Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SSPX Ordinations Recognized as Licit and Valid by Rome

The Society was authorized to carry out priest ordinations without the consent of the local bishop. The consecration is therefore not only valid, but also allowed, says Bernhard Fellay, the superior of the FSSPX.

Vatican ( The Bishops of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X (FSSPX) may consecrate priests with the consent of the Vatican. This was announced in an interview by Bernard Fellay, the FSSPX Superior General.

He had received a letter from Rome last year. He had been told that his Society priests could be consecrated without the consent of the local bishop. The priestly ordinations of the Society were therefore not only valid, but also allowed, Fellay added.

This is another step in the approach between the Society and the Vatican, said the Superior General. Under Pope Benedict XVI And Pope Francis, relations have improved. Benedict XVI Lifted the excommunication of the Society in 2009. The confessions and nuptials of the FSSPX have been recognized under Pope Francis. In October 2016 Bernard Fellay was received at the Vatican.

Trans: Tancred


Dymphna said...

I'm going to the SSPX mission next Sunday.

JayJay said...

SSPX has been doing that since the '70's - state of emergency you know. Francis Schmances.

Anonymous said...


Glad to see that you'll be attending the SSPX mission on Sunday. Are you the owner of that excellent blog, "Dymphna's Road?"

I started attending the local SSPX chapel a few weeks ago, after being away for quite some time. It's so nice to be among those who are very serious about their faith. As it is now, those who attend the SSPX are quite serious about their Faith. If the SSPX reconciles, that will change, and become more like the FSSP. I hope not, but it will likely happen.

The thing is, there's still a state of emergency, since we still have modernists in control in Rome. God has allowed this to occur, perhaps by His permissive will. As of now, SSPX chapels are still a haven for those who want to practice their faith, untainted by modernism.

M. Ray

Anonymous said...

Bp. Fulton Sheen: “The church is not a continuous phenomenon through history. Rather, it is something that has been through a thousand resurrections after a thousand crucifixions. The bell is always sounding for its execution which, by some great power of God, is everlastingly postponed.”

“Peter You Are The Rock And On This Rock I Will Build MY CHURCH (VISIBLE), And The Gates Of Hell Will NOT Prevail Against HER”
The Society of Saint Pius X, has very deep roots in fearless+++faith (fearing God only), holy perseverance in persecution, faithful soldiers of Jesus Christ, who have been in’ the mouth of the wolves’ more then once, but not swallowed……Thanks Be To God! Bishop Fellay is the ‘good shepherd’ who loves God, and his sheep. If it’s God’s Will they will walk into the ‘Coliseum’, not to be conquered, but as CONQUERORS for JESUS CHRIST, and HIS TRUTH!, in humility, with the Shield and Sword of Saint Michael the Glorious Archangel, strengthened with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, as true servants of God receive, in true joy (the gift from God), carrying their ‘cross,’ where the ‘remnant’ faithful (even saints amongst them, known to God alone), are awaiting their entrance, so together ‘united’ they may follow The Royal Way of the Cross.....accordingly.


It Is His Church! ........when the Apostles asked Jesus, should they pull out the weeds, that have overgrown the ‘wheat’.....Our Lord said: Let the weeds grow together with the ‘wheat’, till ‘harvest.’ In His Church, will always be Peter, Thomas, Judas, Pharisees and the lukewarm, the silent who fear men, rather then God, the blind, deaf, lame and crooked......till Harvest!

(from an ancient Liturgy).

One Church, One Shepherd, One Faith!

Jesu Maria Joseph I love Thee, save souls!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us Catholics, especially, for we are truly living in the diabolical disorientation!

Cor Iesu Sacratissimum, miserere nobis!

Anonymous said...

I go to a very large, new and traditional, growing SSPX Church every Sunday. Go. It will change/save your soul!

Sam Sham said...

But I have had very serious questions about how valid/licit some priests "ordained" since VII are. Case in point: Francis/Bergoglio.

Anonymous said...

SSPX getting closer to joining the True Faith in the Catholic Church!

Welcome Prots!

Tancred said...

How can they be profs when they don't dispute any dogma or the authority of the Pope?

Anonymous said...

They always were the True Faith in the Catholic's the Vatican II Church and people like Francis who are not !
Damian Malliapalli

Dymphna said...

Yes, M.Ray, I write Dymphna's Road. Thank you for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

Knew Gaybriel would return at some point.

Don Meccia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Antony Raj said...

I study to confession only after go to sspx

piseth san said...

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Anonymous said...

Who cares whether the Vatican recognizes their orders or not! They are Catholic and they are valid. It is the heretics in Rome and the world's dioceses who probably do not have valid orders, and most certainly don't have the Catholic Faith (which is far more important than orders).

kimlay said...

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