Monday, August 28, 2017

Muslims "Want" the Colosseum to Hold Their Friday Prayers

Colosseum and Constantine Arch: Symbols of Christian Martyrdom and the Constantine Wende. Now Muslims want to hold their Friday prayers there. The occasion is this year's sacrificial festival. Islamic superposition of Christianity and repression?

(Rome) On the 31st of August, the Islamic Sacrificial Festival begins in 2017, which will last until the 4th of September. The Muslim community of Rome wants to celebrate the feast at the famous Coliseum. The ruins are not only one of the best-known landmarks of the city, and also the expression of the highly developed architecture of the ancient Romans, but above all the symbol of early Christian martyrdom.

Occupation of the Milan cathedral for the Friday prayer

"Islamization takes place through the occupation of the area - in Milan, the Friday prayer was held in the Cathedral square in front of the famous cathedral - but also the taking over of localities - the more famous, the better", according to the Italian daily La Verità. The Coliseum is particularly important. In the past, the Islamists have shown particular historical knowledge and, above all, attention for places of symbolic significance. The Coliseum has already been shown several times in pictures and in propagandavideos of the Islamic State (IS) - specifically in connection with the conquest of Rome.

Takeover of famous Christian places

The city on the Tiber is particularly hated by the Islamists. They consider Rome, not Washington, London, Berlin or Paris, as the capital of the world, because the Eternal City is the seat of the Pope. He is seen by the jihadists as the head of Christianity.

This coming Friday, the Muslims of Rome will hold their Friday prayer at the sacrificial festival "Eid al Adha" at the Coliseum. A corresponding application for a "religious event" was submitted to the Roman city administration. It is said that they want to condemn "the assassinations of Barcelona." Islamic critics have doubts and see in it a "pretext" to increase the chance for granting.

IS propaganda with burning Coliseum

The application was presented this year by the community of Bengali Muslims, represented by the Dhuumcatu Association. According to their request, they wants to occupy the entire exterior of the Coliseum, the Via San Gregorio and the area around the Constantine Arch, for her Friday prayers. This space has so far been connected annually with the Pope's Way of the Cross on Good Friday, transmitted by TV broadcasters all over the world. Islamic critics regard the proposal as a conscious attempt to "seize" a famous historical object, but also a deeply Christian symbol. It is about a "fight of the pictures" and about the "power of the pictures".

Politics and religion flow into Islam

In October 2016 500 Muslims had already gathered in the vicinity of the Coliseum for "prayer". In reality, it was a protest against the closure of numerous illegal mosques in the Italian capital. At the same time, they asked the new Mayoress Virginia Raggi (five-star movement), to include the city's Islamic places of prayer in the city map. Even then, the images of the prayer protest have triggered mixed reactions. The incident showed above all how seamlessly politics and religion in Islam flow into one another. The daily La Verità recalled the prediction of Muhammad:

"After to Constantinople, Rome will be subjected to Islam."

One does not have to go so far, say others. It is enough to look at the current propaganda videos of the Islamic State (IS) to recognize the importance of the coliseum for jihad. They show the coliseum under the black flag of the IS or in flames. "There is reason for concern," said Italian journalist Sarina Biraghi.

The spokesman of the Great Mosque of Rome, Omar Camiletti, hastened to comment:

"There are symbolic risks. Rome is our city. Damaging the image of Rome would also affect us, which is why we disapprove of such rallies."

Really, these words do not soothe.

Permission is still pending due to security concerns - historical-religious allusions

The requested authorization for the  Friday prayer on 1 September by the competent Quaestor, the highest state official in Rome, is still lacking because of security concerns. He is responsible for security and must also examine the permit in the light of the latest attacks and IS threats against Pope Francis.

The Bengali-Muslim Association Dhuumcatu establishes the application on their Facebook page with the words:

"At this festival, the Muslims commemirate the sacrifice brought by the Prophet Abraham peace be with him. It will also be an opportunity for us to express our indignation at the assassinations such as those of Barcelona. These criminals should know that they can never regard themselves as Muslims who endanger others."

Coliseum in flames, in front IS flags

But then it is said with historical and religious allusions that all the Romans are invited to sacrifice, because this "Islamic prayer" on the ancient triumphal road of Rome under the triumphal arch which Constantine dedicated to the victory over Maxentius in the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, will show what Islam really is in practice. "

The context of the Islamic Friday prayer with a historical turning point for Christianity and European history is "not clear," says La Verità.

"Who knows how the Muslims would react to a Christian procession in or near the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca or on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem or some other symbolic location? But do not worry, there is no danger of such a Christian zeal - not even to protest against terrorism, much less the Islamic. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: Wikicommons / MiL

Trans: Tancred



susan said...

Anywhere they pray in a group is forever considered a mosque and islamic land. This is hijrah writ large, and they are winning without a shot fired. Do merkel, and all her fellow traitorous ilk, really believe they'll be spared when the logical outcome is reached?

