Sunday, May 5, 2013

State Challenges Church's Right to Discipline Immoral Employees

[Columbus Dispatch] The firing of a gay Catholic-school teacher by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus raises competing constitutional questions about religious freedoms and civil liberties, legal experts say.

Carla Hale, who taught physical education at Bishop Watterson High School, has filed complaints with her local teachers union and the city’s Community Relations Commission, saying that her March firing was discriminatory.

Commissioners could decide within a few months whether the diocese violated the city’s ordinance that protects employees from discriminatory treatment for a range
of reasons that include sexual orientation.


Anonymous said...

It is the Lesbian who should be sued by the diocese for disclosing her sins publicly thus violating their rules and forcing the diocese to fire her. As far as I can tell she fired herself.

There isn't a snowball's chance in Hell that I would permit a secular government to lay hands on my bishop. If he wished it to happen that would be another matter.

Anonymous said...

I retch at the wretchedness.

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