Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Spiegel: Now Even Pope Supporters Are Distancing Themselves

"Spiegel" is criticizing Francis: "The Bergoglio, which they elected in 2013, many do not  recognize again in the year 2016" - Cardinal Brandmüller: remarried divorced "were very casually handled". [Its an idiomatic reference to sausage.]

Rome (kath.net) "Francis is increasingly lonely, weakened by resistance in the curia and the loss of courage to change in undermining the foundation." The "Spiegel" in a Christmas article describes the appearance of Pope Francis critically. "Bergoglio, whom they elected in 2013, they do not recognize many in the Francis of 2016", the magazine speaks to a confidant of the Pope. "Spiegel" - Rome correspondent, Walter Mayr then declares that even pope-followers are now distancing themselves. According to the magazine, the past Holy Year in Rome also fell far short of expectations, the conversion of the curia is only progressing slowly.  Of individual offices it is said there is, "pure chaos". According to the magazine, the Pope's unbroken obedience is critical in the Vatican, especially because he has recently charged the media and their audience with  a "tendency to coprophagia" which means eating excrement. This has even frightened away followers of Francis.

According to the "Spiegel," Francis did not have much time to change, because the maximum time he had prescribed himself will soon have expired. To his most intimate circle, Francis himself had already declared himself self-critically: "It's not excluded that I will enter as the one who will split the Catholic Church."

Cardinal Brandmüller also speaks to the "Spiegel". In the theme of "remarried divorced people", the careless approach of the letter is criticized for the fact that the Pope and Cardinal Kasper tended to weaken the central commandments of the Catholic faith and the interpretation of the "The Holy Scriptures," according to Brandmüller, are not a self-service shop: According to the apostle Paul, we are administrators of the Holy Spirit of the mysteries of God, but not the persons who
have the right  of disposal. "

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anthony said...

I think that the schism started at the end of the nineteen century. It's never been healed nor will it ever be regardless of whoever is Pope in the future.

Barnum said...


Sounds like the Kirchensteuer will soon be "nix."

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bergoglio is almost on the point of quitting. He is despised in the Curia....especially after that last nasty pep talk he gave them all at Christmas (what an ignorant sob to say what he did to those people trying to be faithful to the Church).
His actions are bizarre and unacceptable for a pope (going off to by a pair of shoes).
I've read in many sites that his "Holy Year of Mercy" was largely a flop. Good Riddance.
He's not well, so he could either die within 2017, or quit. I don't know why, but I have a feeling it's going to be the later....rather than the former.
Then maybe the Cardinals will do it rights for once and elect a Catholic....maybe even a traditional minded Catholic (like the one we got in 1939.....or even 2005).
Damian Malliapalli

Robbie said...

I take this story as a small bit of optimism. I think it's long been the case that many who voted for Bergoglio now regret their decision. What's different now is Speigel suggests even some of Bergoglio's most ardent defenders are losing "faith" in him. Time will tell whether Bergoglio's isolation is real or just momentary.

The first three calendar years of Bergoglio's reign were marked by increasingly bitter confrontations among his supporters and opponents. Now, Bergoglio even admits he could be the one who breaks the Church. But if this story is correct, 2017 could be the year where opposition unites and gains steam against him.

If it becomes nothing more than Bergoglio and Fr. Spadaro in the bunker, then what?

Tom A. said...

Lets all remember who opened this door of allowing communion to anyone they want. It was JP2. If communion can be given to a non-catholic per canon law, then why not to any catholic regardless of his/her state of grace. After all, the non Catholic certainly is not in a state of grace. Right?

Anonymous said...

What "schism" is "Anthony" talking about? The one supposedly caused by the definition of papal infallibility at Vatican Council I? If so, the doctrine itself is sound, as Christ would not allow His Church to officially teach doctrinal or moral error. What is profoundly unsound is the papolatry (a foul, uncatholic perversion of the doctrine) that devolved from it. Newman warned about it and it was the reason he was among the "Inopportunists" at Vatican I who opposed the definition fearing a distortion and ensuing abuses of papal power. This deification of the pope---the filthy turning of the Vicar of Christ into some pagan oracle---is what needs to be eradicated, and the reason, in my opinion, that God is presently allowing the great passion of the Church: a mighty purging of a deviant "doctrine" has to take place, otherwise the Catholic Church is no more than a cult led by a cult leader. The Faithful Catholics will criticize and oppose with whatever legitimate means are possible an errant or heretical pope. Francis fits that description perfectly.

