Thursday, December 26, 2013

Soros Backed Feminist Group Attacks Cologne Cathedral During Christmas Mass

Edit: she's quickly stuffed and cuffed.  Why doesn't cathedral security have tasers?


  1. Perhaps Pope Francis in his naivete will send this blaspheming nutbar a personalized letter.

    1. Doubtful - Who is he to judge anyway?

  2. Where is the Soros connection???

  3. RT made the claim earlier that they were funded by Soros and Joe Sunden. One member quit last year in the wake of a Tunisia protest, suggesting that the group was funded by the Israeli government.

    Also, they are acting as journalists for AP, or at least faking it, but that's unlikely, because the penalty is three year prison sentence and a 45,000 fine.

  4. They were removed at the Church of the Nativity, Christmas. Jew creation.
    Boycott "Israel".

  5. Good Novus ordo ecumenical liberal modernist inculturated liturgical praxis - nothing more & nothing less. Perhaps Pussy Riots will be the next invitees. This church gets what it desreves frankly speaking. They tried to abolish Sacred Tradition and get cheap potage for it in exchange. Serve them all right!

  6. Why has there been no reporting or condemnation of this from any mainstream media. Imagine the uproar from the liberal media, if this were to happen at a mosque or a synagogue.


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