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Pope Francis' Spectacular Interview: Was Benedict XVI. "The Problem" of the Church?

Pope Francis on "Ultraconservatives" and the "Problem" of
Benedict XVI.

(Rome / Buenos Aires) A spectacular newspaper interview with Pope Francis was published on Sunday in which the Pope uses an unusual dialectic. Is the Catholic Church leader to understand that his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, was a "problem" for the Church?" Indicates Francis in addition that "ultraconservative" Church representatives, according to context meaning the defender of Catholic marriage and morality and the Discipline of the Sacraments, actually "beheaded" include?

Newspaper interviews as a new papal "magisterium"

With his first interview that was published in the leftist daily on October 2013 by La Repubblica, Pope Francis revolutionized the communication policy of the papacy. The atheist from a Masonic Lodge, Eugenio Scalfari, gave it the title: "The Pope: 'Thus, I Will Change the Church'". With Francis a new communication strategy of a pope was introduced. For Pope Francis, interviews are part of the Magisterium: "All the time I submit declarations, keep preaching, and that is teaching," he said in December 2014 in his first interview with a Latin American newspaper, the Argentine La Nacion.

With his recent interview, which was published in Argentina yesterday, again by the daily newspaper La Nacion, Pope Francis continued with his special "magisterium".

The interview has an Argentina focus and addressed recent polemics in the Pope's home country. The Pope has been accused of having a disturbed relationship, since December 2015 with incumbent President Macri. The pope had supported the left-Peronist rival candidate in the election campaign.

The interview was meant to smooth the waves, hence the title: "I have no problem with Macri. He is a noble man. "

The Pope and the "Ultraconservatives", "I want an open Church. They say no to everything "

However, some questions concern the entire Church. So the Pope was asked by Joaquin Morales Solá how he gets along "with the ultra-conservatives in the Church."

The tendentious exaggeration of the term "ultra-conservatives", as it is known by left journalists, was neither corrected nor rejected by the Pope. The Pope responded by implicitly adopting it. In his own words about the "Ultraconservatives":

"They do their job and I do mine. I want an open, understanding Church that accompanies the injured families. They say no to everything. I follow my path, without looking to the left and right. I don't want to behead anybody. That's what I never liked. I repeat: I do not support the conflict.' With a broad smile he concludes: 'nails are pulled by making upward pressure. Or one puts them quietly to the side when they reach retirement age.'"

Astonishingly, Pope Francis made a direct connection between "Ultraconservatives" and "heads." He said he's never "chopped off anyone's head" because that still doesn't appeal to him. At the same time, the Church leader actually suggested that "ultra-conservatives" were actually "beheaded." And by that the Pope does not mean any special marginal groups, but apparently, high-ranking employees of the Roman Curia.

Resignation of Benedict XVI. "Has made all the problems of the church visible"

Another question from the interview which took place on the June 28th relates to the health of Benedict. Pope Francis confirmed his reply that there actually was no compelling health reason for the resignation:

"He has problems in moving, but his head and his memory are perfectly intact."

Simultaneously Francis presented, however, that the resignation was clearly Pope Benedict XVI's "last act of government." Recently, there were discussions after a lecture by Curial Archbishop Georg Gänswein about a type of dual papal authority in an "almost common" exercise of the papacy by an "active" and a "contemplative" Pope.

Pope Francis said of Pope Benedict XVI. for La Nacion: "He was a revolutionary. In the meeting with the cardinals just before the conclave of May 2013, he told us that one of us will be the next pope, and he did not know his name. His behavior was impeccable. His resignation made visible all of the problems of the Church. His resignation had nothing to do with the personal. It was a governmental action, his last governmental action."

Pope Benedict XVI. a "revolutionary"? The statement made with the excessively used word "revolution" which seems to be meant as a compliment, but is rather outlandish in characterizing the German pope.

