Saturday, February 16, 2019

Bergoglio Appoints Evil McCarrick Creature to Camerlengo

Cardinal Kevin Farrell was named Camerlengo. In the next Sedis vacancy, he will direct the affairs of state and convene the conclave.

(Rome) Pope Francis yesterday named US Cardinal Kevin Farrell as Cardinal Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church, better known simply as Camerlengo. Against Kevin Farrell has been repeatedly mentioned in recent months in connection with the case of ex-Cardinal McCarrick and homophilic Church circles. Pope Francis entrusted him with a key position at the next conclave one week before the start of the Abuse Summit in the Vatican.

Theodore McCarrick made Kevin Farrell general vicar of his archdiocese of Washington in 2001. As such he was promoted to auxiliary bishop at McCarrick's request and lived for six years, until McCarrcik's retirement, in the same house with McCarrick. After the scandalous homosexual double life McCarricks became known, Farrell asserted several times, not having heard anything, not even of suspecting something. Since the summer of 2018, repeated doubts have been expressed about this idea.

The career of the McCarrick protégé

McCarrick was pushed by Pope Francis to renounce cardinal status at the end of July last year after it became known that he had homosexually corrupted priests and seminarians in his dioceses and even reportedly molested minors.

Cardinal Kevin Farrell

The doubts about Farrell's statements are not only related to his close relationship with McCarrick, who sponsored the miserable career of his former auxiliary bishop to Pope Francis. Farrell also stood out for his homophile attitude. At his initiative as Prefect of the Dicastery for Lay, Family and Life, the World Family Meeting, which took place in Dublin, Ireland, in late August 2018, for the first time in the history of this event, he offered his own program for homosexuals. Despite considerable criticism, which was announced in advance and led to cancellations of participants, the Vatican stuck to it.

The World Family Meetings were initiated by Pope John Paul II to strengthen marriage and family. A promotion or even an intrusion of homosexuality into the family is diametrically opposed to his idea, say critics, who were not heard in Rome. The sodomy program was designed by the evil US Jesuit Fr. James Martin.

Investigations by the Congregation of Socteine and the Faith?

Against Farrell, the Roman Congregation of the Faith became active in connection with the McCarrick case. As the traditional Messa in Latino website reported, Pope Francis was preparing a trial about six months ago, after the McCarrick case had exploded, and a dossier was prepared by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The congregation asked Pope Francis to initiate an official case against Farrell. It is not known if Pope Francis granted the request, or if it was prevented as with Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.

Farrell's stellar career under Pope Francis continues unabated:

~ In August 2016, Francis appointed him to the Roman Curia and named him the first prefect of the newly established dicastery for lay, family and life.

~ Already in November of the same year he created Farrell Cardinal, making him a member of the College of Cardinals.

~ In June 2017, he was appointed a member of the Administration of Goods of the Apostolic See (APSA).

~ In December 2017, he was appointed to the Pontifical Commission for the State of the Vatican City;
and in February 2019 the appointment as cardinal chamberlain.

Key position in the conclave

As Camerlengo, Farrell takes a key position in the upcoming conclave. The cardinal's chamberlain manages not only the apostolic chamber and the papal treasure. He notes the death of the ruling pope and proclaims the vacancy. During the sedevacante he leads the affairs of state as well as the preparations and the convocation of the conclave.

In connection with the APSA, probably the most wealthy institution in the Vatican, which successfully dedicated itself to the dismantling of Cardinal George Pell, the first prefect of the Economic Secretariat, the question was asked whether Cardinal Farrell had anything to do with the accommodation of the Argentine Bergoglian, Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta. Zanchetta, appointed by Pope Francis against the strong reservations of the diocesan Bishop, had disappeared in the summer of 2017 from his diocese overnight. A few months later he reappeared in the Vatican and was given a high position in the APSA by Francis. The appointment caused horror among insiders, as Zanchetta was known for having shattered the finances of two dioceses, first as Vicar General and then as Bishop. In early 2019, allegations were made in Argentina that Zanchetta, like McCarrick  had committed preyed on his own seminarians. That was the reason for his sudden plunge. Rome has been informed about this since 2015.

Pope Francis is silent and sets the course.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred


David O'Neill said...

We hear that McCarrick has been laicised & hope this is true. Many more guilty priests, bishops & even cardinals should be treated thus but should additionally be gaoled. This MIGHT send out the strongest message to perpetrators.

JBQ said...

Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

So what if McCarrick is laicized?
He is 88 years old. He is wealthy from all of his money dealing days. He is by no means, "locked up". He interacts with the parishioners of the parish that the Friary is attached to, whenever he wishes.
He is having his every need attended to by other clergy. He will be allowed to stay with the Franciscans that he is currently living with.
He can come and go as he pleases.

