Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bavarian Prime Minister to Visit Marian Shrine

The Marian pilgrimage site, Maria Vesperbild is looking forward to the visit of the Protestant Markus Söder

Maria Vesperbild ( The Bavarian Prime Minister, Markus Söder, will visit Maria Vesperbild on August 8th. This was announced by the Marian Pilgrimage on Thursday. The press release states: "This is not a cheap election campaign maneuver, and we certainly do not suppose our Prime Minister to be misinformed if, since he is an avowed Protestant in a thoroughly Christian country, he sends such a signal. On the contrary, we thank him for his commitment to the Christian faith which threatens nobody and does not exclude anyone, but is an appreciation of the foundation on which our Western community of values ​​stands.”

The initiative for the visit came from Maria Vesperbild. Pilgrimage director Erwin Reichart has loudly said some time ago that the visit of a Bavarian Prime Minister was something special for Maria Vesperbild. This idea was taken up by Member of Parliament Alfred Sauter. Of course we welcomed happily. The event will be purely religious according to the organizers. Prime Minister Markus Söder is expected by the guests of honor and the faithful at 9 am at the pilgrimage directorate and on the northern church square. In the church then a small devotion is provided. Afterwards, the Prime Minister visits the grotto, where he will light a candle in honor of Our Lady.

Photo Söder © CSU parliamentary group in the Bavarian State Parliament

Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with his visit, unless they offer him Holy Communion.....which I wouldn't put it past them to do.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Please God he will convert to the Catholic Faith and attend the TLM.

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