abuse study, a "low point" in scientific work and evaluation of empirical data.

"Prevention" in the understanding of the German Bishops' Conference

On the other hand, in the wake of the MHG study, bishops vehemently deny that most sexual attacks are overwhelmingly from aberrosexuals. This blatant contradiction can not be sold to a reasonable person. The emotional excitement of the bishop's council seems to obscure this argumentative contradiction.

All the more then did the DBK bishops feel caught when they were confronted by Cardinal Müller with the clear message of the Church's teaching office: "Sexual contacts between persons of the same sex are diametrically opposed to the sense of sexuality that is fundamental in creation." Müller thus gave the doctrine of the Church again, as the then Cardinal Ratzinger formulated it in 2003 and Pope Francis affirmed in his post-synodal writing "Amoris laetitia" in chapter 251: "There is no foundation for establishing analogies between homosexual partnerships and God's plan of marriage and family in a broader sense.”

Errors of contemporary scientific knowledge

Bishop Bode and other churchmen want to deny the Church doctrine on homosexuality over "Insights of Human Science". How problematic it is to eradicate the biblically based doctrine through zeitgeist of scientific tendencies is shown by an example from the 70s and 80s. At that time, dozens of sexologists claimed that consensual sex between adults and children was completely harmless. On the basis of the Green party, as of the middle of the 80s, it demanded the legalization of pedophile acts against the state’s majority two party congressional majority. Volker Beck also later justified his unspeakable claim of 1988 that homosexuals should pioneer the decriminalization of pedosexuals, pointing out that this had been the state of science back then. The decisions of the Greens had led to the fact that around 1,000 children were abused within a few years within the party. The Catholic schools also radiated this pedosexual revolution. In the two decades mentioned, the attacks by aberrosexual clerics doubled.

Arrogant interview statements by Klaus Mertes against Cardinal Müller

The Jesuit Father Klaus Mertes commented on statements by Cardinal Müller with the remark: "This is nonsense". 
He accompanied his verbal abnegation with a condescending grin during the interview by These signs of arrogance should cover up the substantive weakness of his remarks. Because Mertes denied any confrontation with obvious facts and evidence for the large proportion of homosexual clerics in sexual assaults. The fact that more than two-thirds of the victims of abuse were boys at the age of puberty and sexual maturity (11 to 17 years), urges the hypothesis that the perpetrators were predominantly homosexuals. This approach is corroborated by research showing that homosexuals have significant ephebophilic preferences. A recent American study by the Ruth Institute concludes that there is a strong correlation between the growth of homosexual clergy and abuse cases in the US. The current MHG abuse study on page 48 presents an analogous research project. Accordingly 42.6 percent of clerical abusers were of a  homosexual or bisexual orientation. If one considers that the proportion of serial abuse among clerical homosexuals is particularly high, then the initial thesis of predominantly homosexual perpetrators is also to be documented numerically.

Klaus Mertes served these fact-based results as "short circuit" and "nonsense". In addition, he denounced the rational approach as a "homophobic strategy.” Against the arguments along the empirical data, he relied on conjecture and speculation. But he can not begin to explain the phenomenon of disproportionate boy abuse by clerics.

Gays have no place in the consecrated, priestly life

So Mertes lamented an "overheated superstition of the status of the priest.” He was a "part of the problem" of sexual abuse. The Jesuit priest, who publicly hides his priesthood in casual clothes, has desceibed the alleged superstition of priests as “exaltation of the sacramental priesthood."
Furthermore, causes of the abuse are "structural conditions" - a popular buzzword with little factual content. Mertes included "the tabooing of homosexuality" in the clergy. Therefore, homosexual clerics would not be able to discuss their homosexuality in a discursive way. Does not the Jesuit priest underestimate the ability of academically educated clergy to reflect on themselves? And what exactly would this alleged "silence cartel" have to do with the abuse? The eloquent cleric is silent about this. Instead, his eloquence culminates in the speculative claim that "the structural causes" are "to be found in the context of the prohibition of admitting homosexuality to priestly ordination." Conversely, Mertes's thesis is that if homosexuals were officially admitted to the priesthood, the structural causes of clerical abuse would be removed. A side effect of this thesis is the implication that homosexual clerics were involved in abuse.
Incidentally, Mertes' wording on the "admission of homosexuality" is incorrect. The popes Benedict and again Francis have determined that seminarians with "deep-rooted homosexual tendencies" as well as participation in the gay culture may not be admitted to the priesthood. Recently, Francis affirmed that "there is no room for gays in the consecrated, priestly life." Homosexual clergymen who lead a double life as priests and gays should rather give up their ministry.

Text: Hubert Hecker
Image: Youtube / DBK (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Pope Says “No More Homosexuals in Seminaries”

Pope Francis worried about homosexuality in the Church: "In our societies, it seems that homosexuality is a fashion, and this mentality also influences the Church in some way"

Rome ( Pope Francis is worried about homosexuals in the Church. "In our societies, it seems that homosexuality is a fashion, and this mentality also influences the Church in some way," said the head of the Church in a recent interview, which will be published in a book on Monday. This was reported by “ORF.” According to the interview, Francis is worried about homosexuals in the clergy and seminaries. [What about his close circle?]

