Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Benedict XVI: "It would be easier for me not to recognize the Society"

The struggle for Unity

The SSPX is at a crossroads. The Pope is pusing for a decision -- with or against the Vatican. 

(kreuz.net) The structure Rome is offering the Society of St. Pius X is "unbelievably convenient". General Superior Bishop Bernard Fellay said this at the end of a sermon in Vienna. A section of the sermon is on the videoportal 'gloria.tv'.

"We remain, what we are"

After the upcoming possible recognition there would be no noticeable difference compared to now, says Msgr Fellay:

"We will remain what we are."

The guarantee of the freedom of the Society is something Bishop Fellay views as a problem.  At the moment several points are unclear.

There is a fear that the Vatican will attempt to manipulate the SSPX.

Bishops want to prevent the reconciliation

Bishop Fellay recognized that the offer to the Society is also controversial in the official Church.

At the same time he assures that the Pope personally desires that the reconciliation with the Society will take place.

There could be no doubt:  "But it is also surely not what all in the Church desire".

"Much Pressure"

Msgr Fellay does not know the further course of the negotiations.

It could be that the Pope will decide within days or weeks.

Or  the proceedings could be sent back to the CDF.

There is "much pressure" in the Vatican.

The Pope is preparing for some blows

Bishop Fellay cited what the Pope has said about the situation of the Society.

Benedict XVI said:  "I know that it would  be easier for me and the Society, to leave things in their current situation."

The Holy Father knows that after he "will receive blows" for a reconciliation.

With or Against Rome?

Finally, Bishop Fellay explained that the current "seemingly comfortable" situation is coming to an end for the Society.

The current way will not contine:  "It will be a with or  against Rome from this point on."

Both will be hard.

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Geremia said...

I thought he said: "I know that it would be easier both for the Society and for myself to leave the situation as it currently is."

Tancred said...

It was a typo and has been corrected. Thanks for that.

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