Thursday, July 19, 2012

Syria: Minister of Defense killed in an attack is Christian

A suicide bomber has targeted the building yesterday for National Security, in central Damascus. The Defence Minister, General Daoud Rajha, and his deputy minister, who is also the brother of Bashar al-Assad, were killed, as the head of the Crisis.
The defense minister, Daoud Rajha, was a Christian .

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Dan said...

I trust all US Christians are happy about this, because it is their tax dollars that are responsible for this, via the CIA and those eerie little "democratic" organizations working tirelessly.

Tell your clueless Senators and Congressmen, Israeli stooges to a man, that you don't want to see your tax dollars used to murder Christians...not, of course, that your letter will do the slightest bit of good. Indeed your time would be better spent offering a rosary that these kinds of injustices will come to a stop.

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