Monday, February 6, 2017

Lutheran Bishop Thinks Pope Bergoglio is a Hidden Protestant

Bizarre message from Protestantism by the Protestant bishop of Hamburg

 ( For Hamburg's evangelical bishop, Kirsten Fehr, Pope Francis is a "hidden Protestant". Fehrs ventured this at the "Long Night of World Religions" at the Hamburg Thalia Theater, as reports.

"He seems to me a hidden Protestant." The reason for this bold statement is evidently the letter "Amoris laetitia" and the interpretation of some bishops who believe that remarried divorced Catholics now only have to appeal to their consciences to receive the Holy Eucharist.

Trans: Tancred


Fred said...

He's a Protestant for sure, but he's not very well hidden about it.

Constantine said...

Protestantism had changed since Luther,and now its called ,"secular humanism". But Bergoglio's "Protestantism" is hidden in the sense that he lets others speak for him, without him taking responsibility for what is said. Bergoglio speaks by his silence.

Anonymous said...

I think he is a Crypto-Jew.

susan said...

I think he's the masonic, demon-infested False Prophet of Scripture.....not so very hidden at all.

Anonymous said...

I can't disagree with the Lutheran "bishop". As far as being a crypto jew? Not sure but also not sure why he was bowing to the Israeli flag at his departure on the runway in Israel, a hard clip to find now too, hmm wonder why?

Kathleen1031 said...

Hidden in plain sight, and I once thought he was Protestant, but now he seems Protestant-Marxist-Masonic-humanist, Promarmashum. I would add others but I'm trying to be gentle.
Anyway, shouldn't we be out putting up posters? Does anybody else think we should get an effort going to kick off a global project?

Anonymous said...

Where were the posters when Paul VI & JP2 went on a destructive rampage?

Anonymous said...

She should know.
Is there any further doubt?

Anonymous said...

I personally was novus ordo born and raised so unfortunately I didn't know what I didn't know one thing about the Catholic religion thanks to that Nervous Disordo catechism.

Fortunately I stumbled into my local diocesan TLM one day about ten years ago and from that point on learned my faith.

So, that's where I was. Funny thing when you learn a fake version of your birthright and have to fight for years to learn what was stolen from you.
You tend to become really vigorous to BASH someone (like Bergoglio) who continually degrades the faith which was already stolen from you once.

Anonymous said...

If he was a "crypto-Jew" (whatever that means), he would not spend so much time hurling venom anti-semitically at those who follow the law.

sebastian said...

Pope Francis ,Obama, Muhammad European union Saudi Arabia what they have in common they all scare people they are all evil all singing from the same hymn sheet masonic communism their no1 agenda is to destroy the Catholic faith and all Christians fall if Catholicism goes first the Evil one has arrived.

PaxTecum77 said...

Bergolio a hidden Protestant? If I called Bergoglio a hidden Protestant to my Protestant friends it would be an insult to them. They themselves see Bergoglio as a catastrophic wreck.

Anonymous said...

Someone among the commentators is a real anti-Semite who should keep that kinda stuff at home. Jews have their faults as a religion, as all religions do.
But they never started wars or conquest, kidnapped, tortured or butchered innocent people, engaged in acts of terrorism across the world, caused the 9/11 attacks, manufactured home made bombs, or ran people down in the streets with trucks. Jews never did that stuff...neither did Buddhism, Christianity,Hinduism, etc. Only one has slaughtered from its beginning and still does today. I didn't name them, but we can all guess.
As my friends and a lot of people know, I am of Indian heritage, and also part Irish. I work part time off and on (used to be full time) as a model and am also a High school teacher. I look a little bit more Indian than Irish. One of my friends says I look like I have a perpetual beach tan. But because of these features, some ignorant bigots immediately label me as of the same ethnicity/religion of all the nutjob fanatics slaughtering innocent people and blowing up buildings in the name of their "god". It makes me sick, physicially, to think people would label me as one of them. BUT...I was not long ago mistaken as an Israeli, because one of my friends is an observant Jew. I was actually proud to be mistaken for that. Their heritage is honorable and truly is our Catholic heritage and the Greek Orthodox. And to be fair, the Buddhist and Hindu religions too...
Before anyone degrades the Jewish people, or labels someone a "crypto-Jew" as an insult...just remember what they suffered 70+ years ago. So did Catholics, and the Orthodox. But these people who go around blowing others up live (natural resources wise=oil) in some of the richest countries of the world but prefer to live as beggars in dirt villages like the 13th century....and then whine about how hard they have it.
I didn't mention a religions name....but any hostility anyone might feel should be more deservedly aimed at them and their swarms of :refugees" who with purpose and intent are trying to bring down European culture.
Perfect they're not....but Jews have never done any of that.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...


You forgot the /sarc tag.

Don't worry, we know what you meant.

It's all good.

javcus said...

“But they never started wars or conquest, kidnapped, tortured or butchered innocent people,...”