It was - said the Pope - a "mistake" to believe that gays in the priestly education are "not so bad" and homosexuality is just a form of affection. "In consecrated life and in priestly life, this kind of affectation has no place." This is a "very serious matter". Francis also wants people with "these deep-rooted tendencies" not to be admitted into seminaries. Next week, the book by the author Fernando Prado entitled "La fuerza de la vocacion."

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Chilean Jesuit as Zeitgeist Battler for Adoption by Aberrosexuals

(Santiago de Chile) There are things which must be intelligible by reason, or, as the saying goes, by a healthy understanding of the house. This includes the fact that a prohibition of homosexuals' adoption of children is the result of the fact that they have opted for a life change that excludes reproduction. The difference to heterosexual but unintentionally childless couples, who can adopt children, is obvious. Yet the evident is not obvious to everyone, especially if it contradicts the Zeitgeist.
Among the obtuse is the Chilean Jesuit Felipe Berrios, who was recently a guest of the TV program Mucho Gusto on the Chilean TV channel Mega.
In the television interview Father Berrios SJ states that he agrees that children may also be adopted by couples of the same sex.
Moreover, the Jesuit declared that for him homosexuality,  "is neither a bad thing nor a disease or a sin. The homosexuals are created by God and God wants them just as they are."
That the Holy Scriptures, the entire tradition of the Church, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, say something else, does not seem to touch the Jesuits. He did not go into his position at all, but agreed to the more pleasant and simple song of the Zeitgeist.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Mucho Gusto / Mega (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Evil Dominican Lashes Out at "Tyranny" of Tradition

Edit: I ask you.  Why hasn't this degenerate been at least relegated to a monastery or declared no longer the responsibility of the Catholic Church.  Even if they sent him away with a small pension.  It's the height of irresponsibility that this refugee from the sixties should have a position of authority in the Church.

BRISBANE, Australia, August 15, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A Dominican priest who previously said sodomy can express Christ's "self-gift" criticized "the tyranny of tradition at the exclusion of creativity" in a recent talk about Amoris Laetitia
Dominican Father Timothy Radcliffe, appointed as a consultor for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace by Pope Francis, has a history of downplaying or outright contradicting the Catholic Church's teachings on sexual morality. He was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1992 to 2001.
An article published at the Dominican Order's official website said Radcliffe addressed "absolutism and 'the tyranny of tradition at the exclusion of creativity'" in a May 10 talk in Brisbane, Australia.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Swiss Pederast Dissmissed From the Clerical State -- "Father, I Forgive You"

(Berne)   Mon Père, je vous pardonne ("Father, I forgive you"), is the most recent book by the Swiss Philosopher  Daniel Pittet from Freiburg in  Üchtland, where he elaborated his experiences, as a child for four years at the hands of his countryman, Capuchin Father Joël Allaz. The preface to the book was written by Pope Francis. Father Joël has been released from the order and dismissed from the clerical state.

"I was alone"

The book on and against the sexual abuse of children by priests, narrated in a very concrete style, has caused a great sensation because the preface was written by no less than Pope Francis. Daniel Potter is now 58 years old. At the age of 8-12, Joël Allaz, the priest of the Oratory, had Mistrewted him. "I was a child, petrified, crying bathtubs of tears, but I could not resist."
"I have forgiven him," is the message of the author. But nothing should be concealed, nothing should be denied or downplayed. It is rather about "healing these wounds" and "making a clean slate." He was a "shy and fragile" child. His family situation was broken.
"I was alone." The Capuchin Father "should have helped me and not been able to take advantage of the situation".
A great aunt finally suspected and took steps to protect the child.

"80 percent  pedophiles were raped as children"

Petit, with the help of therapy, has succeedsed in leaving behind this "hell" which he has experienced. It was a long, painful path between repressing, wanting to forget and the search for his place in life. "Sometimes I wonder where I would have been today, if that had not happened to me." He has met many other people since then. It was important to help them. This is due to their human dignity, but also necessary, because otherwise there is the danger that they will do the same to others.
"80 percent of pedophiles were raped as children,"

Pittet said this in an interview with the daily La Repubblica last February. Pittet is not an accuser against the Church:
"90 per cent of the abuses occur in the family environment",
 the Freiburg man knows this because of the many encounters with other victims.
Joël Allaz was transferred to France after Pittet's accusation. That was years later. Pittet then learned that the transfer had not changed him. The Capuchin abused other boys as well in the neighboring country.

"He did not apologize"

Daniel Pittet: "Father, I forgive you" appears on 18 August 2017

About a year before the publication of his book, Pittet met the man who had abused him for four years. "He looked at me. I saw his fear. But he neither apologized nor seemed to regret the suffering he had given me. "The Capuchin had also shown himself as an" egoist "at that moment and only spoke of his  "suffering." Nevertheless, his victim has forgiven him: "I have seen in him a sick man who has nothing to do with my faith, which remains untouched by it. But I am fighting for the Church to break its silence and expose the pedophiles. "This is the case in Switzerland, but not yet in other countries.
Pittet entered the Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln. It has been "four years of happiness and healing" for him, as he says today. He recognizes, however, that he is not called to religious life. He is still looking for his place with its ups and downs:

"I had to decide whether I wanted to keep faith or not. I followed the advice of Cardinal Charles Journet, with whom I had been an altar server.  if you are suffering, go to Bürglen [a place of pilgrimage in the south-east of Friburg] nine times. At the ninth time I met a girl in the chapel who was crying. I have entrusted her to the Mother of God and have chosen me for faith."
He has became active in the prayer apostolate, until after a few years his past arose in him. He turned to a canonist at his home diocese and was heard. In fact, something happened. The Order sent the Capuchin to France and declared that he would be treated and no longer have contact with children. In 2002 Pittet had come to realize that this was not true.

