Friday, November 25, 2016

Cardinal Sarah Says Liberals and Islamists are "Beasts of the Apocalypse"

Vatican City (AFP) - A top African cardinal has described the threat posed by Islamic extremism and western liberal culture as the twin "Beasts of the Apocalypse" comparable to Nazism and communism.
In an intervention at an ongoing synod of bishops on the future of Catholic teaching on the family, Guinean cardinal Robert Sarah reportedly described Islamist militants and western thinking on abortion and homosexuality as sharing "the same demonic origin".
"Theological discernment allows to see in our times two unexpected threats -- almost like the Beasts of the Apocalypse -- from two opposite positions: on one side the idolatry of western freedom, on the other religious fanaticism," said the cardinal, who is one of the leaders of the Church's conservative wing.


  1. Cardinal Sarah is a true son of the Church but will be effectively silenced if the Dubia is not successfully followed through. He & other Cardinals opposed to the idiocy that is leading us must stand in support of the four Cardinals who issued the Dubia for a radical & immediate return to order & Tradition in the CC.

  2. We agree. God keep Cardinal Sarah, and may his influence grow ever stronger in days to come.

  3. By the Catholic pro-life activist, host of Voice of Resistance, and Islamic studies scholar Randall Terry, the first episode (free) of his 10-part series What Would Mohammad Do?

    cf. also St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Contra Gentiles lib. 1 cap. 6, where he compares Christianity (§§1-3) and Islam (§4).

  4. Nazism is not comparable to Communism.
    On paper,National Socialist Germany had more freedom & economic growth than the United States.
    Simultaneously,Communism killed at least 100 Million people in the 20th century and economically collapsed.

  5. Good for him. Cardinal Sarah is great!

    I hope the next pope is like him.

  6. This is great news. The Men in the Church who belong to Christ are now talking with clarity. I long knew that Modernists were not of God, now Cardinal Sarah makes it clear that Modernism is a diabolical beast as described in the book of the Apocalypse.

  7. There are only four cardinals who question pope Bergoglio's Catholic orthodoxy. No other red-cloaked prelates have openly indicated their support of the four. Very embarrassing...

    1. And only one apostle stood at the foot of the cross...

  8. Everyone already knows it, glad someone prominent in the Church (an actual living person) has said it again for the modern audience to hear. I'm sure the snowflakes won't like this.

  9. Spoken like a prophetic pastor of the Church and a real man, unlike the heretical and apostate ninnies we have in all ranks of the clergy today.


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