Anonymous said...

JP II is the one who really epitomized the "cult of the Pope", and media such as EWTN were the leaders of papolatry under JP II. They were less enthusiastic for Benedict XVI, preferring to moan for the loss of JP II. But to be fair, they don't seem to be jumping for joy over Francis, which is a good thing.
Some people accuse Pius XII of starting somewhat of a cult of papolatry over his reign.....but if he did, it was in the good sense....strengthening the Catholic Faith and traditions itself, initiating a hugely successful Holy Year 1950, and Marian Year 1954. Vocations for male and female religious life boomed under Pius, remained stable under John, but collapsed under Paul VI.
Vocations in seminaries in collapsing world wide again under Bergoglio...down from 121,000 seminarians to about 116,000 today. That is a disgrace. In less than 4 years, he has undone the small but steady improvements in the picture under JP II and Benedict XVI (actually vocations grew faster under Benedict's 7 1/2 years ).
At Christmastime this year, Francis once again said he didn't think he would be around for long. Whether he feels he's at the end of his life and will die soon, or he's ready to quit.
Anyway, this time next year, I hope he is gone, and we have a new, healthy , orthodox (leaning towards traditionalist) Pope who looks, dresses, acts, thinks and appoints good and holy Catholic advisors like all Popes before John XXIII, Paul VI and Francis did.
Damian Malliapalli

Robbie said...

I remain skeptical Bergoglio will quit, but there were rumors in 2014 he might retire at some point after his 80th birthday and a scheduled trip to Argentina. Like I said, I remain skeptical.

That said, if there is a Conclave, the most likely conservative option would be Sarah, but I think Bagnasco would be in a good spot too. He was just elected head of all European bishops, a rebuke to Bergoglio, and I think there may be a desire to see the papacy be in Italian hands once again.

Unfortunately, I think it's far more likely we get Tagle.

Fr. VF said...

It is NOT certain that a non-Catholic is not in the state of grace. That is the heresy of Feeneyism.

Fr. VF said...

It is naive to think that all appointments prior to 1958 were holy men! Every Archbishop of Boston from O'Connell through Medeiros was a homosexual. Spellman, also. Many, many others. The Church in the U.S. has been gravely ill from the beginning, even during its decades of "growth" in the early 20th century.

Anonymous said...

No offense, Father, but I hope you really have proof about O'Connell thru Medeiros as being gay. Rumors of Spellman being gay were disproved in a book....and reported on Fox News as a 1-2 min. piece about 5 years ago.
Medeiros I heard actually was gay...but he was appointed in 1970. Under the notorious Archbishop Jean Jadot as Papal rep. to the USA (1973-80), literally hundreds of gays were appointed to dioceses as bishops, or other important posts...and the seminaries were flooded with them from 1965 to the present.
One of my friends had an uncle (deceased) who was a priest(seminarian in the late 1950's) who said that there was a very,very strict system to keep homosexuals out...but that was all discarded after 1965.
I can count 5 priests of the religious Order who taught me in HS that were exposed as gays either due to pedophile cases, or reported after their deaths. And they were all ordained after 1965 (1966 thru 1972).
It's a violation of valid judgement to believe that the problem was worse before Vatican II, when 95% of the cases reported were committed from the early 1970's by young priests at the time....all the way thru the 2000's.
It's not that I don't believe these things didn't happen 1958 and earlier....it's just that the overwhelming majority has been post Vatican II (last 50 years).
Damian Malliapalli

Unknown said...

There will be no schism . The Dubia will go the way of the Ottavani Intervention. All will eventually go along with the new teachings just as Cardinal Ottavani and company ultimately did. In a few years divorced and remarried Catholics will be as common as unveiled female lectors wearing shorts at a Novus Ordo Mass.

A few may leave and join us at independent traditional chapels---if they can accept the harder teachings.

Seattle Kim

Anonymous said...

i have the strangest most wonderful feeling that the
vc2 / novus ordo era is about to come to a sudden end

Kidlat said...

I've observed Tagle's maneuverings over the last four years...him and the Jesuits, here in the Philippines. If Tagle becomes pope, the Church will have in the Chair of Peter a man of intelligence, culture, and learning who does not believe that Christ is truly present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the consecrated Host, but instead is somehow spiritually present in or among the congregants. If the Church ever comes to a pope like that, even without knowing that it has elected a pope like that, then from that point on I will go only to the SSPX for the Sacraments. My guess is that the majority of present-day seminarians in the Philippines believe as Tagle does vis-a-vis the Real Presence, if not already the majority of middle-aged priests and younger.