"The pope had tears in his eyes"

Pope Francis had met Daniel Pittet in 2015 when he introduced him to another book written by him.
"He asked me, 'Where do you get the strength, for your missionary spirit?' He was never satisfied with my answer. Finally, I told him: Holy Father, I was abused by a priest. He looked at me dumbly and with tears in his eyes and hugged me."

The Pope urged him to testify about this in a book and wrote the preface.

"Strong and courageous words of condemnation against pedophilia and silence that kills," the author said.
It took the preface of Pope Francis, so that something was finally done about Joel Allaz. The Swiss Capuchin Province announced last Friday, June 23rd that Joël Allaz was released from his solemn vows by decision of the Roman Congregation of the Congregation of Faith of May 20th, and was released from the clerical state. In other words, Joël Allaz, meanwhile 76 years old, was suspended and expelled from the Capuchin Order. The statement also states:

"The Capuchins, however, are not simply throwing J. Allaz, who has become sick and frail, in the street. According to the claims of the Gospel, which demands justice and mercy, the Order still grants him shelter in one of their houses."

On 18 August 2017 the book has appeared under the title "Father, I forgive you! Abused, but not broken" in Herder-Verlag in its German edition.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: Publisher (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Opus Dei Archbishop Makes Big Concession to Gender Ideology

Edit: the age of Mahony, alas, is still very much with us, despite the appointment of a Neoconservative Opus Dei Bishop. As if the liturgy and music weren't ugly enough. Is a Cardinal's hat from Pope Bergoglio really worth the loss of your immortal soul? Here's the video from Joseph Sciambra.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Pope Invites Evil Dominican Head of "Gay Lobby" to Secret Meeting

(Rome) Bishop José Raúl Vera López, Dominican and Diocesan Bishop of Saltillo in Mexico, is held to be the "bishop of the gay lobby" in the Catholic Church. The Liberation Theology "inspired" chief shepherd has been known in recent years primarily for his vociferous defense of homosexuality. On the day before the opening of the Synod of Bishops in 2015 on the family,  Raul Vera was a "special guest" at a meeting of a "Catholic Gay Network" in Rome. Next February, he will be one of a small circle of selected persons with whom Pope Francis meets during his Mexico visit in secret.

For Aberrosexuals: "You are our savior"

When homo-meeting in Rome Bishop Raul Vera said to aberrosexuals: "You are our savior." He continued: "Who are small but well-organized, to defeat the monsters, and you are well organized and will conquer." That was considered just "little infidelity" by many. However, there was no Apostolic Visitor seen by Bishop Raul Vera in Saltillo, let alone being deprived of his office, as compared that has been issued to Opus Dei  bishops, including Bishop Livieres Plano of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. [And +Finn of Kansas] The Mexican media have already been writing since 2011 about Raul Vera: "People think that the bishop is not a Catholic."
The  journalist Emiliano Ruiz Parra wrote benevolently about him: "The Bishop of Saltillo is convinced that there is no salvation in heaven without liberation on earth. (...) He defends the Central American migrants, the miners, the homosexuals, the indigenous people, sex workers, the families of the disappeared in the Civil War. "  It pleased him to be "different".
In an interview with El Pais, Bishop Raul Vera told proudly what he said to a mother who had come to him to complain to him of her sorrow that her son was gay: "You have to condemn yourself, because your son has become that way in your belly. If he became the way he is, then it was in your stomach."
To have for each battle of the political left and let the unborn child in the lurch: Bishop Raul Vera

Catholic teaching on homosexuality "insane"

"Homophobic", is what the bishop says of all who reject homosexuality, who are "insane". Thus the bishop describes the Catholic doctrine and Catholics as "insane", are what protesting Catholics write in their letters to Rome.
In fact, Raul Vera made fun ​​in 2013 at the 33rd Congress of Liberation Theology in Madrid  of what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says about homosexuality. The Congress was supported by organizations representing abortion and gender ideology. For Raul Vera it's no problem. By 2011, the bishop called for the legalization of abortion in Mexico and started a collaboration with abortion organizations. For this he has been proposed for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 "because of his struggle for human rights."
For his 25th anniversary, Bishop Raul Vera invited all leaders of Marxist liberation Theology, from Gustavo Gutierrez to Jon Sobrino. In 2011 he was warned by the Vatican because of his support for homosexual groups, which has changed nothing.
Following the example of the Bishop other priests in Saltillo talk in the sense of "gay lobby." Don Pedro Pantoja, director of the Casa del Migrante of Saltillo, is just one of them. In 2014 he told the press: "The Church can not reject the adoption rights for homosexuals out of respect for diversity."
"Padre Gofo" (left) in strange costume, Bishop Raul Vera (right)

"Padre Gofo" and Bishop Raul Vera 

Adolfo Huerta Aleman, popularly known as "Padre Gofo", is a priest of the Diocese of Saltillo, who has denied the existence of God and publicly boasted to entertain "frequent and alternating sexual relations". Nevertheless, Bishop Raul Vera only suspended him "temporarily" until July 2013, only after the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome had become involved.
Criticism of Pope Benedict XVI.  appearing in the church newspaper of Saltillo were de rigeur.  Raul Vera has described himself  as a "controversial bishop". From a part of his diocese, he is rejected as a "liberal" who "twists the gospel" and "betrays the Catholic Church".

