Saturday, January 18, 2020

Archbishop Viganò: Abp. Gänswein Abusively Controls and Misrepresents Benedict XVI

By David Martin

Former U.S. papal nuncio Archbishop Viganò has again taken the ax to the thicket of deception in Rome by faithfully pointing out how Archbishop Georg Gänswein, long believed to be Pope Benedict's confidant and mouthpiece in the world, has stood in the way of Benedict XVI by censoring his mail, distancing him from his friends, and lying about him behind his back.

In a letter to La Verita on January 16, Viganò refuted the late-breaking news about Benedict having "disavowed" co-authorship of a new book that he helped write with Cardinal Robert Sarah, showing how this was a fabrication of Gänswein. The fact that the word “we” is frequently used in the book clearly shows it was co-authored.

The book, titled From the Depths of Our Hearts: Priesthood, Celibacy, and the Crisis of the Catholic Church, talks down the idea of married priests against the present Vatican efforts to sanction this. Therein, Benedict firmly defends priestly celibacy, making it clear that from the first century "men could only receive the sacrament of Holy Orders if they had committed themselves to sexual abstinence."

On Tuesday it was reported that Benedict XVI had "requested" of Ignatius Press, the English publisher of the book, that he be removed as co-author. The request was made by Archbishop Gänswein, who told the Italian news agency ANSA that he had "acted on instructions from the pope emeritus and asked Cardinal Robert Sarah to contact the book’s publisher and request that they remove Benedict XVI’s name as co-author of the book, and remove his signature from the introduction and conclusion."

Vigano’s letter to La Verita puts to shame this report. He opens by saying:

“It is time to reveal the control that has been abusively and systematically exercised by Abp. Gänswein towards the supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, ever since the beginning of his pontificate. Gänswein has habitually filtered information, assuming the right to judge for himself how much or how little to tell the Holy Father.”

After expounding somewhat, Viganò goes on to conclude:

"I make this declaration following what has been asserted by Abp. Gänswein to the Ansa agency, in contradiction of what Pope Benedict himself wrote in the exchange of letters made with Cardinal Sarah. It is a sensational as well as slanderous insinuation towards the most eminent Cdl. Robert Sarah, promptly denied by the same."

Vigano’s testimony lines up with the facts. Cdl Sarah issued a statement on January 14, in which he states: "On November 25, the Pope Emeritus expressed his great satisfaction with the texts written in common, and he added the following: ‘For my part, I agree that the text should be published in the form you have foreseen.’”

This sharply contradicts Archbishop Gänswein’s statement to ANSA, in which he said that Benedict "did not approve a project for a co-authored book, and that he had not seen or authorized the cover."

Pope Francis at the Controls

We now learn that it was Pope Francis who summoned Gänswein and ordered him to make the request of Ignatius Press because he didn't agree with the new book that defends priestly celibacy against his own designs to allow married priests in the Amazon. Not to mention other things.

According to an inside Vatican report from Italian journalist Antonio Socci, an "enraged" Pope Francis "personally summoned Msgr. Gänswein, Benedict’s secretary, but also Prefect of Bergoglio’s [Francis’] Papal Household and furiously ordered him to have Benedict XVI’s name removed from the cover of the book." (Rorate-Caeli)

And so, it was Pope Francis who forced Gänswein to request that Benedict’s name be removed, but why did Gänswein listen? Instead of remaining faithful to God and neighbor Gänswein smacked up to Francis to the discredit of Benedict XVI, presumably to safeguard his own position as Prefect of the Pontifical Household.

Given that, we can safely infer that Gänswein was also lying when he publicly stated that Benedict upon his resignation had introduced a new innovation to the papacy: "a de facto enlarged ministry, with both an active and a contemplative member so that we now have "two living successors of Peter among us" that "are not in competition with each other," i.e. Benedict and Francis.     

The truth is that Benedict was forced into abdicating the Chair of Peter, something that Gänswein is covering. Benedict acted freely in stepping down, yes, he freely said "uncle," a flight that was providentially foreshadowed in his inaugural speech of April 24, 2005, when he said: "Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves."

We know from the late Cardinal Danneels of Brussels that he was part of a radical "mafia" reformist group opposed to Benedict XVI. Danneels, known for his support of abortion, LGBT rights, and gay-marriage, said in a taped interview in September 2015 that he and several cardinals were part of this "mafia" club that was calling for drastic changes in the Church, to make it "much more modern," and that the plan was to oust Benedict have Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio head it. This infamous clique comprised key members of the Vatican "gay lobby" that had clamored for Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, the same that had almost prevented his election in 2005.