On the other hand, the statement, Pope Benedict XVI. has "made visible all the problems of the Church" with his resignation is truly noteworthy. In connection with the next statement, his resignation had "nothing to do with anything personal," but was a "governmental action", Pope Francis himself opens the floodgates to new speculation that Benedict XVI. may have been pressured to vacate the Chair of Peter in order to eliminate "all the problems of the Church."

Does Pope Francis himself adopt the opinion as it was represented in 2012 by the late Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini? He even demanded the resignation of Benedict XVI. shortly before his death, because he saw in the German pope a "problem" for the Church, rather even, "the problem."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Nacion (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Unknown said...

Now we now why Francis issued a Motu Proprio removing bishops who are accused of covering for abusive priests. He will use it to automatically depose the more conservative bishops, even when there is no proof of misconduct and replace them with flaming liberals. The flaming liberal bishops who are accused of covering for abusive priests will remain, as Francis will claim there wasn't evidence of any misconduct.


Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz said...

God bless and keep our Holy Father. Pray for him.

Anonymous Catholic said...

As Catholics we always pray for our enemies and ask God's blessings on them.

Jacques Dumon said...

For example, he chose Card. Danneels as his personal representative during the last Synod on the Family (sigh) though he was involved in a paedophile scandal and though he advised the holy Belgian king Baudoin to sign the infamous abortion law.
Therefore everyone will understand that only the conservative prelates will be ejected.

Steve Calovich said...

We have three scenarios to choose from:
1) B16 resigned due to poor health.
2) B16 has divided the Papacy into an active Pope and a contemplative Pope.
3) B16 was forced out by the Jesuits because of his overtures to Tradition and his hints at the Fatima cover up.

Barbara Jensen said...

Number 3 , Steve. Number 3. In the video presented on AKA Catholic, it is interesting to study Bergoglio's face as Pope Benedict is talking. He (Bergoglio) appears to be seething with a frozen 'smile' to cover his rage. Benedict spoke as a simpleton, not at all the giant intellect so clear and so precise in his thoughts both as active pope and as long-time head of CDF. To say something is very wrong is understating it. It is time to face the fact that Bergoglio is an antipope and the real pope (Bernedict) is his prisoner in Rome.

susan said...

I will continue to pray for his conversion to the Catholic Faith; for his exit from the grip of modernism and masonism; and for his transformation from the ravening wolf that he is, into the good shepherd that he's called to be.

Steve Calovich said...

I choose #3 as well.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis calls us ultraconservatives, I prefer Traditionalists. He says we say no to everything, he's deceiving the world again. We say no to every modernist heresy but we always have a strong yes to all that comes from Christ, the Apostles and the teaching Tradition of the Church. Pope Benedict was not a revolutionist he was a restorer, restoring the visibility of the magnificence of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. We still have the Church and there is nothing the modernists can do to take it away from us.

Paul K said...

“Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.” ~ John Stuart Mill


Tancred said...

Utilitarianism was refuted in 399 B.C..

Anonymous said...

Paul K, John Stuart Mill certainly was a complete Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, May your prayer be answered, May God keep Pope Francis and give us a Catholic Pope in return.

Paul K said...

Thank you for your considered contribution to the conversation, John.

Barnum said...

The Pope seems to be acknowledging a de facto schism, but now that he has control of the Church the schism is over.

Parenthetically, they must be splitting their sides (literally!) laughing in hell at the way he sticks the knife into Benedict's back in reference to the health issue.

Unknown said...

Paul K,

I will take my chances since, the real truth is liberalism is a mental disease.


Anonymous said...

@Anthony Haha that made me smile.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to discover truthful empirical data that blatantly proves the Jesuits have attained and enjoy overreaching financial,political,ecclesiastical,banking power and control.
Please feel free to post any links to suggest otherwise.

JBQ said...

Thank you Benedict for your service.

JBQ said...

@Unknown: You are right. Francis is cagy and politically astute.

JBQ said...

I believe strongly in Fatima. I would like to know more about accusations of a "Fatima cover up".

GiovanniP אַלערטיסגאָאָד said...

The Sacred and Immaculate Hearts will Triumph and Reign!!!

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