Monday, May 20, 2019

Bishop Huonder Retires to a House of the Society of Saint Pius X

The Bishop and the Society today published a statement on this

Chur ( The bishop of Chur, Vitus Huonder will now retire to a house of the brotherhood of St. Pius X. In a joint statement by Huonder and the Pius Brotherhood from today it  states: 

"The purpose and intention of this step consists solely in devoting oneself to prayer and silence, to celebrate only the traditional Mass, and to work for tradition of which he sees as the only means for the restoration of the Church.
Recognizing the courageous decision of Bishop Huonder, the Society of St. Pius X is pleased to offer him the spiritual and priestly environment that he so desires, and others may follow this example "to renew everything in Christ".

The following description from is interesting:

It points out that "the troubles did not start yesterday," a fact nobody disputes, calling the current papacy the “ripening of the fruit” which is "poisoned." 
Surprisingly the statement avoids a confrontation with the letter's content, speculating instead about its possible "results," on whether it is "prudent" or has "a chance to succeed." It even claims that its "failure might ridicule the authors and their cause." 
The letter is even called a "waste of time" which begs the question why the SSPX commented on it in the first place.


Trans: Tancred

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