The closed and the open doors of Pope Francis

The late Bishop Livieres Plano left a flourishing diocese. His diocese, with just one-tenth of the Catholics of Paraguay, had three times as many seminarians as all other dioceses together. Which is a - not only - Latin American theme of vocations - and the shortage of priests. Argentina native went to Rome in September 2014  and  was deposed during his absence from his diocese by Pope Francis. In Ciudad del Este, it is said that he was downright "lured" to Rome, because once there the bishop was simply allowed to stand before closed doors. The reason for the dismissal was given that he had disrupted the community of the Paraguayan Bishops. Despite his repeated entreaties, Pope Francis refused a discussion.
Quite different is the case Saltillo.  Bishop Raul Vera is invited for next February by Pope Francis, where during a pastoral visit to Mexico,  he will meet privately, wrote InfoVaticana.  To be precise, it is a semi-private meeting at which only a small group of selected journalists and bishops will participate, a total of 20 people. And Bishop Raul Vera will be one of the elect.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Images: Wikicommons / InfoVaticana / El Gatopardo (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Berlin Archbishop Visits Center for Aberrosexual Migrants

Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg: Archbishop wanted to check in a personal conversation about the situation of homosexual and transgender refugees - They are confronted with violence in their lodgings even in Germany.

Berlin ( The new German capital's new Catholic bishop, Heiner Koch visited a center for migrants, lesbians and gays (MILES) on Thursday in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Here, the Archbishop wanted to check in with a personal conversation on the situation of homosexual and transgender refugees, said the Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg (LSVD). They are confronted by violence in their lodgings, even in Germany.

The LSVD Project MILES provides same sex oriented refugees and their families psychosocial counseling, provides first aid in crisis situations and offers others additional counseling facilities. More offerings are free legal advice, lectures and cultural evenings. Moreover, MILES helps to build self-help groups and their networking. Koch has been Archbishop since last September. Even his predecessor Rainer Woelki met four years ago with LSVD representatives, shortly after he took office.

The encounter took place in the Archbishop's Chancery, the administrative headquarters of the Archdiocese of Berlin. Subjects were then, the employment of homosexual staff in the service of the church and the demonstration critical of the Church, taking place shortly after Pope Benedict XVI's Berlin arrival on 22 September 2011. The LSVD was one of the organizers of the anti-Pope demonstration.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Martyrs of Uganda Died Because They Resisted the Aberrosexual Desires of Their King

Charles Lwanga and Companions
(Kampala) On Saturday, 28 November Pope Francis  visited Namugongo in Uganda. At 8:30, he  visited the memorial of the Anglican martyrs and at 9 o'clock the memorial of the Catholic martyrs. There he will conclude with the celebration of the Mass. In Namugongo, Charles Lwanga and other pages at the court of the Kabaka, king of Buganda were burned alive because of their Christian faith  on 3 June 1886.  In 1887 a total of 32 Christians were executed at the royal court in fourteen months between late and early 1885. 22 of them were Catholics, as well as Charles Lwanga.
The martyrs of Uganda were beatified  by Pope Benedict XV in 1920. In 1964 they were canonized by  Pope Paul VI.  on and June 3, has since been the Memorial of St. Charles Lwanga and his Companions.
The visit to Namugongo occupies a central place for the  visit to Uganda. There the Pope will celebrate his only public Mass in this East African country.

The Martyrdom of Charles Lwanga and Companions for Their Faith and Chastity

The visit is not without its explosiveness. Uganda has been widely criticized in the recent past because of the very different paths it took in matters of homosexuality, abortion, contraception and AIDS, than the West with its customary   abortion and contraceptive mentality.  The events in Namugongo have to do with homosexuality, and thus with AIDS and prevention,  and are therefore of particular relevance. But  hardly anyone knows  that in Europe.
To learn why Charles Lwanga and the other Christians found such a cruel death, you have to read the Roman martyrology. Charles Lwanga came, like his companions, from  the Bagandian nobility. The young noble sons were part of the entourage of the king, whom they served. The King of Buganda was then Mwanga II. While Charles Lwanga and other young nobles were baptized and followed Christ the King with great zeal his ear was lent in contrast to the  Islamic emissaries trying push back the growing Christian influence by the persecution of Christians, of Catholics and Anglicans.

