Friday, September 14, 2018

Sex Abuse is a Big Joke for Pope

Edit: this was posted by Zenit English  The comments section on Twitter is savage.

Lifesite Editor, Henry Westen writes:

The photo of smiling faces, unfortunately, lends itself to the interpretation that top leaders in the Church do not take the abuse crisis seriously. One can only imagine what victims abused by Catholic clergy are experiencing while viewing such a photo.
At least they got one to retire at 75, the customary time for a bishop to submit his resignation.  It is doubtful that anything will remedy this situation but real and meaningful sacrifices and restoration of the practice of the Church’s precepts...

Anyway, if you think that Viganò’s fears of being murdered are unfounded, it wouldn’t be the first time witnesses and whistleblowers were threatened with death.
He’s covered up before, as with notorious Modernist, progressive, Rossi.


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Blotto said...

I think I recognise Cardinals Di Nardo and O'Malley but who's the portly gentleman dressed in white?

Given the meeting's agenda, when the pope finds out that this was the photo released to the press, he's going to go nuclear.

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