Monday, March 5, 2012

Cardinal Ranjith Against UN-Resolution on the Civil War in Sri Lanka

Arcbishop of Colombo: "Improper intervention in national sovereignty" -- but government should effect recommendations, which the national reconciliation commission have worked out.

Vatican City/Colombo (  The Archbishop of Colombo, Albert Malcom Cardinal Ranjith, has spoken out against a UN-Resolution for the investigation of war crimes in Sri Lanka.   Such a step would be an "Improper invervention in national sovereignty",  said the Archdiocese according to reports of the Vatican Mission Press Services "Fides" on Saturday.

At the same time the Cardinal has called on the government of the land to put the recommendations quickly into effect, which the national reconciliation commission have worked out.  At the same time Ranjith promotes avoiding the "discrimination of races or religions".

The UN-Human Rights Council planned a resolution for Sri Lanka by reason of thousands of deaths in the end phase of the civil war from 1983-2009.  The National Army declared the defeat of "Revolutionary Tigers of the Tamil Eelam" (LTTE) in May 2009.  Human rights organizations estimate that about 40,000 civilians lost their lives in the last weeks of the civil war.  The government estimates about 9,000 deaths.

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