Polygamy, Homosexuality and Islam

The reasons were not only political (influence by British, German and Arab, Anglicans, Catholics and Muslims), but also moral. The Roman martyrology speaks of the "obscene demands" of the king. This refers to homosexual desires of the then 20th Kabaka (king). These desires  were rejected by Christians at his court. Mwanga II. put them to death for it.
The highlight of this persecution was on June 3, the burning of Charles Lwanga and twelve companions in Namugongo, where a church was built in their memory. The Muslim advisor at the king's court had fewer problems with the way of life of the king. This was officially mainly for polygamy, who paid homage to the Kabaka of Buganda. The Christian understanding of marital monogamy was a serious cultural break with political implications. Due to the numerous women of Kabaka the various tribes of Baganda had share in the kingship. Polygamy was the matriarchal element of the unwritten constitution that secured kingship of all the tribes on a rotating basis. Islam, which permits polygamy, came to meet these political needs. This was also unofficially more congenial for the tyrannical King's homosexual desires, who desired to demonstrate  his power in the sense of  the sexual domination of men and women.
The Kabaka was overthrown later, was baptized Anglican, and returned with the British to power, but was soon overthrown again  in a joint action by the British and tribal superiors and died in 1903 in British exile in the Seychelles.

At the 117th anniversary of the Martyrdom the CDF Took a Position in  2003 on Homsexuality

It was no accident that the CDF, with the signature of its then prefect Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, precisely on June 3, 2003, published the document "Considerations Regarding Proposals of Legal Recognition for Unions Between Homosexual Persons."  It was a document on an issue that is one of the most controversial of our time. On this subject, the Catholic Church was exposed to massive external, but also internal pressure.
In the "Considerations"  the CDF states initially on marriage:
"The Church teaches that Christian marriage is an effective sign of the covenant between Christ and the Church (cf. Eph. 5:32). This Christian meaning of marriage, far from diminishing the profoundly human value of the marital union of man and woman, confirms and strengthens it (cf. Mt from 19:3-12. Mk 10:6-9). "
And then about homosexual relationships:
"There are absolutely no grounds to establish analogies between homosexual unions and God's plan over marriage and the family, not even in a broader sense. Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law. [...] They  are not  to be approved in any case.
Homosexual relationships are condemned in Scripture as a serious depravity ... (cf. Rom 1:24- 27;. 1 Cor 6,10; 1 Tim 1:10). This judgment of Scripture does not allow the conclusion that all those who suffer from this anomaly are personally responsible, but testifies that homosexual acts are not in themselves in order. This moral judgment is found in many Christian writers of the first centuries, and was unanimously accepted by Catholic Tradition. "

Homosexual acts "Cry Out to  in Heaven for Vengeance"

Homosexual relationships are among the four deadly sins or  sins "outrageous", as the Catechism of Pope John Paul II. Is, or sins "crying out to  heaven for vengeance", as it says in the Catechism of St. Pius X.
Today there are in the Catholic Church, at least that of the so-called West, a tendency to simply suppress this part of Catholic doctrine. The one part is no longer talks about it and thus escapes further criticism from without the church further and homosexuals. Another part adopts the position of the secular world and the homosexuals. Parallel to this is homosexuality, including its branches, of pedophilia and ephebophilia, which have become an internal problem of the Church.

Ambiguous Signals from Pope Francis on Homosexuality

Pope Francis has so far sent out mixed signals  in terms of homosexuality. On the one hand he severely criticized the gender theory several times.  On April 15, 2015, he  wondered at the general audience "whether the so-called gender theory is not an expression of frustration and resignation, which aims at the eradication of sexual difference, because they no longer understand, to confront it. We risk here, to take a step backwards. The displacement of the differences is the problem, not the solution."  Earlier this year, said the Pope in Manila of "a new ideological colonization, the attempt to destroy the family." Specifically, he criticized the international institutions that bind financial loans for States for the introduction of "gay marriage".
On the other hand, he  also made the famous-infamous phrase of his pontificate: "Who am I to judge?"  It's a sentence that has been widely abused by homosexual and homophilic circles to justify homosexuality and the legalization of "gay rights". Although this use of the sentence has not escaped the Vatican, it has not been corrected by Pope Francis. At least not in a sufficiently understandable and clarifying extent because  the abuse continues.
Homosexual organizations introduce King Mwanga II. as an example that homosexuality also belongs "to Africa". The example of martyrdom for the purity of Charles Lwanga and his companions was an important factor in the successful fight against AIDS by the Ugandan government. To the western contraceptive mentality, the government opposed in collaboration with the Christian churches chastity and continence. In the late 1980s nearly 30 percent of the population were infected with HIV, while their number fell in 2004 to 6 percent. The successful method is liked neither by the UN population experts nor the abortion lobby or the Western media, which is why very little was known internationally about the "miracle on Lake Victoria" in the fight against AIDS.

No Place is More Appropriate than Namugongo to Speak a Word of Clarification on Homosexuality

No site would be more appropriate than Namugongo with the grave of Saint Charles Lwanga and his companions, who suffered martyrdom because of the defense of their chastity, to speak a word of clarification on homosexuality and to raise his voice for the whole world to hear. It's a subject that should be made a "priority" of world politics in  circles external to the Church. Above all, it would be the appropriate place to correct that controversial sentence that weighs on this pontificate and on the whole Church since the return flight from Rio de Janeiro in late July 2013: "Who am I to judge?"
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fired CDF Mole Insists There's no "Homosexual Lobby"

Edit: considering that he's been dishonest his entire career, not unlike the infamous David Berger, a Thomist Scholar from Cologne who was exposed not long before Vatileaks, and eventually himself fired from teaching positions including at Holy Cross himself, and the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it's easy to see that Krysztof Charasma is lying.

Even Pope Francis has pointed to it as a "lobby."

[the Local] Krzysztof Charamsa told a private Italian television channel that he has "never met a gay lobby in the Vatican", referring to rumours of a network of homosexual priests.

