Friday, November 2, 2018

Wall Street Journal Kills Kids With Cancer

Update: Ethan Ralph’s #Killstream has been shut down by Youtube but they are moving to a new platform. This, of course, coincides all too neatly with the Mid-Term Elections.

Here are some screenshots of the offending article on twitter.

 Edit: a controversial right-wing youtuber from Richmond, Virginia, Ethan Ralph, recently held a streaming video called #healstream on September 29th whose purpose was to raise money for Saint Jude's, for cancer treatment for children from his show which is the largest late night livestream show on Youtube.  He and his listeners raised around $27,000, but it was not to be.  An evil Wall Street Journal reporter recently made a call to Saint Jude which led to the cancellation of the donation. Youtube just sent out refund notice.

"Salty left-wing boomers got $27,000 taken away from kids with cancer. It just doesn't even get more simple than that."  -Ethan Ralph

From Wiki: St. Jude Medical, Inc. was an American global medical device company headquartered in Little Canada, Minnesota, U.S., a suburb of Saint Paul. The company had more than 20 principal operations and manufacturing facilities worldwide with products sold in more than 100 countries.Its major markets include the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. The company was named after Jude the Apostle, the patron saint of lost causes...

Would Danny be pleased were he still alive to see this?

HT: Andy Warski
Picture: Anti-Bully



Bartleby #59 said...

I have been following the increasing trend in de-platforming for a few years.

On this particular topic, please watch Rekieta Law here. It is quite long but very informative. Of particular interest start at 1:26:20 where censorship outside of the US, in particular, China, is discussed. Consider this all in terms of movements towards "right think" along with the Vatican's recent desire to certify Catholic websites.

Warning salty language.

Tancred said...

I’m listening to that now. Thanks so much.

Kathleen1031 said...

I'm dense, but I don't think I am understanding this. Was it St. Jude's HOSPITAL that rejected the fund raising donations? As far as I know that is the organization Danny Thomas founded. If I understand this correctly, a right-wing person on You Tube was raising money for St. Jude's hospital, but a leftist complained, and St. Jude's Hospital REJECTED the money raised?

If that is the correct interpretation, then St. Jude's itself would be called into question.

Now, that would not be a total surprise, because as we know Catholic or Christian organizations are often now on the political left. Marlo Thomas, daughter of Danny Thomas, is married to the far left Phil Donahue. But it would be good information for all donors to St. Jude's to have.

Anonymous said...

No. St. Jude wouldnt turn down donations. YouTube shut down 3 livestream attempts. During those streams, donations were made. When they were shut down, the donators had to be refunded their money. Altogether, 27k of donated money was returned. Very shitty for YouTube to not want to help kids.

Tancred said...

Thanks, anon 10:47. Lots of people were unclear as to whether Jude had been pressured by WSJ or to what extent.

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