It is this same brood of vipers under Francis' direction that continues to oppress and persecute Benedict XVI. Given the potential that he could one day come forward with the full Third Secret of Fatima and expose the whole mess behind the failed papacy of Francis, this shouldn't be too difficult to understand.

The day may be coming in the not so distant future when Benedict XVI will speak the truth, whereby the Church at large will come to realize that the Vatican since 2013 has been home to a prisoner pope who never truly resigned his office.


LucyGirl said...

My goodness...such drama and deceitfulness and lies -lies - lies! Perhaps now (though probably not) we can all relax for a moment until the next 'bomb' falls. I can say, it seems there has been so much subterfuge for sooooo long, I am surprised that the Blessed Mother bothers coming to visit us any longer. Truly am shocked at the arrogance and pride (fakery) that the hierarchy has displayed, once behind the curtains, and now in plain sight. What was that..."Pride before the fall!" Truly there are still some very brave clergy and Prelates in our midst. We must continue to pray for them, and thank our Blessed Mother, as she continues to protect them and us. St Michael defend us. Please St. Padre Pio send more angels. And thank you, our Most Beloved Lord Jesus Christ for your Divine Mercy and forgiveness. Ave Maria.

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in Vigano's handlers. Maybe deathblindlies will start a petition: "Show us the body. Where is Vigano?" Maybe Frank Walker will post the daily count of how long it's been since anyone's seen Vigano alive. Maybe Church Militant will excavate their new media pit to reassure all their viewers he ain't been buried under a download.

CJ said...

From the first time I saw Ganswein with Benedict XVI I felt he was a handler, someone to keep the Pope in the dark and make him even more frail. Plus he was always seen with Francis, always smiling as though he just loved that fat little lunatic Marxist fraud.

PW said...

You poor buggers are rapidly running out of heroes to hate. They have all turned out to be huge disappointments like the recently fallen from grace, the dissembling Sarah.
Who's next chaps?

David Martin said...

Re: PW - And who ever told you that Cardinal Sarah fell from grace? He made a general statement that the papacy must always be obeyed, and the confused scrutiny commissions suddenly construe this to mean he buckled under Francis. Sarah is saying to obey the papacy, not Francis, insinuating that Francis is not obeying his own papacy. Sarah's book rebuts Francis' efforts to subvert the Faith, especially his present efforts to sanction married priests.

PW said...

There is no need to 'sanction married priests' in the Catholic tradition. They have been around in the Eastern Rites from the beginning. Furthermore both JP II and Ratzinger/Benedict have made it easy for married clergy from the Anglican and Episcopalian churches, and others, to be ordained Catholic priests.
The precious Sarah seems to have conveniently forgotten this. Why?

Sarah doesn't know either the ancient Tradition of Catholicism or the modern changes to its own discipline.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

There is no need to 'sanction married priests' in the Catholic tradition. They have been around in the Eastern Rites from the beginning

Fake news:

Tancred said...

Heretics always make these appeals to tradition that are easily falsifiable.

Peter Watson said...

"There is no need to 'sanction married priests' in the Catholic tradition. They have been around in the Eastern Rites from the beginning. Furthermore both JP II and Ratzinger/Benedict have made it easy for married clergy from the Anglican and Episcopalian churches, and others, to be ordained Catholic priests.
The precious Sarah seems to have conveniently forgotten this. Why?"

Knee jerk reactions in the last two comments do not constitute a rational response. Sarah and his supporters have vested interests in their selective approach to clerical celibacy and in push that line they are restricting the Catholic Tradition to the West (and a late one at that if you read history.

Straw clutching might offer hope to the drowning man but it is literally short lived.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Peter. Ineluctable facts are construed as knee jerk reactions by those engaged in progressive polemics.

If you desire priests to have sex you are doing the work of Satan as Satan has always opposed whatever it is that Jesus has done and He bequeathed to His Apostles and His Church a celibate/continent priesthood.

Anonymous said...

Priests in the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church, many in the Anglican Ordinariates and others specially dispensed converts, have been and continue to have normal sexual relations with their wives and exercise the ministry of priesthood.
Look up a few good history and history of theology books urgently.

It's no wonder you describe yourself as 'Amateur' Brain Surgeon.

PW said...

Soon to be unemployed Cardinal Sarah, conveniently avoided for the most part any discussion of or reference to the immemorial disciple of married clergy in the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church.
Sarah and his followers are what Weigel describes, 'cafeteria catholics'

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