Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pope Bergoglio Praises Feminist Marxism in "Amoris Laetitia"

Francis "Amoris laetitia": "remarkable improvements in the recognition of women's rights". He criticized female genital mutilation, violence against women, surrogacy etc. - Significance of the man in the family

 Vatican ( Pope Francis writes in "Amoris laetitia:" In this brief look at the reality, I would like to emphasize that while there have been notable improvements in the recognition of women and their participation in the public area of ​​rights, there is still much that needs work in some countries. The eradication of unacceptable practices are not yet managed.

I point to the shameful violence that is sometimes perpetrated against women, the abuse in the family and various forms of slavery, which are not a proof of male power, but a cowardly loss of dignity. The verbal, physical and sexual violence, which is perpetrated in some marriages against women, contradicts the nature of the conjugal union. I think of the terrible genital mutilation of women in some cultures, but also of the inequality in access to decent jobs and decision-making positions. The history bears the marks of the excesses of patriarchal cultures where the woman was considered of secondary importance, but we mus also recall surrogacy or "the exploitation and commercialization of the female body in contemporary media culture."

Some think many current problems have occurred since the emancipation of women. "But even that is not a valid argument. It is wrong, it is not true! It is a form of chauvinism. "The identical dignity of man and woman is a cause of joy to us that old forms of discrimination have been overcome and developed in the families as a practice of reciprocity.

If forms of feminism have arisen that we may not consider appropriate, we admire nevertheless in the clearer recognition of the dignity of women and their rights, a work of the Spirit. [See Femen, No Fault Divorce and the influence of the Nanny State on the family.] The man "plays a particularly important role in the life of the family, particularly with regard to the protection and support of his wife and the children [...] Many men are aware of the importance of their role in the family and fill it with their male spirit. [Only when he's allowed to.]

The absence of the father from the life of the family, deprives the education of children and severely affects their integration in the society. It may be a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual absence. This lack brings the children to an adequate model paternal behavior "(Amoris laetitia 54-55). Amoris Laetita - TEXT PDF - Several times Click on the picture to start the download


  1. You are exaggerating. But He is into social liberation theology, but he knows that Marxism is heresy. So he goes the social democracy route, as Jesuits do. However, you cannot be a Jesuit and a Pontiff. Not because --as the Presbyterians have noted-- that, he took a poverty vow, but because it is an Imperial position: something the Jesuit worked against.

    1. That must be why he so feverishly gives the appearance of supporting and actively promotes their agendas.

      Demonstrable proof of Marxism is the kind of attention he feverishly supports with the Church's spiritual authority, undermining the same. His promotion of gender ideology, modern ecology, fear of manmade global warming and untrammeled immigration are all Marxist initiatives.

    2. Jesuits have been happily promoting Marxism in earnest since before Pedro Arrupe.

    3. While others have been goosestepping and Sieg Heil(ing)with their ideological allies, the fascist Dictators for Life in Latin America and other places.....

  2. What you all didn't know is that Evo Morales, Rafael Correa and Bernie Sanders will all be in the same room..With Francis in the Vatican Communist/UN/global warming convention. Well, officially it's the 25th anniversary of an important encyclical of Pope John Paul II, Centesimus Annus, which called for an economy of dignity, social justice and environmental sustainability.


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