Thursday, July 19, 2018

Orthodoxy is Growing in Monaco — Surpassing Protestants

Orthodox Christians in Monaco

(Monaco) In the Principality of Monaco, Orthodox Christians have become the second strongest religious community after the Catholic Church. They have outclassed the Protestants in the country.

The conditions are clear, the Catholic Church is by far the largest religious community. Because of the well-to-do reputation of the country, Protestants have settled down as well. More recently, statistics have indicated that there are six percent of Protestants and "small Orthodox communities" in Monaco. That has changed in recent years. The increase is due to immigration from Orthodox countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Since 2012, there is a Greek Orthodox parish in the small principality that belonged to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation until 1803. In November 2017, a permanent branch of the Russian Orthodox Church was established. There are also Orthodox believers from Ukraine, Belorussia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia and Georgia. It’s an ascending trend.

From 13-16 June the 100th anniversary of the Russian tsar's family was celebrated in the Principality. The members of the tsar's family were murdered by the communists after the October Revolution and are today worshiped (venerated) by the Russian Orthodox Church as martyrs and saints. Three descendants came for the occasion in the chic place on the Mediterranean.

The same development is also evident in other places in the Latin West, particularly strong in Vienna, where there are four times as many Orthodox students as Protestants at compulsory schools.

Text: Martha Burger
Image: Hello Monaco (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Trad101 said...

There is also a beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedral nearby in Nice. It is a walk past the seafront hotels but is worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

If people in Catholic countries were smart, they would do one of two things:
1) Protest the direction of Pope Francis and his Vatican and support Catholic traditionalism and encourage people to stop supporting the radical liberal established Church and support only the True Faith, including encouraging people to support the SSPX, or if that has no hope of succeeding
2) Attend(not convert, just attend) the nearest Orthodox Church and stop funding the established "catholic" parish or diocese that represent the warped agenda of Pope Francis and his thugs.
(Bergoglio called all the Cardinals to Rome for some big surprise meeting and announcement. Wouldn't it be great if he stunned them and the world with his resignation!!) Probably no such luck :(
Damian Malliapalli

Unknown said...

Left Catholicism for Orthodoxy last year. No regrets whatsoever.

Tancred said...

You were already schismatic. Why bother?

JBQ said...

Jesus the Christ came and selected twelve apostles who would become "fishers of men". The current pontiff allegedly takes issue with this and evidently believes that this was only an evolutionary stage in the Jesuit de Chardin mindset. This would necessitate the leaving of the Orthodox behind in the creation of the new world order.---The minimization of Scripture is very disconcerting. The authors are now seen as Mathew, Marx, Luke, and John. The divine inspiration of the writers has been challenged.---The Gnostic view of man has replaced the view of the reformed Saul of Tarsus. The lack of sin negates the need for a Redeemer. It is all about the Resurrection and the crosses in churches are coming down as a detriment to religious unification.--When Malachi Martin who read the Third Secret was asked on a radio program if there would be a future pope under the control of Satan, he responded. "It sounds like that he (a Jesuit) had read the Third Secret but that the response was sufficiently vague".

Jacques De Vaux said...

The Gnostic around here is you JBQ. The ideology you peddle is a concoction of arcane nonsense from 'secrets' revealed by deluded children and trumpeted as divine revelations by acid headed adulterers and schismatics like Malachi Martin.
Get help.

Tancred said...

Robert Blair Kaiser was profoundly mentally ill, and no wonder, he wrote for the American Pravda, Time Magazine. I think he said once that Blessed Rembert Weakland was going to be pope.

Lita Canaman said...

Hope they will joined the Papacy

agill said...

Orthodox,protestant same difference. Both schismatic,both antichrist. Lots of sorrow for this Catholic principality

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