Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can Masons be Members of Knights of Columbus?

Edit: we'd earlier identified a possible cooperative action between the Knights of Columbus and the Masons, where a pancake breakfast benefit sponsored by the Masonic Lodge was being permitted at a Knights of Columbus Hall, giving the very clear idea that they were cooperating and approving of each others aims and goals.

In an October version of a Knights of Columbus circular flier in 2008, there was this admonition on the bottom, really more of a CYA after the fact.  How many Knights have actually read it at the bottom of the page?

James Terwedo is the Knights Counsel (who is listed as the contact person in the 2008 explanation) and is the same one who made the incredible argument that since the Knights don't technically own their brick and mortar that they'd have to rent them to homosexual organizations as long as they don't overtly oppose Church teaching.

In any event, it's interesting that Mr. Terwedo was aware of the prohibition against Knights belonging to the Masonic Lodge in the context of the planned  benefit.  What follows is the excerpt from the Knight's flier:

Can Masons be members of the Knights of Columbus?  The answer is no!
Why not?  Because, the constitution of the Masons is in conflict  with the
precepts of the Catholic Church.  In order to be a member of the Knights of
Columbus, a person must be a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See.
The Holy See is the Vatican.  A person can be a practicing Catholic, ie goes to
church, takes communion, etc., but not necessarily be a practical Catholic.  A
person who is a Mason can not be a practical Catholic because he belongs to an
organization that has a written constitution contrary to the teachings of the
Catholic Church. A Catholic who is a Mason can resign his membership in the
Masons and thereby become eligible to become a KC. Most of us know some
good Christians who are our neighbors, fishing buddies, relatives, etc. and they
are Masons.  But even Catholic Masons, can not join the Knights of Columbus.
If you have any questions, please contact State Advocate, Jim Terwedo at 952-


  1. You certainly nailed it. A "Catholic Mason" is oxymoronic. When one becomes the other, the former is no longer. You can be a Catholic or you can be a Mason but you can't be both.

    Three observations that I hope are received in the benign spirit that they are being offered.:

    -Holy Communion is received, not taken. Seems a small thing but it is very important theologically.

    -Non-Catholics are not Christian. Only Catholics are Christian because they follow Jesus Christ. (Traditional Catholics at least.) Protestants follow Martin Luther.

    -The Non-Catholic neighbor, fishing buddy, etc is better described as being "well-intended". That goes also for Catholics, who if they were of right heart would cringe at being labeled thus since "None is good but God alone."

    1. Perhaps the Vatican should practise what they preach and give alms to the poor and destitute? The Vatican is in control of at least well over a half a trillion dollars in holdings (excluding art and artifacts), their real estate holdings are exempt from taxation, they charge for sacred rites to be practised by followers and ask for donations. Perhaps the Church should adhere to the principles of Christ and give to the poor of the world. True believers of Jesus Christ will still have faith in a true cause without the financial portfolio of the Vatican. Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely. The Roman Catholic Church is not the only faith to concede to such temptations: many others have lost their way with the majority of world -wide culprits being Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism to name a few (all should give back their wealth as mentioned). Religion and spirituality should encompass the same core beliefs to guide their adherents to being a better human being.The Golden Rule is simple "Treat others how you wish to be treated"; Respect all life and bask in the wonderful opportunity we have to experience life and consciousness.

    2. The Vatican does feed the poor, dumbo.

    3. Pls no dumbo Faith Hope and Love

      Now they provide shower stations for the homeless in V.C.

  2. But according to "supreme" if you're a Catholic who publicly advocates for abortion you can't be kicked out of your council unless "supreme" gives the ok.

    The "knights" of today would make Fr. McGivney spin in his grave. They are the Order of Loyal Racoons. I renounced my "knighthood" years ago. These are not serious Catholics.

    Also, tell that guy in the apron to make me a sandwich.

    1. Wow, and such wonderful Christian values you show right? Typical Hypocritical Roman Catholic. Pious in church, but once out that door all bets are off right? Last time I checked, Jesus loved everyone, not just the ones that you so called Pious ones deemed worthy of it. Reread your bible and quit thinking YOU are God!

  3. LOL @ Jason's sandwich comment.

    Myself, I'd rather be a member of the Holy Name Society and the Legion of Mary.

    Speaking of Masons...has anyone else noticed how even small towns have their chapters? Every single small town has a brand new pale blue (UN blue?) sign announcing their presence. A friend who travels the countrysides noticed the same thing. I hope they are on every corner so when the Consecration is made, it will be more noticable that they are gone. *POOF!

    PS...I see the internet gods finally realized that we were bypassing their verification code number that tells them our locations. Now if you don't include the correct number they do not let you post. Devils all of them.


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