Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Freemasons and Catholic Bishops Meet in Belfast

Edit: speaks for itself, no?  Of course, you would expect the Bishops' Conference not to offer any objections to this questionable meeting.

[Irish Bishops' Conference] Senior representatives of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland met today (Tuesday) with a delegation of Catholic clergy in Belfast, including Bishop of Down and Connor, Most Reverend Noel Treanor.
It is the second time this year the Loyal Order has met formally with Catholic Church representatives in the city, having previously held preliminary discussions along with the Royal Black Institution in February.

Among the attendees at the meeting were the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Edward Stevenson.

Issues discussed included the Haass proposals, parading, and shared concerns regarding child poverty and educational underachievement in the Province.

Both parties agreed the two-hour meeting was beneficial in terms of developing mutual respect and understanding for both traditions, and committed themselves to further engagement.

Bishop Treanor was accompanied by Reverend Timothy Bartlett, Secretary to the Northern Bishops and Reverend Michael Sheehan, Administrator of Saint Patrick’s Parish, Donegall Street, Belfast.

Other senior Orange representatives included Deputy Grand Master, Reverend Alistair Smyth; Grand Secretary Drew Nelson; Grand Master of the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast, George Chittick; and Director of Services, Dr David Hume.

Link to story from Irish Bishops' Conference...


  1. October 17, 2013
    The Way to Exile -- Purge Against Franciscans of the Immaculate

    October 3, 2013
    On the front line for the Freemasons

  2. I'm sorry, but the orange lodges are not de facto freemason. They are a hardline Protestant group, though it is my understanding that there is a lot of crossover where the orange lodge is active.

    1. It sounds like half a dozen of one and six of another. They wear aprons, sport the compas and square and despise the Church. Sounds like Masons to me.

      Oh, and they're concerned about "peace" and "amity" too.

    2. Well, you know. Some Anglicans celebrate ad Orientem, wears chasubles, sport crucifixes and have incense and claim to be Catholic.

      Doesn't make them Catholic.

    3. Masonic associations =/= Christian Churches.

      I always laugh when people try to tell me there's an official Freemasonry that's legitimate with respect to all the others. They espouse the principles of Masonry, so they're evil.

    4. Orange Lodges wear those weird V things on their shoulders, not aprons.

      While I do believe they are Mason-influenced, they're more about Protestantism. The fact that Freemasonry is opposed to the Church makes their orange protestantism apt and not at all ironic.

    5. With all due respect, Tancred, are you high?? There's a link between Protestantism and Freemasonry!

      There is only ONE Church, and that is the one established by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church. That is why these non-Catholics can freely associate with Freemasons and even make wannabe groups.

      There's "Official" Freemasonry, and a bunch of wannabe groups. They're all illegitimate because their god is Lucifer.

    6. 1. I don't have to put up with abuse.

      2. It makes no difference whether on group that specializes in deceit, false geneologies, falsehoods in general, claim to be "real" Freemasons or not. The whole thing is based on a canard in the first place and they're all united by a hatred of the divine order of the Church and should be rooted out and destroyed in my opinion.


    8. Thank you Tancred for this very interesting link. Very informative and very much descriptive like the youtube video that compares masonry with witchcraft. Same sorts of behaviors described in that short video on youtube that is described here. Appropriate that this 'represents' Orange "protestantism" in Ireland. The Devil certainly let that cat out of the bag with this story. He's always been a braggart and that is where he slips up. I remember either in the Cardinal Archbishop of Chile's book on masonry or the one by Msgr. Dillon Le Franc Macconnerie quoted as saying protestants were already half masonic because of their 'doctrine' of private interpretation of scripture. All the same, very much appreciate the link. God bless.

    9. I'm sorry, Tancred. I guess my anonymity has given me the "GIFT" (The "Greater Internet F***wad Theory" also known as Online Disinhibition Effect) Which is basically when fallen and imperfect human beings do what they are bound to do when they think no one is watching or can suffer no consequences.

    10. Anon: There most certainly is a link between Protestantism and Freemasonry and it's called a Lodge. As one who has come from a family of Freemasons who were all protestants this is simply a fact for me. And by the way, they HATE real Catholics.

  3. Grand Orange Lodge: 'a Masonic-style brotherhood sworn to defend Protestant supremacy.' I guess they have at least two things in common with the Novus Ordo hierarchy then.

  4. Pope Leo XIII (1902) :

    "Filled with the spirit of Satan, who knows how to transform himself into an angel of light, Freemasonry puts forward as its pretended aim the good of humanity. Paying a lip service to the authority of the law, and even to the obligations of religion, it aims (as its own statutes declare) at the destruction of civil authority and of the Christian priesthood, both of which it regards as the foes of human liberty,"

    Pius VIII, Traditae Humilitai Nostrae, 1829:

    "Lying is their rule, Satan is their god, and shameful deeds their sacrifice."

    Gregory XVI compares the secret societies to a sink in which "are congregated and intermingled all the sacrileges, infamy and blasphemy which are contained in the most abominable heresies." (Mirari Vos 1832).

    Pius IX:"Those baneful secret sects which have come from the darkness for the ruin of Church and State." (Singulari Quadam, 1864).

    These modern bishops are very scary and shameless men...

    How long will Our Lord put up with all of this?


    1. I do wonder if the Good Lord is looking at the majority of professed Catholics worshipping with the mulititude of spirits of VII and going, 'how long are they gonna fall for this?' Except, of course, God already knows what we don't; that being, how long people are going to believe that oranges actually are the same as apples.

  5. do wonder if the Good Lord is looking at the majority of professed Catholics worshipping with the mulititude of spirits of VII

    The majoirty of Catholics are interpreting Vatican Council II with a false premise and so the result is heretical.
    The majority of Catholilcs are interpreting the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 also with that same irrational inference.The result is heresy.

    The traditionalists reject Vatican Council II with the heresy and they accept the Letter of the Holy Office with the heresy. And they do not see how the two are connected.

  6. Freemasonry Northern Ireland is kindness in the home, honesty in business, courtesy in society, earnest in work, pity and concern for the unfortunate

    1. And yet Catholics are still forbidden membership in the Devil's own club known as Freemasonry, and in other news, water is wet.


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