Just how is this "punishment"?
Sounds like the kind of retirement that 99% of us would like to have ....and will not get.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing is let's hope a conclave is soon. By some miracle, I hope a Catholic is elected. But it's not likely.
Pope Francis is a total hypocrite. He laicizes McCarrick, and yet Uncle Ted was one of the chief architects of Bergoglio's election. Bergoglio should go too.
It is a real sign of someone truly evil, that all the scandals that have implicated and swirled around Francis, that he still carries on as if nothing is wrong, and none of the filth sticks to him.
I just came back recently from a long photo shoot assignment. Sad thing is, whereas before, on my free time I used to visit Churches, monasteries, I couldn't care less. I already know that in the countries I visited (3) the Catholic Church is dead, dead, dead. Doesn't matter what Church or monastery I visit (Austria, Germany, Greece). There comes a point for some Catholics, especially the young like me, that after so much of this asshole Pope and the filth that has developed since his election, and the scandals that sooner or later you say, "who gives a F..."
Greece was the only high point religiously. The Greek Orthodox Church has it's problems and issues, but the people actually believe, and attend Church. They still have many young men and women choosing to be monks and nuns....but unlike the Catholic Church, thereare not Orders of Greek Orthox monks and's just 1 single rule/observance (St.Basil's). And there are no hospitals or nursing homes run by nuns (at least that I saw). But their churches are not "protestantized" like ours. They respect tradition. It was uplifting to go to Divine Services in Athens.
I felt like in the presence of God....which I never got with Bergoglio.
With him, I feel like I'm listening some left-wing candidate for the US House of Representatives or Senate. Nothing about Jesus.

Damian Malliapalli

Constantine said...

Dear Damian, The Greek Church works together with The spreading of freemasonry and European Union. One must keep in mind that the Bishops and Patriarch of the Greek Church and Modern Nation have been helped by the Masons, because, you can see, the Masonic ideology of Liberty Equality Fraternity were useful for the Greek Church to fight for at least a greater equality of religion with the dominant Islam that occupied the former Greek lands. So, instead of attacking Masonry for making Christianity on a more equal footing with the other religions of the world, they remain grateful that the Greeks can have some rights, and have a secular state. Recently, the Greek Church separated from the Russian Church, in order to promote the National Socialist UPA ideology in the Ukraine, in order to foster division between Eastern States, and weaken Russia, and advance the proEU ideas promoted by Soros and the culturally Marxist west.

Anonymous said...

We are in the OCA. Orthodox Church of America, along with many others ethnic Eastern Rite and Catholic Eastern Rite refugees, having escaped first the bastardized RC NO Masses which were so very new age Protestant and then he Eastern Catholic Rites which also have been inundated with sodomites.
The Orthodox have valid priests with Apostolic Succession and valid Sacraments according to the RC Canons but I have to admit, the Divine Liturgy of Sts Chrysostom and Basil are chanted with so much more reverence than we experienced in the Eastern Catholic Rites. as a Roman Catholic you can only fulfill your Obligations in the Orthodox if there are no Catholic churches in your vicinity.......Well guess what? After hunting high and low and attending an Indult where the Stupidville Grad priest had no time to hear our Confessions EVER.......
The OCA has more REAL Catholics than the so called Diocesan RC and Eastern Rite Catholic Churches.

Anonymous said...

Farrell is a queer, just like McCarrick, Cupich, etc. etc.

I predict that Francis' Synod now convening will be a disaster.....not only will they not address the problem, but they will not even mention the homo problem (and might even give some praise to the gays for being so "persecuted".

I also predict that this will send a strong message thru the Catholic world, and lead to the direct fall of Francis and his people within six months. The outrage will be so much that he will quit....therewill be a new Pope directly the opposite to him, and his people will be running for cover.

Damian Malliapalli

(not since the Middle Ages has there been a Pope so hated in Rome...and Italy).

Tancred said...

The OCA is just the Democratic Party at prayer in Greek.

Constantine said...

The Pope is never hated in Italy. The Papacy is part of Italy's tradition. Its like Englishmen would also not insult the queen. She can do nothing. And the Pope can do nothing as far as Italians are concerned, because Italians don't give a hoot about religion, and for the most part, doesn't affect their life. Furthermore, Italy is a defeated power after World War II. They have nothing significant they can say except "yes".Even they accept unelected World Bank appointed governments. Italians are cynical and passive.Perhaps passive-aggressive at best. Its sad but true. A great people who once ruled the world and brought greco-roman civilization to the world reduced to this.

Anonymous said...

"The Pope is never hated in Italy"

This one is by large sections of Italian society....especially in Rome.

Damian Malliapalli

(But Benedict XVI and especially JP II are loved).

BARNUM said...



BARNUM said...


Tancred said...

Lots of Italians hate the pope.

Tancred said...

@Barnum I finally took steps to make sure Gaybriel couldn’t post.

Peter W said...

Barney still continues to show no cyber manners whatsoever. What's with the hi-cap SHOUTING, Barney? Usually a sure sign of insecurity.

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