"I met homosexual priests, often isolated like me... but no gay lobby," said Charamsa, adding that he also met gay priests who were "homophobes" and had "hatred for themselves and others".

"But I also met several fantastic homosexuals who are some of the best ministers in the Church," he said in an interview due to be broadcast Sunday.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cardinal Erdo: Synod 2014 Did Not Wish to Alter the Practice of Communion

Relator General recalls situation of discussion  - Church is called to "mercifully accompany" divorced and remarried," but also "to witness consistently" to Catholic doctrine 

Vatican City ( The Relator General Synod of Bishops, Cardinal Peter Erdo (Esztergom-Budapest) has made it clear on Monday in the Vatican, that he defends  the indissolubility of marriage and  the current teaching of the Church. The majority of the Synod participants from 2014 have shared the view that remarriage after the failure of a bond formed by the Church  is contrary to the message of Jesus Christ  and excludes those affected from receiving Communion, he said in his opening speech. Erdo referred in his remarks to the working document (Instrumentum Laboris) from the Synod. This is based on the Extraordinary Synod from October 2014.

The Church is called pastorally "to mercifully accompany" the divorced and remarried, but "to witness consistently" at the same time the Catholic doctrine, said the Primate of Hungary. To accomplish this, however, deeper reflection it needed a deeper reflection, Erdo conceded looking forward to the forthcoming three-week deliberations of the bishops. 

As General Relator, Erdo is the  correspondent of the Episcopal Assembly and has important influence on the formulation of the synod results. He pointed out that there are many ways for the divorced and remarried to share in community life, without allowing for the Eucharist.   Erdö was critical about the ways of the Orthodox Churches that permit remarriage after a divorce under certain guidelines. These practices are not comparable with the case law based of the Catholic Church. 

Erdö also rejected the idea of "gradualism" in the assessment of sexual relations outside of marriage. Objectively between true and false, and between good and evil, there is no gradualness, he stressed. However, there might be for the individual a subjective, gradual approach to good and truth. The subjective fault is less serious if the sin is not recognized.

On the subject of homosexuality Erdo recalled the existing Church doctrine, according to which there are "not even distant analogies or similarities"  between homosexual partnerships and God's plan for marriage and family. Copyright 2015 Catholic press agency Kathpress, Vienna, Austria VIDEO from lecture: (C) 2015 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH.All rights reserved.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

For the Record: Aberrosexual at CDF Dismissed

Edit: I'm sure there are plenty of openings for aberrosexuals in the Polish Catholic Church. With all the hysteria, which is something we can appreciate if not participate in, this is a welcome bit of news. 
The priest in question appears to already have been living a double life. It's a pity he wasn't sent packing sooner, since it's very likely he wasn't the most orthodox priest in his office.
VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican on Saturday fired a monsignor who came out as gay on the eve of a big meeting of the world's bishops to discuss church outreach to gays, divorcees and more traditional Catholic families.
Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa was a mid-level official in the Vatican's doctrine office. In newspaper interviews published in Italy and Poland on Saturday, Charamsa said he was happy and proud to be a gay priest, and was in love with a man whom he identified as his boyfriend.
"The decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the synod assembly to undue media pressure," the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said in a statement.
As a result, Charamsa could no longer work at the Vatican or its pontifical universities, Lombardi said.
Despite his dismissal, Charamsa remains a priest, although Lombardi hinted that his superiors could take further action.
Charamsa had planned a press conference in Rome for midday on Saturday to discuss his sexual orientation and criticize the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for spreading "pervasive and blind homophobia," but was pre-empted by the Vatican action.

Edit: Also, the Vatican has released a statement about the Pope's meeting with Yayo Grassi and his fellow deviant companion. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

When a Bishop Cites Uncomfortable Passages from the Old Testament

Bishop Huonder has published his presentation at the "Joy of Faith" Congress - presentation of the bishop as a video on kathTube

Fulda (  The Bishop of Chur Vitus Huonder has published an opinion on the distorted media reports on Monday that arose during his lecture at the congress "Joy of Faith" last Friday: documented the opinion of the Bishop of Chur from today: I am sorry if my 50  minute lecture in Fulda on 2 August 2015 which deals with the biblical basis for marriage and family, was occasionally understood as a reduction of homosexual people in the media. It was not meant for that. I quoted in the  the lecture several uncomfortable passages from the Old Testament that affect generally the marriage, sexuality or family.

I want to clarify that I have no desire to in any way diminish homosexual people with the presentation, whose main theme is the marriage from a Christian perspective,  and that I, when it comes to homosexuality, quote what is in the Catechism of the Catholic Church also in the annotations Lecture:  

2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, [Cf.Gen 19, 1-29; Rom 1.24 to 27; 1 Cor 6,10; 1 Tim 1,10.]141  That the Church tradition has always declared that "the homosexual acts are wrong in themselves" (CDF, ​​explanation. "Persona humana" 8). They violate the natural law, because the transmission of life is excluded the sexual. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity.  They should not approved in any case.

 2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

These words from the Catechism are the basis of the pastoral charity also towards people sensitive to homosexuality  who I have emphasized in the lecture in Fulda and in the unity of faith, apply to all of our Church pastors.

