Sunday, November 4, 2018

Pakistan’s Government Buckles to Islamic Mob On Asia Bibi’s Fate

Government agrees after several days of mass protests to a five-point paper, they will not oppose a revision process - Bibi is denied exit from Pakistan - Bibi's lawyer escapes to Europe because of mortal danger

Islamabad ( After days of mass protests, Pakistan's government has buckled to the Islamists who continue to demand death by hanging for the Catholic woman, Asia Bibi. On pages signed in five-point paper, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported, it provides that the government will not oppose an appeal procedure. In addition, the Christian who was accused of blasphemy was banned from leaving Pakistan. Bibi's lawyer is critical that the government can not even implement a judgment of its Supreme Court. Since he is in mortal danger, he has since left the country and gone to Europe. Also, Bibi's husband and daughters are not safe and need to constantly change their whereabouts. The FAZ quoted from an editorial in the newspaper Dawn: "Another government has surrendered to the violent religious extremists who believe neither democracy nor the Constitution."

Pakistan’s handling of the Christian is also being reported in mainstream media. However, it is noticeable in mainstream media (with exception of the Bild newspaper) by the way, a tendency that Asia Bibi is represented exclusively as "Christian" and her Catholic faith is not mentioned, also the cited contribution in the FAZ does not mention her confessiom. The Christian media tend to report more accurately on this point.



Anonymous said...

NWO agenda wants to abolish all Blasphemy laws worldwide (except one)do you think
they suddenly care about Christians?

Tancred said...

Do I? No.

Anonymous said...

Pray that she will be released soon.
Who can save her?
Where are the voices of those Nations who value Freedom and Justice?
I have no doubt that Our Holy Father, Benedict, would speak, if he was permitted to.

Basil F said...

Benedict would think that Pakistan is a suburb of London.

Constantine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constantine said...

Pretty soon London may very well become a suburb of Pakistan, if Francis and Merkel and Soros get their way.

Peter W said...

Islam is Satanic.
Satan hates Christians.
Islam hates Christians.

Peter W said...

Read Nostra Aetate. It's the authentic Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church

ProLIFEmommy said...

Pope Francis silence in the face of their plight is deafening & makes me sick! Yet Francis has diarrhea-of-the-mouth when it comes to “open borders” & “climate change.”

Anonymous said...

But wasn't Islam a pacific religion, was it? Islam is just a violent submission, nothing more, nothing less, and don't forget the Regensburg'speech.

Tancred said...

It was overly naive when it was written and now it’s dead letter. Do you really want to hang your credibility on NA, be my guest. If I were you I’d want as few people reading that as possible.

Constantine said...

Vatican II was written after the leftists. And internationalists came out victorious in 2 World Wars. And the terms of surrender and reconstruction was written under their terms and using their language, meaning and terminology. Vatican II used words and meanings that meant different things than Catholic Teachings and thought in the post wars context. Many Catholics assuming modern thought use these words assumed by the Catholics with the same meaning and language. Other Catholics, having fought Naziism, and other Catholics having been liberated from German rule after world war 1, thought the "liberators" were sincere and genuine enough to trust.

Peter W said...

Catholics have to make a choice between accepting all the documents of the Second Vatican Council in their entirety or not. To choose the latter is not some sort of mental reservation, it is a rejection of the magisterial authority of the Church.
Part of the cute philosophical gymnastics of the Trads is to bang away at Vatican II as merely a 'pastoral' council and therefore its teachings are considered optional because they are not considered 'dogmatic.' This is nonsense and it has been quite clear by both John Paul II and Benedict XVI that Vatican II preserves, teachers and passes on the entire magisterium of the preceding Councils both general and particular.

Nostra Aetate is not optional and it's certainly not naïve, another smokescreen put up by the Nostalgia Brigade

Peter W said...

Nostra Aetate was drafted by an active and deluded sodomite, Mr. Baum.
Active and deluded sodomites can only produce poison.
Nostra Aetate is poison.

Unknown said...

It's not necessary to resort to proving if catamites wrote NA. Certainly, a textual analysis will suffice to prove that whatever catamite who wrote it, was a traitor to the People of God.

Anonymous said...

“Let Us Make man in Our Image.”

“God Is Love.” Love Exists In Relationship. Love Is Trinitarian.

It Is Through, With, and In Christ, In The Unity Of The Holy Ghost, that Holy Mother Church exists.

Whoever wrote Nostra Aetate, denied The Unity Of The Holy Ghost, and thus the fact that There Is Only One Word Of God, One Truth Of Love Made Flesh, One Lamb Of God Who Can Taketh Away The Sins Of the world, our Savior, Jesus The Christ.
The Sacrifice Of The Cross, Is The Sacrifice Of The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity.

The Jews and Moslems, do not worship The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, nor do those who profess to be followers of The Christ, while denying the fact that “It is not possible to have Sacramental Communion without Ecclesial Communion”, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost.

Pray then, that those who deny The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, at the hour of their death, will like The Good Thief, recognize Christ, in all His Glory, and come late to The Fold.

Anonymous said...

Let no man deceive you, Christ Has Revealed, through His Life, His Passion, and His Death On The Cross, that No Greater Love Is There Than This- to Desire Salvation for one’s beloved, and thus Christ Is The Fulfillment of The The Law.
“I Give you a New Commandment, Love one another as I Have Loved you.”

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