Monday, November 7, 2016

"Earthquake is a Punishment From God": Radio Marya Distances Itself

Position represented by the 75-year-old Dominican Cavalcoli, according to the broadcaster is "not in accordance with mercy as the core of the Christian message."

Rome ( KAP)  Due to a statement on the central Italian earthquake as "punishment from God" Italian Radio Maria has discontinued the priest's series. The position represented is not in harmony with mercy as the core of the Christian message, the Catholic broadcaster announced on Saturday in Milan. At the same time, it apologized to those afflicted in the earthquake zone.

The Dominican priest and former dogmatic professor, Giovanni Cavalcoli (75) had replied in his monthly mission to a listener's question that the earthquake in Central Italy was also a punishment of God "in the sense of an appeal to the conscience, to rediscover the principles of natural law" in view of marriage and family, or the recognition of same-sex partnerships. The Vatican and bishops of the earthquake region expressed their indignation and distanced themselves from the statement.

During a hard-hitting phone interview by Radio 24 following his remarks, Cavalcoli affirmed on Friday  the correctness of his pointed theses that homosexuality or adoption rights for same-sex couples deserved divine punishment by natural disasters.


  1. And then a tornado hits Rome yesterday...

  2. There have been 294 earthquakes in Italy the past week. The quakes averaged mag. 3.4. A 7 or 8 magnitude quake near Rome would be devastating.

  3. Father Cavalcoli has it right and is backed by Holy Scripture. For warning the faithful of the consequences of their sins his radio program is taken from him. The demonic in action. Thank you Francis.

  4. Speaking after floods in Florence in 1966 which killed 101 people, Padre Pio said,"This is the scourge of God: blessed are those who realise this."

    Fr.Cavalcoli is in very good company.
    The Vatican and bishops? Less so (but we sorta knew that already)

  5. That God punishes sin is a teaching of the Church. St. Sister Faustina relates in her diary that God was ready to strike a city for its sins. Christ taught her to pray for Divine Mercy. By prayer and suffering she was able to stop God's vengeance and that city was spared. When we do not seek Mercy then God's justice prevails. This priest is not the only one calling the Italian earthquakes a punishment from God, there are many doing so. For those who scream mercy for unrepentant sin, this is another case of the Bergoglian false mercy. We in the US just may be next in line unless we repent and do penance.

  6. God Justice punishes to correct, and call people to repentance ,which is God's Mercy. There is a tendency these days to downplay God's Justice ,and extol His Mercy ,in line with Luther's licence to sin.Look at the price Christ paid to reconcile men to His Father,and appease His Justice ,did His Father spare Him ,He had to pay down to the last drop of Blood in His Body.

  7. Oklahoma had 2195 earthquakes in the past year. Say, didn't they have a black mass in OK City?

  8. Lightening struck Saint Peter's afew weeks ago again. The Vatican laughed it off, but the Roman people, and some who work in the Vatican are not quite so ignorant. They know he evil among them is causing the signs. Same with the earthquakes.
    When an earthquake (probably mild, but an earthquake all the same), hits Rome and the Vatican and there is damage at St. Peter's....they will finally know that the evil is sitting on St. Peter's's Bergoglio.
    Speaking of Bergoglio, he tried to influence our USA elections by arguing against the idea of a wall....snd basically copying the kind of sick rhetoric that Hillary uses.
    Mind your own business, Pope Francis. Everyone know you'd side with the radical/liberal party that protects and fosters immorality, and has a candidate who cheated at the debates....which should by rights disqualify that person.
    Damian Malliapalli

  9. Ceterum autem censeo Roman delendam esse.

  10. From LifeSite News,
    regarding the priest and the earthquake...
    Given the current state of the world and the Church, this is perhaps unsurprising. Also, as one Rome source close to the Vatican pointed out: “Doesn’t the Gospel record that there was a violent earthquake at the moment of Our Blessed Lord’s death?,” referring to Matthew 27:51 — And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth shook and the rocks were split.

    “The High Priest Caiaphas probably didn’t have a press office,” he added wryly, “but if he did, it would have been busy saying that the earthquake had nothing to do with the execution of Jesus of Nazareth.”

    1. In the same time the sky darkened for 3hours and the moon became like blood: All this is pure coincidence, it cannot be otherwise.
      One wonders why the Gospel stated it...

  11. St. Anthony Mary Claret, the first bishop of Cuba, told his people that the earthquakes they were enduring at that time were a punishment for their sins. He performed a miracle and the earthquakes stopped, but he warned the population that if they continued to sin, the earthquakes would begin again and be more devastating.

    St. Alphonsus Liguori preached many sermons on how God punishes mankind for their sins, but always begging the congregations to repent and go to confession. Were all our saints wrong and these modernist heretics correct? I think not. I cling to the saints in these dark times.


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