 Presentation of the Bishop of Fulda in video

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Media: Are Poland's Bishops Rejecting the Marx-Proposal to Meet and Agree on His Heretical Proposals?

Edit: very likely.

Preparation for the Synod of Bishops: Warsaw church newspaper "Idziemy" writes, they should go to a meeting to bring the Polish Bishops' Conference President Gadecki "to convince him to take the position represented by Cardinal Marx."

Dachau (KAP / The DBK-chairman Reinhard Cardinal Marx is said to have proposed at the beginning of May to the Polish bishops, who had come on the 70th anniversary of Dachau Liberation in Bavaria during the meal, to hold a meeting. This was reported by Würzburg Catholic newspaper "Die Tagespost", citing the US newspaper "National Catholic Register" and the Warsaw church newspaper "Idziemy". This meeting reportedly, according to Marx should have the objective "to work towards a consensus" regarding a common position at the Synod of Bishops in the autumn. The 14th Ordinary General Assembly of Bishops will be held from the 4th to the 25th of October at the Vatican on "The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church in the Modern World".

The proposal by Marx was, however, rejected by the Polish bishops. The Polish journal "Idziemy" writes in a comment, the President of the Polish Bishops' Conference and leader of the Polish synod delegation, Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, stand in the teaching on marriage "without a doubt" faithful to the teaching of St. John Paul II. But it they would,  in Marx's proposed meeting, said Gadecki "to persuade him to take the position Cardinal Marx represents". 

Update: the German Bishops' Conference is denying this, and only specifies that representatives are meeting to clarify the points at which they disagree.  Weasels.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Will Aberrophile Bishop Bonny be the New Archbishop of Brussels and Primate of Belgium?

Bishop Johan Bonny, Known for His
Support for the Abberrosexual Lobby
(Brussels) "Catholics been irritated to note that high church officials can make statements with impunity  that depart from the Church's faith and moral teaching. Some are even promoted," said the website against hostility to  Christians, NoCristianofobia . Belgian Catholics can not say different since of all people, Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp is considered the leading candidate for the post of archbishop of Malines-Brussels and thus the Primate of Belgium.  Bishop Bonny's only previous "performance" was in a notorious public declaration of support for the aberrosexual ideology.
The reigning Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard has been  attacked publicly as no other Catholic bishop. When labeled "conservative", he was already the victim of brutal and humiliating attacks on camera by the members of political mercenaries topless Femen. Nevertheless, Pope Francis has  denied him the dignity of Cardinal, which is traditionally associated with the archbishop's See. Instead of strengthening the standing of an  Archbishop in an exposed position, this will weaken him.
Internal church pressure has since increased   on Archbishop Leonard. Progressive circles have registered that their chief shepherd is not in the favor of the Argentine Pope and acting cavalierly.

Cardinal Danneels  Mentor of Bonny in Rome

Cardinal Danneels in the Episcopal Ordination of Johan Bonny
The most influential churchman Belgium since 2013 is clearly the progressive Godfried Cardinal Danneels whose star had fallen into the void under Pope Benedict XVI., but radiates more luminously than ever since his resignation. As a member of Team Bergoglio he campaigned in the General Congregations and the Conclave for the election of the Argentine Jesuit and was successful. His influence has extended since then, again to the Vatican and from there, all the way to the top. Just a few weeks after the accession of Pope Francis, Cardinal Danneels spoke for the recognition of "gay marriage."
The Danneels  party in the  Archdiocese of Brussels thwarted Archbishop Leonard, wherever it was possible. Danneels was Leonard's predecessor. In 2010 Leonard was, at that time, Bishop of Namur, appointed by Pope Benedict XVI. as Primate of Belgium.  The headline read back then: "A Tridentine 'is new archbishop of Brussels". It's a decision that Cardinal Danneels is said to have never forgiven the German pope. Benedict XVI. had thus thwarted all of Danneels plans for a "progressive" Church. Since the election of Pope Francis Archbishop Leonard has been considered, however, only an "industrial accident" which is to be corrected as quickly as possible.

Homophile Bonny Declaration Remained Without Consequences

Leonard Consecrated Priests of the FSSP at Wigratzbad in the Traditional Rite  
Protesting Catholic petitioned Pope Francis about the homophilic statements of Bishop Bonny at Christmastime in 2014 p  (see Request to Pope Francis: "Are the gay statements by Bishop Bonny Catholic or not?" ). In it the Holy Father is asked to answer the question whether the words of Bishop Bonny are still Catholic or not. It was a petition that implicitly urged the pontiff to take punitive action against the bishop of Antwerp. Nothing like this, however, has been done by Rome.
Bishop Bonny  instead rejected a prize from a homo-affiliated association that wanted to reward him for his "courageous" words. Three weeks after his homophilic statements aroused worldwide attention from irritated  Catholics, the bishop wanted to know nothing more about it. A half-hearted detachment, pretending nothing had happened, and even the serious incident of his declaration of support for aberrosexuality forgotten in Rome itself?
Cardinal Danneels actively supports the promotion of  Bishop Bonny. In the context of Danneels in Brussels and in Rome he says triumphantly, that only Archbishop Leonard has stood in the way of   Bonny's appointment as archbishop of Brussels.
On May 6, Leonard has completed his 75th year and offered, as  the canon law requires,  his resignation to the Pope. Now the decision rests with Pope Francis.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / kerknet /
Trans: Tancred