Anonymous said...

I think so too. There;s a growing groundswell in the Church both against Francis (opposition to him in the Vatican, and in major Catholic countries such as Poland, and even here in the USA when a "non-Francis friendly" Bishop was picked as President of the USCC/NCCB offices, etc. Not to mention the Knights of Malta basically telling Francis to "mind your own ----ing business".
Whenever he tries to speak bad about Catholic tradition/traditionalists, or demean Catholic practice, he should be strongly opposed and shouted down with a rousing chorus of boos.
I think he's going to be gone this year anyway..and the liberals will get the shock of their lives when the Cardinals elect a true Catholic Pope!
Damian Malliapalli

PaxTecum57 said...

A couple of years ago Pope Benedict XVl expressed his hope that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary would take place by the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. Sister Lucia Dos Santos said the final battle between God and satan would be Marriage and the Family. She added a consolation for us, "Do not fear, She has already crushed his head". There are many good opinions of what has been happening to Christ's Church. St. Hildergard the Mystic says nothing happens by coincidence or by luck. With this article I have hope that the whole Modernist heresy will be crushed by Our Lady, thus a perfect victory from Christ Our Lord. We must continue to obey what Our Lady of Fatima asked of us. One day Christ will ask of us for an account of how did we respond to Our Mother's message.

Anonymous said...

I think that the evil (in it's truest form), is epitomized by "Pope" Francis and all of his underling cheerleading associates. Cardinal Raymond Burke represents the truth of the Catholic Faith and it's traditions, and he has a suprising amount of growing support around the world. He is cheered as a hero for leading the now 5 other Cardinals and several bishops in standing up to Francis and his thugs regarding Marriage and the Family, and indeed the whole tradition of the Catholic Church.
Francis did not go after the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta because of the high member expelled for distributing condoms, etc. He went after the Knights because of Cardinal Burke, and His Eminience's defense of the Catholic Faith and tradition. Francis is trying to pick fights with, discredit, and humiliate all those who stand for Catholic Faith, Tradition, and belief...for all those loyal to the Magesterium. Only someone who is genuinely evil would be so calculating as to hatch plans like these. I'm only 28, but I know enough about Church history from reading and from college, and from a cousin who is a Dominican, to know that no other Pope in recent (last 200 years) history has gone after enemies WITHIN the Church in such a way. To me, it is utterly appalling, and shows the dirty fighter Francis is to attempt once more to discredit and humiliate a great man of the Church like Cardinal Burke.
But Francis will fail....miserably. He and his people will look lime idiots, or maniacs. To a large portion of the Catholic world, he already does. Anyone (let a lone a pope) who would bring up in a discourse the image of the severe mental illness of someone eating human excrement is either mentally ill themselves, or has no class, culture, manners, or even good sense. But Francis did it. And there has been an enormous outrange against him for using such disgusting imagery in describing one who loves tabloid journalism. Sensationalism/false news etc.
I believe that Francis is the worst Pope the Church has had in the last 500 years....since the times of the corrupt Renaissance Popes.
I also believe in this Der Spigel article. I do believe that Francis is badly weakened in the Vatican, and is running out of time (to live), and for his agenda. His enemy list is growing. As such, he will restort to all kinds of down and dirty tricks. Just like Satan would.
Damian Malliapalli

philipjohnson said...

Damian.For a young man of 28 you write so well,and so true!What you say i agree with.This Francis is evil to the core .God help him and save him from the Devil and his minions.Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Phillip! I like this website because it's one of the few Catholic sites (Rorate Caeli is another....and a few more), that bring us true stories about "Pope Francis" and the Vatican that other mainstream or "neo-con" Catholic websites etc. would never mention. They only post the news about Pope Francis they think we should hear....all the supposed "good news".
I think if more people were exposed to the truth, as presented here, they would not (hopefully) remain such cheerleaders for a papacy like Francis'
Thank you too, for encouraging me to keep writing. I do whenever I have time...now during the holidays, after work (I was a model for a few years but left that high-profile/high-pay job to be, as one of my little cousins said disappointed that I had quit modeling "just an ordinary high school teacher" and even during my lunch break as school :)
Happy New Year 2017!
Damian Malliapalli

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