Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Arson Attack Against Church in Nantere

The Parish Church of  Saint-Pierre de Neuilly was the target of an arson attack on Sunday 

(Paris) Once again, an arson attack was carried out in France against a church.

Saint-Pierre de Neuilly

Attacks against churches, cemeteries and religious symbols are becoming increasingly worrying in France. They can be thought to be a consequence of the progressive de-Christianization of the country. France's king once had the title of Rex Christianissimus, and France itself - right behind the Holy Roman Empire - ranked the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church.

Last Sunday, unknown people set fire to four different places in the parish church of Saint-Pierre de Neuilly.

Some believers, who were near the church at the time and heard the smell of burning, rushed to the church. The quick intervention prevented a spreading of the flames. The police are looking for the perpetrators.

The St. Peter's Church of Neuilly was planned from 1883 in the Neo-Romanesque style to meet the population growth of the city at the time. The foundation stone was laid in 1887. When the construction work was completed in 1914, the First World War prevented the consecration of the church, which became possible only in 1922 and was done by Cardinal Dubois.

The parish belongs to the diocese of Nanterre.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

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JBQ said...

St. Louis Post-Dispatch for Dec 28, 2017: "Suspicious fire starts in Nativity scene at St. Monica Catholic Church in Creve Coeur". Creve Coeur is a suburb of the City of St. Louis. St. Monica is part of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis.---I have attended Mass at St. Monica. They have a cemetery on site and it is predominantly German. I found a few Irish grave sites as I am Irish.---On Tuesday, December 27, 2017, the fire started. Subsequent articles detailed that a suspect had been arrested and the German pastor refused to prosecute. This individual or individuals piled the podium and the priest's chair on top of the crib and set it on fire.---The pastor who happens to coincidentally be the administrator for the Byzantine parish in the archdiocese felt compassion for the perpetrators. There is a good chance that this incident is related to the one detailed in this article. There are a goodly number of immigrants associated with this parish.---The sad commentary from this priest included a statement in the press that the church is no longer needed. The archdiocese has become a ministry of the people. The church is counterproductive to that concept.----While the church was being rehabbed, Mass was held in the gymnasium where there was a great deal of hugging and crying over the incident. This was not the first parish that I attended where the priest disparaged the holiness of the abode of the Lord. The God of the Ark of the Covenant is being replaced with the God of the market place. One no longer receives sustenance from the manna contained in the Ark (tabernacle) but from interacting with one's fellow man.---The statement from the pastor that the arsonist actually did the parish a favor is quite compelling in reinforcing the change in concepts for Catholicity in the modern world. Bishop Sheen called it "false compassion". One feels more compassion for the rapist than the one raped.---The arsonist should have been prosecuted if only to be put on probation. The community should have been made aware of the nature of the arson. Was it committed by an immigrant with Islamic connections? Was it done by a dissident native American who is bent on liberalizing the Church? Was the individual associated with a hate group such as Antifa who targeted this church by chance? The people have a right to know.

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