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Murder Plot Against Pope Francis? The Mad World of Paul Zulehner and the Austrian Media

Pope Zulehner
(Vienna) A neutral statement of the interview appointed new Secretary of State of the Holy See, Monsignor Pietro Parolin, should trigger a new celibacy debate. At least, it is desired in progressive Church circles. The Austrian pastoral theologian Paul Zulehner is sure that Pope Francis wants to abolish priestly celibacy and hopes that the Pope is not killed before he can by his enemies. In the tangled, cabaret plot world of Zulehner the possible perpetrators are also certain: There are, of course, "conservatives".

Two days ago an interview took place with the future Secretary of State of the Holy See, Monsignor Pietro Parolin. Compared to a business newspaper in Caracas, Venezuela, where Parolin is currently still Apostolic Nuncio, the Archbishop appointed number two in the Vatican Curia by Pope Francis, said that the priest celibacy was "no dogma". Which is really no stretch. The need for a purely "formal-technical" response to Parolin is controversial. The new Secretary of State responded to a question from journalists, including several inquiries, but without expressing a personal opinion. Numerous media made of it a sensationalist presentation of readiness for the abolition of celibacy. An intention which can not be seen from Parolin's words like that, but grist to the mill for progressive Church circles that are promoted by the mass media of the unchurched with special fondness. Celibacy is an eyesore to the world.

ORF and verbeamteter churches Definer Zulehner play each other for the ball

Various "tenured" Church officials with progressive soundbites immediately jumped on the media train. In an especially colorful way, it was motivated by the Austrian pastoral theologian, Paul Zulehner. The priest and university professor emeritus, who was from 2000 to 2007 Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna, is not representative of the Catholic Church, but so aptly represents the state of the Catholic Church in Austria. This also means that in questions about Church, Zulehner is a permanent resident in the ORF [Formerly Reichsender Radio during WWII]. Through his glasses, he explains for Austrian state radio to the Austrians, how things should run in the Church.

Since the wish is father to the thought, and the desire surprising celibacy abolition is also in the ORF religion Editorial little, was promptly re Paul Zulehner asked by the ORF into the studio to tell the Austrian public, what used to think it about celibacy.

Zulehner has reliably fulfilled all expectations and more. In the words Parolins himself gave, the pastoral theologian is "optimistic" that priestly celibacy could fall soon. He assumed the new Secretary of State, who had personally expressed no opinion, just that he would actually loosen celibacy. But that's not enough, he transferred from Parolin, a desire easily subordinated to Pope Francis. The time is "ripe to consider the abolition of celibacy for Catholic priests," said Zulehner, who wants to say something out of his mouth, that the priestly celibacy should have been abolished long ago. Zulehner's position is already known on that.

Zulehner's Antipathy to Celibacy is Nothing New - So He Adds an Assassination Plot

So, if there nothing new under the sun, not even for all the opponents of celibacy, Zulehner was best permitted by ORF to give his opinion, and not a defender of celibacy, and thus the official Church teaching and discipline.

But in order to secure, despite his too-familiar position on celibacy, Zulehner has to put some attention on a log. And pretty brazen at that. Pope Francis would fundamentally reform the church and finally eliminate just like the priest celibacy. Zulehner hopes that the Pope will push through his reform plans, which of course the pastoral theologian is pretending to know exactly, but only he, because the Pope has made known no specific "reform plans". Not all. Because of the alleged intention to eliminate celibacy, he, Zulehner, has fears for the Pope. The pastoral theologian said he hopes that Pope Francis would not previously killed by his opponents.

The Invention of a Rumor - Mythical Applause for a "Different" Church Zulehner literally told ORF Vorarlberg: "Some people also fear that the Conservatives are too many and that some also considering to kill him [the Pope]. There are such rumors. "Rumors, which of course in turn, only Zulehner knows. In other words, ORF viewers were witnesses as a rumor was invented and brought into the world.

The ORF also interviewed the head of pastoral care for the diocese of Feldkirch (Vorarlberg), Walter Schmolly, who applauded the abolition of priestly celibacy, who was "delighted" by Archbishop Parolin's utterance. He also mentioned the lack of priests and celibacy debate in one breath, as there is a "need" to lift priestly celibacy and as could be that the lack of priests, the expression of a far deeper crisis, namely a crisis of faith and radical demographic shifts is to be "structurally" solved.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred AMGD


anon said...

Any "enemies" who would commit mortal sin to prevent the lunacy of married Latin rite priests would NOT be those Faithful to the Faith. Faithful Catholics abhor even venial sin so stop the stupid talk.

The only people who would commit murder, even to kill the representative of God on earth are not even Catholic. No need to worry, though. By all appearances this pope is a leftist's dream.

mortimer zilch said...

There certainly is a lot of evidence, mostly circumstantial admittedly, that Pope John-Paul I was murdered by right wingers associated with Archbishop Lefebvre of France. In that case, Cardinal Villot, the Secretary of State, was placed under house arrest in the Vatican and died six months later. The Papacy was then taken away from the Italians.
Right now, the gay mafia is the big enemy of the Church. Again, an inside threat. If priestly celibacy is a "draw" to seminarians that serves as a "mask" for gays in the priesthood, there is every reason to abrogate it in some way since it is strictly a Church rule, and not from the Lord explicitly, as is male priesthood.

Tancred said...

Villot wasn't a right-winger.

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