Really? What was the Russian Revolution? And the acts of terrorism against the English domination in Palestine in 1945-46?

Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised by the large % of Gentiles (all races) that have no idea how much power and influence Jews wield over all aspects of society,including infiltration of the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Same here (I made original comment) as I attended an Indult before learning the true Faith.
As a result,I don't condemn Indults at all.Dr.Thomas Droelesky attended an Indult before learning the true faith.
Indults can awaken a Roman Catholic to what was taken from them in the 50's and 60's.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the video "Francis practices Judaism"?
If not watch it on YouTube. This video is just his actions and words,nothing is added or deducted.

Anonymous said...

Damian you ever read excerpts from the Talmud?
Do you know the Alineu prayer calls for the destruction of "all false religions"?(including Catholicism)
Do you realize Jesus Christ our Lord & Saivor called them children of the devil and that he would turn them into the "Synagogue of Satan"?
Do you know Orthodox Jews in Israel terrorize clerics and nuns by hitting them & spitting at them? Are you aware of Catholic Churches being burned down in Israel with graffiti on walls saying "Death to Idolaters"?
Do you know that the ADL & SPLC call traditional Catholic orders " Hate Groups" and both groups lobby for open borders abortion & gay marriage in Western Countries?

Anonymous said...

I didn't show up on the earth until the 70's and was indoctrinated into the Nervous Disordo mish mush which succeeded in doing what it was designed to do, make sure I had no clue about the faith. Through a combination of watching some of Mother Angelica and wandering into my local indult I started reading more, learning more and I'm still learning but firmly a traditional Catholic. Ii don't attend the Novus Ordo ever not because I think it's invalid, I believe (given form matter, intention, validly ordained priest) it is valid, I just don't believe it's licit nor do I believe it pleases God so I only go to the TLM, diocesan or FSSP, the SSPX and Christ the King are not near me.

Anonymous said...


Yes, there were Jews in the Russian Revolution, and among the top leadership of it....but it wasn;t dominated by Jews. Lenin was not a Jew.
As for the British in Palestine, the British didn't belong there. They took it over when the Ottoman Turkish Empire fell apart. Of course, the Ottomans didn't belong there either.
And if you want to get technical, neither do Catholics, or the Orthodox, or especially the Muslims. It was, until the destruction of the Temple by the Roman general Titus and the dispersion of the Jews across the world, the Jewish homeland....Judea. Palestine has it's roots in the Roman Empire after the fall of the Temple.
After WWII the Jews wanted to go back to Palestine to make it their home again. That was only fair. But the Arabs who lived there still lived like they were back in Roman times, 79 A.D., not 1946.
Were it not for the establishment of Israel, the whole country would be one giant dust bowl, dotted with tiny mud villages with people using donkeys for transport. Like it was until 1946.
Like I said, Judaism isn't perfect. Their Talmud contains a lot which is totally anti-Catholic (or anti-anyone who isn't Jewish).
But that's nothing compared to the Koran....or the writtings of Martin Luther.
Damian Malliapalli

Robert Fare said...

You got that right. Calling Bergoglio a hidden Protestant is an insult to us Protestants.

Anonymous said...

Damian: Two (or more) wrongs do not make a right. Jewish leadership in world revolutions is a fact of history for anyone not indoctrinated in the Judeo-Masonic re-writing of history. While the Mohammedans are far worse in a sense as they belong to a blood cult, a murderous one, and the Jews once has the True Faith before the Messiah and gave us the first half of Divine Revelation, their secular role in anti-Christian initiatives throughout the world for centuries lies at the heart of the present demolition of the West and of the Church that built it. Do not be naive. I do not wish the Jews any harm and would shelter them in my home should there be another bloody persecution---but religiously and ideologically they do not wish us well, with glorious exceptions, and bear much fault for the present woes in the world we all lament. Also do not confuse the ancient Israelites with modern-day Jews (mostly of Russian and eastern European Kazar roots); technically they do not have a patrimonial right to Holy Land---this was merely another act of perfidy from the perfidious Albion.

Olivier said...


Read about Saint Simon of Trent.
Also, if you can read French, try "2000 ans de complots contre l'Eglise" by Maurice Pinay.

Anonymous said...

Judaism & Islam are almost identical in a religious sense.
Its amazing how much those 2 religions have in common.

Anonymous said...

I think that translates as :Two thousand years of plots against the Church". My French is rusty from lack of use!
I believe you. I'm not saying Jews are perfect, and I do know that underneath, Jews do have a dislike for the Catholic Faith in particular. But I still think that historically, and even liturgically(in some synagogues...and I've been in a few) they are impressive.
I've also hear a Muslim muezzin screaming out "Allah Akbar" from atop a minaret in Cairo Really a weird, totally alien sound which is anything but attractive. Spooky actually.I was there when I was doing a modeling shoot 2 years ago. Walking near the mosque They thought I was one of them. Ugh!
Damian Malliapalli said...

"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it" -

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