Anonymous said...

There's an old Roman saying: As long as the Colosseum stands, Rome will stand, and as long as Rome stands, the world will stand.

Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for Rome!

Kathleen1031 said...

Bad idea to let them, but I expect permission will be granted. Christians or atheists, agnostics, have no stomach for defense of Christianity or doing anything other than rolling over the not only allowing Islam to take over, inviting them in! Roll that big horse in here, there is nothing to fear!
They will only be killed last.
There is no excuse now, we all know what Islam is up to. Europe has welcomed the means of its own destruction, the leaders are in on it, the conclusions are inescapable now. What remains a sad statement is that Europeans surely must know it now, but don't have enough courage or will to address it. And yes, shocking that not only political leaders but our own pope has demanded Christians be replaced by Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Is it no longer possible for us to say no ? These are OUR countries, we don't have to give reasons. In fact if they want a reason just say Paris, London, Barcelona etc etc. Even Considering this is utter insanity. Europe has become a basket case. Italy - JUST SAY NO !

Anonymous said...

"Italy - JUST SAY NO ! "
I'll bet you Pope Francis sides with the Muslims.
The whole purpose of his trip to Myamar(Burma) is to seek protection and give support to the Muslim minority there. Don't let anyone tell you he's going on that trip for the sake of the Church. Just read his words form his Angelus address on Sunday. He's going to show support for the Muslims.....not the Catholics.
There once was a contributor here...I don't know who, and they used to post from time to time " when is that other lung gonna give out?" Francis has only 1 lung.
I wonder that too. :)
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

"Our Blessed Mother speaks again: “My daughter, Rome will not be saved, because the Italian rulers have forsaken the Divine Light and because only a few people really love the Church. But the day is not far off when all the wicked shall perish, under the tremendous blows of Divine Justice.”

Bl. Elena Aiello -- Good Friday 1961

JBQ said...

Francis is dismantling the Church. There is now a void that Islam is rushing in to fill. Constantine was told with a message in the sky. "In this sign, thou shalt conquer".----Meanwhile here in the Midwest, Catholic churches are taking down their crosses and replacing them with murals of the Resurrection. Fulton J. Sheen warned of the anti Christ that he would have a Church without a cross. The Third Secret warned that a pope would be killed. The profile fits the current occupant and not the false release that involved Pope John Paul.----Indeed, the Tiber has been crossed. Events have been set in motion which will profile the almighty power of God. Pope Francis is only a pawn in the almighty power of the Most High.

Justina said...

And when non-Muslims "want" something--anything--what then?

Charles said...

Fear not because Babu's three hundred and twenty cousins who are cloistered nuns will defeat the Islamic hordes with a tsunami of Hail Holy Queens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm being a little paranoid, but babu is a South Asian (Indian) word....and I think the only person who is half INdian here is me. I know you meant it as an insult, Charlie, but in India, babu (a derivation of the word bapu), is a term of respect given to men. Literally, it means "precious one", and usually is given to grandfathers, fathers, or persons of authority. So even though I'm 50 years to young to earn that title....Thank you!
By the way, I have no cousins who are cloistered nuns. I have a young friend in Rome who is a nun, who tells me in e-mails when she's allowed to write what an assh--- the Romaans think Francis is. Of couse, she doesn't actually use that word, but I get the picture.
Thanks again for the compliment, even though it wasn't meant as one. LOL!!!!

Tancred said...

Oh look, Gaybriel is trying to get to Damien again by ridiculing his Indian heritage, how sweet.

Constantine said...

These Western nations are all suffering from a history of "Real" politics going back to the Crimean War. These nations stopped religious or moral considerations in diplomacy and war and determined decisions based on "concrete" or "real" power in terms of military and economic considerations alone. This is foreign and domestic policy as it is today....moral considerations aside. Hans Morgenthau "Politics among nations" is the perfect description of this Western mindset.

susan said...

cause he's a tolerant, loving, antifa type...dontchaknow.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign my comment above. I just checked it out. Done this am when I was still asleep. Tomorrow last day of vacation...went by in a heartbeat. Off to teachers orientation Saturday, welcoming parents/students Sunday and classes begin Tuesday!!! My 2nd year :0)
If Charles is really that clown Gaybriel from awhile back, I wouldn't be surprised. Cowards like that who like to degrade people on posts make up 1-2-3 or more fake names and post multiple times.
Funny thing is though, that most websites/blogs can trace where a post comes from, so even if some joker posts multiple times with multiple names but uses the same computer, he's caught. The game is up. Duh.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

He never said Christians must be replaced by Muslims. It's a sin to lie!!

Anonymous said...

Your faggot Muslim/Jewish invalid Novus Ordo *Pope* loves Islam.
What's the problem Goyim?

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