Monday, February 9, 2015

Festival of Saint Remo: After "Gay Messiah" Follows "Conchita Wurst"

(San Remo) From the 10th-14th February the 65th Festival della canzone italiana will be held in  San Remo. Italy's most popular event of  light music is being broadcast by the Italian state radio RAI. Conditions of participation: All songs must be sung in Italian. Recently, however, the festival is becoming a stage for the gay indoctrination.
The gender ideologues have tried to capture  the festival for several years. Since this is an event by public television, it is not possible without political support.
2013 It "pleased" the organizers to broadcast an "anti-homophobia" commercial.
2014 San Remo Festival was "the scene of an outrageous gay appearance" says Corrispondenza Romana. The largely unknown, but all the more perverse Canadian singer Rufus Wainwright, who sings  obscene and blasphemous songs like "Gay Messiah" or "Baptist", was invited for a guest appearance. In the song "Gay Messiah" the aberrosexual singer announces the coming of a deviant "Messiah", "who comes from a porn movie of the 70s". Wainwright even appears  as a "homo-Messiah" on stage and is "crucified". In the song "Baptist" the Canadian sings acting out  perverse fantasies of a baptism by sperm. In 2012 Wainwright concluded a "gay marriage" in New York  and announced that a friend would  carry a child as "surrogate mother". 
Since moderator Fabio Fazio was to make his appearance, who is known for his radical left-wing activism, protests from the audience and the Italian Association lawyers for the life were of no avail. The organizers stuck to Wainwright.

From "Gay Messiah" Follows Drag Queen

In 2015, the Austrian aberrosexual Thomas Neuwirth, also known drag queen "Conchita Wurst" will appear as a guest star in San Remo. Although the Festival 2014 was a flop in  audience attendance, which is why Fabio Fazio was replaced by  moderator Carlo Conti, but with the lavender agenda, nothing changes. 
"Würst" is the product of a deliberate homosexualization made possible with public funds. ORF 2013 ignored the usual disapproval of the audience  preliminary and unilaterally appointed the mediocre singer as the Austrian representative at the Euro Vision Song Contest. There he was, despite a meager musical performance and audience, an allegedly "miraculous" decision to appoint the winner of the 59th edition of the Grand Prix Euro Vision Song Contest. "Würst" sees himself as a fighter against "discrimination" against aberrosexuals.
The bearded "woman" has since been passed around as a "man of the hour". Since  television stations can hardly tear  his musical performances from the Styrian world, there are  motives that give him invitations upon invitations, they must look elsewhere.
To show that Italy also can produce the new gender-neutral unisex chimera, Mauro Coruzzi was also invited, who is also known as Platinette, who has appeared already, dressed in an evening gown as a drag queen and appeared normally dressed at another evening. Is the Festival of San Remo to be a stage of dubious sexual fantasies and disturbed identities?

Catholic Associations Protest

The gay indoctrination by the state television RAI has caused considerable protests this year among Catholics. A number of websites at the Catholic Counter-Information have called for a boycott of the festival. The Association of Catholic viewers Aiart said: "The decision to invite the drag queen Conchita Wurst,  who is to  receives a lush 120,000 euros, proves once again that the RAI does not want to invest in the quality of  music, and decent performances, but public money for doubtful guests to produce an ideological program."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: San Remo Blog

Monday, November 3, 2014

Swiss Catholic Priest Blesses Aberrosexual Couple

Switzerland: "The form of this blessing was not significantly different from a wedding," said the responsible priest - Catholic News Agency "kipa" refers in its report to the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and Family.

Bürglen ( Wendelin Bucheli, Catholic priest in Bürglen / Diocese of Chur, has announced the blessing of two lesbian women in the village church. "Its form is not that significantly different from a wedding", Bucheli explained to the "Urner Weekly". He was first asked to and had then dealt with the question of blessing same-sex unions, he did this by speaking with a fellow Jesuit priest. The crucial question for him was: "Can I carry out blessing in the name and will God?" But, "today, there are animals, automobiles and even weapons blessed. Why should we not bless a pair that wants its path together with God?" said the priest according to "Urner Weekly." According to "Radio Pilatus" the pastor had not informed the diocese of Chur.

The international Catholic press agency "kipa" also reported this blessing ceremony for a gay couple. According to 'kipa', the the pastor had informed the whole parish team, the churches and the parish council about it, all are supposed to have supported his decision. "Kipa" explained in the concluding paragraph under the subheading "What the Synod of Bishops Told," continues: "In the Final Declaration on October 18th of the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and Family it is said that, men and women with homosexual inclinations are to be treated with kindness and sympathy.' There should be avoided any form of unfair discrimination' against them. The question is, what pastoral approach is appropriate in the concrete situation in light of the Church's teaching, which meant that it gives no foundation 'to produce between homosexual unions and the plan of God on marriage and family analogies, and not in another sense.'" The "kipa" is co-financed by the Catholic Church of Switzerland, but according to their self representation they work in editorial independence.

In a comment in "Urner Weekly" you can read in that "a majority of Catholic bishops had recently approved at the family Synod in Rome, an opening towards homosexual people." The "Urner weekly" interpreted this as a positive signal that encourages "Pastoral assistants like Venelin Bucheli to open their arms to take care of all Catholics. And that's good!
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