Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chile: Leftists Occupy and Desecrate a Church During Student Protests

Demonstrations against the education policy degenerate into anti-Christian vandalism.

Santiago de Chile ( KNA) In Chile unknown masked individuals have stormed a Catholic church on the outskirts of Santiago in the course of student unrest on Thursday. Video recordings show demonstrators bringing the cross with the figure of Christ from the church and destroying it on the open road.

Chilean Interior Minister Mario Fernandez denounced the riots. Such vandalism has nothing to do with freedom of expression. The images of destruction were cause for anger and protest in the social networks. In all of Chile, thousands of students took to the streets on Thursday to protest against the education policy of the government.


  1. Harvesting the fruits of Vatican II.

  2. These cowards always hide behind masks. The Lord sees perfectly the acts they commit, however. These vandals do the work of their father, satan. I pray they may be converted from their evil ways.

  3. There's lots of things we can blame on Vatican II, but in fairness, this isn't one of them. Rabid anti-clericalism and anti-Catholicism has a long and deep history in Iberian culture (as in France). Scenes like this were commonplace in Republican Spain (and indeed much worse), and in 19th and 20th century Mexico.

    Without excusing this kind of behaviour, it's worth exploring the roots of such antipathy.

    1. Ditto, that's true, even in today's Spain it happens.

    2. Especially in Spain today.

  4. Probably Peruvian Football hooligans.

  5. Especially in Spain today is right on the spot. As in Latin America, Spanish Catholicism has for a very long time been sentimental, devotional, unliturgical. Many of the priests---"curas de misa y olla," or priests of mass (hurriedly said) and a hearty pot in the kitchen---have been lukewarm regarding the preaching and teaching of the Faith, and as a result you have a cultural Catholicism, weak, irreverent, not worth much. For too long Spanish Catholics were more concerned with the seasonal color for the statue of the Infant of Prague or wigs for the statues of the saints than with the riches of Catholic doctrine and liturgy. There have been, of course, many exceptions. My grandparents wee from Spain and I have visited the enchanting country many times (the last three weeks ago); it is heart-breaking to see the pitiful attendance at the scattered traditional masses available. In Oviedo, at a most centrally located little SSPX chapel, there 8 or 9 of us, counted the two visitors; in Gijon the attendance at the diocesan latin mass was a bit better: 12 or 14 counting the two visitors. Spain has behaved badly in the present crisis of the Church, I lament to say. No wonder that in the countries she once gloriously brought the Faith to now we have a massive exodus of tens of millions of Catholics for the evangelical sects. Frivolous, naturalistic liturgies and Marxist preaching have done the job. Hence the horror of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. You stand a better chance of running into an orthodox Catholic in Iceland than you do in Honduras these days. Such has been the result of the Vatican II "spiritus delendis." RC


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