Wednesday, May 9, 2018

CDU General Secretary Wants Women Priests

Church Demo Expert

(Berlin / Vienna) The ecclesiastical demolition squad is on the move. The new President of the Pastoral Council of the Austrian Diocese of Linz, Wolfgang Froschauer, is in favor of "married and female priests.” The CDU General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, diocese of Trier, who, despite her age, is already strikingly reminiscent of Rita Süssmuth, calls for "Catholic priestesses" in the new edition of Christ & Welt. Above all, elite Catholics seem to know one thing, which is the opposite of Church doctrine and order.

Whether Kramp-Karrenbauer, who became CDU General Secretary only in February, is already considering a career alternative, is not known. After all, she could have "imagined herself becoming a priestess." More questionable is whether her remark was of a private nature or is it a meddling of politics in Church affairs.

The married Froschauer, since 2011, a permanent deacon, on the other hand, seems to feel quite safe to speak in his own right. As a trained theologian, he would rather be at the head of the parish than just parish assistant.

Frogauer for married and female priests

Froschauer does not have to worry about anything. He ventured only as far as his bishop has already gone. He is even a faithful servant of his Episcopal Lord. Bishop Manfred Scheuer, the steward of the decline, said shortly before Easter that married priests were his "hope".

Instead of keeping basic catechesis and, first and foremost, instructing one's own full-time bureaucracy in ecclesiastical doctrine and Church ordinance, makes big careers for professional Catholics with feeble faith among some bishops.

This should not be surprising if even the important President of the German Bishops' Conference, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, manages to be on the wrong side of all the controversial issues. Whether as a Luther reveler, Karl Marx admirer, homosexuals, adultery-enabler, a hater of the cross in public spaces, migration funders ...

He who has such bishops no longer needs enemies.

If things were done rightly, Pope Francis would have to find the world's most remote monastery for certain church hierarchies and banish them there with a strict fast and penance order - perhaps for life.

Instead, they sit wide and powerful on their throne and deconstruct like the demiltion squad the remainder of the Church. In addition, everything is financed with Church contributions. And if it were not fitting for Rome, the threat seems to come through behind closed doors, it will be done just like Dr. Martin Luther did, and with all the benefices of the Church. Everything that is not nailed down, goes with it. Especially the Church tax. From history, one learns above all the refinement of negative things: In the German-speaking world, too, the state has in the past 500 years already gained some experience with the expropriation of Church property.

It also demands that those bishops, priests, religious and faithful, who wish to remain faithful to Christ and the truth entrusted to him by the Church, organize themselves - completely without illusions, but also unwavering.  Because Christ’s promise that the Church can not be destroyed, is for them. The promise does not apply to peoples and states. What the future will bring can not be said in terms of a policy that is not determined by believing Christians. The promise of Christ, however, is quite independent of it.

Text: Martha Burger
Image: Die Zeit / Oberösterreichische Nachrichten (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

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JBQ said...

You have to be naive not to see "the graffiti on the wall". Francis has already given the word. There is a master plan at work which is being implemented using the science of "gradualism". It would be nice if Scripture was part of the agenda but it isn't. Scripture is viewed as outdated and St. Paul as a fascist.---Malachi Martin wrote that traditionalists would be "hunted like doves". The head of John the Baptist was put on a platter to please Herodius because he dared to criticize the radical feminist of his era. Radical feminists in St. Louis were able to have then Archbishop Raymond Burke removed using the same agenda. He is lucky to have left St. Louis with his head which was demanded and given in absentia to Poor Claire and her pseudo Salome followers.

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